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Israel reject UN Vote System and disrespects international community decisions: Analyst

Posted on: December 8, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Israel reject UN Vote System and disrespects international community decisions: Analyst


A prominent analyst says that the Zionist entity has always violated the international law by disrespecting the international community’s will and ignoring the United Nations’ resolutions against its illegal activities.

The European Union (EU) has summoned Israel’s ambassador over recently-announced plan to build thousands of new settler units on the occupied Palestinian territories. Tel Aviv announced the plan for new settler units in the West Bank just a few days ago in response to the United Nations’ recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state. In the meantime the Zionist regime rejected calls by the United Nations demanding Tel Aviv to open its nuclear facilities to international inspectors and to join Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Press TV has conducted an interview with Omar Nashabe, with the al-Akhbar Newspaper from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut to shed more light on the issue at hand. He is joined by two additional guests on Press TV’s News Analysis program: Muhammad al-Asi, Imam of Washington D.C.’s Islamic Center from Washington and British Journalist Richard Millett from London. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Omar Nashabe I am not too sure why this question seems to revert to Iran in one sense when we are talking about Israel and that is purely a simple thing that they do not want to join the NPT [Non-proliferation Treaty], they are slamming the UN General Assembly and they are saying that we are not going to be transparent.

Your response to not only that but to our guest Richard Millett in London?

Nashabe: I think that it is normal that Israelis and supporters of Israel are a bit frustrated because it has come out in the open now once again that the majority of the world think that there is injustice in this part of the world and that Israel is responsible of this injustice.

It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism or any other lines that are used by the Israeli propaganda. This is a matter we are asking for a nuclear-free Middle East and Israel should comply with a nuclear-free Middle East and today Israel has showed that it does not want to comply with this regardless if Israel wants or the supporters of Israel want to play around and say that they do have or they do not have nuclear weapons; there is enough evidence and there was a book on Dimona [nuclear plant] and there was an Israeli, Mr. [Modechai] Vanunu, who came out and said clearly and showed pictures and evidence and this was published in the UK in respectable publishing houses and it was clearly evidential that Israel has these nuclear facilities and has these nuclear weapons and that this is not safe for the whole region and I think that for the majority of the world and I disagree completely to accuse African countries or Asian countries or any other countries that are members of the United Nations, or undegrading these countries by saying that they are being driven by a propaganda that is anti-Israeli.

There is no anti-Israeli propaganda as much as there is anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab and anti-Iranian propaganda and everybody knows who controls the media and everybody knows who has the upper hand in pressuring countries in the United Nations.

So I think that 174 countries who voted, this is the majority of the world and in the past few days 136 countries to vote for Palestine as a member of the United Nations is the majority of the world and I think that Palestine and Palestinians have the right like anyone else to have their own country and they deserve to be a member in the United Nations like anyone else.

So I raise the question, who is trying to wipe off a whole population? I think that is the main question.

It is not to always show that Israel is the victim, It is to show that the Palestinians have the basic rights and they need to get these basic rights like any other human beings on the face of the earth.

Press TV: Omar Nashabe, our guest there [Richard Millett] seems to think that out of the 193 nations that consist of the UN General Assembly, that the law is not catered for Israel. That is what I am gathering from you Richard Millett.

Omar Nashabe do you agree? Are all these countries that have demanded Israel to stop their illegal settlements, are they all wrong?

Nashabe: Well, I do not know what to say when somebody says that the international law is just an idea that has not been crystallized…, I mean I really do not know what [how] to respond to that.

I mean international is recognized by the countries that are members in the United Nations and it is a matter that should be enforced and this is in order to preserve stability in the world.

I think that there was an agreement, there were some agreements that Israel signed on in the negotiations that took place in the past with the Palestinian authorities and under these agreements that were signed by both parties and that were endorsed by the international community and by the quartet, Israel is not supposed to build settlements; this is a violation of international law.

In fact the declaration of Mr. Netanyahu of building 3,000 settlement units following the vote of the United Nations, clearly shows that Israel is using the building of settlements as a punishment to the Palestinians and as a defiance to the international community.

This will create more tension and this is not helpful for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, in which I think, the majority of the countries of the world are seeking a peaceful resolution for this conflict that has been going on for so long.

A peaceful resolution can only tale place based on justice and the principles of justice and international law.

These go without saying, these are general principles that I believe anyone around the world should abide by.

The United Nations is an organization that was created in order to preserve peace and stability and in order to create an environment that is suitable for every citizen on the face of the globe, to live in a state that is in dignity and in a high standard of living.

I think that this Israeli entity is creating defiance of the international community and of the United Nations and I am not mentioning the numerous Security Council resolutions that are legally binding that Israel does not respect such as resolution 242 that calls upon the immediate withdrawal of Israelis from the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the East Jerusalem [al-Quds].

These are Security Council’s resolution; anyone can read those on the websites. If one really wants to know, one can actually have access to international law and can know what is legally binding.

Now if Israelis and the supporters of Israel chose to violate the international law. That is a matter that should be raised again and that explains why so many countries are voting for resolutions that are contested by the Israelis because they do not a peaceful resolution of the conflict, obviously.


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