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94 Responses to "BoyCott ISRAEL — PART –II"

then the jews say hitler was a bad person he was a good man he done what the jews are doing today he killed 6million jew witch i dont believe he did jew many people has the jews killed must overlap 6million by now aint it


The true G-d of The Jewish People will have His revenge for all your lies and hatred of His People Israel. G-d bless Israel and the Jewish People FOREVER! Amen


You jews are laiers. What kind of revenge u wanna take? You are just preparing a timebomb for your self. Muslims have so much patience, if it goes out of control u people better know, what will going to happen. Just watch.
You people wanna control the world through your conspiracies by killing innocent people.
God has already blessed bait-al-maqdas.
Soon the time will come it will be in muslims hand, as it was before 2 times.


Assalamu Alaikum,

I work for IBM.. Had I seen this post before.. I would have never joined IBM… Inshallah!! I will quite and try to find another job…


Don’t quit, you have the possibility to create chaos whitin their systems, destroy the business from within because it’s difficult to get access from the outside. Insert viruses, destroy databases or try to access classified files & release them to the world. Destroy it.


As a muslim he has an Amanah as the trust having been granted to him by the one who employs him. Why risk that on the day of jusgement you are called for accoubnt for not delivering your amanah (one of the signs of hypocrisy). Insha Allah syeda find a better job and quit and may Allah bless you with more.
Adell i am not chastising your point of view i agree that maybe fighting a war from the within might be another option but i dont think we should betray the trust in us by others, this will make people look down on us muslims even more. May Allah Bless you brother


Quit dear sister may Allah give you a better job and give more barakah in your earnings.


True religion :)))))
You are like kids believing in Santa…if it fits you, fine….but think more and harder….
Too many death in the name of religions and gods.
Why don’t you leave god designs (all human) as they are, how dare you killing and talking so badly about any human that your god design? did your god wasn’t powerful enough to get the design right the first time?

Stop trying to impose your thinking on other that god design, if he want us all to believe like you he can make it by himself. Religion is just there to manipulate the poor spirits.

Who created your god?

Oh yeah sure, he came from nothing! oh this is like Santa; you are just manipulated kids believing in Santa.

Just be a man and a women without a religion but who try to do good around you!


Brother aldo,

I accept what you have said regarding saddam hussein, but you cannot say anything about islam, it is definitely a religion of peace. Go and see the history, if Hazrath Umar r.a have not given the permission to stay in palestine then all the jews would have been expelled at that time itself. Palestine belongs to muslims and no one can deny that and should remember that ” No muslim has born yet to surrender Jerusalem”. A day will come Israel will take beatings from each and every country around middle east but at that time USA will not be able to help Israel. So its better you stop your cruelty and fear god.


God bless the Jews for showing us such lovely pictures.
God Bless Israel. God Bless America.

Israel is doing a hell of good job by keeping your population under control. The fewer of you , the better for the world.

Go on Boycott Israel ..who cares…as if you Pakistanis, Afghans or Somalis have enough money to buy anything Israel.

You can’t help yourself during floods and you threaten to “Boycott Israel”.

It’s really nice to see someone teaching the muzzies a lesson in their own language – the language of violence.

Good Job Jews.


Mindset is the name u choose for yourself, how typical! Should be more like Sick Blind Fool! U have eyes yet fail to see, what a shame! u Zionist supporters are kinder to animals than u are to humans, how pathetic! Actually u are just an excuse for a human! People like you deserve to be burnt in this world and the yearafter just for the filthy devil workshop u have in your disgusting mind! I wish that any picture u saw here happens to u and that u have such losses in your life, that u will eat every word u said!


Salaam Sister….

Dont worry Sister…dont feel angry and curse them….make Du’a for them instead…Say; “May Allah SWT guide them to the straight path”….and say Ameen Ya Rab Al-Alameen…..i know..that comment ur replying to also makes me very angry…but no worries Sister Ayeshah…May Allah Almighty guide them to the straight path..Ameen 🙂 .. 😉


You ignorant bastard!! You just can’t handle the fact that we are the largest growing religion in the WORLD!! You think your pathetic 2 cent comment will change that, you brag on about Islam being violent and extremists, have a look around! Who’s the one murdering innocent women and children, when have you ever heard of a Muslim shooting a 2year old in the head and on top of all that infront of their parents… Your a low life scum that’s what you are.. We wouldn’t even wish this upon the Jews…


Well said my brother!G-d Bless The JewishPeople!




NO WONDER YOU ARE A JEW!!! DAAH it is more difficult to control your PO-POLUTION under control because most of you are BASTARDS… DO NOT KNOW WHO THEIR FATHERS ARE OR HOW MANY ARE THERE!!! SERIOUSLY!! SEE THIS IS WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE…first of all the basic difference in a human and an animal is the power of thinking about what is right and what is wrong … it has been told to us that, such humans are the one’s who can not differ, can not see or hear anything are worse than animals and will certainly get what they deserve… in this way my Muslim brothers & sisters stop hitting your head to a wall… please!!! its like trying to explain to a deaf & blind or an animal… they are just some jew jerk with no knowledge or thinking power so let him be!!! and one more thing he is a grown man… and its there own idiom… You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!! and yes only Pakistanis, or afghanis or somalis alone may not make any difference but together they certainly will you shit head, and with leading countries like FRANCE also protesting against…. Even the israeli jews in different places are also protesting against … your kind of man eating monsters but you israelis are such hypocrites that those f israeli soldiers even beat the hell out of their own kind…
“It’s really nice to see someone teaching the muzzies a lesson in their own language – the language of violence.”
look who is talking about violence… the bloody jew moron who is already praising pictures of those f israelis showing the peak of cruelty & their real face real face… as it is said “THEY ARE WORSE THAN ANIMALS”… And you will certainly get what you deserve


Dear friend

At the end of the day Islam is the only unmodified true religion. Whatever is happening around the world is the work of the devil to try and defeat Islam and Muslims in whatever form of way they can. Today Muslims have a bad name i agree, but that is because us Muslims have forgotten our own creator and the creator of everyone and everything ( Allah ) which is why us Muslims are being kicked around left right n centre because we the majority of Muslims do not practice Islam properly the way it’s supposed to be followed. The prophet Mohammad S.W.A Peace be upon him said “do not divide yourselves be one and united” but unfortunately today there are many divisions in the Muslim community that is why there are many confusions etc.

It’s all the work of the devil because the devil has promised the creator (Allah) that he will mislead every single Muslim soul on Earth n that is why there are many confusions n people n the youths are today long way of the track. That is why Muslims have a bad name and are being punished by the non believers because of our own neglecting of the true religion Islam. We know the rights but we still do wrong it’s the work of the devil!

When it comes to Taliban’s n extremism etc that is not us Muslims, it’s the Muslims image that is being used by the non believers the devil worshippers. Yes i agree that Muslims may have done some wrong things as well but if it is genially wrong then it is wrong i do not agree with the Muslims if they are doing wrong I’m a Muslim myself.

One fact! If Islam was genially not a true religion, it would not be the fastest growing religion would it? Something to seriously think about my friend! Because of the divisions in Muslims nowadays there are many different views of how people look into Islam, there are different groups with their own slightly different believes that’s why there are confusions and its important to know where you are gathering the correct information from you need to go to the correct religious people and not tom dick and harry on the Internet or the streets! And that’s where many people have gone wrong these days.

The religion Islam teaches everything a human needs to know about living on this Earth but if some Muslims do wrong and neglect even a few things, then who is it to blame, not Islam my friend the actual person that is doing wrong is to blame. So as I have mentioned above whatever is going on around the world in terms of terrorists etc it’s the devil worshippers using the Muslim image to try and destroy Islam and its followers.

And why is it that whenever a non Muslim American or British or any other famous person who discovers something true about Islam, the Americans get him or her out of sight from the media eg Neil Armstrong, he heard the call to prayer significantly on the moon and I’m not sure if it was Neil or someone else also on the moon saw with their own eyes a light formed from the centre of the Earth to the space a direct bright light that always shines from Mecca (Kaba) the holy mosque in Saudi Arabia through the space and directly to the heavens. But when someone famous and non Muslim discovers these facts about Islam, why are they taken aside from the media, because the devils do not want the world to see that Islam is the true religion.

Islam has shown all the rights and wrongs and the rewards for choosing the right and the punishments in the hereafter for choosing the wrong, now it’s up to the world to choose what they desire. You can’t blame the religion Islam it’s the people themselves that are being mislead and fraud by the devils and devil worshippers. And remember this temporary world is a heaven for the non believers because this world is the only point of their enjoyment they can do what they desire here, after this there is no part for them in heaven. And this world is a test for believers Muslims if they follow the right they will pass if not then even for Muslims hell is going to great them before heavens. Im not saying Im all perfect obviously humans do mistakes but the solution is to try and stop yourselves from evil and Islam teaches how to.


Kasim, dear Brother, you are 100% right in your analysis.
Once I too had lots of misgivings about Islam, but eventually I saw the truth and offered my shahadah.
Of course, trying to be a GOOD Muslim is always a struggle, no doubt about that, but we have to keep struggling for the sake of our next life in the Akhirah (Hereafter).

Having said that, I would like to attract the attention of all Brothers and Sisters on the FORGOTTEN Muslim Holocaust, the one suffered by Muslim Uyghurs, whose land, East Turkestan, has been illegally invaded by Communist China since 1949 and subjected to brutal occupation ever since.

I only need to tell you that many Uyghur Mosques have been razed to the ground or turned into bars, brothels and even pigsties, that Uyghurs are severely restriced in practicing Islam (such as fasting during Ramadan or attending Mosques)

and AS A FORM OF COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT are even forbidden from going to Makkah on Haji.


@Aldo The Jews and Christians killed how much in Iraq???, how much you will more kills in Palestine and how much more in Afghanistan????? atleast think if someone occupy your country by force and killing your childrens and family members what option left for you ???? what you will do?? take revenge or sit in a room corner and cry…… but i will tell you onething no matter how hard you people try no matter what force you use you will never invade us ……. we are born free we die free i am from Pakistan …. you soon get news on your channels defeat in Afganistan you don’t know whom you are fighting no one invade us nor u nor the upcoming of you…. you can kill us but never invade us as long as single drop of blood flowing in our body…



How many Kurdish people did Saddam Hussain kill in Halabja, and other places in Iraq during his dictatorship?? (muslim killing muslims). I don,t see you critisizing him..why? I do believe that the majority of Iraq are pleased that the Allies (not just America) got rid of Saddam.
As for Afganistan, the Taliban were harbouring the terrosists like Osama and were not prepared to close down the terrorist training camps and of course the 9/11 attacks also had something to do with the “invasion”.
Also a history lesson for you, that piece of land was originally Jewish land…Read your history..So the Palastinians are occupying Jewish land.
Listen, you poor brainwashed and disollusioned muslim, what you are saying is that Islam will continue to fight until “single drop of blood flowing in our body”. So basically what you are saying that Islam will continue to fight until the last person is killed?? In effect you will not stop until all muslims and everybody else is killed….Good words from a “religion of peace”.
Why did you call me “you people”? am I not a citizen of this planet? or is it just reserved for Islam??
All I know that most conflicts are in muslim countries..(so much for a religion od peace.)
Mate I am sick & tired of your one sided view..If you stepped back and looked at Islam objectively you will note there Islam is a controlling/moronic religion. Why do you think you have 5 pillars of Islam?. It is to contol the people so that they do not have time to get their brains on anything else but Islam.




Mate, why don’t you prove me wrong instead of using the usual islamic response, and no doubt blame someone else. (like USA , UK, ISRAEL, UN, but NEVER RADICAL muslims/islam.)


so we are even then right!!! the way you are not accepting … even being the wrong one…. how are we supposed to!!!


No need to be so angsty:
To you your religion and belifs and to us ours.


Muslims do fight bt its not islam that encourages that its d individual of our brothers in Pakistan said u can’t invade the muslim bt u can kill them and they will resist till d last blood in their body which clearly means they will not submit to u even if u kill each and every one of them.
Islam is surely a religion of peace isrealites entered palastine with prophet Moses A.S its not their home bt Allah in His infinate mercy provided a place for them bt they still disbelived Allah palastine is just lyk a family that are being robbed in their own home are they just to sit and watch wen their properties and family are being distroyed by invaders no they hv to fight back to protect what is theirs.
Its ur tym now bt there will b a tym wen the palastines will hv their freedom back and we pray u witness it.
Israelites are bt heartless people and your doom is arnd d corner insha Allah.
Pls stop killing innocent children,men and women.


the biggest terrorist in the world is america they wiped out an 2 entire cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what did they do in vietnam, what are they doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan.


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