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Netanyahu wages wars to cover up troubles: Analyst : Must Watch

Posted on: November 18, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Netanyahu wages wars to cover up troubles: Analyst

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched the new wave of strikes on the Gaza Strip to cover up his own failures, an analyst tells Press TV.

Over 20 Palestinians have been killed and more than 160 others injured in the new wave of deadly airstrikes by the Israeli military on the besieged Gaza Strip since November 14. 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, with the Dignity and Human Rights and Peace Organization from Washington DC to shed more light on the issue at hand. Short is joined by four additional guests on Press TV’s News Analysis program: Caleb Maupin with the International Action Center from New York City, Kaveh Afrasiabi, author and political scientist from Boston, Adie Mormech, human rights activist from the Gaza Strip, and James Jatras, a former US Senate Foreign Policy analyst from Washington. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview. 

Press TV: We are seeing this second day of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, causing civilian causalities and of course the most recent being that in retaliation there is a rocket fire coming from the Gaza Strip, hitting Tel Aviv. 

What did [the Zionist] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hope to achieve with what was obviously his escalation by killing and assassinating the top Hamas military official [Ahmed] al-Jabari?

Short: Well, of course it is an electoral season in Israel, he is very unpopular and I guess that one way he can get people to like him is to murder innocent Palestinians because there is a high level of hatred of Palestinians in Israel. 

It is comparable to how elections are run in the United States where politicians appeal to racism of the larger majority of Whites as a means to get votes but Netanyahu is a ‘failurous’ a prime minister in Israel but the one thing that he and the other persons can do when you have a politician in trouble is to start a war. 

Press TV: Let us look at some of the opposition coming from, in particular, some of the left-wing politicians there in Israel and it is quite telling; this particular politician by the name of Zahava Gal-on said that the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak are pyromaniacs to embark on the operation for the purpose of reelection-as you stated-and they further added that the assassinations are not the answer, which is a sentiment that is held by many Israelis [illegal Zionist settlers]. 

I mean is this the extent that the prime minister would take Israel to of what we are seeing right now that the rocket fire has reached the heart of Israel in terms of it reaching Tel Aviv? 

Short: Well, you now, for me it is [lamentable] that we are concerned just about when rocket fire hits Tel Aviv. The Palestinians have been bombed since time immemorial, Lebanese have been bombed, people are being bombed all over by the bellicose Israeli military industrial complex that does not want peace but wants a greater Israel at the expense of peace with its neighbors. 

So how many Palestinians or Lebanese or others have to be murdered by the state of Israel before one day that people in turn meet violence by violence? It is unfortunate. I do not want anyone fighting but how much longer will people suffer from being bombed with white phosphorous and tanks and children being sniped at and harassments at the checkpoints before someone decides to fight back? 

Press TV: Last time around, in 2008, the Operation Cast Lead really devastated the Gaza Strip. They are still suffering from it to this day and one of the biggest, we can say, weaknesses that showed its face was Arab countries who were not proactive. 

Can we see anything happening given the new landscape? In particular many eyes are focused right now on Egypt and its President Mohammed Morsi? 

Short: Well, they should focus their eyes on Jordan as well. I think that we have Arab countries but we do not always have leadership that has the interest of the masses of people at high. 

The king of Jordan does not speak Arabic. It reminds me of certain people who used to rule Egypt that did not speak Arabic until you had Nasser. 

I think that what is happening in Egypt is promising. I also think that the rage about what is happening in Syria and the potential of a regional war, because you have these proxy crooked sheikhdoms and others serving the interest of NATO, the United States and the globalist; people are tired of them. 

So I think that this is one time that it is not going to be favorable to be a despot in the Middle East as the people wake up, there are movements all over sweeping the Middle East especially in the Shiite belt where people are not going to be denied their rights anymore and I simply want to say that also there is a disarray now with the CIA and the United States out of whack as they scramble to get a new leadership, so this is an interesting time that you have got, an uneven transition and the agency that more or less tries to police the rest of the world and this attack on Gaza and the people fighting back.

And also I want to say the cowardice that the people have to attack Hezbollah. It is interesting that Netanyahu knows that they cannot go back into Lebanon without losing something. 

They are facing a situation where it is no longer asymmetrical warfare but if you aggressive against the people of Lebanon it may come at a life for a life versus the 67 war where a few hundred Israelis died and thousands of Egyptians were slaughtered. 

Press TV: The question of the timing again is pretty significant. It is hard to imagine, based on some accounts, that Israel had not planned this for a while. 

We could look at different scenarios but what is your take on why Israel has decided to do this at this time? Given the different things that are going on; you mentioned of course the US, the reelection of Barack Obama, which I mentioned before, and also given the fact of what is going on in Syria. 

I mean is that possible that Israel has another goal aside from their elections coming up, behind what they are doing here? Their assault on the Gaza Strip? 

Short: Yes. I want to say this, do you remember Monica Lewinsky? The woman that had the Cigar, you know where! with Bill Clinton? Who was introduced to Bill Clinton by Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor of Chicago. 

I am not picking if I say that Monica Lewinsky is Jewish and what happened was that disrupted what Clinton had planned to do with the Middle East when this happened. 

Then if I mention, I believe this woman who is involved with Petraeus, her father’s last name is Kranz and I am wondering if this is another set up where you had Mossad or some group interject a woman into the life of an important person to either spy or get information to send it back to Israel because Petraeus had written a 64-page document denouncing America’s relationship with Israel, that it was not the most important ally. 

Now with this man gone it is a way to threaten people who are American firsters in the Pentagon, in the CIA or wherever; that if Israel wants to go to war they have undermined those people who might resist them, who cannot be called anti-Semites because they are American soldiers, now they are moving the layers of restraint and I believe that the timing now is to force Obama to comply with his promise that he would support Israel, no matter what. 

So if Israel starts a war Bibi [Netanyahu] is using this possibly as a way to force Obama to get more involved in Syria more rapidly as well as of course go after Iran. 

This is what Netanyahu wants and he has gotten rid of through this trick that they have run on Petraeus and this extends all the way to the White House and in particular there is another thing that threatens Obama; this woman who was having this affair with Petraeus is mentioning that the CIA is torturing and killing black Libyans and other Black Africans in Benghazi, which will certainly help hurt Obama’s image with the African-Americans who voted for him 93 percent; I am glad I was not one of them. 

So there is a point where …, there is a triangulation of forces to make Obama support Netanyahu, who he does not like, by getting rid of those persons who had helped Obama resist going to war even though he has imposed one vicious illegal genocidal sanction after the other against the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as trying to destroy the righteous nation of Syria. 

Press TV: Looking at Hamas we cannot forget one fine detail that Hamas, its parent company, so to speak, is the Muslim Brotherhood of which of course Mohammed Morsi came out from there becoming the president of Egypt. 

So I would think that this strong support by Morsi for Hamas is going to be…, the question is to what extent? 


Well, he [Morsi] needs to open the border at Rafah, let us cut the talk and put up and rescue the people who are being victimized, who are facing slow genocide. I mean if he is serious, do it now! Open the border at Rafah now and all I want to say is they had a plan to destroy Hamas before they got elected, this is something that was engineered by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Mahmoud Abbas back in September 2008.

If we know this, why won’t they do everything they can to support the people of Gaza? They need freedom, they need food, they need self-determination, they need their seat at the UN and we need to deal with countries like Turkey that are Israel’s best friend; they do symbolic things but they need to put up or shut up. 

Whose side are they on? Are they on the side of the people in Gaza and Ramallah or are they on the side of Netanyahu? I am not clear. 


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