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About Downloading files and Support

Posted on: October 12, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

About Downloading and Support

Assalam Alaykum ,

I hope all readers are fine,InshahAllah ..

Im posting message to remind all readers and share the sad news i have.

i don’t how how much important it is… but to me , its important..

I want to say sorry that DOWNLOADING RELATED TO HAJJ (E-BOOK,Lecture,Videos) will not work.

I Lost  2 Server accounts ,where i used to keep the data,which you were able to download. this includes Videos,Lecture,Audio,Video,Psd,Ebooks ,Quran,Hadith  on 2 servers, huge data.. Which i uploaded from last 3 years.

I Lost it because Our Brothers and sisters didnt support it.. those who promised they didn’t full filled promise and kept me in dark until last day. on the last day i got help from 2 sisters, which was just 25% of total.

Not giving support is not problem,but  keep me in dark which destroyed the works,this is really painful  for me. I asked support to help in Dawah , not to live my life.

anyways.. i have those 25% collection and looking for more.

kindly give your support ,so that i have everything which will help me dawah and make it easy for me share data.

incase if you don;t know then know everyone who ever will support to buy space ,will earn good deeds.

When ever anyone will download from that place.. you will get reward for that! no matter even if you sleeping,even you left this world.. then also when ever some1 will read Holy by After downling from our space.. you will get reward from Allah swt,because they download and reading quran from the space you paid.

Lets Share rewards!


Im sorry, I can’t take help from you any more, no matter how much you pay, i said before also,if i can’t buy the space from money,then waste for me. you got the chance to gain rewards,but you losted.

click here to view old support request post!

May Allah give me patience and sabr!


26 Responses to "About Downloading files and Support"

in my drem like
i calling adhan


i think,,this must be good sign…


Wen things seem too hard 2 handle retreat urself and count ur blessings instead… Inshaallaah.


Asalamu’alaikum greetings to all my brothers and sisters, Asfar this sight speak about islam Allah will never turn back on you insha Allah


InshahAllah brother…



Assalamaleikum my brother in islam.Dont worry,Allah wont turn his back on true believer’s n i believe that the patient are highly favoured by d most high.Ma sallam


Assalaam waalaikum Mere bhai don’t worry.just hope for the good.allah always helps.i wil help u contact me.u just asked help.god will help u surely.


Wsalam Brother…InshahAllah…


if u need help contact me assalamu alaikum




Amern and dont worry brother.
Have faith in Allah .
InshaAllah you’ll recover all that soon.


Assalam O Alekum

Dear King-SlaveofALLAH,

Don’t loose hope, loosing hope is the worst condition, and shaytan want us to loose hope against ALLAH. which is one of the biggest sin.

You don’t need a million hands to support you. You just need a hope from ALLAH that 1 out of million will help you. If not than ALLAH will provide you the support from “Gaib”

if 100 people ditched you it doesn’t mean the 101th person will also do the same.

Stand up real muslims are with you and specially ALLAH alone is enough for good work.

Brother By one Faith – “La ilah ha illal lah”
Jazak ALLAH Khair


KING-slave of ALLAH !

I tried contacting you on your old support page, but you never replied.

can you please share me your email id?



Well,I did. infact i made new page in this site for contact only, pls follow the steps given here !


Salaam, King. I’m sorry, you had to lose valuable data because we didn’t support your site like we should. I’m sure that data would have enriched the lives of many Muslims. May Allaah saw make it easy for brother/sisters so that we can all help support your website in the future.


Wsalam Brother,

please add slaveofAllah too … in name.

Well,bro… loss stops me to stand, 3 years data, i don;t even remember ,where i stored which file…and most specially this site comes on top in GOOGLE SEARCH BUT now due to broken link google will push it back..

you can chk it here :

search “muhammad pedophile” in google .. or click here

in result you will see all site are anti-islamic site except 1 ,thats ours !

Infact , those who didn;t promised ,no problem,i understand that..

but yes,the brothers and sisters who promised but didn;t full filled..i sent message but they didn;t replied.
indeed im angry on them.. infact the only thing i feel that they were just making fun of me.again i have spend hundered hrs to upload files, and correct the broken links in website..its hard to imagine, the no of hrs i have to spend.

unbelievers don’t support us becoz its islamic website.. our brothers don;t help,may be thinking i will cheat them.

this website give montlhy 75000 clicks , 7 crore impressions.. to solve this problem i wished to post few good company adds. i applied they rejected .. all 10 condition was fullfilled.. yet rejected.. when i forced to know reason…

he said “its Islamic site,i will not get customers to post adds.”

I itself don;t like to ask for help.becoz i feel many just abuse me,thats why i started 2 more sites, for ads only ,so that i collect money and spend in Dawah, but those sites are NEW.not in position to post apply for adds.

about others loss..

these 2 images(Screen shots) will show you the no of clicks shows “users tried to download Quran”,but it failed. in last couple of months..from 2 servers.

im sorry , i said a lot..


sorry, for long message.. i didn’t said to anyone so all was in my heart ! hurting me.!

InshahAllah ….Allah will help us to stand against islam haters!


to which account, the fund to be sent ?


Please send Bank a/c details.


think again bro…. i don;t want to stay in fake hope, it really hurts and we loose our spirit. ! so confirm me again!


As’sallamu Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatuh,
I know you have hurt but do not be quick in judging and so you should be the best example of how it’s feel when you’re enduring.
Your words may hurt the front one because you’re counting him/her on the same level as people have done with you. It may also be possible that he/she is really trying to help you but because of what you’ve experienced, you’re counting him/her in the same level.

Be wise and the identification of a Muslim is to think positively at the time of difficulties, be patience and do rely solely only on ALLAH, WHO is the provider above all and so this is the symbol of a Muslim.

I’m not saying that I can pay you as much as you need as I’m not a rich one but even then ALHAMDULILLAH and so your post has made me think that I can and it’s the time to do something for the rest of this world. So if you can please send me your contacts. You can contact me on the same email as I don’t wanna come in front and will do my best for whatever i can do to support this site as you’re doing everything for the sake of ALLAH and I love to only this.

I will do my best to support you as much as I can. Last thing, if there is any suitable detail you can send me as I’m from Pakistan and I have an standard chartered account, which is the only way through I can help you.


I’m still waiting for your response, If i can do something


sure,InshahAllah…pls chk ur email brothers


you see…thats why i asked you to confirm again… people just give promise!


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