ISLAM—World's Greatest Religion! is ours and Some Changes in Website

Posted on: March 10, 2012

All praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. I ask His forgiveness, seek His aid, and ask Him for guidance.I testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone and without partner. And, I testify that Muhammad (saws) is His slave and messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, his family, his companions and the rightly guided predecessors until the Last Day. Ameen.

As’salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh (God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you) and upon your families as well.

I hope Everyone is fine , InshaAllah and Im too fine , Alhamdulilah.

I’m sorry for informing you late about this…

1) Our Website :  as you all know that i was collection fund to renew our website,but I didn’t received enough support from brother and sisters ,Many Brother and sisters promised but didn;t replied back ..  Website Account  was closed . While we were in grace period. Allah swt sent his support , a sister supported us,she paid the rest of the amount , We Paid to company and Renew Our Account.

so, is ours.

Ofcource, site is in development  but  Our All Data (Video,Audio,pdf,docs) are available to download.i work alone on this so it will take little time. more over we r using the space fully.

Download Holy Quran from here .

2) Changes in Comments area Blog :

Before this blog was showing all cmnts in 1 page, but now we braked them in pages . if any article have more than 20 cmnts , then you will see “Old Comments” >> link in cmnts  area,as shown in below view old cmnts click on link.

3) Collecting Funds for Next Year :

This Year i faced lots of problems , lots of peoples abused me called me thief ,cheater , blah blah blah which really braked me many many times, We were not having enough time ,so some time i message those who replied on request,i   feel bad,feel like im forcing them to pay.

No,I tried to solve this problem by showing adds in website(not google adds) buyandselladds. Every condition was ok ,but the company rejected our request becoz its Islamic Website. when i again contacted them they said clearly that we don’t think our customers will wish to put add on ur website .

so, i’m requesting you to give your support. I decided to start collecting funds from now..hope in next 10 months we will be able to collect full amount.

So,if you trust me then kindly give your support by paying anything ,what ever you like .. We also need funds for to advertisements too.

You can send donation  via  PayPAL , Bank Transfer,Western Union.

Whats Site Status and  Site growth :

I request everyone to make dua for those who supported us to buy space and name,due to there support you are able to download Quran and Audio,Video Lectures.

May Allah swt help me to perform all works perfectly,

May Allah swt forgive me if im wrong at any place,

May Allah save me from falling in riba,


kindly ignore my mistakes ,
i know im bad in writing,

JazakAllah khair


slave of Allah

kindly contact me to send ur donation via PayPal.

8 Responses to " is ours and Some Changes in Website"

My brother any sincere effort for any good cause is nevwr wasted. Insha

Allah a day will come when we (the Muslims) will achieve our goal. Never get back.


RasoolAllah SalAllah Alaihi wa Sallam said,”The Jews divided into 71 sects and only one among them will go to Jannah, The Christians divided into 72 sects and only one them will go to Jannah and my Ummah will be divided into 73 sects, one will go to Jannah and the rest 72 will be in the Hell-fire.After being asked by the companions about the one, he said,’That one is Aljamaah.’ In another hadees he introduced that saved sect mentioning ‘on which I and my companions are on this day.’ My questions to you dear brother is ,”Do you belong to that saved sect, i.e., aljamaah?


Assalamu alaikum my brodas n sisters in islam,i dnt hv mch to say bt all i can say s may d almighty allah grant his mercy on us n reward ur wt aljannah firdausy.ameen


Salaams to my Muslim family every where. Allah is my strength in these difficult times. Please make Dua for my son, his wife and 4 children. He is very ill. They are stuck in another state and need to come back to other Muslims and their family. There is no money! Anyway Shukran for this beautiful site.May Allah bless you for taking time to make it for us.
I am revert since 2001. I am 68 years old. Allah is so sweet. Make Dua for Sirean ppl.


I shall make comment afterwards


assalam aleikum Brothers and Sisters how is the going!!!!!!


inshal allaahu u will get help by t grace of god almighty allaah very soon u will here from me ok


Asalamalaikim Brother nuridin mohammed

I don’t know if you were addressing me however may Allah bless you and whom ever has blessed us with generous zakat. My son and his family were able to move. He got reasonably well and through the grace of Allah he has a job to start next week. Allah is so good to us and I humbly give him praise. Shukran my brothers and sisters Asalamalakim Sister Michele


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