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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Cheating and Deception


Cheating and deception are despicable characteristics that are beneath a decent person.  Intentionally distorting the truth in order to mislead others contradicts the values of honesty, which requires an attitude of sincerity, straightforwardness, and fairness that leaves no room for cheating, lying, trickery, or deceit.  There are many texts from the Quran and the Sunnah conveying the meaning that cheating, whether the target be Muslims or non-Muslims, is forbidden.

Accepting the guidance of Islam leads a person to truthfulness, which means a person completely avoids cheating, cheating, and back-stabbing.  The Prophet of Islam said:

“Whoever bears arms against us is not one of us, and whoever cheats us is not one of us.” (Saheeh Muslim)

According to another report, the Prophet passed by a pile of food in the market.  He put his hand inside it and felt dampness, although the surface was dry.  He said:

“O owner of the food, what is this?’

The man said, ‘It was damaged by rain, O Messenger of God.’

He said, ‘Why did you not put the rain-damaged food on top so that people could see it!  Whoever cheats us is not one of us.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Muslim society is based on purity of feeling, love, sincerity towards every Muslim, and fulfillment of promises to every member of society.  Its members are endowed with piety, truthfulness, and faithfulness.  Cheating and deception are alien characters in contrast to the noble character of a true Muslim.  There is no room in it for swindlers, double crossers, tricksters, or traitors.

Islam views cheating and deception as heinous sins, a source of shame to the one guilty of committing them, both in this world and the next.  The Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, did not merely denounce them by excluding them from the Muslim community in this world, he also announced that on the Day of Judgment every traitor would be raised carrying the flag of his betrayal.  A caller will cry out from the vast arena of judgment, pointing to him, drawing attention to him:

“Every traitor will have a banner on the Day of Resurrection and it will be said: This is the betrayer of so-and-so.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

The shame of traitors – men and women – will be immense.  Those who thought that their betrayal had been forgotten will find it right there, exposed for the whole world to see on banners raised high held by their own hands!

Their shame will increase even more when they meet with the Prophet of Mercy, the advocate of the sinners on that terrifying and horrible Day.  Their crime is of such enormity that it will deprive them of divine mercy and the Prophet’s intercession.  The Prophet of Islam said:

“God said: There are three whom I will oppose on the Day of Resurrection: a man who gave his word and then betrayed it; a man who sold a free man into slavery and kept the money; and a man who hired someone, benefited from his labor, then did not pay his wages.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

One should steer clear of all the various forms of deceit and deception present in today’s society.  Cheating is common in examinations, business transactions, and even between spouses and loved ones.  Placing a label on domestically-made products to make it seem that it is imported is a kind of fraud.  Some people give wrong advice when their council is sought and thus deceive the person who believes he is getting good advice.  An employee should do the job for what he is paid for without any deception or cheating.  Rulers rig  the ballot to win elections and cheat the whole nation.  Cheating between spouses and having extra-marital affairs is widespread in modern society.  A Muslim should value himself too highly to be among those who cheat or deceive perchance one might fall in the category of hypocrites about whom the Prophet said:

“There are four characteristics, whoever has all of them is a true hypocrite, and whoever has one of them has one of the qualities of a hypocrite until he gives it up: when he is trusted, he betrays; when he speaks, he lies; when he makes a promise, he breaks it; and when he disputes, he resorts to slander.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim)

Therefore, a Muslim who has true Islamic sensitivities avoids deceit, cheating, treachery, and lying no matter what benefits or profits such activities might bring him, because Islam considers those guilty of such deeds to be hypocrites.


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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

8 ways of finding the right person to marry

Marriage is never an easy thing. We think of it as this amazing romantic bliss that we will somehow attain one day.

Sisters dream of marrying that amazing brother who has the character of the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), the Eemaan of Aboo Bakr, the courage of Hamzah, the wealth of ‘AbdiRahmaan bin ‘Awf but the fact still remains, everyone wants to marry that one truly amazing person and it is not much different for guys.

We wish to bump into a Hoor al-‘Een that has lost her way from Jannah. I mean why wouldn’t that ever happen? It won’t happen, because you are daydreaming bro that’s why.

Now wake up and listen to this short lesson in some important “Do’s and Dont’s” along with other useful information inshaaAllaah.


And any other social network for that matter

Since we spend most of our time online these days, it is very easy to try to fulfil all our needs online, even the need of finding a soul mate. Now don’t get me wrong, there are marriages who actually do work out, and I am not by any means hating on brothers and sisters who made it work (whatever floats your boats akhis and ukthis, just keep it halaal), but let’s face it, the Internet is a very weird place.

Everyone always tries to seem holier than they really are, even a Kaafir could pretend to be Muslim scholar for all you know.  In the good old days people married other people who they actually knew, and life was much more smooth, in very broad terms.

But today you marry someone who comes across as religious online only to find out on your wedding night he isn’t really that strict on Salah, oh and did I mention he has tons of friends who just happen to be girls? And not to mention he smokes (sorry forgot to tell you that too, my bad) the point is, be very careful concerning ANY online proposals.

If the person is serious and a good guy, drop them your wali’s number and don’t communicate with them anymore, then you’ll know if the person is really a gentleman or not.


Looks more and more promising

This will open up the door for networking later on, because one of the main problems today is that a lot of people ask, ‘OK but how do I meet good potential spouses?’ and they often say ‘I don’t know anyone!’ but in reality everyone knows SOMEBODY.

Be it that friend who you only seem to meet at the masjid for big events, or your cousin who you don’t spend much time with, there is always someone you can befriend. But keep in mind that these individuals should be good practising people themselves because then they can help introduce you to other practising people who in turn might have brothers and sisters who are looking for marriage.

Trust me, it works. Try it for yourselves and see, but just don’t become that one sister (or brother) who ALWAYS talks about marriage and the opposite gender, because chances are you might get labelled as “thirsty” if not worse.

And if that fails, there is always facebook.


Do not confuse booty call material for wifey material

In the same way that you won’t find your amazing virgin niqabi wife at the club, dancing late into the night. You, yourself need to be looking in the right places, and this sort of brings us back to the previous point.

Attend lectures, study circles or maybe even volunteer to help at the masjid etc, all these activities will open up the door for you to meet the right people and once you get to know them you can raise the issue of marriage discreetly.

Remember most people who marry will tell you they got to know their spouse either through family and friends, or they might have actually met whilst doing the same activities, so try to be more active and don’t just sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. Oh and also stop going to the club.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not endorse any talking between the genders without the supervision of a Wali. Be a man and step up your game if you truly love her. Otherwise go to facebook.


Sometimes your knight in shining armour is just a miskeen dude in tin foil

Chances are, you’re not going to bump into Shaikh Sudais’s son, let alone the Shaikh himself, and even if you did, I highly doubt any of them would ask you for marriage (more like ‘SECURITY!’) So try to keep your hopes realistic, yes we all want to marry a Haafidh, we all want a sister who knows all about pleasing a husband but never had a boyfriend before. We all want a brother who is super pious with super long beard (the longer the beard the bigger the Taqwa right?) who also owns a house and has a car, plus he should be really knowledgeable too, like bin baaz knowledgeable, preferably not blind though, oh and a six pack wouldn’t harm either.

But we often forget, that when you marry someone, they still have their whole life ahead of them. Most of the wives of the major scholars married these amazing men whilst they still were ‘nobodies’ and similarly you teach your wife (with gentleness) how to be romantic and it is all a journey. If you think that you will marry that one complete person who has everything, you will never marry and that’s the harsh truth.

You will end up on facebook surfing from one profile to the other.


I mean at least this brother has his own house, so that’s always a plus right?

Most people don’t like doing this, for whatever reason. Most girls are just simply too shy to bring marriages up to their parents, in case the parents look at them as “horny” or a victim of teenage hormones. Others are afraid that if they involve the parents they will feel pressured into marrying someone they don’t want to marry, only to please their parents.

You remember that one time your friend mentioned to HER parents that she wanted to get married? And for her parents to help her look for a decent brother? And how they totally misunderstood her and now you heard that your friend moved back to Bangladesh and has 7 kids at the age of 21? Yeah that’s totally not going to happen to you.

Now what I am suggesting is a middle path. Bring the topic up to your parents, or if you’re too shy, speak to your brother or someone else who can raise the issue with your parents. And then ask your parents to look around for you, remember they can only suggest but the final decision still lies with you. And most of us really don’t make use of this option, which is very sad.

Our parents are the only human beings alive on the face of this earth who would do anything and everything for us, so why not consult them?


Believe it or not brothers, marriage is more than just mating and lying in bed. Shocking I know!

I don’t mean to scare you away by raising this question, as Muslims we should always aim to get married since it is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet.

But sometimes, some people rush into marriage. They think just because they are physically ready (have urges etc) that they should get married, forgetting that even the Prophet actually mentioned that those who have the MEANS to get married should do so. Now having the means is not just having a mature body, or even loads of cash. Rather it also about being mentally stable and able to cope with the hardships of marriage.

Don’t worry though, in marriage all you need is love to make things work (like they always say right?) so no need to over think things, love conquers all! Except that’s a total lie, marriage needs so much more, and even though love is a key element in marriage it is not always what keeps a marriage going.

Remember marriage is not all sunshine and fun, sometimes you will argue sometimes you wont love each other as much, what will happen then? Will you ask for a divorce just because the marriage isn’t fun anymore?

What if there are children involved, then what? The point is, prepare yourself for marriage mentally. Read up on the rights of the Husband and the rights of the Wife, don’t just marry because you’re 20 and feel you have to. This husband will be either your Jannah or Hell, do you really know what that means?

Similarly this wife and future children will be your responsibility as a husband, Allaah will ask you about them and everything they do, so be prepared.


Because that is how I roll

‘Ofcourse I would, I am pure awesomeness, I am the very defin…’ if that is your answer then I can tell you right now that you don’t really have the right mentality for marriage. We often get blinded by the search for the ultimate partner that we neglect to look at ourselves.

We cry and say why won’t anyone marry me? But do nothing to change ourselves. How do you treat people when you get upset? What do you do if you hold a grudge? Do not turn a blind eye to all these important issues, rather tackle them one by one. No one is perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying.

If you truly and sincerely work on your own flaws, and really do become more caring and loving then you will notice how people will look at you differently. People will start to think of you as ‘wifey’ material because you are good with kids, because you care for others, because you forgive people and don’t hold grudges don’t gossip etc the list is long but if you take one step at a time you will be married before you know it.

Well you would know of it, ’cause I mean you couldn’t get married without knowing about it, right? So technically you would know about it, but yeah whatever.

#1 DU’AA

Dua is the weapon of the believer, why not use it?

Because like anything in life, Allaah is the true reason behind things. Even though some people often roll their eyes and think ‘Yeah right the old, make dua brother/sister’ but if you truly have faith in Allaah and know that He answers the prayers of those in need, you will never get tired of making du’aa to Him.

Take the story of Muusa alyhi salaam as an example, in Soorah Qasas we are told about how he left Fir’awn and was literally fleeing for his life, his one concern was saving his own skin. But what happened? He made du’aa to Allaah, and Allaah not only saved him but blessed him with a wonderful wife. So in short, if you make du’aa and don’t give up Allaah will help you, and that is a promise!

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Falling in Love Allowed in Islam

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Know 33 Real Facts about Nirmal Baba

1. Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba
Delhi High Court passes restraining orders to Indijobs at Hubpages from writing and publishing anything defamatory about Nirmal Babaji. Defamation proceedings underway. You can see this notice on the website of Nirmal Baba.

2. Registration fee is Rs 2000/- per person. Children over 2 years also need to be registered this means Nirmal Baba charges Rs 2,000 from every participant who wishes to be a part of his commune, ‘samagam’. This amount is transferred directly into Nirmal Baba’s three bank accounts one each in Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank

3. Publicly displayed bank account numbers:
ICICI A/c Number: 002-905-010-576
PNB A/c Number: 1546-0021-0002-3105

4. Real Name of the Nirmal Baba is Nirmaljeet Singh Narula

5. Name of the wife – Sushma Narula

6. He was born around 1950 in a Sikh family

7. Nirmal got married to the daughter of Dilip Singh Bagga in Jharkhand and has two children (son & daughter).

8. Nirmal Baba is the brother-in-law of former speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Inder Singh Namdharee

9. According to Namdhari, he married Baba’s sister in 1964 when Nirmal was only 14-15 years old. After the murder of his father during his childhood, his mother sent him to Daltonganj, Jharkhand in 1970’s

10. Star News reported that Nirmal Baba during the seventies, owned a cloth shop and after a few years he shut the shop. Later on he tried his luck in the bricks business and laid the foundation of ‘Nirmal Bricks’ but failed

11. 1980 – He went to Delhi.

12. How he got the magical powers I think no one knows it except Baba.

13. Nirmal Baba holds two accounts – one in the name of Nirmaljeet Singh Narula and the other in the name of ‘Nirmal Darbar’. Sushma Narula, Nirmal Baba’s wife, is registered as the nominee.

14. Nirmaljeet Singh Narula aka Nirmal Baba started his career as a brick kiln owner

15. Media has reported that Nirmal Baba asks for 10 percent of the salary from all those who visit him for solutions to their problems.

16. He advertises on 35 channels and has over 3 lakh followers on Facebook.

17. He got 42,000 followers on Twitter

18. On following TV channels Nirmal Baba appears – star news, IBN 7,Aajtak, History Tv 18, Sony TV, Sab TV, Life Ok, Sahara one,AXN,News24, India TV, News 24,Aaj Tak Tej, Star Utsav, DY 365,Sadhna,Sahara Samay,Nepal One, Zee 36garh,Divya,Sahara UP, Sahara Bihar, Sahara MP, Sahara Rajasthan, Sahara Samay Mumbai,Saubhagya,Darshan24,Prathna Odisha,p7News,Total TV, India News Haryana,Katyayani, A2Z,Colors USA only, TV Asia Usa

19. On Friday Prabhat Khabar a Jharkhand daily reported that Rs 109 Crore was found deposited in Nirmal Baba’s two bank accounts in just three months

20. As per estimates Nirmal Darbar has an annual turnover of approximately 84 Crore rupees.

21. Nirmal Baba told to media that I have been paying my income tax regularly. My annual turnover is Rupees 235 Crore.

22. Nirmal Baba refused to accept the allegations against him saying that he did not pay people to pose bogus questions at his samagams and prayer meetings.

23. Nirmal baba told to media that he had never claimed to be a miracle worker. I’m lucky to have been blessed with special powers,” said Nirmal Baba

24. People say that Nirmal Baba got the magical powers and he does magical things wonders with his sixth sense and attained mystic powers.

25. in Lucknow Tanaya Thakur and Aritya Thakur, filed a report against self-proclaimed godman Nirmal Baba at a police station

26. The Delhi High Court has restrained a US-based website from posting any material on its webpages that is defamatory to Nirmal baba. interim order directed the portal,, not to publish any material on its site which is harmful to the reputation of Nirmaljit Singh Narula also known as ‘Nirmal baba’.

27. If one wants to participate in his samagams then one needs to make a payment of Rs. 2,000. Payment should be made through a bank challan and devotee needs to keep one counterfoil of that challan. Send the other to the designated office in Delhi and after the confirmation of registration they will send an SMS On the date of ‘registered’ samagam, devotee needs to go there with the counterfoil challan and a valid ID proof. Only these two documents can ensure a ‘pass’ for the samagam

28. Which type of solutions Nirmal Baba gives – He tells to keep money in black purse and a 10 rupee bundle in locker.

29. He tells distribute fruits etc.

30. What is the theory behind Daswand? He asks his followers to deposit a part of income to someone which may give a sort of guarantee for continuing KRIPA. That part of income which has been offered is called Daswand.

31. Complainant Yogendra Shankar Shulka, ex-President, Ravishankar University, organised a press conference and told media that Nirmal Baba is suggesting ‘non-sense’ remedies to the problems of innocent people like Keep bundle of notes in locker, eat samosa, wear expensive footwear, flaunt luxury purse, etc, and exploiting them financially.

32. Nidhi, a junior-artist who has worked in many TV serials, claimed that Nirmal Baba shot many of his programmes in Film City, Noida, UP and surprisingly the people who asked questions were not the ‘genuine’ ones but ‘fake’ people hired by Nirmal Baba.

According to Nidhi, she got Rs 10,000 from Nirmal Baba for asking questions.

33. Nirmal Baba is very intelligent and he became the Spiritual God or whatever

34 – Media has reported that Nirmal Baba has purchased a hotel using donations from his followers.

35- the hotel in Delhi’s Greater Kailash was purchased for Rs 30 Crore that the godman purchased the hotel with the money donated by his followers in Samagam and Daswant, As per media reports the current value of the hotel is Rs.35 Crore.

36- Earlier, The hotel was recognized as hotel Akshara and at present the hotel name has been changed to Nirmal Boutique Hotel.

37- Ex-Hotel owner Mr. Ashwani Kapoor said that Baba wanted to open the chain of Hotels across the country.

If God has created the world, all are same for him and all are his kids, thus why one kid will need an extra help to reach his own father, a father who is honest and kind.

As Nirmal Baba got the powers why he got the orders from the Court, he should pray and prayer will automatically change the thinking of people and people will start to think and write good things about Nirmal Baba.

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Nirmal Baba,A Sikh God Man Exposed as Fraud By Media !

Assalam Alaykum Brother and sisters,

I want to share this news with every one, these days its Front Page News in India.Its about a God Man “Nirmal Baba” exposed by a News Paper Media . below im listing few important news related to Issue.Sikh brother and sisters kindly rememebr I’m not making any claims against Sikhism or Sikh,Just showing News.

Many people believe in Nirmal Baba who helps them cure their health, and gives them positive energy to remain fit. He has been linked into a controversy involving Godmen, as Rs 109 crore was found being deposited in two of his bank accounts in just three months, as per a report which has been published in Prabhat Khabar, a Jharkhand Daily on Friday.

As disclosed by the report, those who visit him, Nirmal Baba asks for 10 % of the salary for solutions to their problems. His bank account has been inspected thoroughly from where transactions are made from every part of the country.

The Income Tax department will check each of his various bank accounts. They are looking into whether he has cleared his taxes properly or not, whether his account has any foreign deposits, and if he has passed on any money to foreign countries.

It is said that Nirmal Baba makes a charge of Rs 2,000 from each participant who come to become a part of his commune, which is passed over to his three bank accounts- one each in Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank. Annually Nirmal Darbar has a total turnover estimation of approximately 84 crore rupees.

Nirmal Baba had transferred Rs 53 crores from one of these accounts into a private bank, as asserted by Prabhat Khabar. The newspaper assert that Rs 25 crore fixed deposit is beared by Nirmal Baba in a leading bank.

Baba holds two accounts- one in the name of Nirmaljeet Singh Narula (Nirmal Baba’s real name), and the other in the name of Nirmal Darbar.

According to Nirmal Baba, “This is truly a misconception; I’ve never asked people to deposit money in order to solve their problems. Our main focus is to lessen their problems; not to provide any amulet, talisman or good luck charm to our devotees; not to spread superstition.”

He added, “The allegations against me are baseless and I’m ready to experience a lie-detector test to prove myself. I have been quite regularly paying my income tax. My annual turnover is Rs 235 crore.”

Nirmal Baba has confessed that the money that his devotees deposit is used by him only in the expenditure of samagams and advertising purposes. As per their wish, people send money to his account.

Nirmal Baba DIDN’T REPLIED Star News Channel :

Video Content  :

this video says Star News Channel tried to contact nirmal baba and asked to reply 10 question answers ,but He Didn;t replied anything to them .

they sent Letters via Courier,
Speed post,
By Hand ,
sent email,
they sent letter to his office and 2 homes in delhi

yet no replies.

Solution of problems :

this is very interesting topic in this news, the solutions are amazing .

In this video a lady asks , baba i am ill these days what should i do, and baba suggest him to go to branded beauty parlours . how come a lady will get rid out of illness by visiting a beauty parlor.

In another shot , i saw a guy asking baba a problem and baba suddenly replies – Do you have hot suite , he replied yes, baba said from where did you get it tailored , he replied baba from a tailor beside my home, then baba suggest him to go to branded tailor and get it done from their and every problem will be solved.


  • Buy a Black Wallet to be rich.
  • Buy a Solid Suitcase to solve problems
  • Buy Godrej Brand Lock to solve your problems
  • Eating Gol Gappa create problem,
  • Drink Orange Juice to solve your problem.
  • Eat Sweats to Solve Problems
  • Start using CD-Player to solve your problems.

yes,these are the solutions given by Nirmal Baba to his followers.

`Pol Khol Darbar` against Nirmal Baba

People United together to Expose Nirmal Baba in Nagpur.

Nirmal Baba having fake Facebook fans

BHOPAL :  Nowadays we are getting to hear only one name that is Nirmal Baba call himself as God-man. According to reports he has many fake fans in social networking site Facebook.

As per the news is concerned, Nirmaljeet Singh Narula’s fan following is increasing day-by-day from the time he got into the controversies.

If you look into the social networking site “Facebook” there are two communities in the name Nirmal Baba. One of the communities has around 13 lakh members though the page is still pending for updates since Sept 2011. Recently in March 27,773 members joined that page and in April 11,747 members, which is un-expectable.


Nirmal Baba used donations to buy Rs 1.8 cr flat, hotels

Self-proclaimed godman, Nirmal Baba bought Rs 1.8 crore worth flat and hotels using the money donated by his followers.

Nirmal Baba bought hotel worth Rs 30 crore in Delhi’s Greater Kailash Area using the money donated to him by his devotees, said a Jharkhand daily.

According to the former owner of the hotel, Nirmal Baba wanted to open a chain of hotels.

The former owner, from whom the godman bought Rs 1.8 crore flat, also revealed that the flat was purchased from devotees’ money.

Reports reveal that Nirmal Baba transferred the money to the former owner’s account to buy the flat.


What You think , Is he Fraud ?Share Your Views in Cmnts

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