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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

I Am a Muslim Because of 9/11

Ms. Drugge, my 8th grade math teacher, was explaining that the model we were dissecting was called a parabola. In an instant, our vice principal ran into the room and exclaimed that our country was under attack. Little did I know that this Sept. 11 morning would define the rest of my life.

In the wake of the attacks, my feelings of anxiety and concern soon turned into intense nationalism and pride. Aspirations for Harvard and Stanford took a back seat as I looked up the entrance requirements for West Point. I wanted to be a part of the solution. An American flag was placed alongside my Jerry Rice, Cris Carter and Michael Jordan posters. I could not sit on the sidelines as my country was attacked. I soon realized, however, that my nation was not the only institution that was attacked that grim morning.

As the days turned into months, the attacks of 9/11 settled in. The news would describe the terrorists as Muslim men from Muslim countries with Muslim beards and Muslim intentions. I became more cognizant of my environment and how my peers perceived my faith. When my mom would pick me up from baseball practice, I noticed uneasy eyes directed at her headscarf. During Ramadan, when I fasted through lunch, friends began commenting on how I was “terrorizing my body.” Our country was uniting together against a common enemy, and I became the enemy because of the faith in my heart.

The next years would be the most challenging of my life. As a 13-year-old, I wanted nothing more than to fit in with my surroundings. Being a devout Muslim certainly wouldn’t help. I instructed my mom to pick me up 15 minutes after practice was over so my teammates wouldn’t know that she wore a head scarf. During Ramadan, when I fasted, I went to the library instead of the lunchroom, hoping to go unnoticed by my classmates. I was ashamed of my Islamic identity and felt that others couldn’t see me as an American because of it.

These experiences forced me to reflect on my faith. Being born into this faith would not be enough; I would have to believe in it. If I didn’t, Islam would be tucked into a corner of my life, away from the sight of others. The more I read, challenged and questioned, the more I was propelled to become the best citizen I could be. To care for those in need, to positively contribute to my community, and to sponsor equality and justice, Islam made me into a better American.

Years after 9/11, I learned in math class that the bottom-most point on a parabola is known as an inflection point — the point where the slope of the line goes from negative to positive. Sept. 11 was my inflection point, without which I would not be the Muslim I am today.

9/11 Sparked My Interest in Islam

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Muslims After 9/11: Children Cope With A Tragedy They Never Knew

LEESBURG, VA. — A few months ago, as Hidayah Jaka helped her mom load groceries into their minivan, a group of men pulled up in a car, shouted at the headscarf-wearing girl and her mother to “go back to your country,” and sped away.

Hidayah, who was born 13 years ago in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, went quiet.

Some people are scared of Muslims, her mother reminded the girl, because of what 19 men did a decade ago on 9/11. Some people even hate them, she said.

“God doesn’t even want us to lie. How would he ask us to kill someone?” Priscilla Martinez said to her eldest daughter, echoing a refrain familiar to her six children.

It wasn’t the first time Hidayah had heard of Sept. 11, nor was it the first time the Jaka family, whose children are all too young to have any memory of that day, had discussed it. It was one of dozens of times the Muslim family has had to confront the day head-on.

For the parents, who saw Islam transformed overnight from an often-ignored religion to one of the most-discussed in the country and who can share stories of love and hate in the face of tragedy, there’s a stark contrast between being a Muslim in the United States before 9/11 and after. But a new generation is coming of age who hasn’t known that divide.

The Jaka children, ages 4 to 13, have learned about 9/11 through books, television, taunts and the peculiar osmosis experienced in a society where the attacks pervade the collective consciousness. In the process, they have also learned about what it means to be a Muslim in America today.

“I know what it is,” says Hidayah’s younger brother Mikaeel, a soft-spoken boy who has yet to master American history and has never seen ground zero, but can tell you the sequence of events on 9/11. Airplanes hit “the twin towers, and thousands of people died,” he says. “They hit the Pentagon, too.” It was “terrorists, people who do really bad and mean things.” But “it would be unfair to say Muslims are terrorists.”

Mikaeel, a Little League baseball player who sports a felt jacket covered with badges earned in Pack 1576, a Muslim Cub Scouts group run out of the ADAMS mosque in Northern Virginia, was born in April of 2001. Home-schooled along with the rest of his siblings, he has grown up with Islam woven into his daily life. The Jaka home is decorated with crescent stickers, Quranic calligraphy and streamers proclaiming “Eid Mubarak,” a traditional greeting to mark the festive end to the Ramadan month of fasting. A bare sitting room is reserved for eight prayer rugs, where the family bows toward Mecca five times a day between science lessons, reading time, music practice — Mikaeel is learning acoustic guitar — and bouts of playing Nintendo Wii.

Two weeks ago, the Jaka family sat down for a meeting in their sprawling home on the outskirts of the Washington metropolitan region. The children had started to notice again the vaguely familiar scenes of destruction on TV that tend to replay around this time each year. The parents wanted to help them understand.

“The people that did that are evil. Muslims would never do something like that. There is nothing to tell us to do that,” says Hidayah. “I don’t remember it,” she adds, but “we should always remember what happened. The people that lost their lives, the people that helped everybody out of that building. It was a horrible.”

When catastrophe struck a decade ago this Sunday, Rizwan Jaka had just arrived at his office in Northern Virginia, where he works as a computer engineer. Martinez was at home with the kids. That morning, they stood shocked in front of their TVs and wept as they saw planes crash into buildings and heard of frantic friends and coworkers who lost loved ones. That night, their mosque was vandalized and a wooden sign in front was burned to the ground.

“My first thought was fear for my wife and my daughter,” says Jaka, a 39-year-old who was born in Texas to Pakistani immigrants. “We had a choice to make that day,” says Martinez, 37, a third-generation Mexican American and a former Catholic who doubles as the kids’ teacher. “We would work for peace. We would work for understanding.”

The Jakas are the only Muslims in their small community just outside Leesburg. Sept. 11 spurred the parents, who were already involved in nascent interfaith groups at their mosque, to push themselves, and by extension their kids, outward. For 13-year-old Hidayah, 12-year-old Jibreel, 10-year-old Mikaeel, 8-year-old Israfeel, 6-year-old Raqeeb and 4-year-old Ebaadah, life has been a long lesson shaped by 9/11.

Each week, Mom and Dad take the kids to a new interfaith event, a new peace walk, a new synagogue or church or Hindu temple, to show them the “best parts of religion and what this nation’s people have to offer,” Jaka says. At home, Martinez has bought the kids Islamic-themed novels and a picture book of Muslim contributions to society, from algebra to roasted coffee. Islam should be a point of pride, Martinez tells her children, not something to hide.

Sometimes, other girls on the soccer field ask Hidayah, who wears the hijab, if she’s “hot under there.” No, she assures them, before inviting them over for dinner. Once after music class last March, a car full of men shouting in mock Arabic drove past the family. But such incidents are the exception, Martinez says.

Not all Muslim families have been so lucky or chosen to be so outgoing in their approach. During the last decade there have been hundreds of violent crimes committed against Muslim Americans, each with its own motivations. But after the initial spike in 2001, anti-Muslim violence subsided in later years. In addition, recent surveys of Muslim Americans have shown them to be happier and more optimistic with life in the United States than the general population.

Nonetheless, the Jaka kids have become accustomed to hearing their father, a board member at his mosque and a member of several Northern Virginia interfaith groups, being asked what Muslims are doing to combat extremism when visitors come to the house of worship.

The questions used to confuse them. What did their dad or anybody they know have to do with the planes crashing on TV? “But it’s our responsibility to answer those hard questions,” Jaka tells them. “People are going to ask about you. And you have to be able to tell people about Islam.”

For Hidayah, who is more likely to play softball or speed down the Shenandoah Mountain on her mountain bike than contemplate her place in a post-9/11 world, distancing herself from “those horrible people from that day” is just another part of being a young Muslim.

Sitting in their basement recently, Jaka taught his children a lesson from the Quran, quoting from Surat al-Ishirah, a chapter of the holy book that translates to “solace” or “comfort” in English. Many Muslims believe it was revealed byAllah to the prophet Muhammad when he may have been confused or unsure of how people would receive the new religion and its different lifestyle.

Allah says: With every difficulty, there comes ease.”

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Osama Bin Laden, Mastermind of 9/11 Attacks is DEAD

Declaring the killing of Osama bin Laden “a good day for America,” President Barack Obama said Monday the world was safer without the al- Qaida terrorist and mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. His administration used DNA testing to help confirm that American forces in Pakistan had in fact killed bin Laden, as U.S. officials sought to erase all doubt about the stunning news.

Its gud,if osama was responsible for killing of thousands innocent peoples then he must be punished.

Mr Obama said he was responsible for  september 911 attacks. But What is the proof that he was responsible ?.

Without any proof they blammed this biggest lie in history on Muslims. Why ? For what ? Any proof other than thzt the involved terrorist were Muslims.?

Here are few links which contain hundered of proof by experts that september 911 was an Inside JOB.

Click here Hidden truth of WTC 

Evidence that Proves 9/11 Inside Job 

9/11 Inside Job Watch Video

Atleast i cant accept this fact that 19 Muslims BEAT WORLDS SUPER POWER AMERICA.

Do you believe ?


Few big questions ?

Why america didnt responded after first hit on tower,after first hit,they got around half an hr.

Where are the BLACK BOXES of  planes.


Osama bin laden also rejected the claim and denied from doing that.

Ex-present george bush said before that JUSTICE MUST BE DONE. Without any proof in response of 911  AMERICA ATTACKED  IRAQ Afganistan  and killed MILLIONS OF INNOCENT MUSLIMS.

Will Gerorge Bush or President Obama Will Give Justice To Muslims Of  World For Killing Millions Of Muslims.


THESE millions of waiting for justice !! 

Will America Give ?

[note : im saying all this not becoz i support terrorism,Islam is fully against any kind of,i also dont support who kill innocent peoples of any faith.i’m just seeking JUSTICE FOR THOSE MILLIONS OF SOULS]

To know about islamic view on Terrorism,kindly chk below links.

Fatwa against Terrorism

Are Muslims Terrorist? 

Muslims are fundamentalists 

 Does Islam Promote Violence ? Surah Taubah Verse 11  

Suicide Bombing In Islam


Watch the movie by clicking here

Visit the site and YouTube Channel 

Don’t forget to share ur views.

May Allah help muslim ummah and save humanity from corrupter and any kind of fitnah..Ameen

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