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Wanted Muslim,Dead or Alive !

Posted on: September 25, 2010

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Wanted Muslim,Dead or Alive !

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130 Responses to "Wanted Muslim,Dead or Alive !"

it is sad that a minority lets the islamic faith down


All points made are very, very true. I love it

…Is it just me, or does the man in the illustration look like kid Goku?


Oh ikr!!! I was thinking the same


exactly what i though ahahaa goku!!


ashhad an la elah ill allah wa ashhad in muhammad rasool al ah-i bear witniss that there is no god but allah and that saiyidna muhammad [salla allah alayh wa sallam] his prophet


Reblogged this on Daniel Azwan and commented:
The injustice in this world..


Best!! Can I reblog this?


Why wasting time in Asking ?


okay. Thanks!


Hey you coward don’t get jealous of Muslim , because you did not born in muslim religion, please don’t get jealous I know its very sad for you


who ever saying bad about muslim religion , they are jealous because the born non muslim , they are also jealous because they know now muslim is a real & truth religion


Jealous? I feel sorry for you.. You got dealt a bad hand. So Sorry.


my advise to brother aman, learn properly and correctly islam, go to ulama near to you, go to madrasa,chating does’t enough to satisfy you.


How do I replay to Aman, I can’t seem to be able to press the reply button?

@Aman verses you referring to are out of context if you just read them as they are, still I will try my best to reply, the sword of Islam is the sword of the mind, the word Islam itself comes from the root word peace. As you are a Hindu I guess you are from India, More than 13% of people from India are Muslims, did someone forced them? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World, who force them? As you can see we are using the sword of the mind, that is intelligence.

1. Irish Republican Army–Catholic
Ulster Defence Force –Protestant
FALN–Puerto Rican nationalists [sorry, forget what the full name is]
Black Panthers–African American ‘nationalists’
Jewish Defense League/Jewish Armed Resistance–American Jewish [us. called JDL and JAR]
Ku Klux Klan -American white pride

2.This is the country’s policy, not Muslim’s policy, read book The Sealed Nectar p 89-90 (the prophet’s bio). explain how the Muslims and non Muslims lived in Madina.

3. Abu bakr was the prophet’s friend not descendant. As explained above he was not a warlord. Islam was spread by peace not war as media says.

4. The Qurayza entered into negotiations with the besiegers. Subsequently, the tribe was charged with treason. What will your government do if they find you guilty of treason? They will execute you 100% sure.

5. Show where this website is asking to fight others

6. I’m no representative I just came to this website while surfing, and deemed it necessary to reply.

Hope this clarify our misconception and thus i invite you to the religion of peace that is Islam.


the young English soldier was hacked to death by followers of the Koran .They enacted what Mohamed told them to do.NOT a religion of peace .Many sad deaths in many Muslim countries happening now .Jesus was the Prince of Peace ask HIM into youre heart


Can any of my devote Muslim brother or Sister explain me the below mentioned Qur’ anic verses in English Or Urdu, as said by his holiness Naviji.(I am a Hindu and I have heard few negative thing about these holy verses)
Bukhari: V4B52N220; Qur’an 8:12 ; Bukhari: V9B87N127, Qur’an 9:5 (Verse of sword) , Qur’ an 9:112 ,
Qur’an 9: 29 ; Qur’an 8: 39 ; Noble Qur’an 2: 190
And few questions..
1. There are several terrorists in world, but please give example of organized terrorist groups made by non Muslim RELEGEOUSE groups.
2. Why a non Muslim in a Muslim country doesn’t have rights as per a Muslim
3. How many direct descendents of Prophet Muhammad (like Abu bakr) are preachers and not warlords??
4. What happened to Banu Qurayza tribe and why?
5. Last but not the least: How many other religious sites will indicate hatred and negativity targeting other religions the way this site is doing??
6. Hopefully waiting for right answer from the representatives of religion of peace. Allah hafiz


There are tons of websites which were made to BE anti-Islamic so your 5th question should be revised. Anyway, thank for posting your opinion and hope you are satisfied with some of the answers.


Really awesome, may Allah ‘s.w.t’ bless you……Ameen.


Really awesome, may Allah ‘s.w.t’ bless you……Ameen


“Everyone” hat’in on such pretty animation. It’s the best Muslim animation I have seen up to date. I want more of this.

As for ruling on Drawing I do not believe this kind of animation comes under that ruling, for it to be considered drawing it must resemble humans or animals. Well it has to resemble humans/animals closely. Which way do they resemble humans? Humans don’t have noses, mouths…and especially eyes of this sort.

However avoiding it could be the best option. I hold the opinion that it’s ok (controversial). Here 1st sheikh in history to be turned into animation**no eyes though**




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