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Bahrain’s king offers shelter to Christian refugees from Iraq-News

Posted on: August 31, 2014

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Bahrain’s king offers shelter to Christian refugees from Iraq


King Hamad Bin Isa al Khalifa of Bahrain has offered refuge to 200 Christian refugee families from Mosul, Iraq, the Zenit news agency reports.

“This shows his generosity toward Christians,” remarked Bishop Camillo Ballin, the apostolic vicar for Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The bishop said that the Islamic State is rejected by responsible Muslims, adding that “I have not found statements supporting ISIS in Bahrain or Kuwait or elsewhere.”

Located just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is one of the countries in the region where Christians can practice their faith openly. Earlier this year King Hamad donated land for the construction of a Catholic cathedral, which will serve a population of about 2.5 million Catholics– nearly all of them guest workers– on the Arabian peninsula. Construction work on the cathedral began in June.




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8 Responses to "Bahrain’s king offers shelter to Christian refugees from Iraq-News"

also remember due to technology and social media, it is not hidden and they are the ones posting and recording their wrongful deeds


Go to hell with your sell out scholars

On 9/1/14, ISLAM—World’s Greatest Religion!


[…] Bahrain’s king offers shelter to Christian refugees from Iraq-News […]


King Hamad Bin Isa al Khalifa of Bahrain has offered refuge to 200 Christian refugee families from Mosul, Iraq King of Bahrain has don
very good & timely help to the Christian refugees from Iraq. he has shown his generosity toward Christians. This is call Islam..Insha- Allah Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala will reward King of Bahrain & his country people for the generosity.


Asalamualaikum Ya Akhi!!

Do not take position in this topic of IS. This is my advice for you!

Don’t try to please the Jews and the Christians by talking badly about Muslims.

Try to avoid this topic, would be my advise. Unless you have clear proof and infos, don’t take the position that the non muslims take. Don’t suspect other Muslims unless you have clear evidences of their crimes.

Best wishes, I hope you appreciate my advice for you and do not see it as critisim. Please forgive me if I’m wrong and overlook my errors in giving advice.

Wa Salamu Alaikum


Sister Amina, the whole world sees what they are doing as they do not hide it. It is not suspicion, it is fact and ALLAH(swt) does not like those who overstep their bounds. They are not only killing Christians and jews, they are killing other Muslims,, even Sunnis (which most of them claim to be) that don’t agree with their rules and tactics. ALLAH(swt) says to be just and speak out against wrongs no matter if it’s our closest of kin. Claiming to be Muslim does not give one the right to do whatever they see fit. I believe that some of them truly believe in their heart that what they are doing is right…and may ALLAH(swt) forgive them and protect them but for those who are knowingly behaving outside of Islam, they should be reprimanded and it’s our responsibility as Muslims to do so…not non-muslims. If the prophet were here, what would he do? He offered protection by ALLAH’s command to people for the simple fact that, that grace given by ALLAH(swt) may open their eyes to HIS ever-present love and mercy and that they may be guided to Islam peaceably not through violence and mass murder. How can you agree with shooting 12 years olds, woman, and beheading of people when the prophet himself NEVER did such things nor was it ever prescribed ALLAH(swt). If they are wrong, they are wrong and it does not suffice to say they are Muslims so we should not judge. No, we shouldn’t judge them, but we should speak out to protect the face of Islam and we should send people to fight them or at least try to save the true Muslims in their ranks that may have been misguided. but again, ALLAH(swt) knows best!
a salaamy alaykum wa rahmatuALLAHI wa ta’ala!!!


what about the hundreds of Islamic ulama who speak against IS? Are they just trying to please non-muslims, or are they trying to keep clean the true face of Islam?

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