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Revert sister being forced to die,pls make dua for her

Posted on: August 15, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Revert Sister being Forced to Die

Assalam Alaykum Brother and Sisters,

Below msg(in block)  i got from a brother in Islam,he posted in one of our facebook page.

I was not able to control my tears,by thinking about the problems sister receiving.

so,Much problem,just becoz she accepted Islam.uff.

I wish to do something for sister,but don;t have idea what i can do for her,but one thing is in my hand,and that I can make dua for her and ask others to make dua for her.

so,Im posting in my website hoping that our Readers will SURELY KEEP HER IN THERE DUAS,DURING THIS RAMADAN.

please,when ever you are going to make dua for your self,please inculde sister Aishah in your duas, Indeed she need…

I also request you to make dua for all such revert muslims brother and sisters who r receiving similar kind of problems in there life in any part of world.

Please remember her in your salah duas,normal dikhr duas,taraweeh etc etc etc pls…

I hope you all will turn my hope in to reality.InshahAllah ..

JazakAllah khair for the support.!

May Allah remove the problem of all the muslims having similar kind of problem in any part of world,



slave of Allah swt 

asalam alaikum bhayya.. iam in a great problrm… plz try informing 2 chote bhayya.. last nyt dad and mum went 2 a puja and came home.. i opened the door for dem.. and went for namaaz. [pappa saw me and pulled me up from middle of the namaz and stated 2 hit me badly.. i got badly slapped and wounded.. he is nt allowing me 2 continue my roza’s aswell.. he heard quran on his phone i guess while driving bk.. im going hell here.. nw i dont have the phone wid me aswell.. nor i guess i wiud use internet nw… plzzz.. i need help… i badly need help.. im unable 2 take dis indifferent behaviour of my parents.. he was offering me poison and asking me 2 die… and nw i’ve been suffering from bad fever and blood and wounds wich dad has hurt me on my face (She left this offline 2hr ago)


Assalam Alaykum everyone,



SHE IS ALHAMDULLILAH FINE NOW. and She thanked “All Brother and sister for making duas.

The Brother Who shared with me the message first time,have left cmnt below here :

I also thank visitors for there support,

May Allah forgive our sins,

Wel,I still want all muslim brother and sisters to make Dua for other revert brother and sisters who r facing similar kind of problems.This the blessed month,utilize it fully!

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sister Aisha,from India.

52 Responses to "Revert sister being forced to die,pls make dua for her"

Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alameen she is fine now……………….May Allah (SWT) make things easier for her…………….and for all Muslims Men and Women…………Ameen Ya Rab. 🙂 Salaam*


As-salaamu `alaykum yaa muslimeen,

a`oothu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem, i cannot believe what my eyes just saw on the right amidst the banners..
An evil question asking “Allah the moon god?”.. A`oothu billahi min thaalik.. Even asking such a question rhetorically is al-kufr regardless of the intention due to the nature of the question ultimately being based on a lie and the implications being extremely offensive towards one’s creator!
How can a pure heart even bring itself to form these words and ask such a question even if rhetorically?
Consider this for a moment!
I know the article behind the banner is most likely a refutation of this evil claim made by evil people who lie against islaam (it turns out, if you investigate these people well enough, that the majority of them at least know they are lying when they make this claim, and it also turns out – ironically enough – that many of these people are themselves actually sun and moon and star worshipers). However, the question is still al-kufr in and of itself and should never leave the lips nor even enter the mind of a sincere believer no matter how it is intended.
If you wouldn’t introduce an engineer and designer – one of allah’s creations – of a big sports arena to the public specifically as the engineer and designer of the toilets within the arena out of respect then how can one even entertain the phrase about allah that “Allah is the creator of evil things”? Rather, we say “Allah is the creator of all things, good and evil” and don’t only single out the evil creations out of respect for allah. So then how can we even ask such evil questions rhetorically as that in the banner i speak of?


The one who made this banner should sincerely repent to allah and alter the phrase he is using to call people to the article which may even be beneficial for the muslimeen.
I am not calling the man/woman a kaafir. Rather i am just stating that the question is al-kufr in shar`i terms, and the one who made it should repent and study his/her deen better in matters of `aqeedah with regard to eemaan and al-kufr. This is kufr bil-jahl and can be tolerated if the one who committed it accepts he is mistaken and repents sincerely to allah and seeks to alter the misguidance he has spoken. And before anyone starts to jump all over me labeling me as a “wahhaabi”, i actually follow the Hanafi school of jurisprudence and am ash`ari/maatureedi in `aqeedah. And before anyone else calls me a mu`tazili or a murji`i out of total ignorance, there is no better source of argument against those baatil sects than kitaab al-irshaad by imaam al-haraamayn al-juwayni. This book was taught by imaam an-nawawi to his students, amongst other books. And so if i am a deviant for following it then imaam an-nawawi is 100 fold deviated for teaching it and spreading it a`oothu billahi min thaalik, as i only received it through his efforts and others efforts who spread this book, and i believe everyone is clear that imaam an-nawawi is an imaam of the ahl-us-sunnah and not deviated.


I forgot to mention.. another condition of repentance from kufr bil-jahl of this type due to mu`tazili philosophical thought influencing one’s `aqeedah is that one seeks true knowledge of one’s deen, primarily and especially in the matters in which he has erred.
And allah knows best.


Pray and duas is a best way to reief from troubles… it as much as you can. Allah-subahana-wa-ta-aalah will be with us….alhamdu-lillah.


May Allah bless us all muslims….n the reverts Ameen, Ameen Ya Rabal Aalameen


Allah will help her and all others who are converted to ISLAM, inshaAllah.


I was already beginning to cry and get really worried until I saw the updates post. You can’t imagine how relieved I was. We have to be practical and also offer dua’s. Anyone lives near her area? Hopefully we can send money/messages to her so that she can be safe. Maybe it’s best if she lives somewhere else for now until her parents cool down a little and start wanting to discuss. It’s great that she’s safe, Alhamadulillah, but I’m so scared that another problem MIGHT erupt again and she would be treated badly, nau’zubillah.


Allah will surely assist her. I am an It expert, If I have her complete details such as full Name and email address. She will be traced inshaAllah


Assalamu alaykum, may Allah protect her…….it is wrong for her parents to maltreat her to an extent that she faces death……………they as parents should have at least heard her own side of the story, and respect her decisions.

i would like to suggest what brother roomi said….r there no IT experts that can track or trace teh mail? she needs help


Aslam Alaikum Inshallah We All Will Pray For Her May Allah Give To Her Sabar And May Allah Give To Her Parents Hedayat ITs Really Very Sad To Hear That Plz If Anyone Know Her Home Address Kindly Follow Her & Try To Get Her From there May Allah Keep her Safe Ameen


May God Almighty remove the troubles & predicaments this sister is going through & provide her with a blessed life in this world & aakhiraa’. Aameen.


What can anyone say ??


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