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Allah Miracle in Camel :: Fake Islamic Miracle Exposed

Posted on: March 27, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Allah Miracle in Camel :: Fake Islamic Miracle Exposed 

Assalam Alaykum Brother and sisters in Islam and Dear friends,

Well,so Many days  today im going to show you and SPECIALLY KNOWLEDGE of person who created this image and spreading all over to abuse Islam and fools and trick Muslims by claiming that Its True Miracle of Allah happens in Hajj.

There are many miracle picture are online on Internet and 90% of them false or Fake Miracles .  I request you to never trust story of those images until you verify it.

One of the Most Important thing is , If its in any Islamic blogs or Islamic websites , don’t trust. i know webmaster are not serious in this matter.but if you know webmaster ,know that person is truthful he verify all things, then you can trust,else dont do.  how ever 10 % still be true Miracle.

The Most Important thing is Why Many Muslim look for miracle..Is not this miracle that after every night day comes,the growth of plants ? how a seed turn in to full tree and Most Important Holy Quran itself is Miracle and contains many miraculous things. those who trust such images,i request please top from today,those who have done , take little hug from me.[tight hug] don’t worry i will not crush your bones :P.

For those who share anything general or any thing related to religion or general things MUST VERIFY THINGS else you will be responsible for spreading lies.

I Know some brother and sisters may think  even if you shared a lie then you will be forgiven by saying Allah swt that  you were not knowing truth,by mistake you did it. if such thoughts came in ur mind , let me tell you, WARN YOU its not you but shaitan is deceiving by his whispers by saying dont take care ,you will forgiven . if you accepted these thoughts  then also after reading this Article you will some lies ,which didn’t verified it this is know “Self Justification”. one of the best trick of shaitan . [i recommend everyone,who is reading this article , must read “Self Justification” , im not saying for myself, its your life,you take care of ur life ,so please read it.]

If you think why Allah will punish you ,even if you did;t know , the reason is he already WARNED ALL OF US ABOUT THIS IN HOLY QURAN (Ch : 17 : verse 36 )


And follow not (O man i.e., say not, or do not or witness not, etc.) that of which you have no knowledge (e.g. one’s saying: “I have seen,” while in fact he has not seen, or “I have heard,” while he has not heard). Verily! The hearing, and the sight, and the heart, of each of those you will be questioned (by Allah).

Muhsin Khan

Quran : 17:36

I Hope these will make you follow these instruction perfectly. Lets move to Miracle  and i’m sorry you didn’t liked discussing above  points,this made this tittle bit long than normal.

Miracle : Claim :

“Showing in Camel’s tongue there is picture of Muhammad ”

[yes i know,no need to laugh]

The Miracle Picture  :

I worked on this and looked for truth…so that i can present truth infront of you !

they create plans and things to abuse and proove that islam is fake. but they forget that “Allah is the best planner” .

Picture 2 : by using fake picture,he asking people that Islam proof ?

Picture Analysis :

Now,Lets See what these pictures are saying ? What is Shown in  Camels Tongue,ok  below is actual shot.I’m using Computer Software known as Photo shop and using Zoom Tool  to see what is there .

Actual Shot !

Fake Camel miracle ZOOM = 100%

zoom 200

ZOOM 300%

fake miracle zoom 500 %

Now See with Animation :  you will see few dots line

IN animation !

Now Left Side Image :

Side Image !

Fake claimed Miracle of Allah Exposed

Fake claimed Miracle of Allah swt Exposed

So,Mr Fake Miracle Creator  : WHOSE PICTURE IS THIS ? MUHAMMAD ?

Conclusion :

The Creator of this fake miracle have many problem,few mistakes .he publish articles against Islam and prophet Muhammad s.a.w and shows that he know lot about Islam but these claimed fake miracle pics give us info that he don;t know any basic thing. he don;t know that THERE IS NO FACE OF MUHAMMAD s.a.w In Islam, im sure he tough he must be like Jesus whose images Christians use,very basic knowledge but this expert don;t know. it just proves how much he know about Islam

The Software he used must be Photoshop and he NOT expert in software,this is why he add outer stroke and shadow. he also don;t how to cut images  as we can see the head later in create , he don’t how to use software .the cutting was not done properly .

Its Interesting they try to propaganda against Islam, they think harm this religion,but Allah swt use there way the plan they make to stop Islam,but God Almighty use in  growing Islam.

He said “WILD CAMELS discovered during Hajj” ,I thought they were domestic.

Few other Fake Images  from same person :

specialthing is he is shameless filthy christian ,who openly abuse peoples even if you dont say anything to him. He is fully following paul….his acts are just another proof how paul corrupted them.They are taught to hate us in their church. Church never share true thing about Islam.many reverts can confirm you.

When ever Christian fails to answer or cant defend they start abusing. Shame On them … I was not sure before that who create such fake images,Now today he gave me proof .

and By using these fake Images, You cant win … try more hard…from 1500 years  you people fail every time you to do.

[this post is a gift post to mr mack,he said i never post truthful articles,i hope he will enjoy.]

We don’t need such lies to proove the power of ALLAH SWT or make peoples believe in him,if you found some one sharing this picture as miracle,pls share the Article link with him…

Till the next Expose of such Lies/Hoax,Remember me in your Dua,please!I hope this help you,Share your views in cmnts!

May Allah guide muslims on right path,and save us from all kind of fitna

Written by
King-slave of ALLAH SWT…

You can share this,without changing content and by giving proper source back link in your website,blog,fb note…any place…

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19 Responses to "Allah Miracle in Camel :: Fake Islamic Miracle Exposed"

May Allah guide us to the right path




shame on these guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




thx aloot 4 guide us….


jazakALLAH,may ALLAH bless u,thnx 4 ur verification!


keep going! we really need eye openers, JAZAKALLAH. keep improving this struggle, so that simple innocent public stop getting trapped, , they hellers who create such ,spread these things n then get ratings when such material spreads n spreads.


Thnk U for Ur Verification,


Jazaaka’LLAAHU khairan katheeraa. I think iblees is miracling those ones. May ALLAAH guide us.


Naujubillah… god will punish them.




Thank u 4 ur verification,may allah guid u,


Hope in Allah and hope Allah may turn these kind of individuals into true muslims-Amin


doing great job, JazakAllah


Jazakallah khair, may Allah SWT continue to guide us and show us the right path. May He continue to expose these culprits, Amin summa amin.


let them continue in their bid to outsmart Almighty Allah (SWT) LITTLE DO THEY KNOW and little will they know until they visit their graves wherein they will be faced with the truth. may Allah(swt) continue to bless you.


Jadzakumu llahu khaeran for this eye opener, this is a good one may Allah continue to reward you and strengthen you in this intellectual jihad.


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