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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Fake Tomb Pictures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Assalam Alaykum,

This is just a plan of  Few Bad Unbelievers,who created this false image of  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Tomb.

as We are guided by the greatest personality of  Mankind,we are not allowed to do anything wrong with them or with there believes.

Below listed pictures with title and “FAKE IMAGE ”  claimed as Prophet Muhammad  Tomb picture.I have added all pictures being used on net.It was sent for an auction also.

The only known photograph,above, of the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, a site revered by Muslims across the globe, is expected to fetch at least £90,000.

It was this picture that was auctioned(i think) :

(without added sticker ofcource)

picture 1


picture : 2


picture 3


Picture 4:


Picture 5:


Picture 6:


People’s are so much blind that many have taken print out of picture and hanging on Walls in home.


Its behind these walls.We are not allowed to see ! those who try,they just see darkness,few dust ,light .

7395949941eeb826589bxy0 copy


The tomb on the photo’s are not the BLESSED one of our Prophet (salallahu aleyhi was salaam) but it is the tomb of Osman Ghazi, the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire and MAULANA RUMI(Turkey).

For More Information about Osman-Gazi .

And here is the proof : match these pictures..

Osman-Gazi tomb old postcards:



And the state of the tomb in recent times:






What a pity that in many Muslim countries this tomb is presented as the tomb of the Prophet (salallahualeyhi sallam) and pictures are sold and are hanged into houses.

PS: The Prophet’s (salallahu aleyhi was salaam) has no tomb or sanduqa on it.

Al-Qadi ‘Iyad has reported from the major scholars that it is best to make a hump over the grave because Sufyan an-Nammar told him that he had seen the grave of the Prophet, peace be upon him, with a hump over it.” (Bukhari)

Ja’far bin Muhammad reported from his father: “The grave of the Prophet, peace be upon him, was raised one hand from the ground and was coated with red clay and some gravel.” This was narrated by Abu Bakr An-Najjad


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