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About King-slave of Allah

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

All praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. I ask His forgiveness, seek His aid, and ask Him for guidance. I seek refuge in Allah from the evil that is in ourselves, and from the evil of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can send astray, and whomever Allah sends astray, none can guide. We testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone and without partner. And, I testify that Muhammad (saws) is His slave and messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, his family, his companions and the rightly guided predecessors until the Last Day. Ameen.

As’salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh (God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you) and upon your families as well.

King – A muslim guy from India is here to spread the truths of Islam with a small team.

Due to a number of misunderstandings by some of the Christian readers, I would like to identify my purpose for creating my website,groups,communities.

How and Why I started this website !

I’m a software & web developer,trouble shooter and WHH.from 8 yers i was involve in development and WHH .in Dec 2007 i heard youtube,I started using,then i found lots of Video’s against islam.i searched on internet.I came across a vast number of offending sites against Islam.

I found it very disturbing that the Internet has such a large amount of ANTI-ISLAMIC web sites.I became very disturbed by the overwhelming number of Christians who openly ridiculed my religion. without any doubt,i know that Islam is indeed the true religion of Almighty Allah.i was not able to ignore this..

On there claims on some Quran Verses,I tried to find out truth about such verses……i was knowing they are lieing,I started searching…….as I’m exp in computers and SEO due to Almighty Allah.i can easily find right result.I found truth about verses,,but other things too…….

Other Reasons for developing this site…click here to view

All this forced me to think that I know truth,if i don’t know then also i can find easily.but What about Other Muslims.everyone is not gud in computer.How they will know about truth.Who will tell them.75% websites having problems,doing bussiness ,earning through adds.few sites have lots of Adds which will irritate visitors and they will never come back.then Who will say other muslims about truth….?

The purpose of my web site:

I feel that I must give sometime to spread Truths of Islam,words of allah.I must do something for other Muslims brothers and sisters,I can’t see someone abusing Allah and our great prophet Names.I made the decision to take things upon myself,to run my own site to spread words of Allah and prophet,to put all gud information at one place,so tat user can learn the truth of ISLAM from one place.I decided to Utilize my skills in spreading Islam,in helping and teaching The Truth of Islam to other brother and sisters.Almighty blessed me with this skills,so i decided 2 use my skills in spreading his words.

I’m not saying take the gun and shoot them.I Want to defend my religion with the best of my ability.i want to show the truth of Islam,as our prophet did.

Peacefully ! The real Islamic way.

I believe any loyal, good, and faithful person to his religion and people would do the same.

I want to promote accurate representation of Islam by providing correct information thereby encouraging individual responsibility for seeking and acting upon the Truth.

I want to increase awareness as to the extent of oppression against Muslims throughout the world and the conspiracy that exists to exterminate Muslims and the religion of Islam from the face of the Earth.

I want to remind Muslims of their responsibility to participate and support their brothers and sisters in Islam who are striving on a daily basis to fulfil the commandment of Allah (Most Exalted is He) in making La illaha ilallah the law of this world, (insha’Allah).

I want to show them that the Bible is not the book that teaches freedom of speech and choice as many Americans and Westerners purport.I also want to then that Islam given same rights to women a as Islam is always attacked from the issue of the inequality of women.

I want to prove to as many Muslim brothers and sisters as possible that Jesus is not and cannot be God nor ever claimed to be God.I also want to encourage them to investigate Islam, a beautiful religion of love and peace and not a religion of hatred as it is often portrayed by Westerners.I want to proove that Islam never teach terrorism.

I’m trying to cover all important area’s,please let us know what you think and if you would like to see any other areas covered.I would also appreciate your responses regarding errors and or broken links that you may find throughout our web site.

Please send me feedback on website and feel free to give ideas on other areas of Islam you would like us to cover.Rate posts and leave your comments I truly want t know who visit my site.

I pray that Allah, Almighty, record this effort as a good deed, done in defense of His religion (Islam) and solely for His pleasure, and that He make it reach and benefit those who need it most, and overlook our shortcomings and cover us all with his mercy in this world and purify us for the hereafter,and I ask His forgiveness for any mistakes we have made, due to our lack of knowledge or ignorance.


Please keep me & my family in your Dua’s,

Allah Hafiz,

(slave of ALLAH!)

[There is NO GOD,but ALLAH!] [recomended]

Important Information :

Due to my job (Software & web proffesional ) & studies,i don’t get enough of time,so you may recieve reply late,but i will try my best to do soon as possible.

Note : All Information related to Islam are collected from different websites from Internet.I first read materials then i add more information or remove existing information,then i post it “

If you have any content or unique information related to islam,send it to me.please share with me,I will post in Website (any unique,rarely found pictures or articles )


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264 Responses to "About King-slave of Allah"





Salam Alaikum wa Rahmah Allah!!

Great website it is important to get the truth out and refute falsehoods however they come, your website does a very good job on that.
It is also important to remind even the muslims the true teachings of Islam. So many in this Ummah are without knowledge, may Allah help us.

Allah Hafiz


Wsalam brother..

JazakALlah khair for feedback

All praise be to Allah….


I reached ur site by Allah’s direction al of sudden! Brother Ter s no other better job in tis world than wat u r doin! Masha allah! Keep going


There are so many Muslims killing and torturing other Muslims all over the world. I feel upset when I see a Muslim being abused by his own Muslim brother. There is no justice in this world especially in the third world countries



A Muslim is the one who submit his will to Allah swt.many claims to be muslim,but they are muslim by name only,because they didn;t submit there will to Allah.
those who are killing others and muslims didn;t submit there will to Allah,so THEY ARE NOT MUSLIM.

more over,its not true that only muslims are killing,non-muslims are killing too..but media is highlighting only muslims action,
this is not first time,they did this always.


Al hamdulillah excellent


Assalam-Alaikum Warahmatullah-e- Wabarakatohu!
You are doing great service to your community brother. May Allah Swt bless you and guide you. Please keep on going. I can’t imagine how much workload you are tackling but what you are doing is wonderful. Inshaallah you and your family will be blessed with Jannat-ul-firdaus.
Allah Hafiz!


Ahmed Muhammad…keep pushing back the mis-information against Islam…hold onto the rope of Allah,swt the religion of peace and all humanity!


I am Muslim I bilibe it


Really this great website inspired me to start a similar work with yours but iam nt a computer expert…ALHAMDULILLAH.Am now learning the computer.i need ur prayers.



thank you for informing me brother,Im surprised,but not shocked.
yeah…because before you many other Muslim brothers and sisters informed me,
Many started websites or PAGE or GROUP in Facebook.

but im not worthy of any praise…

All Praise be to Allah.

Who made this non worthy slave work an “Inspiration” for others!


There is none worthy of worship except ALLAH….

Thank you Allah.

My Lord,Please keep me in under your mercy and forgiveness.



JAZAK-ALLAH KHAIRAN,May Allah increase you with knowledge and understanding…ameen.


Assalamu alaikum, this is indeed a wonderful site for each and every muslim who wishes to become a better muslim. i seriously give all of you a great salute for putting a wonderful site where every person will know the truth of the beauty of islam and inshallah by time every person will understand what is ISLAM and will love islam for the reason that it preaches only peace, love and discipline. i always felt bad for the reason that why do people misunderstand islam and have wrong assumptions about it whenever i got a chance in my college i would tell all the other non-muslims girls in my class about our beautiful religion. i always wished to become a part of any muslim organization or any group where i could talk to people about islam but i never get a chance but anyhow i will make myself more better and when i feel myself capable of doing something for islam i would definitely make an organization myself and move forward on allah talah’s path and do atleast a pinch for islam. may allah bless you all and your families with lots of happiness and “nek toufiq” ameen 🙂


Wsalam Sister,

Ameen to your duas sister,

thank you for sharing ur views…!


Dear Mr. King, you have a great site. I found few typing and wording errors. These are unacceptable in the English language. I have made corrections using( ). Some examples are follows:

I’m a software & web developer,trouble shooter(,) and WHH(write full form of WHH). (delete from) (For) 8 yers (years.) i (I) was involve(d) in development and WHH(.) i(I)n Dec 2007(,) i(I) heard (of) y(Y)outube,I started using(it),then i(I) found lots of Video’s against i(I)slam.i(I) searched ( add: the) on(delete: on) Internet.I came across a vast number of offending sites against Islam.

Before you post please get it checked by a proof reader. I am not a proof reader, but I can help.
Thank you and keep up the good work.


Assalam Alaykum,

thank you for correction brother….

Not Just King…brother….Its King-slave of Allah.

Yes I know brother there are lots of mistakes,

My First language is Hindi and My English was not very Good and i did’t worked hard to make it Good,
I Indeed Regret this today.

How ever little bit i’m trying to correct my self When Ever I Get Time.

//Before you post please get it checked by a proof reader. I am not a proof reader, but I can help.//

Well,I Tried but many didn;t helped or never replied.anyways…

I Truly thank you from heart to come forward to help in this.

May Allah swt bless you for ur support.

King-slave of Allah
Yes,I Will send 1 Article today for proof reading.

JazakAllah Khar


I love to read Article like “An interview of Shaitan”the cursed one,
Allah Bless you and your Family…..


All thanks to Allah for showing me this site. Hopefully I may be of some use.


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