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Topless Tunisian protester at the centre of controversy

Posted on: April 5, 2013

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Topless Tunisian protester at the center of controversy

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Conflicting reports on the whereabouts of a young Tunisian woman have circulated following her participation in the “sextremist” collective, Femen. On March 11, Amina Tyler, a 19 year-old Tunisian posed for Femen. Marking the organisation’s presence in the North African country, Tyler posed semi-nude with the words “My body belongs to me, it is not the source of anyone’s honour” written across her torso.

Adel Almi, leader of the conservative religious organisation Moderate Associate for Awareness and Reform, told Assabah News that her actions deserved 80-100 lashes, but may also warrant death by stoning. Following his comments, Femen representatives told Tunisian and international media that they had lost contact with Tyler and feared her missing.

The Girl Who started all this..

The Girl Who started all this..

Femen France: After we received this information, Femen activists tried to contact the young Tunisian to no avail. Her phone has been off. We fear for her life.

Femen representatives added that they were told Tyler had been taken to a psychiatric ward, a detail picked up by several media outlets including France 24 and PolicyMic.

In an interview with Tunisia Live, Tyler’s lawyer, Bouchra Bel Haj Hmida, denied those claims:

She is not missing and “has never been in a psychiatric facility,” Bel Haj Hmida told Tunisia Live, contradicting reports that surfaced last week and have been widely circulated on the internet.

Femen France: We still do not know where to find Amina. We hope that she is alive and well. We are committed, we show our support through our topless photos and we deliver a clear message to the Islamists: we will seek her out and we will continue to protest! We will not let them oppress women’s bodies by hiding and locking them!
nude 2
Still, some take issue with Tyler’s form of protest, and Femen’s message altogether. @YaminZakaria responded to the spectacle:
On Facebook, Ahmed Medien wondered why so much media attention has been given to Tyler and not the accomplishments of other Tunisian women:
It takes one topless Tunisian young lady to make the buzz now in Huffington Posts, now, worldwide. Another Tunisian lady just won the chemistry worldwide Olympiad and was awarded the title of best innovator of the year 2013.
What u think about Tyler’s participation in the Femen campaign? Tell us in the comments below.
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23 Responses to "Topless Tunisian protester at the centre of controversy"

Hey Aldo
Don’t argue over this issue much.I invite you to just read the noble QURAN sincerely with its meaning, without prejudice and I am sure If ALLAH WILLS ,all your misconception about Islam and muslim will be cleared and you will get all of your answer there, and you will know which is the right path and don’t judge Islam by the actions of todays muslim but judge Islam by its sacred text ie. the noble QURAN.



I have read the koran, I trust that you have too.
If you have you will notice that 62% of the koran is dedicated to killing. Throughout my comments on this website I have demonstrated many errors( e.g flat earth, sun setting in a pool of muddy water) contradictions, (e.g. “if you are not a muslim you are an infedel and should be killed BUT if you kill anyone it is like killing all humanity???) just to name 2. There are many others which I have highlighted in the past on this blog.
Mate I feel sorry for all muslims that unfortunately do not question their faith, and ask questions like “who created god? why is god not visible? why does god allow so much suffering in this world (children with cancer and other ailments, earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, wars etc.) and why was muhammad’s “visions” not corroborated, why did god choose muhammad, a man that later had sex with a 9 year old child? I could go on for hours highlighting the bull that is islam.
When I was a Catholic I asked these questions and was told “god moves in misterious ways”. Well, that did not satisfy my curiosity and I left the faith, much to my mum’s displesure. But I have a brain and I used it.
If you can answer the questions I have raised backed up with proof then I will believe in god.
Mate, Man created god not the other way around.


Aldo, please we don’t want to hear your prejudices. You know nothing about Islam. You is just a victim to media. Islam freed women. What you say about women being killed because of honour, that is a cultural thing. I´m kurd and some ignorant among us kurds do that because of lack of knowldegde of islam. The second Caliph, Umar whipped 4 guys when they came to testify about a adultery act, of 2 persons. The forth of these guys said: I only saw feets. So the caliph whipped them instead because you don’t just take two person and punish them. You have to have clear evidence. Crystal clear! When people used to come to a islamic judge he would ask them: Did you do this crime (whatever that might be)? Directly after that he would say: Say no, and go and repent to God. This is what Islam teaches us, to have mercy to the people, but unfortunatly the media brainwash people like you with lies. I read for a few days ago about an american man that was realeased from prison after 35-38 years because of a crime he never did. Don’t look at arabic countries and think that they rule by islamic law. No they don’t!


Ali thanks,
You must be pretty niave to think that Islam freed women. They are still wearing those rediculous head to toe garments (some you cannot see their eyes!!)
My muslim friend who has married for the 4th time (finally to a muslim woman) had his first wife circumsized after their marriage. He took her back to Malaysia where his family arranged for it to be done.
I married a Philippino lady and she does not want to me to visit muslim areas like Magindanou because of kidnapping and killing fear.
Mate, there must be a lot of muslims that do not read the koran, because daily there is some atrocity (more that 20,000 since 9/11) done in the name of islam.
We even see muslims bombing and killing muslims Shia against Sunnis etc. Surely the are not all “cultural” issues, or media hype.
I do not understand why decent muslims like yourself do nothing about stopping radicals, maybe it is because muslims cannot critesize other muslims!!!
As a Kurd you must be happy that America got Saddam out of Iraq , after all he did kill many Kurds during his dictatorship, or was that media hype too??
PS. I prefer a half naked women to one that is covered in a tent any day.
Have a good day Ali


These sexetremist urgently need psychiatrist, no sane women shed her cloth in public.


@Aldo, i agree with my brother completely. if you are really a christian then i will urge you read your bible and reflect about it verses and you will get to know the kind of dress women are to put on whether they are supposed to show their “boobs” or their nakedness. The so called western civilization has turned their women folk into a bunch of toys and remote controls in the name of fashion that the system can do watever it likes with these women. Is this what you called civilized society?


The so called civilzed modern, educated western society are in fact worst than the uncivilized primitive people because they atleast they covered their private parts even thogh they were not educated but have basic human values but these western womens are uncivilized, have no moral value . Morever western women are like a loaf of uncovered meat whom no dog would spare.


In Islam it is ok to “KILL” all those who insult the pedophile prophet or islam itself or leave the cult of islam or get stoned to death for getting raped, but it is not ok to show a pair of boobs!!! What a joke islam is!!!


Yes,It is not Ok to show boobs.

will you be happy to see anyone from family members,doing same ?

not only in islam but in Christianity also..


Hey King,
show boobs you get killed, but honor killings and marrying and having sex with children etc is allowed.
Go figure


Before you make a fool out of yourself.. Please go learn the HISTORY of the WORLD and see what PROPHET Muhammad brought to the WORLD.

Can I ask you something?

What’s the age of consent in Spain?(this means the age a girl is allowed to legally be married)-HINT 13YEARS OLD(OR IS SPAIN NOT CIVILIZED)
More Countries(in the WEST) have actually changed their consent age as the time goes.
WHY? Haha. Look at what was happening to WOMEN before PROPHET MUHAMMAD came.
I can make a fool out of you, but I’ll let you go and do some more digging.


Hey Muhsin,
As usual muslims try to deflect the truth. What has the age of consent in Spain (which has been increased to 14 by the way) got to do with showing boobs. I know why!!! to legitemise the pedo muhammad for having sex with a 9 year old when he was 53.
Why cannot you morons ever admit that muhammad was wrong in what he did!!!


Hey Aldo
I shall make you clear why it is prohibited to show boobs in public. If you show your boobs, you are inviting others to have illegal sex and thats the reason why there are large population of illegimate child in your free, modern, wertern society, who do not knows who their father is, and I am sure you are one of them because only such a person favours such filthy things.


I got to laugh at your stupid comments. What you are saying is, if I see women’s boobs I want to have illigal sex and illigal children??
By the way looking at boobs does NOT make women pregnant, (just in case you do not know that!!!)
Mate, the birth rate in NON muslim countries are way down on that of muslim countries (even allowing for unplanned children). Seem as if it is muslim men that cannot control themselves or muslim women are so stupid that they keep having babies. Maybe you should tell the natives of Papua New Guinea, South America, Australian aborigines where women go topless in their culture to cover up or they will have “illigitimate” babies.
Islam is a joke.
Anyone who follows the teachings of a pedophile have giot to have something wrong with them (it is called brainwashing …Zak)


Hey Aldo
I shall make you clear why it is prohibited to show boobs in public. If you show your boobs, you are inviting others to have illegal sex and thats the reason why there are large population of illegimate child in your free, modern, wertern society, who do not knows who their father is, and I am sure you are one of them because only such a person favours such filthy things.But Islam believes in maintainig purity,decency,and peacefulness of society and environment thats why Islam is against such things.


Hey Aldo
I shall make you clear why it is prohibited to show boobs in public. If you show your boobs, you are inviting others to have illegal sex and thats the reason why there are large population of illegimate child in your free, modern, wertern society, who do not knows who their father is, and I am sure you are one of them because only such a person favours such filthy things.But Islam is to provide purity,decency,and peacefulness in our society and environment thats why Islam is against such indecent and provocative things.


we humans have evolved now in case you haven’t noticed. When do you think we started to put on clothes in public? Stop trying to defend what doesn’t make sense!
Nothing is wrong in trying to get a point across, but to ACT like an ANIMAL(even ANIMALS have more shame). Unless you are one of those perverts who enjoy seeing naked women.
Would you mid if your siblings went out in the streets and tried making a point while behaving like they had no sense?!


Mate I am not a pervert , unlike muslims who, as soon as they see a women that is not dressed in a tent from head to toe, they want to rape them. I can control my urges unlike muslim men who need 4 wives and untold mistresses to satisfy their urges. But then again if it was good anough for mahommad its good enough for his followers.
I read that when muhammad died he had 14 wives at his funeral (No wonder he died must have been exhaustion!!!)


So, According to you…the prophets in ur bible were pervert.

yeah,if u can control then allow in ur family ,don;t wear anything..

Go and ask your wife…How many wifes Solomon have in bible ?


One more reason NOT to have a culture that has SWINGERS as a means of passing time.
I know you don’t really care or mean most of the things you’re saying here. You’re just having fun and taking the piss, but we are also learning the mentalities ya’ll have.
You sound really childish in most of the things you say because you are playing with words. But you can see that most people here are giving you the reality about LIFE.
“Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converts to Islam”-Lauren Booth

And you make it seem like WOMEN are being oppressed in ISLAM? Hehe. She must like Islam because of that I guess?
You quote things from the QURAn out of context to try and prove a point then run and laugh about it? Does that help you sleep at night? You are like the rest.. Very lost and in need of attention.
“The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History is a 1978 book by Michael H. Hart. It is a ranking of the 100 people who most influenced human history”- Oh and Micheal Hart isn’t even a Muslim.
You are a baby of today’s media. You are lost in translation. You think by googling things and reading what you want you know ISLAM already? There are people who actually dedicate their lives to finding the truth and they say otherwise about Prophet Muhammad how comes they can’t see what you see? Is it because as you were told earlier “brainwashed”? You have not for a second look at Islam you’ve ONLY listen and read the MEDIA.
What were women before Islam? Oh and the consent age “has now been changed” so, what were the Spanish before that then? You’re quick to turn the page.. Haha I laughed when you did that. “What has the age of consent in Spain (which has been increased to 14 by the way)” So before it was 14 what was it? And who was doing it? The Muslims? STOP MAKING A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF HERE.


//show boobs you get killed,//

and who said that ?

does christianity allow showing boobs… ?

show us where honor killing and sex is islam.

May be Your are talking about Pastors who rape kids in church.

DON;T SEND ur kids…there..>!


Human nature is to cover their body and uncovering of bndy is animal’s nature.


Their behavior is like that of animals


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