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What does being muslim women mean to you ?

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Have you ever looked on the internet for articles on Muslim women and everything that you saw was negative?

* Honor killings
* Oppression of women
* Beheadings of women
* Hijab is oppressive
* Muslimahs are docile
* Women have no voice in Islam
* Looking beyond the veil

Why is it that society only sees negativity when it comes to Muslimahs? Why are we not seen as contributors to society? Why are there so few Muslim women who speak out about REAL issues in Islam? Why is it that there is a negative connotation anytime you mention a Muslim woman???

Today I found in a website statement of a womens who left Islam says,

Ms Wafa Sultan says, “Now in America, I enjoy freedom. I can now talk with a male member of my next door neighbour without being convicted of committing adultery.

She is the one who is involve in Insulting Islam today time ..

Why asking WAFA SULTAN,BBC etc etc Ask Real Muslim Women !

I know You will not do,so i will do this for you !

Dear Sisters In Islam,

Till today they speaked !

Now You SPEAK ‘O Muslimah’ !

I want let others What a sister in Islam feels.Reverted sisters comments are Important..

What do you think being a muslim women.??

Pls sisters answer truly.Remember your cmnts will be publish in few Articles!

Don’t forget to add your country!




Note:I’d love to see who visit my website,your views about website. Click here to leave your feedback.


315 Responses to "What does being muslim women mean to you ?"

Iam a muslim girl feom a very protected society of muslim and thank allh for who kept me in a society which respect us may allh protct fromall sins for wveey muslm who doesnt know d real beauty of islam


Assalamu Aleikum,

Being a Muslim woman for me is a way of life: from my dress code to everything I do and say everyday and every time. I’m a 13 years revert Allhandulillah, lived in Cape Town all 13 years. my family with is all Non-Muslim seemed okay with my hijab but happened to find the reality after moving back home (Maputo-Mozambique) where is everyone against my dressing code.


Wsalam sister,

JazakAllah khair for sharing your views sister…MashaAllah

Its amazing to see how reverts continue following islam,even if everyone is against them or start hating.
Continue your jihad with your dress,believe me,millions can;t do,what you are doing.

May Allah swt reward you for your patience sister,

I truly feel proud and good to know,we have sisters like you.


Assalamu Alaikum! (Peace be upon you!)
I‘m Noor Aishah, A Muslim revert. I fell inloved with Islamic teachings. I live and work in non-Islamic country, Hongkong. And I love to wear my hijab not only bcoz it is required by Islam, it is my own choice to follow Islamic dress code as I feel secured… I fear no one and I fear not on losing job just bcoz of my religion. I follow the Islamic rules with all my heart and my soul…life in this world is too short to please/waste, I will please my Creator, not His creation. Women‘s figure/beauty is only for their husbands to see, not for the whole world for fantacy. I choose and deserve the life in the Hereafter, the Eternal. I only fear my Creator‘s anger for He is severe in punishment. To Him I belong, He is my Maker, so to Him I please and not to anyone, To Him is my final return. Almighty God did not created everything without purpose. God is only One. Almighty God created us to Worship Him alone and keep His Commandments. Alhamdulillah for I am one among those blessed women whom Allah guided to His Path.

Islam – means, submission to the Will of Almighty God.
– not just a religion but it is a complete code of life.
Muslim – is the one who submits himself to the Will of God.

What‘s wrong with you o non-Muslims?
Muslims are the real followers of Jesus and all prophets (pbut)
Mary, mother of Jesus covers herself from head to toe as how we Muslimas do.
Jzak Allahu Khair. Wasalamualaikum!


Ma Sha Allah my sister. Tubarakallah uhkti. Jazakallahu khairan. Remain blessed an you shall be in Jannatul Fiddausi In Sha Allah.


[…] What does being muslim women mean to you ? | ISLAM—World's Greatest Religion!. […]


salamu alaihum
my name is ikram and i’m from algeria , well i wanna say that islam is the right religion as it’s Peaceful..Well am so happy that i thank Allah all the time that am a muslimah “so hamdulillah”..however there are so many other people who say so many thing about us Muslims , wrong stuff , just want to make a point ISLAM is peaceful and la illaha ila Allah am a muslim girl, i wear my scarf, do what i must do and fear no one , because HE is the greatest ,HE is the one ,and i only fear my God

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Jisko ghar se islam mile usko uski kadr nhi hoti ek american ne islam Qubool kara Mashallah wo waha bhi parde ka Ahetram karti hai hamari baheno Allah se daro Islam ye nhi kaheta k tum freedum na raho balki yekaheta hai tumpar pura haq sirf tumhare shohar ka hai


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