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70, 000 Italians converted to Islam, Ucoi :: News

Posted on: May 6, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

70, 000 Italians converted to Islam, Ucoi

(AGI) Rome – According to Ucoi (the Union of Islamic communities in Italy) about 70,000 Italians converted to Islam, a real boom of conversions heightened by the crisis of values but also by the economic crisis in Italy, as Elzir Izzedine commented during the Youtube programme KlausCondicio, by the anchorman Klaus Davi, who is carrying out a report on the Italians espousing Islam. Ucoi made known a few data: 70 thousand Italians converted to Islam and what strikes most is the high number of Italians contacting Mosques to study Islam.

  “It is an absolutely positive fact”, Izzedine commented. “If you consider that there are already 150,000 Muslims with Italian citizenship and one million resident Muslims, you can understand that it is an unprecented boom” . .


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57 Responses to "70, 000 Italians converted to Islam, Ucoi :: News"

My name is David. I am a Muslim from US. it’s a great news 70,000 Italian Converts, but I would like to read this news from a reliable source or non Muslim Source. can you give me the link of non-Muslim source of this news?


Assalamu ALaykum brother David,

i already mentioned the link as source….this was in french language,i can;t remember properly…

if the link is not working,then copy source link and search in google.

you will get links to chk news.

hope this will help u in some way.



Dear Sir,

why don’t you put few more zeros on the right side too…it does matter…who cares.

You are the same people, who said Michel Jackon, Neil Amstrong and Sunita Williams may other famous western personalities converted to ISLAM…arn’t you…hope you realised that people are not fools as you think..these things won’t work now. Try some better ideas…


Mashallah…Alhamdulillah 🙂


What about thousands that rejected islam to christianity every day?…..


atlst its not everyday… how ever about few converts whose videos generally christians share with peoples… are exposed here…

are you talking about them ?

If You want more,I can give u more…!



every click clock thousands of christian becoms to muslim , while any far years one or not muslim convert to christian!


Propaganda machine..will not work.


ISLAM STANDs with truth not lies… We Expose Christians Propaganda ,We don;t create it…


@ALDO,u dont even know what u are saying and i think u are sick my friend


The only sick peaple on this planet are idiotic, believe in anything brainwashed muslims mate.
I am sick, I have a heart valve from a pig. (Pig 1, allah 0)


Hey, hey, hey…… what you dare say……… really are a sick person…………Hasbiallah Wa Na’malwakeel…………IT’S ALLAH SWT THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU!!! what made you bring about our Lord ha??? the person you replied to just said your sick….why did you need to bring about our Lord Allah SWT??? r u mad?

By the way, having said this, I should also point out that the only sick, foolish, idiotic people like YOU on this planet are those Kuffaars (Disbelievers),……..and yeah you really are sick, so why dont you go see a doctor before you start posting more sicker comments! 😡 May Allah SWT guide you to the right path.Ameen


Oh dear I am so upset at your comments.
Prove to me there is a lord & I will shut up. If not prove to me anything that is in the hadiths!!
Young lady, you are beyond rdemption. I suggest you read a book by Hersi Ali, (an ex muslim) and see how wonderful your cult is.
Today I saw a programme where a muslim father killed his 2 daughters because that had become “too westernised”.
His family said it was an “honour killing”.
Looks like murder is “honourable” in islam. (and don’t come back to me that other religions have honour killings.) That is true but more than 90% of honour killings are muslims.


Murder is definitely NOT honourable in Islam………Islam is a religion of peace not murder, and obviously i cant prove to you there is a Lord but you should think yourself…… much for your “older than” and “wiser than”…if ur wise you should think, who created you?, who sustains you?, who made rain come from the sky to produce the land with crops in different types of colours? etc. shall i go on?…….surely because of those simple questions you should know if there is a Lord or not.




Inshallah Brother!…and Jazakallahkhair for the Ayah and for putting the Surah and Ayah number, Jazakallahukhairan so much! May Allah Ta’aalah reward you my brother! 😉


Jazakallahukhairan, Barakallahfeek 😉


As an italian this is the biggest load of bullshit and lies I have ever heard.
Where do you get this bullshit from??
You are probably counting the muslims that went to Italy to get away from their oppressed homelands.
How about letting us know how many have left islam, or are you too scared of the real truth.
When are you clowns going to realise that MILLIONS worldwide are leaving the cult of islam!!!


NO! we dont!…….. we didnt get those figures because your opinions are nothing but lies!………and whether you like it or not this story “70,000 Italians converted to Islam” is the truth! so shame on you! …………now dont go off at me OK? ………… I’m just CORRECTING you so no need with the harsh feelings………. 😛


Hey Maryam,

Did you notice that the info came from a muslim group?
As we all know by now muslims will say anything to make brainwashed muslim morons to think they have the best religion on this planet so that they don’t stray or think for themselves.
They keep saying muslims did not do 9/11 (even after Bin Laden claimed responsibility), or 7/7 (in UK) or Bali bombings and THOUSANDS of other atrocities (beheadings , kidnapping, stonings etc stc).
Believe me, a true Italians would never follow a crap faith like pisslam because they love their wine and pork products too much, they love Christams and new year celebrations, They love Easter and love to laugh and sing (just to name a couple of things).
The only Italians that would go to mosques are the ones that left their crap islamic countries for a better life in Italy.
By the way I do not have harsh feelings and do not tell lies.( If you think I am lying please prove it.)


Yeah right…………blah, blah…………….like as if i needed to know that much of your filthy comments………….dont explain to me what and how you Italians like or do, because I dont care…… yeah…..just get your facts right next time SIR……..coz i dont wanna be rude to ya 😛


“Don’t want to be rude” Bit late for that isn’t it??


Nop! 😛


Sister Maryam,

Assalamu alaikkum (var)…..

What is the necessity to reply for such comments? Are We answerable for these peoples before our Lord?

See….if he dies as a disbeliever( Allah knows), what is the use to fight with him? whatever we say, he wont accept….

There is more & more to learn about islam…..plz dont spend your time in posting such comments….

Are We prepared for the Day of Judgement? Are We able to please our Lord? Just think about it & act upon it….

Hope you got my point…..if its sounds anything harshly, forgive for the sake of Allah….Remember me in your duas


Wa Alaikum Assalaam Sister Ayishah Nuroolah,

Yes Sister………………Jazakallahkhair so much for ur reply……….i loved it…..i know what im doing is wrong……………and yes its true what u said…Jazakallahkhair and i will surely remember u in my duas…….and pls remember me…….pls make dua for me in every salah u perform and i will do the same Inshallah…….Jazakallahkhair sis and Inshallah i wont reply to him again and Inshallah i will think and act upon what u said….Inshallah Salaam Sister 🙂 .. 😉


Alhamdulillah….very thanks sister…try to fulfill your statement…Read the life history of our beloved Prophet (SAW) (am suggesting you “Al-Raheeq al-Maqthoom”, the authenticated life history of our prophet(saw)& also read the life history of his companions(RA)…..We can find perfect role models in them & we will know insha allah, how to live our life by pleasing Allah & his Messenger(SAW)….the best gift from Allah to his slave is, giving more knowledge in his deen…

So plz do spend most of your time in acquiring knowledge & insha allah this will help you to please our lord, our prophet(saw) & will help you to enter in jannah…

And one more thing sister….plz be very clear…just argumenting with the non muslims will not give Allah’s satisfaction….but rather, not only by name sake muslim orelse just by following the obligatory things as a duty, We should truly love Allah & his Messenger(SAW) more than anything , more than our life…..& that love should reflect on knowing about what Allah commands his slaves in his Book, what Prophet (SAW) sayings in the Hadiths, how our Prophet (SAW) tolerated the disbelievers, how he was so patient, how he lead a life of proverty eventhough being the most beloved one for the Lord of the Worlds….

If we came to know all these mentioned things, our vision towards this world will be more different….our only mindset will be to please Allah & his Messenger(SAW) & we will continue to acquire more & more knowledge about the deen which will lead us in the straight path…..

Insha allah i ll surely do remember you & all other muslims in my duas…..:-)


Mashallah sister…..i loved ur comments so much….Jazakallahkhair for telling me the right thing….ur a very good girl….this is what sisters in Islam should do for each other…..Jazakallahkhair so much and i will surely remember u in by supplications (duas) and i hope to see each other in the aakhira (hereafter)….pls continue to make dua for me sister and i will do the same for u….i really, really, really loooooved ur comments….subhanallah this may be an order from Allah SWT for me to stop doing it, and i know i should stop and i will Inshallah…Alhamdulillah 🙂 i love u sister 😀 …Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullahi Barakatuh sister and Jazakallahkhair for ur lovely comment…i loved it so much.


Mashallah Sister…………..Jazakallahkhair so much for ur comments…i loved it so much….Jazakallahkhair for telling me and reminding me to do the right thing…may Allah SWT reward u dear sister….loved ur comments so much…and i will surely remember u too in my supplications (duas) and i hope to see each other in the hereafter (aakhira)…..Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah sister and i really, really, really looooved ur comments and replies…i read every single word….i really appreciated it….i love u sister…so much….Salaam* 🙂 .. 😉


Mashallah Sister…………..Jazakallahkhair for ur comments and ur replies….i loved it and i appreciated it so much….Subhanallah ur comment was very lovely Mashallah it touched my heart….Jazakallahkhair may Allah SWT reward u sister dear…everything u said is so true and i loved it so much i wish i can feel like i want to cry 😦 …i hope to see each other in the hereafter (aakhira)…..this maybe also and order from Allah SWT to remind me to stop replying to such things that are definitely not necessary….and yes its true what u said, we have to prepare ourselves for the next life Inshallah in order for Allah SWT to be pleased with us…..Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah Sister Ayishah Noorullah, and i love u so much sister 😀 …Salaam * Sister dear…. and Alhamdulillahi Rab Al-Alameen*** 🙂 .. 😉


Wa alaikkumussalam warahmathullahi wabarkaathuhu….

Me too love you dear sister…..:-) much pleasing to see your comments….eventhough we advice, many will reject very casually,,,,,but you accepted & you are a special one….

On the day of judgement, even our eyes, our ears & even our skins will testify against us & will say what an all we did in this world….& our every actions,deeds good & bad are notable by the noble angels Kiraaman kaathibeen…..

Just refer these verses…..
“Until, when they reach it, their hearing and their eyes and their skins will testify against them of what they used to do.

And they will say to their skins, “Why have you testified against us?” They will say, “We were made to speak by Allah , who has made everything speak; and He created you the first time, and to Him you are returned.”
Al~Qur’an (41:20,21)

“And indeed, [appointed] over you are keepers,

Noble and recording;

They know whatever you do.”
Al~Qur’an (82:10-12)

Got it sister?
Move towards Allah…move towards his deen…..verily our return is unto him & verily we will be ask about each & every deeds we did……….


Mashallah habeeebati…………….ur a special one too…..May Allah SWT make us see each other in aakhirah Inshallah……Jazakalahkhair for the Qur’aanic verses… it’s lovely my sister dear…Salaam* 😀


And yes sister dear….I’ve got it 😉 …I understand 🙂 ummwaah*!


Sister Maryam,

Hmmm insha allah we ll meet…..:-)

Usually you will say only salaam right? that is not the way of saying salaam….. say ‘Assalamu alaikkum’ fully..if you say like that, you will earn rewards…. saying salaam simply means peace….why should we say just peace?:-)


yeah….i know….i usually say it as in a short way of saying it….and yes its correct, Salaam just means peace, and as for As-Salaam Alaikum obviously means peace be upon you/all of you. Inshallah sister 🙂 .. 😉 As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah 😀 ….Jazakallahkhair habeebati.


Wa alaikkumussalam warahmathullahi wabarakhathuhu….

/ yeah….i know….i usually say it as in a short way of saying it……/.

Salam is not the shortest way of saying & this way of saying is no more in Islam….Assalamu alaikkum is the shortest way….& Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakhathuhu is the complete way of saying salam…..


Ok….Jazakallahkhair my sister for correcting me…………As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah Habeebti 🙂


Wa alaikkumussalam warahmathullahi wabarakhathuhu….


Sorry Sister Ayishah Noorullah……I want to ask you a quick and interesting question…………..Are you a Sheikha (Female Religious Scholar)?….I want to ask you because I loved the way how you gave me many Qur’aanic Verses when you were explaining to me, and I thought you knew them all by heart….If you are, then Mashallah habeebti!! 😀 I wish to become like you Inshallah!…..I love you sooo much Sister Ayishah Noorullah and As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah 😉 .. 🙂 .. 😛 .. 😀


Wa alaikkumussalam warahmathullahi wabarakhathuhu…..

Plz dont think me too high Sister… not a Scholar nor a Hafil…..Just am having very few but clear understandings about islam…..
I love to recite & hear the recitation of the noble qur’an often…dua for me to become a hafil soon…


One more thing sis….dont praise anyone too much…..Allah only knows the piety people……


Inshallah Sister….I will surely make Du’a for you Inshallah…but what is a Hafil? does it also mean Sheikh (Scholar)?


One who memorizes the Noble Qur’an is called as “Hafil”


Religious Scholar means “Aalim”……(i.e) one who knows about the Fiqh( islamic jurisprudence) , hadiths ,Quran tafsir & the life history of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) & his companions(RA), the Arabic grammer , and so on…..


Mashallah…………..Jazakallahkhair sis……………pls make Du’a for me too,…so I can also become a Sheikha and Haafil 🙂 and I will do the same for you….Inshallah, As-Salaam Alaikum Sister, May Allah Ta’aala reward you 😉


Wa alaikkumussalam wa rahmathullahi wa barakhathuhu…..

Insha allah i will surely dua for you sister…..


Jazakallahkhair sister 🙂 … I love you sister, Jazakallakhair 😀 …every salah I perform I’ll make Du’a for you Inshallah…Jazakallahkhair sister I love you so much 🙂


Wallahu Yutimmu Nuuruhuu Walaw Karihal Kaafiruun! Sadaqallahul Azeeeem!


Mashallah Brother 😉 what surah does that ayah come from? Jazakallahkhair 🙂


This verse is from Surah Saff (61:8)


Jazakallahkhair Sister! 🙂


Its not “Yuthimmu” brother…its “Mutimmu”


Hamdan Kathiran Dayyaban Mubarakan Fih


Allahu Akbar


Mashallah……………Alhamdulillah 😀


Islam IS truth and they Only way. These people entering Islam is only a further proof that Allah IS merciful and wants more people in Paradise. His Mercy over shadows His Wrath. Alhamdulilah I am a Muslim by Allah’s leave.


masha allah.


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