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Afghanistan’s Girl Sahar Gul torture

Posted on: January 6, 2012

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Afghanistan’s Girl Sahar Gul torture

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KABUL, Afghanistan — A 15-year-old Afghan girl severely tortured for months by her in-laws in an attempt to force her into prostitution will be sent to India for medical treatment, an Afghan official said Monday.

Sahar Gul’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law were arrested and her husband was being sought, said Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi.

According to officials in northeastern Baghlan province, the in-laws kept Gul in a basement for six months, ripped her fingernails out, tortured her with hot irons and broke her fingers. Police freed her last week.

The public health and women’s affairs ministers visited Gul, who is now in a Kabul hospital.

She was freed from a basement at her husband’s home last week after her uncle called the local police.

“It is a violent act that is unacceptable in the 21st century,” Sediqi told reporters. “We are thankful of Sahar Gul’s uncle.”

He added that “if the police had not arrived in time she may have died.”

“After police found out about the small girl Sahar Gul they took action and found her in the basement of the house in very bad condition,” Basharat said. “Her nails were pulled out, she has injuries in all parts of her body, there are signs of burning on her body, she was suffering from different kinds of injuries.”

He said that her mother-in-law and other members of the family were reportedly involved in what he described as “criminal activities,” which he said included selling alcohol and prostitution.

According to preliminary reports, Basharat said, “they tried to force her into prostitution and she did not agree. This was one of the reasons that they detained her in the basement for six months.”

Rahima Zarifi, the provincial director of women’s affairs in Baghlan, said a commission had been set up under Karzai’s orders to investigate the case.

“According to the neighbors in the area, Sahar Gul’s in-law’s were not good people. Besides selling alcohol, they were involved in prostitution and that is why they put pressure on Sahar Gul to join with them. She was not happy with it and that is why they put her in the basement, detained her for six months and tortured her,” Zarifi said. “They pulled out her nails. You can see the signs of torture and abuse all over her body, several types of torture and abuse. They even burned her with hot irons.”.

Disgusting…..these peoples are animals,and they must be punished !

BEING MUSLIM I CONDEMN THIS ACT DONE BY HER HUSBAND AND HER FAMILY,they must be PUNISHED SUCH HARD THAT such peoples think thousand times before doing .

For sure,this family is Muslim just by name.because a true muslim who submitted his will to God Almighty knows such acts are not allowed.

And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, if they desire chastity, to seek [thereby] the temporary interests of worldly life.[Quran 24:33]

Sahar Gul :: Inspiration for others.


I’m really proud of this muslim sister  and For sure We will stand for her,The family and husband must be punished …..It must be such hard that if anyone thinks to do same…he must think 100 times.

President Hamid Karzai has said that whoever used violence against Gul will be punished.

I Hope President will give Justice to Sahar ,InshaAllah!

Ya Allah,shower your mercy on such girls,make such girls free from those who r torturing them.


Kindly Sign Petition in below link and spread the petition link.

I saw in Yahoo News Directory Many Non-muslim had misconception and taking this action as Islamic Law or Islamic Teachings.

Indeed Its a Lie, Islam never teach mens to treat women in such way. such peoples are criminals. and they must be punished and such peoples are in all community…even in those peoples community too,who blame all things on Islam and terror Acts by Muslims. 

Now,so What Islam Teach ? about Women ? How to treat Women ? How to treat wifes ?

such Questions are answered in below list of Articles.This is What Islam Teach men. Kindly read every link…..this blog contain 1247 Articles,try to find aby post which say treat women in ruthless way!

What More proof you need ?

but Indeed many Muslims do such acts….Its Person fault not Islam.

15 Responses to "Afghanistan’s Girl Sahar Gul torture"

Those people destroy the popularity of Islam.Shame to them.I pray to Allah for this young Girl so that she can recover from all the obstacles and torture she had faced by her Laws ……………..


………………..La Hawla Wala Qawata illa Billa (There is no might or power except by Allah)……………Please make Du’a for sister Sahar Gul Oh Brothers and Sisters…………..Please make Du’a for her………..Please dont ignore this……………I beg all Muslim Brothers and Sisters to make Du’a for her dear Brothers and Sisters. Jazakallahkhair….please dont forget the Du’a for our sweet sister Sahar.


forex charts realtime Hello there, I really enjoy this web page. So much usefull facts. Appreciate it for sharing this with us. Best wishes!


May Allha give fruit to her patience and dignity and destroy the culprits ameen


I am not a muslim. But I don’t support any biased and ill-motived propaganda against Islam mentioning misdeeds of so-called muslims in the name of Islam. By the way, herein I want to express my views regarding Sahar Gul’s case. How cruel and rude her in-laws family member can be! Sahar Gul’s rigidity and clingness to holy teachings of Islam should gain golden remarks and appreciations. She is a glowing example of perfect muslim girl. Blessed be on her life. Again, culprits of this should be attributed exemplary punishment as per Mr Karzai’s promise. We don’t expect recurrence of heinous violence against women.
Thank you.


true brother….Its amazing that this girl faced so much torture but still didn;t accepted to be Prostitute….

yeah…They are Jewels of Islam…and indeed atlst im proud of her.

and there in laws.

they must be punished in such hard way that they become as example for other to remember,,,,what will happen if anyone else did same.

tthank u for sharing views.


May Allah give hidayah to everyone….Being a muslim its so disheartening to know that muslims like her in-laws have no fear of Allah.


Assalamu Alaikum, indeed I am hundred percent support the girl and as the president ahmed promised should please try and full filed the promise. May God continue to shower his mercy and blessing Ameen


Hey King,

Why only stop at this criminal act by MUSLIMS. Why don’t you include stonings, suicide bombings, killing innocent people, kidnappings, rape (where the victim is punished), torture, inequality of the sexes, paedophilia in islam, blowing up Christian churches etc. etc by your ISLAM CULT? All I get from you is excuses and justifications for these vile acts.
Maybe you can research the other atrocities I have mentioned and add more justifications and excuses to your biased website, like you normally do.
By the way what punishment should the culprits get if you were the decision maker?


Aldo its not islam…its people who are ignorant…..never judge a book by its cover….. In islam the punishment would b stoned to death for Sahar guls torturer.



Islam is a cult that is interpreted by many muslims to justify their criminal deeds, sometines they call it “jihad” , which is condoned in the the quaran??.

Some are good muslims (misguided, yes) I agree

My wife is a Philippino and when I go to the Philippines she always tells me not to go to muslim areas in fear I may be kidnapped or murdered. (recently an Austra;ian citizen has been kidnapped by muslims in Magindanao) one of many in that country by muslims who follow “the religion of peace” (sarcasm).
Mate IT IS Islam which allows these things and not the people.


me…. my view….not killing…them,it will be easy…they will never be able to feel the pain this girl got.. they must be punished in same like they did with girl…

it must be something like every day they die,but again another day ,raise them and do same…


As a Human Being there are no words for me to be left……..


its just too disgusting. its a double edged torture for this poor waif.
one the one hand we Muslims are very proud of the rights that we possess, on the other hand are such incriminating evidences that speak of the real situation.


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