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Visions of Prophets Led Me to Islam!

Posted on: February 1, 2015

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Visions of Prophets Led Me to Islam!

An American Woman Finds Her Way Home

Visions of Prophets Led Me to Islam

Visions of Prophets Led Me to Islam

Where does one begin to tell a story that has been written since the beginning of one’s life?

I can only share the parts that I remember, the parts that Allah so gracefully presented to me.

As a child, I always had certain fears. I can remember visualizing a yellow brick road like the one in The Wizard of Oz. I was supposed to stay on the yellow brick road.

The vision was so clear. I could not step off the road or else I would disappoint God.

Every night before I slept, I visualized the road and vowed once again to keep walking along the path. I believe I was about 9 or 10 when this began.

I was raised in a very strong Catholic community. My family members were very devout Catholics. We went to church faithfully and attended confession every week to ensure we were sin free in order to receive communion at Sunday Mass.

I can remember as a child trying to think up bad things I had done so I could confess my sins to the priest. Calling my sister name was probably as bad as it got, or perhaps sneaking gum when I was told not to chew gum.

At 14, I was a bit different than the majority of my friends. While they were spending weekends at home sleeping in, I would go to the seminary where others like me would gather for what they called a lock-in.

Teens from all over would come spend the weekend to learn about God and how to be a better person. I felt at home there; I could be me and feel complete for the weekend. I continued this for a few years.

I then went off to study at a university in California. When I completed my studies, I remained in California to work for a year. I was involved in the local church and became a youth minister for teenagers in the Catholic community. I loved it; I felt I could really relate to the teens and made a difference in their lives.

My spirituality began to take a turn. I wasn’t fulfilled as far as my spiritual growth went, I wanted more. I needed more answers.

I needed to have religion as a way of life, not only part-time. Even though it was full-time for me, I wanted to be surrounded by people who remembered God in every aspect of their lives — in work, play, family, worship, and their whole beings.

A Special Guest

One day, they were having a special guest at my church. The guest was a priest from Tijuana, Mexico and he was going to give an inspirational talk. I attended with my good friend Sister Agnes, an older nun who had been with the church for over 30 years. We sat in the middle of the church listening to the sermon.

The priest who was giving the talk noticed us in the pews. He began to stare as he spoke from the pulpit, and I became uncomfortable with his glares of recognition and determination. I looked at Sister Agnes and said, “Why is he staring at us?” She said, “I am not sure, but we will question it after the sermon.”

When the sermon ended, we walked towards the priest, but to our surprise he was racing towards us even quicker. Moving people aside and excusing himself, he finally reached us and before we could get a word out, he pointed to me and said:

“You have been in my visions for 2 weeks, you are in a far-away land with brown sand, mountains, and you have a black cover on your head with children all around you. You are a teacher or something, I am not sure.”

He continued, “When I saw you sitting there, I could not lose you, I had to tell you of my visions.” I felt strange but also very relieved at the same time.

Looking at Other Religions

It was during this time that I decided to venture out and look at other religions to find fulfillment and grow more as a human being. I visited a Baptist church which also Christian, I read about Buddhism, I read the Torah, I went to Scientology meetings — I did it all.

While I did find all of the faiths to be very interesting, they were not feeding MY soul. And that being my true happiness, with such spiritual turmoil I decided to move back to Arizona, my home.

I began working and attending the local church and going to the Bible studies groups and gatherings. One meeting was the turning point for me. We were all sitting around and praying, and the prayers were, “Praise Jesus, Jesus is our Lord and Savior.”

I became angry and left the meeting early. The words hurt me, I was driving home and began to cry and hit the steering wheel and screamed at the top of my lungs: “I know Jesus is a Prophet. God is God and only God. Please God help me find where I belong.”

I vowed I would never again return to the meetings. I still went to church to feel the peace of the surroundings and the spirit of others gathering in God’s name. I felt in peace in church, I felt at home.

Sometime later, I was asked by a girlfriend to be a witness at her wedding. She was Mexican and was marrying a gentleman from the Middle East. It was something new for me, but I felt honored by being asked to be a witness.

It was there that I learned about the Muslim marriage ceremony. The people who were performing the ceremony were so nice and their wives and sisters were so kind and hospitable.

There was a joint admiration between the people and myself. I felt at home with these strangers. One of the women commented to me that “you feel like someone I have known for years.” I felt the same.

The ladies invited me to come to their home for a visit the following week. I went a few times and enjoyed their company. They never mentioned Islam much, but it lived in their hearts, so they really did not have to. I knew what had attracted them to me — the submission to Allah they had within them.

Meanwhile, dreams began to occupy my sleep. The first dream I had was of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). He was holding a silver chain that was hanging from the sky. There was a hole between us. Jesus was on one side and I the other. Jesus swung the chain towards me and said:

“You have one more step to take, grab the chain.”

I felt fear, fear that if I took it, I would not wake up and death would greet me. I still had so much living to do and was not ready to take such a step. I said: “I am afraid, Jesus.” He responded with a kind face and smile and said: “With time.”

Islam Classes & Another Dream

In the meantime, I began to attend classes about Islam. I was still attending services and gatherings at a Catholic church. I was making comparisons and began to really see what this Islam was all about. After all, I had never heard about it, and the Arabs and the Middle East were as foreign as Russia was to us at that time.

The world was not small like it is today. Islam was not discussed at that time. I realized how the Old Testament, the Torah and the Bible all told the same stories, but in different ways and with different words, yet the message was the same, subhan Allah.

Another dream visited me, it was a vision more than a dream. Moses (peace be upon him) appeared in a picture that I had hanging in my bedroom. That is why I am not sure if I was dreaming or just seeing things. He smiled and told me: “Follow your heart.”

I was frightened by the vision, so I either woke up or came to my senses quickly. I questioned what had just happened. I haven’t shared the experience with anyone because I am still not sure what exactly happened.

You might be asking, “How can she give names to these faces?” I can’t, that part was already in my heart. I knew who they were when they appeared, there was no question about it.

I went on with everyday life and continued to study Islam and attend a Catholic church. Then another dream came as I was nearing my decision to take the vow of becoming a Muslim. It was Jesus again. This time he had plane tickets in his hand. He said: “Linda, you have to take this trip.”

I cry as I write this because the dream is still so clear in my heart. He said:

“Don’t be afraid, but you have to make this journey.”

I asked: “Where am I going?”

He responded: “On a plane, and don’t worry I will be sitting right behind you.”

I took the tickets from his hands and said: “OK.” The dream ended.

I Felt at Home

I continued learning how to pray and attended Islamic conferences — I felt at home. That is the only way I can put it.

I might add that during all of this, my mother was by my side. Because she was a protective mother, she wanted to make sure her 21-year-old daughter was making a clear decision.

After having attended a few meetings with me, my mother said: “Linda, you fit in with this group of people. I feel your peace.” That is a lot, coming from a mother.

It was time. The next dream presented itself. I was sitting in a forest on a big boulder. It was dark, but there were sun rays shining through the trees. A hooded prophet with a brown cloak walked towards me, his face was bowed down so I couldn’t see his face, there was only a shadow where his face should have been.

Again, I knew it was Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He walked towards me and reached his hand out to me. I reached out and placed my hand lightly, palm down, on his, and we walked away towards the light. The dream ended and my life began.

May I just say, that as early as I can remember, I have always asked Allah to be my guide and to take me where He wanted me to be.

I am only His servant. I am here to learn the importance of His presence within.



i wish that some day i see the beloved prophets in my dream.


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9 Responses to "Visions of Prophets Led Me to Islam!"

What a load of muslim propaganda rubbish.
Hey king , you run out of bullshit to write about?


looks like everyday you turning ur self in more dumb.
did i said any place that its written by me..

Well,atleast its not rubbish like christian fake stories.
jesus coming in dream ,giving them bible …


Brough tears in my eyes Subhanallah


Hi in other words, vision from previous incarnation, led woman into Islam, does NOT matter, if you believe in incarnation , or NOT…


this matters for many,for them i posted this..


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