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Christianity now a minority religion in Great Britain :: News

Posted on: December 30, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Christianity now a minority religion in Great Britain

Every year, researchers from the British Social Attitudes survey ask a representative sample of British people whether they regard themselves as belonging to any particular religion and, if so, to which one? When the survey first asked these questions in 1985, 63% of the respondents answered that they were Christians, compared with 34% who said they had no religion (the rest belonged to non-Christian religions).

Today, a quarter of a century on, there has been a steady and remarkable turnaround. In the latest 2010 BSA report, published earlier this month, only 42% said they were Christians while 51% now say they have no religion. Admittedly, some other surveys – including the last census – have produced different findings on these issues, usually to the advantage of the religious option. There is also a margin of error in all such exercises. All the same, and particularly since the trends in opinion over time seem well set, it is hard not to feel that this latest finding marks a cultural watershed.

This Christmas, for perhaps the first time ever, Britain is a majority non-religious nation. Most of us have probably seen this moment coming, but it is a substantial event nonetheless. It is undoubtedly a development that would have astonished our ancestors who built a Britain on the basis that we were and would remain a predominantly Protestant people. The victory of secularism would have flabbergasted them almost as much as the pope appearing on the BBC with his Thought for the Day.

The change ought certainly to inspire some national reflection, though there is no need for national breast-beating. After all, in most eyes, the BSA survey finding simply underscores things that have already become obvious. Today, our three political parties are led by two open atheists, and a prime minister who admits his faith comes and goes, a development impossible to imagine in other parts of a world, in which the loss of religion is not a uniform trend. The Britain of 50 years ago, in which religion was a far larger part of the social fabric and the national way of life, is a country we have lost.

What is more striking about the survey is how quickly the change has come – just a generation. It is not that long since everything shut on Sundays, since a majority went regularly to church of some sort, since all schoolchildren knew and sang hymns and studied the Bible even if they did not believe in it, and since the idea that public figures could be anything other than observantly Christian would have seemed unthinkable. It would be hard to say, by most yardsticks, that those were better times. They were certainly different ones. The direction of change is likely to continue. We must all get used to it.

None of this is to dismiss the religious or to disparage its institutions, let alone to imply that Christmas is unimportant. For all its secular and commercial excess, Christmas remains a surprisingly serious season, accentuated this year by the bleak weather. But it is to say that sensitive adaptation to the predominantly non-religious era is required on all sides. In many respects, Britain is handling that task quite well. Our national evolution into a less religious society is not without its skids and bumps. If anything, though, it is being managed with greater dignity than our parallel evolution into a less politicised one.

It is no more the place of a newspaper to impose a religious test on its readers than it was right for the British state to impose such tests on its office-holders in the past. In some sense, the protection of respect becomes more important with Christianity’s decline. When Anglicanism held unchallenged sway, after all, it was important to assert the rights of those who disagreed with it, whether as Catholics, nonconformists, non-Christians or as atheists. Today, as an era of non-religious ascendancy begins in Britain, the importance of tolerance towards the faiths is not diminishing but increasing.

May Allah guide peoples to right path=islam


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20 Responses to "Christianity now a minority religion in Great Britain :: News"

Far away here in Nigeria we understand that the farce represented by Christianity is destined for a short reign, try as much as they will nothing can stop the constant decline of (man made religion) Christianity in the world. simple reason for this is the need for million of lies to sustain the lies they told in their books to oil the machinery of their propagation. MAY THE WILL OF ALLAH BE DONE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THEIR PRAYERS (THE LORDS PRAYER).


Good job-Admin


@ Admin

Yes Christianity is in Minority because of Beheading of Christians by the Cult followers of Demonic God Allah.. Hey can you prove Islam to be the True Religion, without using Muhammad’s word. Muhammad was a pedophile, a terrorist, a looter, a mass murderer, a rapist and etc, etc..

Well if you find these allegation shocking, here is the evidence .



Your present state of mind and culture is shown in your words. Stop commenting on a subject which you don’t have basic knowledge. You are ridiculing yourself.
A good example of too much hatred and racism causing blindness.


What you are talking about Brother, If I say what your prophet Muhammad did, it shows my Culture. Why do you think I have no knowledge of Islam, I am using Qur’an and Hadith as an evidence of my allegations.. If you find it wrong, then kindly prove me Islam,Muhammad and Allah are all true without using Muhammad’s own word..


Rot in Hell !!!! How dare u insult the last messenger of ALLAH!!!

I suggest u read the holy Qu raan b4 u insult our beloved Prophet (PBUH). U ave just bought urself a one way ticket to Hell!!!!

Wen u r lying down in your grave n u hear the footsteps of you’re family n friends walk away, 2angels will cum to you and question you. I suggest that u find out the correct answers to the questions you will be asked, coz if u r unable to reply (coz of ur ignorance n arrogance, u will be given a blow to ur skull by a heavy hammer n tortured in ways u cannot imagine!!!

Bye bye :-))


How on earth do you people actually belive that crap?!!? Can you people just evolve already?!?!


Indeed, you are a minority because you lost your dignity and nobody is guilty for that. Concerning Islam,you speak out of ignorance and you have no knowlege about our religion. This doesn’t mean that you are forgiven for your affirmations because you are free to seek knowledge.


well,ur selective words n way of expression reveals u r with firey jelous 2 abrupt spreading lslam n its rasul (pbh).The frame-work of the “religion Islam” made by Allah – Who coveyed this 2 mass community thro’ Mahammad(sm). so, whenever we need to talk on Islam, we must need 2 quote 4rm Holy Qur’an and Hadith(religious&social life saying by Mohammad[sm]). l mean to say-lslam not made by man.
u regargitated ur anger on lslam n its Rasul, u said nothing why christianity dooming n ruining. However, u blamed lslam.


I can see your jealousy! If you have insulted our BELOVED PROPHET SALLALAHO ALAYHE WASALLAM WHO IS THE GREATEST OF ALL HUMAN BEING FROM THE DAY ONE TILL THE END OF THE WORLD without gaining the knowlage of ISLAM [THE RELIGION OF PEACE] THAN MAY ALLAH SUBHANAHU T’ALAA give you correct guidence otherwise shower all type of the worse punishment and difficulties in this world an here after.Ameen


Thanks for reply brother,
Now can you explain me why I would be jealous? I have insulted your beloved prophet Muhammad because he deserves that INSULT, and my claims are backed up with evidence from Qur’an and Hadith.. to see those evidence visit.

Its a myth that Islam is a religion of peace, you see yourself what Qur’an teaches.. See yourself the verses of Hatred:- Chapter 9 verse 5-6
When the forbidden months (10,11,12 & 1 of the Islamic
calendar) are over, then fight the pagans wherever you find them, seize them,
besiege them, and lie in ambush for them in every stratagem of war, but if they
repent, establish Salah and pay Zakah, then let them go their way: surely Allah is
Forgiving, Merciful.[5]
If anyone from the pagans ask you for asylum, grant it to him
so that he may hear the Word of Allah, and then escort him to his place of safety: this
should be done because these people do not know the truth.[6]

Further Chapter 9 verse 39 see yourself:- If you do not march forth, He will inflict on
you a painful punishment and replace you with other people, and you cannot harm
Him at all, for Allah has power over everything.[39]

Allah ordering Muslims to fight unbelievers, and if Believers don’t fight they too will be afflicted with punishment of Hell, is this what you call peaceful verses?This is not all, I can write an article enlisting such peaceful verses, which teach Hatred and Violence..



It’s been over a month and of course no one wants to answer your last post lol I love it when they say we don’t know anything about thier faith then we prove them wrong and show them we actually know MORE about it then they do lol What a joke.


I wonder if they surveyed the muslim population over the past 25 years what the results would be?
Oh hang on!! nobody is allowed to leave pisslam otherwise they will be killed. No wonder its the fasted growing religion (according to muslims). They are the only mob that reproduce like rabbits and threaten people with apostocy if the dare say they want to leave pisslam.


You need to watch what you say you fool. You DO NOT know anything about Islam. And considering this is an Islamic website, I suggest you say something good or keep silent. That will be better for you. So guard your mouth!, verily you WILL come to know!


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