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Posted on: February 12, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious


For more Details, Read our Valentine Related article here Celebrating Valentines Day? Valentines Day not for Muslims

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17 Responses to "Say No To VALENTINE DAY !"

Anything that brings a bit of happiness and joy to people is haram in pisslam. (Halloween is also haram because little children are happy on that day too)
Can any of you brainwashed morons tell me why happyness is not allowed in pisslam??/

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alcohol brings happiness too. momentarily
we r not those ppl who rely on worldly pleasures we look forward to the heaven allah promises us
if u r a christian, SHAME ON YOU

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Paras, you poor misguided person.
Alcohol (created my allah, all things are created by allah, right?) does not give momentary happiness, for me I have a glass of wine or beer with my meal as you guys would use chilli to your food. It inhances the enjoyment of a meal. Some may be alcoholics but the majority are like me ie. only drink alcohol with a meal or with friends.
It always amazes me that muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol but heaven is filled “with rivers of wine” !!! go figure.
By the way I am neither a christian and definately not a cult member of islam.(after researching islam since 9/11 I would not join your cult even if you gave me $50 million US dollars).
I would rather have my freedom to eat, drink, listen to music, give my wife valentine day roses and to make her happy etc. and not have any organisation tell me what to do and when to do it (like prayers 5 times a day!!)
Paras, think for yourself and talk to apostes to see what the alternate to your cult is.

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Quran explains, “(in alcohol) there is a great sin, and (some) benefits, but the sin outweighs its benefit)” (2:219).

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Brother Aldo ..Islam is not about, “We are better than you”. Islam is about “Let me show you something, that is better for you”.
Allah gave you a mind to think with & a heart to love with, join them together & make a positive difference in this world by being the real you.So Make sure your food is good (halal and bought with halal earnings), and you will be one whose prayers are answered.

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najayez v d, muslim ke sirf 2 eid hain ramzan aur baqrid

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jazakallah khayran 4 ur beautiful contribution.

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Abu Hudhayfah Muiz

jazakallah khayran 4 all ur comment,V.D is unislamic and dt associate wt it haram.D Prophet[saw]warn us by following d ahli kitab.

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My love is for all the humanity not on a particular day or at particular time but every time in my whole life..

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Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus. The tighter you hold on, the more it’s going to hurt. Love is not a crime and show your love to your neighbour if you need it in your life. Islam religion on peace.

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جزاكم الله خيرا على هذا التوضيح

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Salam aliakum,
Thank u for the great posts, jazakallahu khairan.
@ muslima, we are not against love, the problem with vals day has to do with its origin with was unislamic and promoted fornication. We don’t have to choose a particular day to show love to family, friends and our spouses, everyday should be filled with love for our loved ones. Allah knows best!
May Allah guide us all unto the right path, ameen

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thankx for your article but certain muslims say the day is for love freinds ,familly and between husband and wife.
when we take the word of love ,we don’t talk about haram love love allah and his prophet forever and love with a true love their freids and their familly ,love itsn’t haram but haram when we make a sins ,may ALLAH be with us and protect us of all sins .
jazaka ALLAH khair but tnis is my opinion…

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but sister, true love is not to express it on the specific day,it’s the day of “so” called “love” but most of it goes towards haram activities ,don’t try to participate with the way of kuffar in a least bit,jazakala khair

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mohammed, i like your comment it really differentiate the the fact from the fable. tnx

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[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by IslamGreatReligion, IslamGreatReligion and IslamGreatReligion, IslamGreatReligion. IslamGreatReligion said: Say No To VALENTINE DAY !: Say No To VALENTINE DAY ! For more Details, Read our Valentine Related article here :… [...]

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Masha ALLAH…May ALLAH reward you for your efforts:)

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