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China Bans Muslims from Fasting during Ramadan

Posted on: August 12, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

China Bans Muslims from Fasting during Ramadan

Beijing: China has banned Muslims in the northwestern province of Xinjiang from fasting during the month of Ramadan. The government says the move is motivated by health concerns, but others say it is a campaign to secularize the Muslim minority that can spread violence.

Guidance posted on several government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim civil servants, students and teachers from observing fast, visiting mosques and performing other relihious activities during the holy month.

The statement posted on the Xinjiang government website urged party leaders to bring “gifts” of food to local village leaders to ensure that they were eating during Ramadan.

A statement from Zonglang township in Xinjiang’s Kashgar district said that “the county committee has issued comprehensive policies on maintaining social stability during the Ramadan period.

“It is forbidden for Communist Party cadres, civil officials (including those who have retired) and students to participate in Ramadan religious activities,” said the statement.

There is “a much more public and concerted effort” than in previous years and in some cases Communist Party leaders are delivering food to village elders to try to get them to break their fast, according to Dru Gladney, a professor of anthropology at Pomona College in California and an expert on China’s Muslim minorities.

Regional spokeswoman Hou Hanmin was quoted in the state-run Global Times newspaper Friday as saying authorities encourage people to “eat properly for study and work” but don’t force anyone to eat during Ramadan.

Xinjiang is home to about nine million Uighurs, largely a Muslim ethnic minority, many of whom accuse China’s leaders of religious and political persecution. Long-simmering resentment among Uighurs over rule by China’s Han majority and an influx of migrants has sporadically erupted into deadly violence that claimed 200 lives in July 2009.

World Uyghur Congress, an exiled rights group, warned the policy would force “the Uighur people to resist against the Chinese rule even further.”

“By banning fasting during Ramadan, China is using administrative methods to force the Uighur people to eat in an effort to break the fasting,” said Al-Jazeera has quoted group spokesman Dilshat Rexit as saying.


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41 Responses to "China Bans Muslims from Fasting during Ramadan"

Chaina me persedant ko kya taklif roje sr


In a previous message I said – actually I mistyped – “Prophet Muhammad (SWT)” when instead I meant to say “Prophet Muhammad (SAW)”, the meaning of SAW being “Sallah Allahu 3alahiyi Wa assalam”, that is “May Allah(Subhanahu Wa Ta3ala) prayers and peace be upon him”.
I profusely apologise for my mistake.


The trouble here is that the Muslim world is sort of hard wired to believing that the only enemies of Islam are only America, the West or Israel.
Therefore they don’t see an ATHEIST country like China as hostile.
Some of them are even fascinated by China.
This attitude is wrong, and has got to change.


First of all, A HUGE THANKS to Brother King-Slave of Allah for bringing up this topic of the most forgotten Muslim Holocaust on Earth.
I had already posted some messages in regard, but in the section titled “Boycott ISRAEL ! – Part 1”, so now I will replicate part of those messages here.

The Uyghurs, the native inhabitants of East Turkestan (PLEASE, DON’T USE the term “Xinjiang”, which is an EXTREMELY DEMEANING term whose meaning is “New Territory”) are totally distinct in every possible way from the Chinese.
For a starter, they are Muslims.
Until 1949 they lived in peace in their own country, called The Islamic Republic of East Turkestan.
Then in that year China simply invaded, and had has subjected the Uyghurs to a brutal suppression, actually to a SLOW MOTION GENOCIDE ever since.

Uyghurs have been jailed, sent to brutal labour camps and even executed simply for manifest their dissent against Chinese rule.

But unfortunately the whole world – SADLY AND SHAMEFULLY including the Muslim world – has chosen to totally ignore their pleas.

More in the next posts.


Wal Asri………truly,d world is coming to an end. I pray Allah give them the strength to withstand all they are making them go true


u chinese what did think about islam did u foget that u have d most scattered ppl in d world we will treate them exatly the way u treates our brothers so we are waiting to hear d reverse of ur action otherwise we will start campaigning against ur ppl.


Reblogged this on youngNomad and commented:
subhanALLAH…Allahuma nsur deenak..




Almighty ALLAH Know how to dealt with them best.


Allahu akbar….He will take care of His own


allahuakbar… everywhere my brothers and sisters are been oppressed by their own country!!!
>.< may ALLAH strike curse and bestow upon HIS wrath to those are oppressing HIS slave!! ameen ya rabb…!!


I thought China’s people r soo intelligent bt now i realized that they’re the most stupid people in the world. Shame shame!


CHINA will DEFINITELY taste the Wrath and Anger of Allah (SWT) in the shortest period Insha Allah, as long as they will stop Muslim brothers and sisters from fasting.
And it is one thing for a person to refuse to fast and another for one to be forced not to fast (in the later one receives his complete reward from Allah (SWT)).


If I told you an amazing tale about how to make money in a far off land, would you believe me or require some high-level of proof?

Christians do not ask for proof, they believe without checking!

They put hours into checking out real estate deals but minutes into checking out their after-life.


I think they want to taste the wrath of Almighty Allah


Hasbunallahu wa ni’imal wakeel.


When non-muslims are supposed to follow shariah in saudi arabia, why shouldnt muslims follow communist laws in china?


Non muslims are to respect the laws of the land in Saudi Arabia if not they may leave or they get deported. They are do as they please in the comfort of their own properties so i dont see the problem in that and in China what has the residents keeping fasts got to do with anything, how is the chinese muslims hurting anyone by keeping fasts?


nobody forces non muslims in saudi arabia to stop practicing their religion.. you moron


“Supposed” you said? that makes you unsure of what you are saying, or is it just your style of being definitive?
I m yet to hear, or read even from the biggest enemies of Islam, where non-muslims were forced to fast, in Saudi-arabia, during ramadan. and just so you know, there is a difference between mu’amalat and ibadat, (interactions and act of worship) Shari’a is flexible on muslim’s interaction with themselves and the non-muslims, but rigid to some extent on (ibadat) act of worship. china could have laws that apply to all its citezens irrespective of religion, on conduct and interraction with other groups or individuals, but fasting is a personal ibadat that doesnt constitute any nuisance of any kind to any individual or group, you cant even tell the difference between fasting and non-fasting persons, why then should it be of concern to the chinese communist authority?. Never heard of a law banning meditation or any budist religious activity in China,or a hindi activity in India, for no apparent good reason. for peace to reign, hate should not guide our thoughts and actions, Knowledge and reason should.


what sense do you think it makes anyways? Even we see in the owestern world, they encnourage people to eat less and be fit to become success so that they can attract the opposite sex or just be a show off. Fasting is something personal for each and every and is not imposed on everyonre, not to non muslims. Does it hurt for the non muslims to “know” or to “think” that muslims are starving, while they’re not fasting? The only people who speaks and cry louder when it comes to fasting are actually non muslims”


Saudi Arabia was never home for non muslims.


they dont forbid you to practise your religous rituals over there.. you can celebrate holi, diwali and other festivals why not ramadan


In ksa non muslims are not required to observe fasting. There is no compulsion. Some non muslims take fast on their own. According to communist ideology or any law framed any where in the world fasting is not prohibited. If it is in the name of health concern, eminent physicians have opined that fasting is good for health.


The problem here is that China has ILLEGALLY occupied the Islamic Republic of East Turkestan (PLEASE, don’t use the word Xinjiang, which means New Territory !!!) – and Tibet as well – since 1949.
The native Uyghurs of course have never accepted China’s occupation, and now are being punished in various ways, such as heavy restrictions on going to mosque, praying, fasting during Ramadan, and even going to Makkah for Haj.
More on this in my next post.


Assalamu Alaikum,

This is news to me. I never heard about this before. They never show this on TV.



becoz this was against Muslims,


Wa Salam

Eh no, dear Brother King Slave of Allah, in this case being Muslim is not the point.
The point here is that the Muslim world suffers from SELECTIVE INDIGNATION, being ready to react with extreme fury to the smallest (real or perceived) slight from America or Israel, but being totally silent if the slight – or Illegal occupation of Muslim lands, like in the Uyghur’s case – comes from China.

The prospect of fat business deals also plays a huge role, therefore nothing to do with the Uyghurs being Muslim, but everything to do with so called “Muslim countries” being extremely keen to curry favours with China.
So keen that these countries do all their best to ignore the Uyghurs’ plea: not only, but a matter of routine [these countries] forcibly deport Uyghur refugees to China to CERTAIN TORTURE and ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH.
This roll call of shame includes Pakistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Gulf Emirates ….
In Dubai’s case, it really made me sick to read that China is now Dubai’s largest trading partner!


but non-muslims are not forced to take part in fasting or prayers in Saudi Arabia


😦 Astaghfurullah…. May Allah Az wa Jal make things easier for the Muslim Ummah. Ameen Ya Rab.


we must do something for the oppressed Uyghurs.
We must make the discourse on the Uyghur Holocaust as mainstream as the one on Palestinian Nakbah.
Yesterday, while driving past the American Embassy in London, I saw a huge BOYCOTT ISRAEL Pro-Palestinian demostration.

We need similar things outside the Chinese Embassy.

We need a massive campaign to boycott everything Made in China, and start buying Made in Turkey or Made in Indonesia instead.
For instance, when you buy your gadget, do you spare a thought about the Uyghur Brother/Sister who has manufactured that gadget – or parts of – in condition of forced labour?
Or do you spare a thought for the Uyghur Sister who has been sold as sex slave to sweatshop Chinese workers?

Most of all, we must tell Muslim nations that their diplomatic relationships with a country that is the WORST ENEMY OF ISLAM IN HISTORY is simply unacceptable!


Allah Kareem Brother, Allah Kareem (Allah is Generous). May Allah Ta’aalah make things easier for the Muslim Nations. Before Yaum Al-Qiyamah (Day of Judgement) all the Muslim Nations will unite together again Insha’Allah.

//”Most of all, we must tell Muslim nations that their diplomatic relationships with a country that is the WORST ENEMY OF ISLAM IN HISTORY is simply unacceptable!”//…

Yes you’re right, we must tell them what they’re doing is wrong as Brothers and Sisters in Islam….but the thing is that, even if we tell them, you think they’ll listen??? they won’t listen, these days everyone wants to do what they wish, which means that they follow THEIR desires not which is right. EVERY Muslim Leader in EVERY Muslim Nation are scared of their seats, they don’t want to drop down from their position they are “enjoying” at the moment.

If EVERY Muslim Leader in EVERY Muslim Nation follow the Qur’aan and hold tight to the rope of Allah SWT, none can defeat them.

Allah Ta’aalah has mentioned clearly in the Holy Qur’aan in Surat-Al-Imraan: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”

Allah Ta’aalah has also mentioned clearly in Surat-Al-Hujuraat: “And if two factions among the believers should fight, then make settlement between the two. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah . And if it returns, then make settlement between them in justice and act justly. Indeed, Allah loves thosewho act justly.”


Therefore it is a clear statement that if every pious Muslim follow the orders of Allah Az Wa Jal no one can defeat him (the Muslim who fears Allah) even if the whole nation or world was against him he wont fear by the will of Allah.

Jazakallahkhair for your statement anyways Brother,…..although my statement are better and more clear than yours. And this is how a TRUE MUSLIM should speak.

Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah.


the very simple point that I was trying to make here is that we must demonize China as much as we demonize America and Israel, and that we must give publicity to the plight of the Uyghurs as much as we give publicity to the plight of the Palestinians.

PS: I have no desire to get into any competition to see whose statements are clearer.


can you please stop beating about the bush and focus on the REAL point?
Also, how can the Uyghurs follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah if China does not allow them (or puts tons of restrictions in place) to practice Islam as a form of collective punishment?


What I am saying IS the true point and whether you like it or not it’s the truth. And what I AM trying to say is that there is no need to fuss about what is happening now, we all know that Muslims are weak at the moment, and we also know that Insha’Allah WE Muslims will defeat the Disbelievers Insha’Allah. And that is a clear and obvious view of what is going on to Muslims at the moment. And yeah I know, it’s not a competition I am just saying that MY statement is better than yours. And I know you don’t like what I’m saying coz you might think I am showing off, but I’m just expressing MY opinion. Coz all your explanations are about politics. Are we talking about Islam or politics here?…While on the other hand MY statements are pretty clear and straight forward. And I don’t want to cause an argument about it. I just want to make it understandable and straight forward to you. Salaam.


Excuse me!
Who is talking about politics?
I am simply taking the side of an oppressed Muslim population here.
Either you support the Uyghurs’ struggle for freedom [from brutal occupation by an ATHEIST regime] or not.
Either you support the right of the Islamic Republic of East Turkestan to be free and independent once again or not.
End of.


Excuse your self brother,

I have no idea what ur talking about…the “Uyghurs”, “East Turkestan” (You mean Turkmenistan not “Turkestan”)…….aren’t these all are politics???….that’s right, they are!……whatsoever I DO NOT support either side. So get ur facts right.
End of.


AsSalamu Alaykum dear Brothers and Sisters

There is a statement from the message above

// I DO NOT support either side

that translates into something like “The Chinese Communist kuffar can go on occupying illegally MUslim lands, persecute innocent Muslims, bar them from fasting during Ramadan, from going to Masjid, from doing Haj in Makkah and from practicing Islam, and I CON’T CARE.”

No self-respecting Muslim would and should ever make such a statement – and I don’t know if it was made just in order to annoy me or if there is some more sinister (pro China?) behind it.

Prophet Muhammad (SWT) once said that “Believers should be each other’s building blocks”, that is, they should support each other, especially if some of them are prevented by the kuffar from practicing their religion.
This is the case with the Uyghurs, as it is with the Palestinians and with the Kashmiris and the Chechens.

I conclude by saying that a simple Google search will clarify the difference between “Turkmenistan” and “East Turkestan”.


Wa Alaikum As-Salaam “Smart Alec” Brother,

Congratulations for your message… it’s my turn,

Salaam Alaikum my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

The “Smart Alec” Brother above states in his comment…

//”Prophet Muhammad (SWT)”//……… The Prophet (peace be upon him) is NOT Glorified, nor is he Exalted, he is recognised as peace be upon him, in Arabic SAW(Sallallah Alaihi Wa Sallam) But if you are mentioning the name of ALLAH, then it is SWT(Subhanaha Wa Ta’aalah), which means the Glorified, the Exalted.

Looks like somone tries to spread the message smart when he’s actually not.

Listen up alec, you try to act smart, I can too…..
End of. No Comment.

Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah. May Allah Ta’aalah increase you in knowledge which is more necessary what you have now at the moment, and which will benefit. It has been great discussing with you. Jazakallahkhair Brother.


dont fight… if anyone didn’t liked.. ignore it.!

my msg is for both!


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