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Indian Muslim Girl was forced to remove HIJAB

Posted on: August 9, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Indian Muslim Girl was forced to remove HIJAB

Indian Girl was asked to remove HiJAB , or meeting with kalam ?

Date I received in my email : 30th July 2012

Today A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the former president of India, visited the St.Ann’s College for Women in Hyderabad . Girls were ecstatic, elated and budding with excitement, even just to have a glimpse of this remarkable personality. But today my respect for my country and it’s leaders have lowered a bit, “A BIT” I say.

I woke up with much difficulty this morning cos I had woken up for Suhoor(pre-fast meal) just two hours back. But the excitement made me jump out of my bed and rush to the college for the former President’s visit arrangements at the college. I was one of the volunteers in the programme and was going to coordinate the “Interaction session”. Tension, joy and extreme frenzy were the mixed emotions going on through me.

I reach the college and practice the session a few times. Just as me and my friend were exchanging gags and chatter, one of my teacher comes to me and whispers “Uzma, you might like the idea of removing your scarf”. I was confused. I asked her, “Why, ma’am?”. She replied, “Security reasons.”

An unknown feeling pulled me in. Maybe she recognised that look on my face and she just went. And then some other teachers came up to convince me into removing my scarf. I apologetically refused each time someone came and asked me to do it. I was slowly sinking in. When persuaded intensly, I became rigid. Refused, debated my way out of their requests to “cooperate” with the security conditions. Some of the teachers said, “We had already informed the students about the security conditions.

The conditions were, they said, NO BURQAS AND SCARVES ALLOWED. 

As the teachers discarded me and my friend from volunteering (and replaced us with other girls), and asked us to sit back amidst the audience, a feeling of extreme pain hit me like a bolt. The image of a secular India blurred in the cloud of my tears. A thousand questions arose, a hundred protests, but I pressed them into silent tears.

You must be thinking now, why would a mere request to remove a scarf hurt someone so much? And why would I show so much of rigidity in keeping it on my head. Here’s how.

I, before this day, considered myself as a proud and free citizen of a democratic, socialist, secular and a liberal India. Today my pride has weakened a bit, a little disturbed and shaky. I question. Why would the former President of a secular country, include in his security conditions, the need to remove a harmless piece of cloth, an identity, from a woman? Burqa and scarf were briefly being mentioned as if they were AK47s and Grenades. Why? Why would an innocent scarf on a girl’s head, be considered as AGAINST somebody’s security? I would take this day, as an insult.

At the end of the day, all I know is. Many of the girls of my college were deprived of meeting their country’s former President because they chose Burqa over his security. I and my friend were deprived of being a volunteer because we were wearing a scarf. Isn’t this enough to hurt the sentiments of a religion?

All I wanted was, to be allowed to PRACTICE MY RELIGION FREELY AND PROUDLY. Why isn’t my commitment to my religion being RESPECTED in my own country? Today they asked me to compromise with my Hijab for a mere function, tomorrow these people will ask me to compromise with it for someone else’s “SECURITY”. My scarf isn’t a switch that I turn it on and off according to people’s convenience. My identity, my Hijab isn’t for the people. It is for myself, for my Lord.

Well, if India boasts to be a secular state, then it’s time, people of India start acting secular. Cos this isnt secular enough for me.

I never mean to hurt anybody’s feelings through this article. It is just plain me, asking plain questions for plain answers. Thank You.

 —Uzma Tahreem

Admin Comments :

Well,this information  not a surprize 2 me  that in India peoples are doing this… Wel,the fact is Indian community became advance these days. they lost to respect Good womens.

When a Community will accept PORN STARS AND PROSTITUTES AND WILL PROMOTE THEN YOU SUCH ACTS. What will happen when a community will accept PORN STAR TO BE IDOL PERSON.

Im unable to understand What a Porn Star / Prostitute will Inspire others ?

Once India was known as “Land of Gods” ,now its turning in to “Land of PORN Stars and Prostitutes”

I tried to stand against this issues,but sadly i was having very small supporters.

May Allah save our youth and future generation from such fitna,


and Sister Uzma ,

I want to say :

please don”t sad,Believe me , 1.68 billion muslims are proud of you. 

atlst Im very proud of you!

Love you for the sake of Allah,

May he shower his mercy and forgiveness on you all time,


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18 Responses to "Indian Muslim Girl was forced to remove HIJAB"

Aqal hai teri sipar Ishq hai shamsheer teri
Mere darwesh Khilafat hai jahangeer teri

Masiwa Allah ke liye aag hai takbeer teri
Tu musalmaan hai to Taqdeer hai tadbeer teri

Ki Mohammed se wafa tu ne to hum tere hain,
Yeh jahan cheez hai kya, lauh-o-qalam tere hain.

Great Uzma..


UZMA…when i read dis u make me n defintly all d muslims (d 1 who knw d imp of hijab)proud….INSHALLAH ALLAH wil giv u d best of rewards…n thnk u soo much fr encouragin me wd dis article…MAY ALLAH BLESS U..N i WISH to meet U If not in dis material world den INSHALLAH in D JANNAH…:)…ASSALAMUALAIKUM…:)


Sister uzma. we are proud of you. May ur Eemaan remain steadfast always.


MASHALLAH, I am proud of you ,uzma keep it up ,haq par rehne walon k sath ALLAH hai ,aur woh tamam log jo ALLAH se mohabbat karte hain,jazakallah
Asra { karachi }


MASHALLAH, I am proud of you, uzma keep it up ,haq par datty raho tumhare sath ALLAH hai ,aur woh tamam log jo ALLAH se mohabbat karte hain .jazakallah .

asra anwar.
{ karachi }


Masha ALLAH; I would like to know how many women were there with their catholic dignity resembling a hijab in the convent?




This reminds the words of famous Muslim INdian Leader, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad-‘I am proud to be Indian but not ashmed of being A Muslim”.
May Allah guide us to seeratul mustqim. Ameen


since india is not an islamic country, what is wrong in imposing secular laws on muslims?


This is very illegal and the infringing on the right of those girls any kudos to the girls


Hello my sister.
Very very sad. I did not know things like this were going on in India. There are a lot of Muslims in India i thought they all had freedom of religion. I am an Afghan my self and i really like India and Indian people but this lowers my respect toward Indian leadership.

Don’t be sad i am proud of you. This is what happens everywhere or almost everywhere. They banned Hijjab in France. If you want to wear Hijjab they you must pay and they did the same in Philippines. They banned hijjab and scarves in their colleges.

Keep in mind that they will never leave us alone. They will never leave us alone and stay in peace anywhere. But you are an Indian and and you live in your own country and things like this happens. Makes me feel sad.
But me and my family we are proud of you. You have made Muslims proud.

May Allah shower his mercy and forgiveness on you all time. (Ameen)


Jazakallah Khair brother. Your encouragement means a lot.


Maasha Allah.


Ameen, Ameen Ya Rab Al-Alameen. May Allah SWT make things easier for sister Uzma Tahreem, and for Jamee’ Al-Muslimeen (All Muslims) around the world. Ameen. Jazakallahkhair for the beautiful message. I’m also very proud of you, dear sister. As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah*, Ramadhaan Mubarak/Kareem* 🙂 😉 😀


The world & the thoughts of people have changed a lot, or we can say “materialistic”. I can only pray for all of us (muslim ummah). we have become hostage to the modern world/society.
May Allah Ta’allah save us all. Ameen.


Jazakallah Khair brother. Your encouragement means a lot.


Sister uzma I say jazaka Allahu khairan. Am proud of you.


Jazakallah Khair brother. Your encouragement means a lot.


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