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Any one from Huston Texas ? ? A Revert Sister need your help and support…

Posted on: January 7, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Assalam alaykum Brother and sisters,

We  came to know about a sister who accepted Islam but facing problem from family… don;t want keep her, She NEED HELP.

We are looking for someone who give her shelter.Kindly come forward…..if you can help. We will first try to find any sister,who can help her.she have only one day…

[KINDLY NOTE THAT FIRST WE WILL PREFER TO SISTERS TO COME FORWARD TO HELP HER,if we failed to find any sister then we will talk with brothers.kindly don;t take it in negative way,i just was security for the sister,thank you for coming forward]

for those who can;t help,kindly make dua for sister ,she really needs it.

[SHE HAVE 24 HRS…Night passed,Only day left]

I hope to find someone who can help the new sister in Islam..Its Our Duty brother and sisters.

I hope and wish that May Allah help us to find someone to support her,

Ameen,Summa Ameen

Read the Convertion Story of this Sister .


Assalam Alaykum ,

Well,There is a Good News.and ofcource its about revert sister,

Allah’s HELP reached there and Revert Sister is transferred in another Sister In Islam home in same city.

I would like to thank you for sharing ur thoughts,make duas for sister and being ready to support her. 

May Allahg bless all his finest blessings on all of us.


Every Muslim Must Remember this  :


Indeed its truth,Allah is always with you,let me share a small help,How My Lord helped his slave…

Around 1.5 years before i was in BIG Problem,A Person blaming me for lots of things…with that person lots of supporters.,my Almost every friend left me except 2 sisters in islam,they trusted me fully but other friends they trust the words of person ,who was blaming all his acts on me. I said everything,What was truth but they didn;t believed.they asked for proofs,i was not having that also,becoz of my system Virus Attack few weeks before .. i lost all proofs.

All my best friends left me alone, accusing me for the faults and i was lost in pain and hurt..nothing was left…they blamed me  gave lectures and  abused me infront of many and by calling me using Abusive names,i almost begged that yes i don;t have proofs but im speaking truth even took Oath of Allah.with lots lots of insults and abuse they close matter.i also closed that Let Allah Judge who is faulty person.

all these took around 15 days.. these days were baddest day of my life. during All these days I repeated these words many times and i believe it very strongly  “he Who has no one has Allah” and “Allah is with those who have patience”.

Every thing was hurting me badly,but i knew these are the words of Allah swt and this can;t be like the words of humans… A Human can forget or aviod to full full promise but Allah will not. seriously i don;t rememebr How many times i repeated above words my self to remind myself … Indeed Allah help will come atlst  after abusing me infront of many they closed matter.

I also closed,but with this line

He who has no one has Allah ” 

When i stand for Night salah,i cried so badly because of the pain,hurts and abuse…I asked How can this happen.Why im being accused for those things which i never did.and such insulting claims.with tears in eyes,i finished my prayer and knew that Allah help will come..

again i started my computer.during those 15 days,My work , my health my everything got effect.

I opened my program i was developing , few new methods i found on internet and i saved that in text file.many days before…i dont remmeeber when.those methods were important to do work.

as before Virus attacked my system,i lost my lots of data,that why i was not knowing where i kept that file. but i remembered few words written in file..I searched system again .and search result there was few text file.

and Believe me….. I almost Jumped on chair…my heart beat was so fast .. from search result  i opened 2 files..

by Allah i again cried..I was not knowing how to thank Allah.before this i seach for whole in my system after virus attack with hope that i may get some proofs,but failed… but today when i was searching other things i found the proofs. i immediatly prayed 2 nafil. oh! I feelt like I WON THE WORLD.

in result of search 2 files were imp and  there was few proofs ,which was enough to show them truth that ALL the claims on me was FAKE AND A LIE and i was just being framed and was trapped in the Game of Person who accused me all things…that also just because of  Jelous  feeling.


this is why i  i created that page to remind believers that Indeed “He Who has no one has Allah” and today i created below page for same reason…believe it or not …

“I’m not ALONE,Allah is always with me”.


[im sorry,if you found the reasons stupid for creating pages ]

[kindly note i shared my issues just to tell you  truth ,why i created on those pages and how Allah swt helped me those who patiently wait for help from him and believes in him,kindly igore mistakes,and forgive me , if u didn;t liked this sharing! ]


60 Responses to "Any one from Huston Texas ? ? A Revert Sister need your help and support…"

Assalamwalaikum brother and sister .


Assalaamu-Alaykum brothers n sisters well I love to help any brothers or sisters in Islam but I’m not in that much gud condition to help ill be very cleared to u I don’t have that much money but still is there anything that I can help pls just let me know Allah hafiz Allah knows the best


i dont know what to say
ur story just increases my faith on Allah subhana o tallah.


Appreciating the persistence you put into your website and in depth information you provide. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


i wish i could help sister … after All Allah subhan wa ta’alah is the best halper ,may he help her in every problem inshallah he will reward her for the problems she is facing for his deen …


Maybe these are a help for her to turn to…..

Elfarouq Islamic Center, Attn. Administration
1207 Conrad Sauer, Houston TX 77043
or email your information to:

Send an email to……

Islamic Da`wah Center
201 Travis @ Franklin
Houston, Texas 77002

Useful Numbers
+ 713.223.3311

+ 713.223.1477



May ALLAH (S.W.A) make it easy for her and indeed all other brothers and sisters in similar situations.


Assalam Alaikum my brothers and sisters may Allah (SWT) reward you all for the lovely comments I read for this girl who have converted to Islam, mashallah, subhanallah. This is how muslims supposed to be, together and supporting each other. May Allah (SWT) make us to stay together and guide this girl’s family to the straight path and also those who are led astray. Ameen Ya Rab Alameen. Now all we can do is just make du’aa for her in every salah we perform. Ma’a Salam my brothers and sisters. Jazakallahkhair (may Allah reward you well).


Asalaam Alakium,

i can help, i am a muslimah from houston. i have several friends who reside in houston as well, plus i know some people from madrassah islamia, dulles masjid, masjid hamza. if it is needed i can get in touch with isgh, if any further help is needed please feel free to contact me


Wsalam sister,

JazakAllah khair for coming forward for the help.

I msged that revert sister about you all,if she will need more help then InshaAllah i will let you all know…

Allah hafiz. !


surely allah wil help her.. aameen..


Allah will help every one ,which country is she in ,if she close to me I will help


i want to help her but am currnt live in uk so i pray for him


I have a cousin in texas married to a convert sister, I sent him about this sister if they can host her for sometime 😦


I can only pray for her to Allah to protect her from all evils.


I am touched by the plea, but malaysia is too far a distance to make a quick physical response, except for a few words of doa and wishes through internet mail. congratulation to our new sister who have discovered enlightenment. but the promised of blessed life here and hereafter may not be plain sailing. please be patient, the endurance is worth living for. May Allah be with you all through. Insha Allah.


I live with my wife and 2 daughters in Dallas, Texas


ill just pray for her may ALLAH Bless her and i hope her family will realize one day that she choice the right religion


As Salamu Alaikom, I had a similar problem, Allah tested me with this. SubhanAllah Allahu Akbar. I stood firm by my iman. May Allah guide this sister and may she know to listen and give many rewards to those who helped her. Ameen. I’m sure this sister will be well taken care of, insha’Allah.


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