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Charlie Hebdo puts Prophet Muhammad Cartoon on cover

Posted on: January 13, 2015

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Charlie Hebdo puts Mohammed Cartoon on cover

Surviving staff from the magazine worked on the new edition from Liberation's offices

Surviving staff from the magazine worked on the new edition from Liberation’s offices

PARIS: French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo defied the attackers in last week’s bloodbath by putting a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed on its next cover, as the government on Monday announced the deployment of 10,000 soldiers to boost security.

The weekly released the front page of what it called the “survivors’ issue”, due out Wednesday, featuring a crying Muhammed in a white turban and holding a sign that reads “Je suis Charlie” under the words: “All is forgiven”.

The issue will be the first since two Islamist gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office on January 7 and massacred 12 people, saying they were taking revenge for previous publications of Muhammed cartoons considered deeply offensive to many Muslims.

In a further show of defiance, the magazine announced it would print three million copies not the usual 60,000 when it reappears on newsstands this week.

“We will not give in otherwise all this won’t have meant anything,” Richard Malka told France Info radio on Monday, which broadcast from the magazine’s heavily guarded temporary offices at Lib←ration newspaper.

“Humour without self-deprecation isn’t humour. We mock ourselves, politicians, religions, it’s a state of mind you need to have.”

While the publishers are sending a bold message that they will not be cowed by violence, they are likely to provoke further anger among Muslims.

An initial batch of 1 million copies will be available on Wednesday and Thursday, said Michel Salion, a spokesman for MPL, which distributes Charlie Hebdo. A further two million could then be printed depending on demand.

“We have requests for 300,000 copies throughout the world – and demand keeps rising by the hour,” he said.

“The million will go. As of Thursday, the decision will probably be taken to print extra copies … So we’ll have one million, plus two if necessary.”

Seventeen people, including journalists and police, were killed in three days of violence that began on January 7 when terrorists burst into Charlie Hebdo’s office during a regular editorial meeting and shot dead five of its leading cartoonists.


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5 Responses to "Charlie Hebdo puts Prophet Muhammad Cartoon on cover"

First, it is wrong to use the words, “Why kill in the name of religion”. The words are deliberate deception and attack on the people and to make them appear evil in the eyes of the world.

There is a difference between what Islam teaches and what some Muslims practice out of ignorance.

Islam is way of life, that is meant to turn the existence on earth into paradise. It is meant to be peace, security (physical and moral), and prosperity for whole of human kind. Islam is peace.

An attack on people or a nation comes in two forms – 1) A direct attack on the lives of people (war) 2) Attack on their principals and moral standing and moral values, to pave way for their collapse.

How does US or any other nation react, when there is an attack on their freedom, liberty and their way of life? They defends themselves. They will try and arrest the culprits and put them in prison, kill the culprits if their security has been compromised. They will do anything to defend themselves.

Similarly attacking Islam is indeed attacking Muslims. Attacking their moral standing and their moral way of life. The mischief mongers here are paving way for the collapse of Islam. What should Muslims do? Certainly they should DEFEND THEMSELVES. You should not expect Muslims to surrender like goats led to slaughter.

Coming to the matter of killing – It should not be the individual choice. An individual cannot act as a judge, jury and executor. It should come from the legal authority.

Finally, this question, “WHY KILL IN THE NAME OF RELIGION” arise from Charlie Habdo case – There is no doubt that Charlie Hebdo killing was staged like 9-11. Those who benefited from 9-11 are the same people who seek to benefit from Charlie Hebdo case.

Does anyone asks, “Why kill in the name of freedom”? Does anyone asks why kill people in these false flag to frame Muslims? So why deceptively ask, “Why kill in the name of religion” when nobody, kills in the name of religion.


Any kind of violence and terrorism is not acceptable in Islam. I do not understand why they have to kill people in the name of Islam when the same religion teaches only Peace, Peace & Peace!! They are giving the best religion of the Worlds a wrong meaning. May Allah give them Hidayat!!


It is not only essential for every Human being to cultivate better qualities in him but it is as much important to shun the bad habits. That religion which encourages sound and acceptable principles avoiding all evils would be received universally and would spread like wildfire sans opposition. Almighty ALLAH SUBHANATAALA praises the qualities of Prophet MOHAMMED ( Peace And Blessings Be upon Him ) in the HOLY QUR’AN thus:

(And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character). Not telling lies was the most appreciable quality in you followed by love towards all. ALLAH further says,

”MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Be upon Him) you never retaliated- you never uttered even a single word against even to your worst enemies, who were causing all kinds of hardships to you. When his followersurged him to curse his bitter critics and enemies, Prophet MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Be upon Him) never obliged them.On the other hand he prayed to ALLAH humbly for the welfare of his enemies.

”Oh ALLAH ! show my community the right path, because they are innocent” Was his constant prayer.Prophet MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Be upon Him) never hated anyone till his very end and he pleaded ALLAH thus:


”Oh ALLAH! let me be among poor people and lead a poverty-stricken life, till the end. Even when I am awaken on the final day let me be in the midst of poor and and innocent people.”

Such acommunity as this , which preaches love,restraint,brotherhood, and which truly folloes the dictates of Almighty ALLAH will flourish for ever.If the followers of ISLAM do not adhere to these simple principles then no power in this world will ever be able to help and save them.

One of the greastest qualities of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace And Blessings Be upon Him) was that he never used to spare the believers for their mistakes but gave them the due punishment. Moreover, if a non muslim, be it rich or poor did any good deed (NEKI)
the Prophet MUHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Be upon Him) whole heartedly used to applaud him.


First they initiated this false flag, then they move to provoke Muslims into confrontation with these offensive cartoons. It would be wise for Muslims to hold back and act wisely. Muslims should demand FREEDOM OF SPEECH and use cartoons to their advantage. Use it to expose Israel and lie of HOLOCAUST,the human rights violations western leaders (Guantanamo and other secret prisons in Europe etc) .

Its time to use the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to educate the masses and to expose the corrupt.


Good Idea Ali.
Do muslims have freedom of speech??? since when? One word against pisslam and expect a public flogging (case now in Iran) or execution or both.
You denying the Holocaust?? Typical addled brain moronic comment from a brain dead uneducated idiot. (but them most muslims are brain dead).
You lot are still trying to work out if you are shias or sunnis. Some religion you got there!!!


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