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Dua of Musa [AS] and the Answer from Allah [SWT] : Special Islamic Reminder

Posted on: December 7, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Dua of Musa [AS] and the Answer from Allah [SWT]

Before Musa [AS] was given prophet hood, he fled from the Pharoah to the city of Madyan – he had accidentally killed a person and the Pharaoh wanted to kill Musa [AS] in revenge. Upon arrival at Madyan, he found a well. At the well he saw a group of men watering their flocks, and two women were standing behind waiting for their turn since they could not jostle with the men for position.

One of Musa’s [AS] greatest and most admirable qualities was that he would always stand up for justice, whether it benefited him, hurt him or neither of the two. So, seeing this injustice he took the flock of the women and watered them on their behalf amongst the men. Keep in mind, Musa [AS] had no benefit from this and he was exhausted after his sudden journey away from Egypt. After he was finished, Musa [AS] went to a shade made this beautiful dua,

My Lord! I am truly in need of whatever good that You bestow on me!’

[Surah Qasas:24]

Do you know what happened next?

Musa [AS] was asked by one of the two sisters to come meet their old father who wanted to reward Musa [AS] for watering the flock of his daughters…by marrying him to one of his daughters! Do you see how incredibly Allah [SWT] answered the dua of Musa [AS]?  He asked Allah [SWT] that he is in desperate need of any khair to come from Allah [SWT], and Allah [SWT] gave him a house, a family and a job all in one go!

What I find amazing is the personality of Musa [AS] even before prophethood. Often, when we have nothing to gain or nothing to lose, we never make a stand for the right thing. But subhan Allah, he stood up for justice and Allah rewarded him almost immediately for that.

Another thing that I find amazing is the trust that Musa [AS] had in Allah [SWT]. When he embarked on an unplanned, potentially dangerous journey away from Egypt to Madyan he said, <<قَالَ عَسَى رَبِّى أَن يَهْدِيَنِى سَوَآءَ السَّبِيلِ>> “It may be that my Lord guides me to the right way”. And this was before prophethood!

How true is the statement of Allah [SWT] that whoever trusts Him, Allah will satisfy him/her and be fully sufficient for him/her [Surah Talaq:3]!

JazakAllah khair for reading,

from : true words

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12 Responses to "Dua of Musa [AS] and the Answer from Allah [SWT] : Special Islamic Reminder"

a very nice waqiya i m really happy aftr reading it subhan allah


very pleasing waqiya i m really happy aftr reading this :-):):)


Musa (as) was already a prophet and a messenger. So it’s befitting to say before the messenger hood came. Instead of Prophethood. He was already a prophet just like Yusuf (as) was a prophet as a child. Jazaak’Allah Khair 🙂


Musa. (As) was born already a prophet and a messenger. So it’s fitting to say before the messenger hood came to him. Instead of prophethood. Because even as a child he was already a prophet. Just like Yusuf (as) was prophet as a child. Jazaak’Allah Khair 🙂


As’salamualikum ma shaa allah such a great aayah … can girls recite it even in missing days ????


actually i have heard someone saying that this aayah should not be recited during the missing days … so wanna clear it ..


I agree with the others, on copying this out I copied the jain then thought that it didn’t add up and referred to other sources, bearing in mind people with different levels of understanding will view this I think it best that the arabic be corrected or at least a note to say the za should be a ra. Allah knows best.


Great post, but if I may, there is a small mistake in the arabic, i checked in the Quran and Tafsir ibn kathir, on your post the seventh word says ‘khaizeen’ but should be: خَيْرٍ. Hope you make the correction.


my dear friend, may allah’s pity on you,
this is mistake while copying and pasting, better and always refer quar’an for correct text


There is a mistake in the verse..please correct it.
the correct verse is ” Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer..”
Surah Al Qasas : 24


Sufficient is Allah for those that trust & believe in Him.


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