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Anti-Islam film “Fitna” producer performs Hajj after conversion

Posted on: November 5, 2013

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Anti-Islam film “Fitna” producer performs Hajj after conversion :: News

Arnoud-van-Doorn-anti-Islamic film-maker-to-hajj-pilgrim-After-Hajj_2013-Photos--makkah-for-hajj-2013-10

The Dutchman, who produced a blasphemous film about Islam and its Prophet (peace be upon him) and who has converted to Islam few months before  ago after long enmity, has said he has found peace and tranquility in the Hajj.

He regretted having been a part in the production of the hateful film Fitna (sedition) and said he came to the Haj to wash out his sins.

“I found my self among these faithful hearts. I hope that my tears of regret will wash out all my sins after my repentance,” Arnoud Van Doorn said.

He said, as a token of atonement, he will produce a new film that will show the true essence of Islam and the correct personality of its Prophet.

Doorn, a former leading member of the extreme rightist Dutch political party, Geert Wilders’ (Freedom Party) described Fitna as a totally wrong movie film which contained a lot of misleading and incorrect information that had nothing to do with the noble divine religion or its great Prophet (pbuh).

He said since he arrived in this holy land he has been living the best days of his life and hoped that he would spend the rest of his days in Madinah to which he was determined to return after the completion of his Haj rites.

“I felt ashamed standing in front of the Prophet’s grave. I thought of the grave mistake which I had made by producing that sacrilegious film. I hope that Allah will forgive me and accept my repentance,” he said.

Doorn said he read a lot about Islam before converting to it. He regretted his previous hostility to this great religion.

Source – Saudi Gazette


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5 Responses to "Anti-Islam film “Fitna” producer performs Hajj after conversion"

Alhamdulillah! Allah (s.w.t.) had guided producer Doorn


,Alhamdulillahi rabilalamin,just as its rightly said in the holy Qur’an that,there will be a time when people will be converting to this great religeon ISLAM, we are bigining to see,and IN SHAA ALLAH,this is just the bigining.ALLAHU AKBAR


One convert and all muslims are happy, thousand leaving the cult of islam but they cannot say because they will be killed. So much for freedom in your “religion”.
Hey King why don’t you research on how many LEAVE islam as well???
Also I would like to thank allah for killing thousands in Philippines. It looks like earthquakes, tsunamis, bushfires, erupting volcanos, cancer and other deseases are not enough for the moon god!!! (sarcasm).


Before v say anything about others v have to see how many holes r there in our pot, if Islam wouldn’t have been there still the majority would have been the slaves ,if someone wants to “submit his will to his creator” (I.e .ISLAM), who r v to comment ,the nudity ,alchoholism,adultry ,Ribha (interest) gambling,seem to be good ,if u ask any genuine economist he would say how much it couse destruction to the economy ,if Islam wouldn’t have there these things would have worsen,for our own lust desire v can’t blame without logical proof ,if those who criticize Islam as though they have the better one,please produce the proof if u r truthful ,other wise it’s just envy,……May ALLAH ( GOD) guide u


if what you say is in fact true, then how comes islam is regarded as the fastest growing religion on earth today? Again who is telling you that this one convert is making the muslims excited. The point here is that a former hatter of islam is now a Muslim. people make comments showing their reaction. that’s all there is to it. if you hate islam or muslims then you haven’t hated anything yet.


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