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Why Grand Daughter of Priest/Pastor Accepted Islam ?

Posted on: May 28, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Why Grand Daughter of Priest/Pastor Accepted Islam ?

I was born and raised in the bible belt here in America.

My great great grandparents, my great-grandparents, and my grandparents, as well as my sister’s husband were all preachers of christianity. I was raised in a strict pentecostal home. We went to church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

In the church they would speak this tongue and say it was holy ghost or holy spirit.

My sister and all I knew there had recieved this holy ghost but no matter how hard I cried, nor how hard I begged God for this gift I never recieved it. I saw them run around the church and worship at the altar, and I never felt the urge to run with the spirit.

At 14 yrs of age I became pregnant and the preacher got in front of the church and used me a example of a sinner.

He condemned me to hell and said I had no business there with the people of God. That Jesus didn’t accept me. I walked out of the church and have not gone back. I moved away from God.

I had thought if God does not forgive me for this what sense is there to pray. If my soul is destined to hell already why try anymore?

For years I believed nothing. Times got harder for me and I started crying out to God yet again. This time I didn’t pray for the gift of holy ghost, I prayed for guidance, that he would lead me to him and the truth.

As I was telling a friend one day on how lost I felt, how I wanted to love God, and how I wanted God to accept me in heaven not send me to hell, my friend says to me

” I know you are not muslim, but for your sake of sanity and peace, please read the Quran”

If only just for some peace. At that time my mind was tortured, I was emotionally a wreck. 

I wasn’t going to read the Quran, I had been told Islam was the home of Anti-christ and that Islam was evil. But it kept on my mind to read the Quran..

I thought well my friend is not evil and it could not hurt to read it. I searched all the stores in my hometown and no Quran. So I searched online.

I found on .

I started reading the Quran and saw no evil, nothing that I had been taught about the bad in Islam was in the Quran.

I was amazed to learn that Allah was the same God of Jesus(peace be upon him). I read about Muhammed (peace be upon him) and learned he was not an evil man, but a good man.

Everything I had been taught about Islam and prophet Muhammed by the church were all lies.


So I started looking up things on Islam in addition to reading the Quran.

I hid what I was doing from everyone I knew, even deleting my history on the internet. I believed the Quran where I always doubted the bible. This was amazing to me.

I thought to myself I actually love God. Allah will forgive my sins. I still have the chance for heaven. Many emotions went through me.

The day I took my shahada was the happiest day of my life. I will never be able to explain the feeling of peace and acceptance I finally felt after a life of confusion and helplessness.

For anyone who has ever thought they were meant to go to hell, they would understand this feeling. I immediately went to prayer, teaching myself the prayers, immediately took to the hijab.

The day I took my shahada, I announced to my family I was now muslim. It has been hard for me.My children’s father tried everything to get me to turn against Islam. Once he saw I would not turn from Allah, he wanted to know why.I talked to him and told him all I had learned. He converted to Islam too,

Many spit on me, call me a non-american and terrorist, I was physically attacked. Some of my family has disowned me.

My mother thinks it is a phase I’m going through but still defends me.

My sister refuses to let me speak of Islam at all, and makes a point to say ” thank you jesus and jesus loves you” in front of me and my children. In times like this I just smile, ignore, or say “sorry you feel the way you do” I realize that if I resort to anger then it will confirm people’s belief that Islam is bad.

My son took it all the hardest because of his loyalty to my mother and sister, but I am proud to say all four of my children have now took to learning the prayers.

May Allah guide me in teaching them.

I know all there is about the holy bible, I have read it, been taught it all my life. It contradicts itself.

The Quran speaks truth and I hope that many realize this before the doors of heaven close on forgiveness.

[Sister Aisha]

Admin Comment:  Oh My dear sister in Islam,

I cant stop my tears by reading your story…

We’re proud of you, in fact approx 1.68 billion Muslims are proud of you ..  The most best thing is The ways by which Allah guide people is truly amazing. MashaAllah.. SubhanAllah! 

May Allah bless you and reward you highest place in Jannah


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19 Responses to "Why Grand Daughter of Priest/Pastor Accepted Islam ?"

John. You ignorance dominates your thoughts.please read more about islam. May Allah guide you.


Allah is the one who guides.may He increase your faith n grant u a good ending.inshallah


May Allah continue to guide and protect Islam and Muslims. Ameen. Barakallahu feeki dear sister.


I am sorry but Islam is ANYTHING but a great religion. It’s entire history is one of perversion, war and senseless, barbaric violence. Islam treats women as worse than dogs and tortures and murders it’s own children. I can say, with complete confidence, that the Islamic religion is satan’s own.




Well John~

~As a Beautiful COVERED-protected- MUSLIM WOMAN~

~All I can say is I’m sorry you feel the way you feel… I am an AMERICAN MUSLIM WOMAN who happens to have a father WHO IS an AMERICAN HISTORIAN~published writer~and historian & even was given a PROCLAMATION in a city ‘here in America’ for restoring CONFIDENCE to a people who once lost it. I am proud to say as a Black American Woman I have once again found the religion of my Ancestors~who were stolen from their homeland in the name of “American Christianity.” I am a mix of Native American~African~and even (sad to say) European~as a full blooded AMERICAN today. & I say sad to say because most AMERICANS know how we got the European part in us is because my ancestors were RAPED~in the name of what you call a religion. The religion of the Klu Klux Klan who are the real terrorists~Not the Peace Keeping Muslims…
I know that there is NO UNITY among the CHRISTIANS today so none of them will agree with what their “christian brothers & sisters” beieve… because they have so many different books~written by so many different PEOPLE~at so many different times…
& this is coming from a LADY who has studied the history of Rome & its Empire~you should study my religion~we only have 1 book written at 1 time by 1 person…

All I can say about your comment of “the Islamic religion is satan’s own.” is I can’t wait to see PEOPLE LIKE YOU on the day of Judgement. People who think all they have to do to be saved from the FIRE that you know ALL SINNERS ARE PROMISED is believe that Juses is God’s son… ***AgstephurAllah*** On our promised Day when Jesus Himself (may God’s peace be upon him) will bear witness that HE NEVER MADE SUCH A CLAIM…
I promise that it would DO YOU SOME GOOD to read the Qur’an… As my ancestors were forced to read “King James VERSION of the Bible…”




It seems that you know absolutely nothing about what Islam really is, so you resort to telling lies that anyone could easily find that they are not true. I am a Muslim Woman and I know first hand that Islam is Beautiful. My religion treats me with Much Respect and allows me to keep my beauty private and unexposed to my enemys like Satan and people who think of my religion as “satan’s own,” hum… I guess that would be You & your KKK brothers in Christianity who have done real terrorism in the world.
Contrary to what YOU SAY Islam actually provides protection to women & children, like me & my children, so we don’t have to be subjected to people who say horrible things with their tong–like you. Alhamdulillah (All praises are due to God), I am very glad to be a beautiful, covered, and protected Muslim Woman.
I hope you have a chance to discover what Islam really is before Judgment Day, when it will be too late for the people who tell lies against God & God’s people. May you be rightly guided…. Ameen.


“Say: we believe in God and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma’il: Isaac, Jacob and The Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another, among them, and to God do we bow our will (in Islam).” (Qur’an, Al-‘Imran 3:84)


Any Proof ? or Just living in Illusion ?


Greetings John,
I’d advise you to remove the veil of prejudice & try to discover Islam through its books. You shall do a lot good for yourselves.
May God Almighty guide everyone onto the right path. Ameen.


Have you read the Quran? Have you been to a Muslim country? Thats all im going to ask.


jazak ALLAH KHAIR FOR ALL UR HARD WORK AND may ALLAH bless the sister in islam and protect her inshallah .


When victory & triumph of Allah comes, you will see men entering the religion of Allah (islam) in multitude, so praise Allah and seek for his forgiveness. Barakallah sister


that is a welcome development. May Allah in His infinite mercy contine to touch people’s mind. Ameen. May He continue to guide us in islamic monotheism.


I once told a missionary who came to preach to me, to hold on for a moment and tell me what he knew about Islam since I am a Muslim.He said nothing.So how can you preach to me if you dont know anything about faith?Where do you start from?Likewise I always advise my Christian freinds, that to know Islam they have to read the Qur’an.That they cant know Islam via Western media.


You’re right Suleiman~Missionaries never know ANYTHING about Islam… They are soooo ignorant (not knowing) & try to teach to people who actually have knowledge… Arrogance…


the trueth is like cork it cant submerge in d sea.d rest of d family n many others wil soon embrace ISLAM.ALLAH bless U


Asslamoalikum dear sister.
we are proud of you may ALLAH bless you in this world and also in jannah.


very nice…mashallah may ALLAH guide everybody…..


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