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The Australian Woman – A Model of the Oppressed Woman

Posted on: May 18, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

The Australian Woman – A Model of the Oppressed Woman

By : Tazin Abdullah

This is a satire written to mimic articles, reports and stories generally written about Muslim women by women from Western non-Muslim backgrounds. It is, to some extent, an attempt to convey to the viewers how it feels to be `other’ and to be judged superficially in accordance with only one’s own perceptions. I hope you take it for what it is – a satire.

I do not clearly remember the first time I was here. My earliest memories of Australia start when I was around six or seven, probably my first trip after I was born in the city of Sydney. My parents were not particularly happy with the idea of me growing up there. So, they took me out to Iran at the first opportunity.

As I grew up, my impressions of Sydney were formed from stories I heard from my parents, shows I watched on television and of course, what I saw on my trips. From my first trip at the age of seven, I vaguely remember the people I met and the places I visited. I remember more from my second trip, though, which was at the age of fourteen. I recall my parents warning me over and over again about how women were treated in a society so fundamentally Western.

While I was there, I learnt that individuality was something Australians only dreamt about. I soon discovered I had to conform to the dress code everyone else followed. I had to have my hair highlighted and defreeze. I had to spend between fifteen and twenty minutes every morning brushing it and putting on clips and hair ties. I had to make it into a ponytail one day, a braid the next and a bun when I went to dinner parties. I was coerced to wear short skirts and tight tops, with a push-up bra to give me cleavage. My legs had to show, smooth and unscarred, and everyone had to be able to make out my waist.

They told me I had to `fit in’. Part of the ritual of fitting in meant that I had to paint my face with what they called make-up everyday. I discovered that Australian females liked to attract as much attention as they could to themselves, by hiding behind their make-up. They made their kohl in liquids and pencils, instead of pots like we do, and sold them in stores under a range of different names and prices. They all seemed the same to me, though. Anyhow, I bought what they told me to buy and used what they told me to use, from lipsticks to abdominizers, changing my body from head to toe to please their male gods!! Such things ensured that everyone wanted to `hang out’ with me (a term denoting something to the effect of spending time and/or social acceptance).

In the five years between then and now, I had convinced myself that Australia would have joined other countries on the road to progress. But my return to Sydney both shocks and saddens me. While many parts of the world have seen development, Australia has dragged behind, especially with regards to the status of women. It seems as if it has only succeeded in digging itself deeper into a bottomless pit of regression. At this rate, I fear that Australia is a second America in the making.

Upon arrival, I have come across some typical Sydney women. I can see that they are dictated by the strict dress code imposed on them by the social system. They are not allowed to wear loose clothing, headscarves until they are old or ailing, and it is preferred that they show as much of their bodies as possible. Women who break this rule face harsh penalties. Sarah, a victim of such injustices, told me the specifics. As punishment for wearing non-revealing clothing, she is deemed unattractive and given unequal treatment by her employers. She says she is not considered `normal’.

A day in the life of a normal woman here requires her appearance to be the focal point. Her sexuality must be available for everyone to consume. She cannot choose to whom she will disclose her intimate parts or exercise her sexuality. She does not have much choice in what she wants to do with her body. Since the fundamentalist regime insists that it must be available for display in a certain manner, she must follow these rules.

The rules are scripted on the Australian Holy scriptures, two of which are Dolly and Cosmopolitan. Also known as magazines, these contain the teachings of hard-liner editors and reporters/writers who design the way in which society must view women and the way women must dress and act. Since the advent of these magazines, there have been mass conversions in the country to the faith they preach. Authority and control have been transferred onto them and they play a vital role in the life of women. They have institutionalized radical guidelines such as the 36:24:36 measurement of a woman’s body. Furthermore, they propagate intolerance and hate to be internalized in all women – hate for their own bodies, natural intelligence, privacy and inherent dignity. These women are brainwashed into believing that their Creator is to blame for their deficiencies in not automatically meeting these standards.

In accordance with these oppressive impositions, the country’s commerce has developed. Industry is devoted to the development of products to assist women in looking as artificial as possible. The market is filled with products for the face and every different part of it plus the hair, the hands, the legs, the nails…the list goes on. I suppose one must concede to the fact that Australia’s delayed development causes it to priorities looks over the fact that millions of people in the world go hungry.

It is interesting to look at some of the advertisements for the beauty products. I will warn you, though, that coming from an emancipated society, these will be very disturbing. For instance, an advertisement for hair color uses the motto “L’Oreal – because I’m worth it”. A model in an ad for a shampoo claims that using the shampoo gives her more confidence. These poor women must shampoo, condition and color their hair in order to legitimize themselves. They need the perfect curl, the right bounce and the shiniest color. Their value to society is directly linked to their hair!!

Other significant practices are the prevalent marriage customs. A woman is required to perform the ceremonial `going out’, which can span any period of time from a day to ten years. This starts as early as primary school and as she grows up, she goes out with various men. Until she finds the one she wishes to marry, she does not commit to any one man. All the men she goes out with are allowed to touch her and sleep with her.

All this time, her status and acceptance in society is determined by how many of these men she has accommodated in her life. The greater the quota of men, the more sufficient she is considered. Particularly in high school, young girls have little to contribute to their own identities. Their identities derive from who they go out with and how many boys they go out with. Though this kind of mental torture is less obvious in later years of their life, my conversations with many women in university and work indicate that they still suffer. Some feel they must get married in order to make a place for themselves.

Marriage, though, is subject to a bizarre rule. A woman cannot legally marry until she is eighteen years old without parental consent. It is socially expected, however, for girls under eighteen to lose their virginity. When I was listening to one of the popular radio stations, 2DayFM, I was informed that the average age that Australians lost their virginity at is between thirteen and fifteen. As a consequence of this, many girls under eighteen become pregnant. Society accepts these girls as mothers before eighteen but does not allow them to have husbands, who could also take responsibility as fathers to the children born. While women must bear the responsibility of parenthood, men can get away with it. This is one of the many contradictions that exist in Australia today!!

Inequalities also exist for women who do get married. Marriage requires the woman to play multiple roles. She must be wife, mother and often a breadwinner of the family. She shoulders the responsibility of taking care of her husband and children at home while also earning money not only for herself, but also for the family. Whatever she earns is not solely her property. Unlike Islamic societies, her husband and her family have a claim to her income and she even pays for groceries!!

Often, she is not given the choice of whether she wants to stay at home or work. The society she lives in enshrines materiality and money, money and more money. It is vital to their lifestyles. As a result, she must go out and work and make her family richer. On top of that, her position in society is judged on her ability to work outside the home. She must suffer the greatest burden in society. She really does not have the right to choose. Can you imagine a life where your identity is judged by everything you have and not everything you are?

Even more surprising is the widespread cultural practice of women changing their surnames to that of their husbands’ once they are married. Amanda, a law student, who opposes this practice, tells me that, in previous times, this act symbolized the transfer of all of a woman’s rights and property to her husband from her father. Though the custom of a woman becoming her husband’s property has ceased to exist, women still change their names to that of their husbands’.

Seeing all this, I am aware that Australian women are denied the rights that are basic to many Muslim women. What concerns me, though, is whether or not they are aware of that fact.

I remember from my second trip to Australia that I felt I had a Western noose tied around my neck. I felt I had no space to breathe or to let myself free. The air around me cloaked my beauty, my spirit and my soul. But I was lucky. I could leave.

Most of the Australian women I spoke to do not have that alternative. They do not even know of their plight. They are pushed into a corner where they cannot see outside the boundaries of such a fundamentally Western society. Women immune to Western correctness – mostly the educated Muslims – have begun programs to educate others around them. They are asserting themselves by breaking out of the confinement, wearing loose clothing and denying just anyone access to their sexuality. I see their efforts as a glimmer of hope. It is crucial that before women can improve their lot, they are taught the rights they have that society has taken away from them.

Nevertheless, there is still hope. I call upon all the Muslim women in the world to come to the rescue of Australian women. I urge that all of us stand up against Western oppression in different parts of the world. It is our responsibility to bring progress into these societies and it is up to us to save them.

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16 Responses to "The Australian Woman – A Model of the Oppressed Woman"

Aldo, Sarah, and Shadow Angel…………….LOL……………….you three people r sooooooo stupid and ignorant!………….u dummies r getting angry for nothing! if u dont like the articles displayed here that DOES NOT mean u can mock our beloved Prophet and our religion 😡 u people r so dum…..theres lots of Muslims here in Australia, so just get ur facts straight dum people… typical outbursts idiots 😛 when it comes about Australia u burst like wild morons……lol……..fooolish people…lol…. 😛


I agree Aldo, biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life, it makes me so angry to hear people put the country I live in and the people in it down.
And to all these Muslims:
I live in Australia, I am 19 and I am a virgin. I don’t wear make up, only on special occassions, my hair is completely natural and I have never dyed it. I have had one boyfriend who it didn’t work out with, but I never gave up my virginity with him.
I think for myself, dress how I want. I wear baggy clothes!! And I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I don’t bother impressing people with looks but personalities.
I don’t judge people on what they wear, what they look like or who they spend time with. I have the most amazing friends ever and we aren’t materialistic whatsoever.

And women don’t HAVE to work, it’s their choice. I know many women who stay at home with their children rather than working. I even know men who stay at home for the children. The family can do whatever they want!!!
No one in Australia is opressed! Australia is a free country where we have our own rights and decisions to make. I love this country and would never consider leaving it. And many other people love Australia too seeing as we have so many migrants, refugees and tourists.
So I say to you, stop judging us and look at your situation first!


Thanks Sarah for your response backing me up. You make a lot of sence.

Unfortunately muslims are so brainwashed by their parents and religious practices that they think theirs is the only way to live.
If you really want to see oppression of women just go to Saudi Arabia and other muslim countries.
Women there have to wear tents as clothing, are not allowed to drive cars, have to sit in the rear seat and have to always be accompanied by another person. Muslims women only get one share of an estate whilst the men get two shares (Now thats real equality!!!) they also have to share their husbands with onother 3 or more wives AND other women, however if a women is caught with another man she will in all possiblities be stoned to death.
The person who wrote this crap should offer an apology to Australians and a retraction of this stupid article.
It’s a pity more Australians are not aware of this site.


This article is the biggest load of CRAP I have ever read and has really made me angry.
So Australian girls lose thei virginity between 13 & 15.
At least they do not lose their virginity when they are 9 like your so called prophet mahommad, (who was 54) when he did Aisha.(And let us not forget the little girls who get married to OLD men in muslim countries, even today. I wonder how old they are when THEY lose their virginity???)
I am an Australian who immigrated from Italy. I feel honoured to call this country home. I LOVE this country. I love the freedom and yes also the women who are not oppressed by wearing that tent muslim women wear.
If it’s such a bad place why do so many people from Afganistan,Iraq,Somalia, Iran etc jump over themselves to climb onto an old boat to get here. Many paying with their lives when a boat sinks.
If the idiotic moronic person, who wrote this article dislikes Australia so much I hope she stays in a muslim country and never step foot in this great country again!!


Well brother, I agree with one thing u said that if one does not like the culture he/she should not live there and practice their culture in the country where it is allowed. I myself don’t understand why many Arabs are going to Australia but one thing is for sure it is the country itself inviting people from other countries in the name of education and jobs, etc. So in my view it is 50/50 fault from both sides. Second u people just point so easily at our beloved prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the case of his wife Aisha (AS). You must remember that the prophet married her under some circumstances and not unlike whats going on in western society where girls are becoming unmarried mothers under 18 without husband. Islam and Christianity both has God’s word commanded for man and woman to marry and then only commit any sexual intercourse. But in western societies it is allowed so easily to have sex out of marriage, before marriage and so on. Freedom doesn’t mean denying God’s will and his commands. I hope u understand this if you are a practicing christian and if not then I am really sorry. May God Almighty guide us all to the right path and save us from the misguidance of Satan. Thank You.


Thanks for your response.
The article makes Australians look like sex crazed people, don’t give women choices (thats the pot calling the kettle black!!) “transferring women’s rights”?? etc .
If Islam is so great why are muslim women in sharia law on the same level as dogs & donkies, and why do they only get 1 share of an estate and the men 2 shares, and why do they wear those stupid abayas??
This article is full of lies and generalisations. (It’s like me calling all muslims terrorists.)
I don’t know if you personally have been to Australia but the general opinion is that it’s the BEST country in the world, and again if it wasn’t why are those “boat people” who are not invited, putting their lives at risk to get here (and europe as well).
I feel that any muslim who has put the “thumbs up” on this article are just as stupid and brainwashed as the women who wrote it.
I wonder if she consulted or got an opinion from other Australian muslims to see what they have to say about her stupid article.


my sister you dont need to be abusive in expressing youself, every body is entittle to his or her opinion, more over The Prophet has noting to do with this article so please stop throwing abusive words to our noble Prophet.


A very well-written article.


total load of shit


What a brilliant article. Clearly reveals the hypocricy of western society & the ignominy heaped on women. What’s worrying though is the inability of women in west to realize their plight. They rather seem to indulge in their humiliation with glee.
This write-up would definitely serve as an eye opener to those who are fortunate to read this.


All lies and bullshit.
Stay away you mob of idiots from the best country in the WORLD, Australia by a long long way.
Look at your own back yard before you cast espursion on other countries.
This woman is clearly a brainwashed moron and has no idea what freedom is or what life is like here.


Salam Alaikum! Thanks brother for the nice article. Alhamdulillah, I am muslim and I’m proud to be one that Allah guides to islam. more power to this website.


Thank you for the article. I am not a muslim woman but of course have always seen the hypocrisy in that Muslim woman ‘need to be saved’ etc. I worry terribly about our pre-teen girls in this ‘modern’ world. What is acceptable with all their friends is NOT acceptable to me and ones worth should not be measured by make-up and hair dyes. Thank you again. Lee


At least they have the freedom to chose, unlike muslim women who don’t have a choise, like those poor little girls who are given to old men as if they were a posession.
Aisha 9 years old mahom(mad) 54. end of story.


blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaah……………. 😛 ……………its MUHAMMED SAW!…now its end of story.


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