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Need Your Support

Posted on: August 9, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Need Your Support

Assalam Alaykum Brother and Sisters In Islam and friends,

How are you all of you ? Alhamdulilah im fine by Allah mercy.

Today im here to ask your little support like before… for the sake of Allah swt.

from last 2 years we renew our space on server  with contribution from few brother and sisters in Islam.You were able to download Quran,lectures,pdfs…but now Downloading of  Quran,pdfs,Mp3 lectures is stoped.

Again We have Re-register Our Server space,so we have to pay again,amount is big,so please give me your hands and make my hand stronger.

Every day Islam haters are  coming with concepts to abuse and how to STOP ISLAM.they shamelessly spread lies against Our Lord,islam,muhammad s.a.w and spread lies.

We as Muslims need to work even harder to let people know the truth of Islam and expose their lies.We have to stand and utilize technologies to get more strength. we need your help.We need your contribution to this project.

Donate towards our work and support our cause.

You can donate via PAYPAL,Bank Transfer or Western Union.

And i think i dont have to inform everyone about the rewards of spending in Allah’s cause,indeed every person who ever will use contents from site,you will get rewarded for this.

may Allah help me in these works and reward those who support us,
May Allah save me from falling in riba,

slave of Allah

if anyone want to know what we have done,and growth of this site,then do let me,know…i will love to share with everyone.



DONT GIVE ME FALSE HOPES (many says they will help , and ask inf,when i send then they never come back)


It is said spend in charity when someone really need it,even prophet also said

The Prophet also said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589

so,do on time,we have 1 month …we r in grace period,in this they will keep our date,after 1 month,they will remove it.

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99 Responses to "Need Your Support"

Dear Brother, AAslamu wa laikum, Please send me the detail to get some reward if u accept my help, please give me the detail for the help on my mail id. Jazak allah Khair…..


I Replied to you brother…there is no reply from you!


Very true if the kings cares.


Yeah man, this guy replied to ya, but no reply from you!…

Cheers sweet bros 😉


A.aleikum brother please send me the details how I can help or pay.and how much I can pay. I couldn’t find out the amount j’kheir for your efforts inn shaa Allah your not missing any rewards from that… A.aleikum


Islam forever and ever


Asalamualaikum! Please tell
Me how I can help please. And can I see the site that you are working on. Please provide the link. Jazakallahu khyr.


Dear Brother, Please email or inbox all details. I really want to help. May Allah (Subhan Wa Taala) reward you and give you strength to continue your work.




Google must remove the Vedio against Our PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) . Islam is the Peacefull Religion and does not Allow do Attack on religion and properties….infact it teach us for the brotherhood and humanity


Our Islam is the only true religion, that’s why some people hate it. However the film producer Nakoula wasn’t sent or sponsored by the USA govt. He is just a mere criminal, failure and loser. Its only the COURTS which had to order removal of the film from YOUTUBE, HOWEVER NON OF us (Muslims) filed a case against him in the courts.


Assalaamu aleikum,
It maybe would be a better idea to have a “support” button at the top of this site with details for payment. I want to donate but need deatils like IBAN and SWIFT code insha Allah.


Wsalam sister,

actually im not all time collector sis, i do it yearly to renew the web space accounts,

so,when it required then only i ask ,

Well,i will send the codes,

but confirm me, once more… im tired from unfulfilled promises…

so,please reply this, i will send info in ur email in few mints..!


forgive me,if im looking like rude..from 1 server out 100+ gb data got deleted due to false promises,so im quite upset!


Assalaamu aleikum, no problem. I just if you collect whole year and mention the purpose of why you are collecting maybe by the time the year is over, you will have enough. maybe even set up a counter to show how much is still needed and how much time is left… Just a thought. I really want to help .Please send me email with info and I wil transfer asap. Please also put in email how much you need. I’ll see insha Allah what I can do.
barak Allahu feek
Wa assalaamu aleikum



// I just if you collect whole year and mention the purpose of why you are collecting maybe by the time the year is over, you will have enough. maybe even set up a counter to show how much is still needed and how much time is left… Just a thought.//

No,your thought is right sister,another sis too suggested me same thing..

Actually,I tried to Submit it for the adds,earn by showing adds…

this site have 7+ crore expression monthly and 1 lakh+ weakly…in all condition our site was on top…BUT THEY REJECTED TO GIVE ADDS,BECOZ ITS ISLAMIC WEBSITE. 😦

I also started 2 image related to help this blog,but those sites are very new..hope they will help me from next year.. InshahAllah.

ok,i trust you,sending details in email..

JazakAllah khair foe coming forward,
specially on today.. i was in bad mood,due to closeup of 1 account, now again hundred of hrs we have to spend to upload data.. anyways.. thank you so much..

without any dough ,InshahAllah Almighty will reward u..


Assalaamu aleikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhuh
Sad for the people of the adds… 😦
But I mainly see it as a test for our Ummah, to see how united we actually are and how eager to spread knowledge.
The one who makes a promise and does not fullfill… well it’s their loss I guess. But I do understand BIG TIME how frustrated you must be at this point. Sadly, I see this a lot.

may Allah bless you for your work and efforts, amien


yes,but u r right.. actually they don;t want to help muslims ans give them growth.

Well,Testing for ummah is going on and very exam will come… im not joking..


i don;t know,what will happen !

just make duas for muslim all over world, and for all good people of another religion..

i sent my details in ur email..

thank you!


How would I send you the money??


Assalam Alaykum,

I can receive via paypal,bank,or Western Union.

you choose which one is easy for you ! and let me know,i will send details according to that!


Brother please email your bank details and email address to send the funds, I will forward your email to my friends for furthur support. Can you receive email money?
INSHALLAH I will send as soon as I get your email.

For all other brothers, I can donate a larger sum but I’d like to leave for others to avail this opportunity of sawab. This is also sadiqa-e-jariya as the more people will read quran, benefit from the website or just read a hadith or any quranic verse posted in here, you will beneifit from it.

Jazak Allah


I replied in ur email,if not available then chk spam folder pls ! and reply me.. if u don;t want to help,then also pls reply me, i dont want false hopes…


To speak & act against ISLAM is comlitely bad.


asalamualikum sir please tell how to donate ??? gv details about paypal nd bank



im not sir,call me just brother… i will send both details..!


Wsalam ,

I sent details. if you cant see my email…then chk spam folder!

I hope to get ur support,



dont you think,its ur responsiblity to chk if you asked something from some 1 ?

now. kindly don;t send money. as tonight i will lose 1 server account… and another one in coming 2 days..and DON;T WANT TO SIT IN FALSE HOPES..!


asalamualikum sir please tell how to donate ???


I replied in ur email,if not available then chk spam folder pls ! and reply me.


Assalam Alaykum Brother and sisters,

before leaving cmnts,please think 1 more time;… weather u want to help or not.. the money is spent on dawah purpose not 4 my self.

if you r serious,then leave reply,dont keep me false hopes..!

JazakAllah khair for coming forward!

May Allah send me those who can really help,in place of giving false hopes,


How do i donate pls?


that you have to tell me bro…i can receive via bank,paypal and Western Union.


Give me ur bank details please at my email




May Allah bestow his blessings upon you all …..
May HE show you the right path ….
Someday you might realize that you missed something you had right infront of you but i swear man at that time it’ll be too late and you’ll be left with nothing but regrets . You want to know about Islam just read it once don’t fall on speaking to a scholar or whatsoever .You know their is this muslim brother ,Sammi Yusuff , He was a christian .He said ” I was used to seek about Why muslims say Islam to be the best and Why am I always told by some Muslim fellow to read Quran once ..” He said ” I was told by many that ALLAH (GOD) may show you HIS sign ” ..He said that intrigued him so well that one day he blew some candles around his room ,opened his window and sat at the corner ,with whole perfect environment , and started reading it from the middle …. He said I went through some verses and looked up watching curiously for a sign ,reading Quran along , He said , the very next verse said ” AND YET THOSE WHO LOOK FOR SIGNS .HAVEN’T I SHOWN YOU ALREADY .LOOK AT THE STARS ..LOOK AT THE MOON ” ..He said thats when a tear fell through my eye without me knowing and that was the time when he decided to convert to Islam .I guess his parents are still Christians. So my point is that Islam is the best options anybody in this world have . Islam is the best . We Muslims believe in ALLAH so passionately that none of us has ever seen HIM but yet we believe without any doubt that HE’s is up there watching us all the time . Bottom line if you don’t believe in HIM .HE surely don’t care about you either, but believe me their is still time to realize this that HE is the one who sent you to this world and one day he’ll call you back too . The only difference is that when you came you were a child and when HE’s gonna call you , you’ll never know it .So i pray for you that Allah may show you the right path may you realise that Islam only love , care , peace , brotherhood , rights and many … their is no room for sinister in it ..


Dear send me details of Paypal……


Hy all!! I llz dnt make pages against ALLAH ok


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