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What is 786 ? Value of 786 !

Posted on: April 20, 2009


Almost All Over word peoples believe that ‘786’ is very important for Muslims.I know few peoples know the truth.

In Movies,TV serials shows,those have 786 in anything,they get help from Allah during problems.

Car No,Mobile No,Telephone No  haveing ‘786’ is sale in very high rate.

In India Normally,A Mobile No

without ‘786’  @ Cost 200 INR . Its  5 USD.

with ‘786’ @ Cost 5000 INR,around 100 USD.

and those peoples are Muslim and NON-Muslims,Non-Muslims pays extra to get this nos.

so,What is the Importance of ‘786’ in ISLAM.

Muslims says 786 = ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’.

Is this really Imp no?

think “Bismillah” contain the name of GOD ‘ALLAH’.

Can a Number replace the Holy Name of Allah Subhanwan Tala. by 786?

can we remove ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’ from the top of Surah al-Faatiha and replace it with the number 786?

The innovation of writing ‘786’ replacing ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’ has been adopted for a long time and the majority of the Ummah is still indulged in it inadvertently.

‘786’ don’t have any Value in a True Muslims are Instructed to follow the words of Quran and teachings of prophet muhammad(pbuh).and there is no discussion about 786 in Quran or in Hadith.

Apart from the common folk, the scholars also heed no attention towards it and to avoid disrespect to the Holy Words they use it in their letters and documents. They adopt it as ‘correct’ and ‘better’ way to invite Allah’s blessings and have also started replacing the Holy Words by this number on their houses, offices, buildings, etc. Unfortunately, this tendency is gradually gaining momentum.

But, do we see this number instead of the Holy Words in the Holy Qur’aan? Or, can we write it there as well? can we remove ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’ from the top of Surah al-Faatiha and replace it with the number 786? Obviously not.

If we study the Qur’aan, we see it carries the holy words in a letter from Prophet Solomon (pbuh) to the Queen of Sheeba – Bilqis – who was an infidel at that time. Even Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his letters to different heads of states and governments, used the holy words at the top.

Therefore, whosoever uses 786 with the intention to obtain Allah’s blessings, is a misguided person and any attempt to justify it, is ignorance.

More astonishing is that fact that ‘786’ is an aggregation of the numbers of Hindu ‘Lord Hari Krishna’.

H(a)iri Kr(i)shna h-5, r-200, r-10, k-20, r-200, sh-300, n-50, a-1 = Aggregate of 786

Thus, the aggregate number of these letters (Hari Krishna) equals 786. This is also the case of ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using this number to avoid the danger of being indulging in infidelity.

Islam’s foundation is laid on the belief in Tawheed (oneness of God). If we associate anyone with Allah’s exalted names orally or practically, we would be committing infidelity which is an unpardonable sin.

The Qur’aan warns us, one who finds a rival against Allah, Allah will never allow him to enter paradise, and his abode is the hell.

The letters by the Prophet (pbuh) to non-Muslim Kings and chiefs bear the holy words ‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’. This was also the case of his noble companions. Did the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions respect the Holy Words less than we do? Was the verse, ‘Today I completed your religion for you’, revealed to the Prophet (pbuh) or to the so called scholars of our age who are all bent to amend the Divine principles.

Now, when it became known that ‘786’ is written in place of Hindu, ‘Lord Krishna’, and has no significance in the Holy Qur’aan and Sunnah, it is obviously an innovation and goes against the Divine doctrine of  ‘Obey Allah and His Prophet‘.

Similarly, some Muslims replace Allah’s name by the number ’66’ and the Prophet’s (pbuh) name by ’92’.

this way we can convert Entire Quran in digits.Every charcter and saying names of Allah gives good deeds.What you will get If you will call ’66’ in place of ‘ALLAH’,NO………

But if one ask, the number ‘420’ is used against somebody’s name and he is called ‘420’. Can he bear such an insult?

Calling someone by a nick name is a sin. Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Don’t call one another by nick names‘.

If Allah prohibits the use of nicknames for fellow human beings, how can He allow the use of such insulting replacement number for Himself and His Prophet (pbuh).

‘Bismillaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem’ great significance in the Qur’aan and Muslims are ordered to begin any work but in the names Allah, not in the number of ‘786’ or any other substitution.

Forward this Article to your friends,Its Our responsiblity to share information with peoples….

Forgive me for any mistake,pls inform me about mistakes,
May Allah guide Muslims on right path!



slave of ALLAH!

129 Responses to "What is 786 ? Value of 786 !"

mostly ulemas are using harrof i abjd in taaveez from the lost of many centuries just like imam Ahmad Raza (R.A) in his taaveez book. yet u can use it in the light of your thinking but u can not deny the importance of Haroof i abjad.


Masha Allah


What is “786”

( 786 ) is Bismilla

Yani ki
Quran Pak


Total Jama kro
To = 786


hussan,hassan ali fatima in quran …..
sorry sister,
these are lies

stop giving names to Allah no 66….Allah is not a number.


786 in arabic is OM (vedic symbol) Kaaba(Kabalishwaran) IS A HINDU(VEDIC) TEMPLE LORD SHIVA TEMPLE U SWINES circle the Kaabalishwaran 7 times anti clockwise u shave ur head n beards and wear a 2 peice white cloth just like the brahmins b4 a prayer u kiss the btoken SHIVLING( black stone)


HI, what happen to poor Afganistan ? That country was Buddhist 300 years ago… big statue of Buddha, carved in rock, was blown away by you Muslims, some years ago….what more are you going to destroy ?


These are mere imaginations. Kaaba is for the mankind. Black stone is not Shiv linga. It is a stone brought from heaven. 786 is not om. It is the total number of letters counted in abjad fashion.


There is nothing like this in Islam,and who invent this wanted to play and doubt Muslims about Islam, our brothers and sisters in Islam don’t concern about these silly topics


Please gain complete knowledge on any subject before you comment on it. Ulemas, scholars, mashaikhs, Murshids all have gave solution to the problem of disrespecting the Quran verses. Abjad is the system by which every alphabet is given a numbering system by which we could get a number to any ayath in quarn hence writing in Thaveez made simple and it avoids the disrespect to the quarn ayath. This also helped when other religous people gain benefit from thaveez. Note:- If you dont believe thaveez then start a post for thaveez, we wil explain about it. People from past 1400 years using thaveez and abjad system as 786 are definetly clever and pious and god fearing people. Not fast food people like nowdays.


You are 100% right.


A question is asked, so no problem to answer CLEARLY for those who didn’t understand islam to bring it clearer… got it? :)


The author may kindly enlighten the views expressed by me, and let the readers understand the exactness of the subject.


blessings and peace be upon muhammad and allahs angels.


HI, in Christian Gnostics, spiritual number ascribed to Christ, is 888, in Chinese Buddhism , the luckiest number is 888, as well….maybe numbers, as totally independent from any religion, are as invisible glue, which keeps All Humanity together….


asalam my brother i really like your site mashallah


Wsalam Brother,,,JazakAllah khair


Worth Reading & Convincing. And nobody calls anybody by his number instead of calling by his name.

Expecting many write up like this. Keep it up!

m.mohamed ali


Do not call. But abjad has basis. It is established with the letters of Holy Quran. The author may kindly refresh those comments.


this is 100% true


I thank all who participated in the discussion and hope the subject is now clear. That is usage of numbers wherever essential or desirble need not be abused as there are some mention about the same in Hadith based on Holy Quranic letters. But this is not a free licence to play with the numbers, or commercialise them. As far as possible Holy Quranic lettters and words only shall be used.



Assalamu alaikum wr wb.

I thank all my brothers who participated in the discussion. To conclude we may say that usage of numbers under essential or desirable circumstances need not be abused as there are some mention in Hadith about it backed by numbers attributed to Holy Quranic letters and supported by history. Nevertheless the numbers shall not be used unnecessarily, cannot be played with, shall not be commercialised. We can go upto the extent what we can infer from Ahadith. I think this will be the balanced view on the subject. As far as possible we must use Holy Quranic letters and words only.
Wassalam. Wa akhiru Da’wana anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.


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