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Afghans Protest over Koran burning at Afganistan US Base :: News

Posted on: February 21, 2012

Afghans outraged over Koran burning at Afganistan US Base  :: News

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Troops on the U.S.’ largest base in Afghanistan have inadvertently burned Qurans and other religious materials, triggering angry protests and fears of even larger demonstrations as news of the burning spreads.

The books were mistakenly thrown out with the trash at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul and were on a burn pile Monday night before Afghan laborers intervened around 11:00 p.m., according to NATO and Afghan officials.

The workers doused the flames with their jackets and mineral water before marching out of Bagram in a fury, carrying with them the charred remains, according to Sabir Safar, secretary of the provincial council of Parwan, the province where Bagram is located.

By the morning, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside of Bagram and on the outskirts of Kabul. Some shot into the air, some threw rocks at the Bagram gate, and others yelled, “Die, die foreigners.” Many of them were the same people who work with foreign troops inside the base. At one point, apparently worried that the base would be stormed, guards at the base fired rubber bullets into the crowd, according to the military.

“They should leave Afghanistan rather than disrespecting our religion, our faith,” Mohammad Hakim told the Associated Press outside of Bagram. “They have to leave and if next time they disrespect our religion, we will defend our holy Quran, religion and faith until the last drop of blood has left in our body.”

There is perhaps no action that enrages Afghans more than foreigners’ mistreating the Quran. It taps into widespread doubt of whether Americans respect Islam as well as deep frustration that, more than 10 years after the Taliban were overthrown, violence remains widespread. Qurans are supposed to be buried or released into a flowing river if they need to be disposed.

NATO officials scrambled furiously to contain the fallout, tweeting and emailing reporters not long after the first protests began. Gen. John Allen, the commander of all foreign forces in Afghanistan, released a statement, then a video statement, then gave an interview to NATO television. In his and in all NATO officials’ communication today, each emphasized that the burning was unintentional.

“Those materials were inadvertently given to troops for disposition and that disposition was to burn the materials. It was not a decision that was made because they were religious materials,” Allen told NATO TV. “It was not a decision that was made with respect to the faith of Islam. It was a mistake, it was an error. The moment we found out about it we immediately stopped and we intervened.”

Allen launched an investigation and promised to take steps that the same incident would not be repeated.

“This is not who we are. These are very, very isolated incidents,” Allen said. “We’ve been dying alongside the Afghans for a long time because we believe in them, we believe in their country, we want to have every opportunity to give them a bright future.”

In the morning, U.S. officials on Bagram escorted local Afghan elders to the site of the burning. Ahmad Zaki Zahed, the chief of the provincial council, said 60 to 70 books had been recovered from the fire, including Qurans that were once used by detainees at the base.

“Some were all burned. Some were half-burned,” Zahed told the Associated Press.

The protesters’ fury was immediate, but Afghan officials eventually calmed them down by the afternoon. They demanded to see President Hamid Karzai and threatened to resume demonstrations.

Previous reports of Quran burning have led to deadly protests in Afghanistan. In April, 2011, after a fringe protester burned a Quran, a mob in a usually peaceful northern city stormed the United Nations compound and killed at least seven foreigners. In May, 2005, Afghan police killed at least four demonstrators angry over a report that an American interrogator in Guantanamo Bay prison flushed a Quran down a toilet.

While today’s reaction was quick and furious, the protests might have been larger if it wasn’t snowing and if it had happened at a different time. Many Afghans did not know about the burning because it occurred late last night and news is generally consumed during television newscasts in the evenings, at home. Many Afghans and Westerners fear that protests could get larger Wednesday and the rest of the week.

“Past demonstrations in Afghanistan have escalated into violent attacks on Western targets of opportunity,” the U.S. embassy said in statement known as a Warden Message, sent to Americans living in Afghanistan. “U.S. citizens in Afghanistan should remain vigilant and avoid areas where Westerners congregate. Avoid large public gatherings or demonstrations. Do not discuss travel plans or other personal matters with strangers, or in public.”

Far to the south, in an area where a surge of U.S. troops has removed many Taliban safehavens, insurgents reminded the local population that they still held considerable sway.

In the Washer district of Helmand, insurgents beheaded four people they accused of spying for the U.S., according to the Helmand governor’s spokesman. The Taliban denied any involvement in the executions, claiming they were carried out by Western intelligence officials to bring the Taliban a bad name.



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Ayisha and young Maryam (so young and so angry),

You 2 have just proven to all to see that islam is the most stupid murderous cult on this earth.
Tell me which other religion kills people for burning a book or any other religious item?
I know that allah does NOT EXIST but if you clowns believe that he does do you think he would have said “kill because they burnt my book”???
Stop justifying the killings of INNOCENT PEOPLE. You will note that in this case it said “inadvertently burned qurans” but you brainwashed morons just want to prove how murderous you are by killing people even if they had nothing to do with burning a book that has 62% of its contents saying to kill infidels, apostates etc.
You 2 should read the quran 2 or 3 times in it’s entirity and then maybe you will realise what a load of crap that it really is.
Sorry Ayisha I do not understand your last paragraph.
A joke for you…A non muslim man comes home and finds his wife in bed with another man. He immidiately converts to Islam. His wife will be stoned to death next week!!!!


Oh blah, blah, blah…………

Keep talking you no brain, I told you its not and ordinary book its the words of Allah(SWT) the Qur’aan, and how many times I’ve told you, who is the one who brings rain from the sky if it is not Allah the Almighty? who is the one who make the night become day and the day become night? you never think dont you??? obviously I am simply just wasting my time with morons like you, why dont YOU read the holy quran and learn something about what Allah Almighty says to us. We have the right to kill them because they didnt just burn the book of Allah, but they cause trouble everywhere around the world. How many people were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, South Africa??? especially Islamic countries, so just watch your mouth and get your facts straight mate.



Sister??? Or Brother???
K….whatever….please don’t scold me for calling you as Sister….cool


You have such a big doubt from Feb 27th……..Hmmm….Showing more mercy that people should not be killed for burning
Quran……K….you have your own opinion

And in Quran, Allah dint say that people should be killed for burning Quran…….Indeed He is Most Beneficent, Most
Merciful……if he wills to punish us then & there, no one will be alive in this world…….But every deeds, good or bad is
Noted….& we will be rewarded according to our deeds…..Even you believe or not, its our belief, it’s a true belief

And killing people for this ill act is 100% right is the opinion of myself & maryam & may be the opinion of many
muslims…….And See Mr.Aldo….i can justify why I said this

I Saw one of the comments ,where a man criticized your mother…….how you felt at that moment? Felt very happy?
You in return criticized him, his parents & also you criticized our prophet(pbuh)….am i right Mr.Aldo?
Again & again you are criticizing our prophet(pbuh)….i saw your reply for Rustom….if I surely know, that you will die
as a disbeliever, am very much eager to kill you…..because that much you are crossing your limits Mr. & that much you
are irritating us by insulting our most beloved one…..

So what you are thinking of yourself? You only have the rights to show affection & mercy?
See….we are loving our prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) more than our parents, more than any other
relations & even, more than our Life……..& we are loving our creator more than our prophet Muhammed(pbuh)……

Now you tell…we wont get angry when anyone burnt the words of Allah & criticizing our prophet,our beloved one?
Understand…….its the matter of love, not the matter of materialistic one……

Mr.Aldo…..for God sake,just stop your arguments……showing more mercy on others that they should not be killed is a
good thing…..but just think about yourself for a moment…..will your Lord show mercy on you on the day of judgement?
will you be in Heaven or Hell? Will your lord forgive you?……THINK!!!

According to us, The Noble Quran is the words of the creator…….& according to you,its just a book…..k…its up to you….
But you can just read that book know? If Allah wills, he will make you to understand the truth…….even if you going beyond
Your limits, we are expecting you to accept One God & the Last prophet(Pbuh)…..because surely we are fearing about the
punishments by the Lord of the Worlds in the hell fire…..

Reading Quran or not, is your wish……but please don’t blame the creator & our beloved prophet(pbuh)……really its
hurting like anything……if you read the life history of our prophet Muhammed(pbuh), surely you too feel very guilty for
criticizing our beloved one……May Allah show you the right path!!!

1000’s of questions will arise, if we keep on asking……So please stop questioning first & start researching which is the
true religion……Christianity??? Hinduism??? Islam??? Buddism??? Or any other???
As a Muslim, am suggesting you to research on Islam…….hope this comments would be enough……

I don’t want to keep on arguing with you…..i ll stop my comments with this

Good bye Mr.Aldo &
Salam brother/sister Maryam(sorry I don’t know who is maryam!!!)


Just a correction, I am not critisizing a “prophet” I am critisising a man called mahomad that said HE was a prophet to satisfy his sexual urges and pedophile tendancies.
If allah exists and allah is “all knowing” (past , present & future) why would allah have his prophet labelled a pedophile in the future???
Also, I don’t care what people say about me but when they critisize my parents that is a different matter and I responded accordingly.( And I did NOT critisize HIS parents..please check.)
Suggest you read the koran 2 or 3 times in its entirity and then make a judgement for yourself instead of taking the words of anyone else.
It may just change your mind about islam.


Oh, blah, blah, blah once again,

Why don’t you read the Holy Qur’aan 2 or 3 times and change your mind, in whichever position you are in, or whichever position, you believe in.


If allah exists and allah is “all knowing” (past , present & future) why would allah have his prophet labelled a pedophile in the future???

Even during the life time of prophet(pbuh),even after seeing the miracles of prophet(pbuh), his own quraish tribe people critisized the prophet(pbuh)….even his own uncle Abu Lahab & his wife cursed our prophet……..

For that reason, Allah cursed Abu Lahab & his spouse in his Noble Quran..

In the name of Allah,the most beneficient and the most merciful

1.May both the hands of Abu Lahab be destroyed – and they are destroyed!

2.His wealth did not benefit him in the least, nor did whatever he earned.

3.He will soon enter the flaming fire.

4.And so will his wife; carrying a bundle of firewood on her head.

5.A rope made from palm fibre around her neck!

You are a christian right…..? Hope you know about the prophets till jesus……..

Even now people are criticizing Adam(AS) (first human being) because of eating from the forbidden tree….

According to yourself,Allah should not allow the prophet muhammed(pbuh) to be criticized….then why should people criticize Adam if Adam is a true prophet?

“… therefore the Lord sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken.” (Genesis 3:23)

“So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Genesis 3:24)

Why the creator make his prophet Adam to disobey him?why the creator makes the people to criticize the prophet for eating from the forbidden tree?

So, According to Mr.Aldo,a true christian, Adam is a prophet or not?
answer me……

And you are not accepting the Noble Quran & our prophet(pbuh) right?
And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant [Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof and call upon your witnesses other than Allah , if you should be truthful.
But if you do not – and you will never be able to – then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.

Why Allah should allow his prophet muhammed(pbuh) to be critisized?

[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving –
Al~Quran (67:2)

Not only for prophet muhammed(pbuh) but Every prophet had enemies:

And thus We have made for every prophet an enemy – devils from mankind and jinn, inspiring to one another decorative speech in delusion. But if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it, so leave them and that which they invent.

Thus the answer is, We have the rights to choose whether to obey or disobey Allah & his Messenger……its a “TEST”….its nothing but a complete test from Allah(The Lord of the Worlds)

But if we obey them

“O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice”
“He will [then] amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.”
Al~Quran (33:70,71)

And if we oppose them

Indeed, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger are abased as those before them were abased. And We have certainly sent down verses of clear evidence. And for the disbelievers is a humiliating punishment.
Al~Quran (58:5)

Indeed, those who reverted back [to disbelief] after guidance had become clear to them – Satan enticed them and prolonged hope for them.
Al~Quran (47:25)

Indeed, those who disbelieved and averted [people] from the path of Allah and opposed the Messenger after guidance had become clear to them – never will they harm Allah at all, and He will render worthless their deeds.
Al~Quran (47:32)

Indeed, those who disbelieved and averted [people] from the path of Allah and then died while they were disbelievers – never will Allah forgive them.
Al~Quran (47:34)

Say, “Obey Allah and obey the Messenger; but if you turn away – then upon him is only that [duty] with which he has been charged, and upon you is that with which you have been charged. And if you obey him, you will be [rightly] guided. And there is not upon the Messenger except the [responsibility for] clear notification.”
Al~Quran (24:54)

Hope i cleared your doubt with the help of my Lord…

And Allah Knows the Best!!!


Blah blah blah,
more justifications and excuses without one ounce of proof for your cult.
If there was a god (I believe that there isn’t)and adam and eve were created and they had kids then they would be incest amongst them to increase the population right?. maybe you and me are related !!!!ha ha ha..
I see the taliban has sunk to a new low using children as suicide bombers..great religion!!! enough said.
Also thanks for quoting bits of the quraan to further justify mahommads bullshit.
Maybe as I said before read the quraan in full and read the part where it tells to kill onfidels and non believers and the part where it says the earth is flat and the sky can be rolled up like parchment. (I can provide references if you want to read those bits).
By the way what miracle did mahomad do??? I have not heard of any. I must have missed it!!!



LA HAWLA WALA QAWATAH ILLA BILLAH!!! (There is no might or power except by Allah!)


Sei proprio una stronza..Italian


Blah, Blah………………..


Hmmm……………….what a rude man you are….yes you are………..sorry Sir, just to let you know I am not a female dog (bitch)…………you think I dont usderstand what you are saying ha??? well think again!….Salaam (peace) Sir.


Yes…obviously you must have missed it!!!

You dont believe in god? an atheist? well…..

An atheist will not believe about god itself……then how you are going to believe his book???

As like me, even you are a created thing….every created thing has a creator…..i think you dont even have a basic knowlegde too…so sad!!!


Salam, sister that was a good reply, I am a girl, which means I am your sister, you know Maryam, mother of prophet Isa pbuh. Jazakallahkhair sis, Salam.


k k sister……:)sorry if hurted you….forgive me for the sake of Allah


No, Wallah, you didn’t hurt me at all, beautiful sis, don’t worry, I never get upset on my sisters or brothers, or did my comment sound harsh to you? k k sister……… sorry about that , I’m sure I said it in a nice way??? really I’m not upset on you sweet sis, habibati, shukran, Jazakallahkhair sis, I’m the same Maryam that you saw before, how you saw all my comments replying to that typical man Aldo remember?, I just enterd my surname thats all. Any way Salam sis, shukran for your inquiry, thats good you asked me. Salam habibati, Ma’ssalamah


Salam Sister,

i waiting for the duas .

and i would like to ask you,can you spend and hr here in this website daily or alternate day ?


Salam Brother,

I have already sent the duas to you last week, and I’m waiting for you to open your gmail, because I sent them all to your gmail address. I went to the website feedback, and I saw your gmail and I already sent it to you, I think about in the last 2 weeks, and I have been waiting for you to open your gmail and see it. Subhanallah we were both waiting! anyway open your gmail, and if you did’nt recieve anything I will try to resend it. Sorry brother, I did’nt understand your question above, “can you spend and hr here in this website daily or alternate day ?” what does this mean? anyway Jazakallahkhair Brother, dont forget to open your gmail, I sent it all to you, 2 weeks ago (approximately). Salam Alaikum, Shukran.


Salaam Brother, in regards to your question, now I understand what you mean, I spend just a few minutes on this website, searching and reading for new articles to read and sometimes I would post some comments. Don’t forget for the Du’as that I sent brother, Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.


You said this know…”I am sure that allah would not have said “if someone burns my book kill them!!!”

Thats why i replied that those lines are very nice

Because am happy that you know atleast this much about your creator


“A joke for you…A non muslim man comes home and finds his wife in bed with another man. He immidiately converts to Islam. His wife will be stoned to death next week!!!!”

And may i know why you said this? & what you are trying to say from this? i can’t understand these words


Salam Alaikum King-slave of ALLAH(SWT), arent you the one who asked for the du’as for studies and exams in Arabic? I can send them all to you if you would like, just give me your email and I inshallah will send them all to you so you can post it on this site, many people have been complaining to have them changed in Arabic. I have the whole collection of it, Alhamdulillah. Salam, Maryam


Aldo stop speaking foolish n nonsense with stupid n hypocrate view


Correct the spelling……..
Its not Koran….. Its Qur’an


Dear Aldo,
it is not only a religion,but also it is the complete way of life.
The Qur’aan is our Holy Book . You know somthing about it.
But you don’t know what is Qur’aan, and what is the actual word meaning of the Qur’aan.
As you said that in qur’aan earth is flat , there is a big mistake mr.Aldo. In here, qur’aan not tell about the shape of the earth, but it is the quastion for humanity , how allah is make the round shaped earth into like flat to live the living things in the earth.
And another verse Allah tells the actual shap of the earth.
today,we know the actual shape of the earth is round,but it is geoid shape.
So the creator of the earth and heaven known the actual shape of the earth.
“and we made the earth like ostrich egg”
here allah tells the actual shape of the earth.
We know the ostrich egg shape same as the geoid shape.
So, you change your bad mind of about the qur’aan.
And read the qur’aan in between the lines, and identify the truth.


Mr fazil,

Thank you for your comments. As usual muslims try to justify errors in the qur ‘aan. Anyway you have your opinion. Myself and thousands of muslims leaving islam have another.
As I asked the young Maryam, ” Is burning the qur aan more important than human life?” what is your opinion?
It seems to me that the qur aan says “killing a person is like killing all humanity” but it’s ok to kill someone/anyone just because they burnt a book. It also says “no compunction of religion” but if a muslim leaves islam they are apostates and should be killed. Please explain. and while you are at it what’s with Sunnis & Shias? can you lot unable to make up your mind who to follow?
Got to go and have a beer with my non halal steak. bye.


It’s called defending, not “justifying the errors”. For you, of course you already have your pre-drawn conclusions, so almost nothing can be said to convince you. We know that. And we are actually just replying for the sake of others who might stumble upon this site.

You see bro, there are primarily two types of non-Muslims…those who definitely hate Islam and DON’T WANT to be convinced, they just want to attack Islam, even though they KNOW that the actions of certain Muslims are clearly wrong and forbidden in Islam. i.e they DON’T WANT to understand. They don’t want to be rational, and study the evidence. Their thoughts are, astonishingly, very extreme & intentionally skewed. They pretty much are no different from “extremists” who use the name of Islam, except they are the anti-Islam version. And then, there are those that don’t really know much about Islam, except bits from here and there in the media, and if someone explains, they will understand, not necessarily convert. You, unfortunately, exhibit all the signs of the first group. You are actually the type that could actually see a newly born baby flying or floating on air, or reciting the Quran, or preach Islam, or walk through fire, but rather than accept it, you would look for justification through science, and if you cannot find proof, resort to speculation or classification as paranormal activity. No miracle or proof will convince you otherwise.

Unfortunately, you forgot to look into a mirror… are trying to justify errors in your beliefs by using the wrong actions of Muslims , even though they are clearly forbidden in Islam and the majority of Muslims are against these actions.

It’s never too late. All you need is start over. Salvation is never out of the question. All you need to do is find a Muslim scholar nearest to you, and sit down and discuss with him honestly for an hour, or even 30 minutes. Tell him, look, this is what I heard about Islam. What is your opinion? What would the Prophet do if he was here today?

It’s totally different and much more satisfying than spending sad amounts of time on Islamophobe websites and feeding your hatred, which is a very bad disease of the heart. It makes your life miserable. And you will notice that in your life, you are a very angry person, because you keep feeding your misguided hatred.
Finally, here is an Australian (a funny one too!) Take a minute , explore your world. Be open minded, (but not so open that your brains fall out – joke).


Hey Omar,

You must have a lot of free time judging by your long winded justification of your cult. Your views are that islam is the best thing since adam was a boy..for me get rid of islam and 90% of the world’s problems will be solved. (a view shared even by my devout catholic wife and many of my friends).
Can you explain to me why there are so many muslim “gangs” like J.I., boko haram in nigeria, al quaeda, hamas, hizbollah, milf in philippines etc etc. all hell bent on killing people?? and why do the decent muslims don’t object by a world wide demonstrations against these killers??
As I said before, ger rid of extremists and only then can you call youselves a religion. Until then you just have to wear not only my ridicule but many others who dislike your cult.
Get used to it!!!
Howeverif you wnat to enjoy YOUR life get out of your cult, you might just like it, not having to lift your ass and bang your had into the ground, and have something to eat during the day instead of night time during ramadan, and even have a glass of wine (apparantly created by allah but haram to drink).
obviously I am wasting my time chatting to you. omar…you are too far gone,. but someone else amy read this and use their own brains to change their lives around and get freedom from the most repressive cult on earth.


You are right. You are indeed wasting your time…and ours too by bringing nothing new in your comments. Please refer here,



Islam is a name of
Quran and hadith.


“inadvertendly burned the koran and other religious material” .
Seems to me an accidental burning of a book is more important than human lives (two advisers killed by a muslim wanker in retaliation more than 20 killed a couple of years ago after the koran was burned).
No other religion has killed after a religious book is burned, but then again pisslam is different…nothing but a cult that kills as a matter of course, with their hair trigger mantality.
What a joke pisslam has become.


OK Aldo or whatever your name is………

First of all, it’s not pisslam it’s ISLAM.
Secondly, it’s not Koran it’s QUR’AAN.
Thirdly, the Qur’aan is the words of Almighty Allah (SWT), the one who created you from a clot of blood then have made you to a humman being. And you know what, Allah(SWT) created us to WORSHIP him. VERILY YOU WILL COME TO KNOW. And what a joke YOU have become.


Answer my question, Is a book that is burnt more valuable than a human life?
I will call your cult pisslam until you answer “why do muslims kill and are so afraid of criticism???”
Also it is pisslam until you lot get rid of all your islamic radical groups, (murderers) sharia law, your stupid tents that women wear (more oppression) inhumane killing of animals for food etc etc.etc.
The koran, (qur “aan) has so many contradictions it could not possibly be the word of god.
eg. why would god have his prophet called a pedophile after he died?
what about the flat earth and the sky, which can be rolled up as parchment??? (Q 21.104,39.67,21.32,52.5,16.26,43.33) check it out
Lady you are being brainwashed by the cult of pisslam and I suggest you get out of it and enjoy your life. There is NO PROOF that a god exists.
My name is Aldo I am Italian and an ex catholic. What’s your name? does not sound like a muslim name to me.!!


First of all, the name “Maryam” IS a Muslim name, this name is the mother of prophet Jesus, second of all, it’s not your business what my real name is, I’m not stupid enough like you to put my real name in this site you moron and my real name IS ALSO a Muslim name. And I’ll tell you if you really want to know.Islam teaches us to be polite towards others and not to kill innocent people, who told you that Islam teaches us to kill innocent people? I see your just an old man who is led astray and also brainwashed, don’t tell me that I am brainwashed you discusting maniac!!!!!!! so ther you go I’ve answered you foolish question, and for your info, I am not a lady, so stop saying that I am only a 14yr old girl.


(Mother of Jesus was Mary, not Maryam)

14 years old and already an angry muslim.
Yes I am older than you and obviously wiser. Unlike you I am NOT brainwashed as nobody tell me what i can and cannot do, like when to pray, when to eat, what to eat, what to drink, what to wear,what to read, what to watch etc …shall I go on.
By the way are you married yet? after all you are older than 6 when your great pedophile prophet married aisha!!
BTW my name is not Aldo…I am not that stupid.


In Arabic it’s Maryam, and as for your question, “is burning a book more valuable than a human life?” and as for my answer, it depends what kind of book, and the Qur’aan is not just an ordinary book it is the words of ALLAH(SWT). So, yes if someone dares to burn the Holy Qur’aan, only Allah (SWT) knows what’s best, and only Allah can punish him or forgive him. And why do you despretely want to know??? what are you going to do about it if I don’t answer you, and don’t you DARE ask me that foolish, silly question again – “By the way are you married yet?”, because I’m not! I still go to school!! and yes, A’ishah (radhi allah anha) did marry at the age of 6, and that’s not your business! Obviously you are not wiser just because your older than me, a true believer (muslim) is always wiser than those who are led astray like you, no matter what age they are, so there you go I’ve answered your question, so now leave me alone!!!


“a true believer (muslim) is always wiser than those who are led astray like you”…

Well said sister.

As for Aldo, Maryam IS the exact name for “Mary” (the English translation). Jesus spoke Aramic primarily, and do you know what they called “Mary” that time? Maryam, Mariam, or other similar spelling, but pronounciation is the same. Even Hebrew, the second closest languagre, is Miriam, which is much closer to Maryam thant your Mary. ….So, once again, you are….wait for it…..WROOOOOONG.

Keep your arguments coming…and we would gladly show you how wrong you are.


Salam Brother, may I ask what are you exactly trying to say? I do not understand anything what you have just said above, please explain more, if I am wrong, then may you please tell me what wrong I have said? Jazakallahkhair


Waalaikum Salam Sister,
I was replying to Aldo about his stupid argument that Nabi Isa’s mother was called Mary. He is acting stupid of course just to piss you off, because everyone knows Mary is the English version of Maryam. Nabi Isa did not speak English, so definitely his mother was not referred to as Mary that time.

They used to speak a language called Aramaic, and in that language, the name they used is “Maryam”. Which is exactly the same as how Muslims use it today.

I hope that clarifies it.


Salam brother, yes that does make it clear, Jazakallahkhair for your response, May Allah(SWT) guide us all to the straight path including those who are led astray like this typical man Aldo.




bytheway,when he visited this website first time, he was not like this.
but in last many months,i guess he started to read anti-Islamic websites which filled his heart with hate.

he said one place,why i stoped replying to him, just becoz i remember the old time,

I pray that Allah bring him on right path,


Yes King, most of this Islam haters usually start like that when they go to Islaamic sites. They pretend to be rational / logical, pretending to have genuine questions, but when they see that the true Muslims’ iman is unshakeable, they give up and become so mad at their failure that they resort to insults and just trying to piss us off. But as Allah said (in the same chapter that the enemies of Islam like to quote so much about violence),

[9:32] They seek to extinguish the light of Allah by blowing through their mouths; but Allah refuses everything except that He will perfect His light howsoever the unbelievers might abhor it.

May Allah make us all stronger in our Iman always


you forgot ‘slave of Allah’ .. 🙂

ameen to ur duas bro, yes you said right.

4 days before i exposed a Christian ,he was in my group as a Reverted Muslim. when ever i used to reply christians he always comes out and give lectures,but when anyone says anything about Muhammad s.a.w then he never comes…

My heart was not accepting that he is Revert,
He was playing game in group,tryting to make muslims against me . he was using DIVIDE AND RULE CONCEPT.
but finally with help from Allah,I exposed him . as soon as i did,he started abusing prophet [pbuh].

What i like in these situations is…They create plans to put blame on islam and Muslims,but Allah swt use same plan to spread Islam. for example 9-11 .

May Allah help us in exposing there lies.


So burning a book is more important than human life (even if the person killed had nothing to do with the burning!!)
Great cult just kill to please allah.
A bit of contradiction again. “Kill in the name of allah for a book burning ” and to justify the cult, “if a muslim kills anyone it is like killing all humanity”. which is it Maryam???


I DO NOT want to repeat my self several times, don’t you understand that I have already answered your question many times??? I just told you that its not an ordinary book, it’s the QUR’AAN!!! did’nt YOU say your more wiser than me??? then why don’t YOU think about it your self and use YOUR foolish wisdom, to answer YOUR foolish question.



If it looks like a book, has pages like a book, has writing like a book, is manufactured by printers,…in my opinion it is a BOOK.
Is it justyfied that people are killed beacuse the book is burnt ???(accidently in this case)..answer my question please.
And please do not justify anything. I want a yes or no answer.


You said your older and wiser than me, so obviously I’m just wasting my time speaking to people who keeps repeating their question non stop, I have already answer you so don’t waste my time.


for what they burnt ? for fun ? that book is not for fun. those who wish to make,they get such response.



I want a “yes” or “no” answer, not more justification for killing people over a book.
Yes or no…please



I want you to leave me alone, why do you desperately want to know??? what are you going to do if I don’t answer you? and what is your question again? just repeat your question and I might answer it for you. So much for your “older than me” and “wiser than me”.


I will answer you Mr.Aldo….Yes…Killing the people who burnt Quran & who is supporting this ill act is 100% right……The crimes will reduce only if the punishments are severe……if a person or a group is destroying the words of creator,then why those ungrateful fellows should live?the creator will not get angry on the creations who are doing such an ungrateful act?


Yes, sister Ayishah you are right, I already told this typical man many times, and I told him exactly what you said, but he did not listen.


Assalamu alaikkum (var) Sister…..

Hmmm…..i saw all your mails…..i think you are getting more angry because of this man……leave sister…whoever Allah wills to guide in the straight path,they alone will be guided… plz you dont worry too much….Allah is enough to judge these people


Jazakallahkhair sister Ayesha for your comment, what you said is right, Jazakallahkhair again sis, may Allah(SWT) guide them, Ameen Ya Rabbalalameen.


Aysha & Maryam,

Thank you for admitting that killing a human being is more important that burning a book. ( I could understansd if the “book” was hand delivered by god but these books are just copies)
So my next question is how come the koran sais that if someone kills then it is like killing all humanity…I am puzzled. Where does it say that burning a koran is worth taking someone’s life???
I am sure that allah would not have said “if someone burns my book kill them!!!”
Just an observation ladies.


Okay, Mr. Big mouth you want to start I’ll start you want to finish it I’ll finish it, and in regards to your question, the holy Qur’an says that if you kill it is like you kill all mankind, it’s because that only happens if you kill for no reason, we kill those who burnt the holy words of Allah(SWT), its highly disrespectful, its not a joke, its not an ordinary book its the holy words of Allah. Now do you understand man?, and I told you already I am not a lady so stop saying that! may Allah(SWT) guide you to the straight path.


I am sure that allah would not have said “if someone burns my book kill them!!!”

Very nice to see these lines….So will you accept whatever Almighty Allah said? answer this…….if Allah wills,i will answer you


The end of the US and ISRAEL is started….
They burned again and again the QURAN.


My Allah finish with US Armies!


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