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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Only 5 Minutes!

Alhamdulillah, ALLAH SWT has made us to dwell this earth as Muslims. However, being humans we tend to forget and be ungrateful (of what ALLAH SWT has given us). Reflecting on Surah Ar-Rahman , where ALLAH SWT asked which creations of ALLAH SWT that we do not appreciate? I urge fellow brothers and sisters to take (only) 5 minutes of our time to sit and think on these:

1. Only 5 Minutes of Breakdown!

When your car that has been serving you very well, suddenly stalled on the highway for a moment. You started to panic… cursing and swearing on how late you would be for your urgent meeting. But have you ever considered the past thousands of “breakdown free” minutes that smooth and enjoyable rides your car has given you – and did you ever thank ALLAH SWT for them?

2. Only 5 Minutes of Sickness!

All this while you are in a pink of health. You are able to enjoy all the gourmet delights, able to play your favourite sports and enjoy sight-seeing… suddenly ALLAH SWT jerked you with a tiny drop of flu virus… You moaned and groaned. You lamented the misfortune that had befallen you – the loss on your daily activities, the monies spend on your medical bill – that brief moment of sickness did not make you more thankful to ALLAH SWT but you grumbled… WHY ME? Have you ever counted your blessing on the days you are healthy?

3. Only 5 Minutes of Interruption!

While you were engrossed with conversation with your friends suddenly your child interrupted to ask you something you immediately scolded him/her for being rude and interrupting your “discussion” or while showering suddenly the water supply was cut or while watching your favourite television programme the transmission was blocked – that 5 minutes of interruption made you frustrated and angry… did you ever consider the hours of uninterrupted talk (sometime to the extend of loosing your sleep), your ever flowing water supply, and your 24 hours transmission?

4. Only 5 Minutes of Care and Love!

You have been busy working, filling every minutes with business, meetings and projects – but do you ever stop for 5 minutes to visit your aged and sick parents – only that few minutes of kind words to them will make their day!

Think of the sacrifices they have gone through to raise you. The hours of devotions, the vigil nights they kept when you were sick and young – only 5 minutes to keep them company – you gave plenty of excuses. Remember what goes around comes around!

(There was once an old man who was badly treated by his son. Each time his son mistreated him he would only sang praises to ALLAH SWT. His son was quite annoyed and at the same time were astonished by his father “untiring patience”. Then one day he asked his father… “I have been kicking you, cursing you and mistreating you but you still keep praising ALLAH SWT… what is wrong with you?” Then after some thought the father said “Son what you have done to me is nothing compared to what I had done to your grandfather. I am more viscous than you… your treatment to me is nothing, and this is ALLAH SWT’s way to show me of my past mistakes” – dear brothers and sisters, our parents du’a are very potent especially our mothers, so take care, and to all parents, my advice is before we utter something to our children please remember that our du’a to our children – ALLAH SWT will grant it very fast – so please only good du’a’s for them).

5. Only 5 Minutes of Quality!

When we rushed to finish a job we tend to forgo on quality. Yes we met the dateline but do we ever spare a thought on the quality – what is the used if we managed to honour the contract but our works are sloppy and of poor standard. We just need to spare 5 minutes of our schedule to really improve the quality of our work – think of the long term benefits – spare a thought on what that few minutes of quality will do… fostering an everlasting relationship between us and our customers, and as Muslims we must be truthful to ourselves and others to provide a quality service… insya’allah.

6. Only 5 Minutes of Reading (Learning)!

We are able to sit (I meant really sit) for hours to finish a novel but just 5 minutes of Al-Qur’an, our back started to ache, our eyesight becomes blurry, our legs become numb and the list goes on. That few minutes we spend reading and reflecting AL-Qur’an everyday will benefit us in life hereafter – AL- Qur’an will give syafa’at to its readers – insya’allah.

(please set aside 5 minutes of your day for this… 5 minutes is not asking much, does it?) and remember the angels will flock to you upon hearing your reading the AL-QUR’AN and 5 minutes of learning about ISLAM is worth a fortune!

7. Only 5 Minutes of Mischief (Mistakes)!

Sometime we do not really think of our actions, we tend to be careless and rash. 5 minutes of mischievous acts, sometime can ruin our entire live and/or our loved ones…

(a man wanted to be rich and he agreed to smuggle drugs… he thought his simple 5 minutes act of ferrying the drug will gain him big fortune… alas he was caught during immigration check and was sentenced to death!), only 5 minutes of mistake has caused him his entire life? Is it worth the trouble? So before we act please think of the consequences – if we are not bother about ourselves please spare a thought for our loved ones – our parents, and our children!

8. Only 5 Minutes of Appreciation!

Your faithful wife has been dutiful serving you… do you ever take 5 minutes each day to thank her and remind her of how good a wife she has been. Sometime we are so impatient that little mistakes she made, we yelled on top of our voices. We viewed her 5 minutes of mistake as if she had done 5 YEARS of mistakes – I must confessed I am no exception to this – by writing this I hope to remind myself and others too. May ALLAH SWT gives us the patience and strength, ameen.

9. Only 5 Minutes of Attention!

You have been enjoying your favourite past-time for hours- surfing the net, listening to the radio, etc. Have you ever consider the time you spend NOT REMEMBERING ALLAH SWT! ALLAH SWT asks a fraction of your time – only 5 minutes to perform the Salat – that short a time for ALLAH SWT is a very demanding task for some of us… we frown! 5 minutes to stop and concentrate on ALLAH SWT’s creations… Surah Ar-Rahman… “fabi ayyi aa laa i rabbikumaa tukazzibaan?” (So which of your Lord’s benefits will both of you deny?)

10. Only 5 Minutes of Punishment!

Rasulullah (peace & blessings be upon him) mentioned that the simplest punishment in hell is when a person is forced to wear a hot metal clog – the hotness will boil the body from the toe up to the brain – and this punishment is meted out to his uncle ABU TALIB.

Just imagine what 5 minutes in hell will do to you/us… (only 5 minutes) we better be prepared and not ask for it! na’uzubillah.

Dear brothers and sisters, we tend to overlook on these 5 minutes deeds… simplest of mistakes, we grumbled… but the larger fortunes that ALLAH SWT has bestowed on us we tend to take them for granted and neglected them –

please remember it takes ONLY FIVE MINUTES of our time to make the difference.

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

All Deeds are Based on Intention

A Muslim believes in the great importance of intention and its importance for the reminder of his deeds, both of this world and the Hereafter. This is so because all deeds are based on intention. Due to it, the deed is strengthened or weakened. Depending on the intention, the deed is either valid or void.

The belief of the Muslim, concerning the necessity of intention for every deed and the obligation to make the intention proper, is based first of all on Allah’s words:

“And they were commanded not but that they should worship Allah and worship none but Him alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to Him).” [Noble Quran 98:5]

Allah has also said:

“Say (O Muhammad): ‘Verily, I am commanded to worship Allah (alone) by obeying Him and doing religious deeds sincerely for His sake only.” [Noble Quran 39:11]

This belief is also based on Allah’s Messenger’s words:

“Verily, all actions are but driven by intention and for everyone is what he intended.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) also said:

“Certainly, Allah does not look at your shapes or wealth. But He only looks at your heart and deeds.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Looking at the hearts is looking at the intentions, for it is the intention that is driving and motivating force behind the deed.

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) also said:

“He who seriously considered doing a good deed but did not do it, will have one good deed recorded for him.” [Muslim]

Just seriously considering for a good deed is a good deed itself by which one earns reward. This is due to the virtuousness of having a proper intention. Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) also said:

“There are four types of people: one is a man whom Allah has given knowledge and wealth. He acts with respect to his wealth based on his knowledge. Another person says that if Allah had given him similar to what He gave the first man, he would have acted in the same fashion. The reward for both of them will be the same. A third person is one, whom Allah gives wealth but He does not give knowledge. Therefore, he spends money according to his desire. Another man says that if Allah had given him, what He had given that person, he would have acted in the same manner. These two will have the same burden upon them.” [Ibn Majah with a good chain]

The one who has a pious intention is rewarded for a good deed and the one who has an evil intention will bear its burden just like the one who did an impious deed. All of that is due to intention alone.

Non-Combatant receive a reward like that of a Combatant

At the Battle of Tabuk, Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“There are people concerning whom you do not travel any distance, nor do you spend anything, nor do you pass any valley but they are with you in that matter.” The people said, “How is that?” He said, “They have been restrained due to some excuse, but they are with us because of the good intention.” [Bukhari and Abu Dawud]

Good intention is what makes the non-combatant equal in reward to the combatant. It is what makes the non-Mujahid receive a reward like that of a Mujahid.

Murderer and murdered will be in Hell

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) also said:

“If two Muslims meet each other with their swords, then both the killer and the killed will be in the Hell-fire.” Someone said, “O Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him), that is the case of the killer but why should that be the case for the killed?” He answered, “Because he wanted to kill his companion.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

The impious intention and evil desire have made both fighters equal in deserving the Hell-fire. If the killed did not have that evil intention, he would have been from the inhabitants of Paradise.

The intention is the soul of the deed and its value

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) states:

“The one who marries based on a dower that he has no intention of paying is, in fact, a fornicator. And one, who takes a loan that he has no intention of repaying is, in fact, a thief.” [Ahmad]

Therefore, an evil intention can transform a permissible deed into a forbidden one. It can also change a deed that is free from any harm into a harmful deed.

All of the above emphasize what a Muslim believes concerning the seriousness of intention and its extreme importance. Therefore, he bases all of his deeds upon a pious intention. He also strives his best not to perform any deed without any intention or with an impure intention. The intention is the soul of the deed and its value. The deed is sound if the intention is sound and the deed is wicked if the intention is wicked. The one who performs the deeds without intention is done for show.

Intention is the driving force in the heart towards a deed that is in accord with a sound goal

Furthermore, a Muslim believes that intention is an essential component of deeds and a condition for the validity of the deed. He also knows that the intention is not simply the statement of the tongue, “O Allah, I intend such and such….” Nor is it simply a thought in the mind. Instead, it is the driving force in the heart towards a deed that is in accord with a sound goal of bringing about benefit or repelling harm, presently or in the future. It is also the will that directs a person a deed for the sake of Allah and fulfill His Commands.

A Muslim, therefore, also believes that a permissible act may become an act of obedience, worthy of reward and recompense. At the same time, an act of obedience, if it is void of a pious intention, becomes an act of disobedience worthy of punishment and burden. He also does not believe that an act of disobedience can be changed into an act of obedience simply due to a good intention.

For example, the one who backbites a person just to make another person feel better has disobeyed Allah and has committed a sin. His “good intention” will not benefit him at all in consideration with Allah, the one who builds a mosque, with money from prohibited sources, will not be rewarded.

Similarly, anyone who builds a dome over the grave of a pious person, slaughters an animal on his behalf or makes an oath on his behalf, all in the name of having love for the pious people, is disobeying Allah and earning a sin for what he has done. This is done even if, in his eyes, has had a pious intention.

A deed is not transformed by a pious intention into an act of obedience unless it was something permissible in the Shari’ah in the first place. As for a forbidden act, it never becomes an act of obedience under any circumstances whatsoever.

The Prophet said,

“He who lets the people hear of his good deeds intentionally, to win their praise, Allah will let the people know his real intention (on the Day of Resurrection), and he who does good things in public to show off and win the praise of the people, Allah will disclose his real intention (and humiliate him). [Bukhari]

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

A Sin that Leads to Jannah! :: Special Islamic Reminder

Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) said:

“Sin may be more beneficial for a person, if it leads him to repent, than doing a lot of acts of worship. This is what is meant by the words of one of the salaf:

‘A person may commit a sin and enter Paradise because of it, or he may do an act of worship and enter Hell because of it.’

They said: ‘How is that?’

He said: ‘He may commit a sin and continues to think about it, and when he stands or sits or walks he remembers his sin, so he feels ashamed and repents and seeks forgiveness and regrets it, so that will be the means of his salvation.
And he may do a good deed and continue to think about it, and when he stands or sits or walks he remembers it and it fills him with self-admiration and pride, so it is the cause of his doom.

So the sin may be the factor that leads him to do acts of worship and good deeds and to change his attitude so that he fears Allah and feels shy before Him and feels humiliated before Him, hanging his head in shame and weeping with regret, seeking he forgiveness of his Lord. Each of these effects is better for a person than an act of worship that makes him feel proud and show off and look down on people. Undoubtedly this sin is better before Allah and is more likely to bring salvation than one who admires himself and looks down on others, and who thinks that he is doing Allah a favour. Even if he says words that indicate something other than that, Allah is the Witness over what is in his heart. Such a person may feel hatred towards people if they do not hold him in high esteem and humiliate themselves before him. If he were to examine himself honestly, he would see that clearly.”

-Madarij as-Salikeen, 1/299

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