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Oldest Bible Goes Online ! Which one is Original ?

Posted on: February 8, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Oldest Bible Goes Online ! Which one is Original ?

Asslamalayekum brothers and sisters

We Muslims know that bible is corrupted book.but when ever you will talk with Christians they never accept it.

fine,if its not corrupted then why today’s bible is not matching with this oldest bible…..??????

can anyone explain this to me ?

LONDON, England (CNN) — The world’s oldest known Christian Bible goes online Monday — but the 1,600-year-old text doesn’t match the one you’ll find in churches today.

The British government bought most of the pages of the ancient manuscript in 1933.

The British government bought most of the pages of the ancient manuscript in 1933.

Discovered in a monastery in the Sinai desert in Egypt more than 160 years ago, the handwritten Codex Sinaiticus includes two books that are not part of the official New Testament and at least seven books that are not in the Old Testament.

The New Testament books are in a different order, and include numerous handwritten corrections — some made as much as 800 years after the texts were written, according to scholars who worked on the project of putting the Bible online. The changes range from the alteration of a single letter to the insertion of whole sentences.

And some familiar — very important — passages are missing, including verses dealing with the resurrection of Jesus, they said.

Juan Garces, the British Library project curator, said it should be no surprise that the ancient text is not quite the same as the modern one, since the Bible has developed and changed over the years.

“The Bible as an inspirational text has a history,” he told CNN.

“There are certainly theological questions linked to this,” he said. “Everybody should be encouraged to investigate for themselves.”

That is part of the reason for putting the Bible online, said Garces, who is both a Biblical scholar and a computer scientist.

“Scholars will want to look very closely at it, and some of the Web site functionality is specifically for them — the ability to search the text, the ability to highlight a word, the degree of detail is particularly interesting for scholars interested in the text,” he said.

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But, he added, “It’s for everyone, really a wide audience, because of curiosity, because they appreciate the value of it.”

By the middle of the fourth century, when the Codex Sinaiticus was written, there was wide but not complete agreement on which books should be considered authoritative for Christian communities, according to the Web site where the Codex is posted.

The Bible comes from the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai desert, where a scholar named Constantine Tischendorf recognized its significance in 1844 — and promptly took part of it, Garces explained.

“Constantine Tischendorf was in search for ancient manuscripts, so he appreciated the age and value of it,” Garces said.

He took a handful of pages to Germany to publish them, then returned in 1853 and in 1859 for more. On that last trip, he took 694 pages, which ended up in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Soviet government decided to sell them in 1933 — to raise money to buy tractors and other agricultural equipment.

The British government bought the pages for £100,000, raising half the money from the public. Garces called that event one of the first fundraising campaigns in British history.

Film footage from the time shows crowds of people turning out to see the manuscript, which was considered a national treasure, he said.

Though the Bible has been reassembled online, in the real world it remains scattered.

Most of it is in London. Eighty-six pages are held at the University Library in Leipzig, Germany, parts of 12 pages are held at the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, and 24 pages and 40 fragments remain at St. Catherine’s Monastery, recovered by the monks from the northern wall of the structure in June 1975.

The manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. (A copy held at the Vatican dates from about the same period.) Older copies of individual portions of the Christian Bible exist, but not as part of a complete text.

The Codex also includes much of the Old Testament that was adopted by early Greek-speaking Christians.

That portion includes books not found in the Hebrew Bible and regarded in the Protestant tradition as apocryphal, such as 2 Esdras, Tobit, Judith, 1 & 4 Maccabees, Wisdom and Sirach.

The New Testament portion includes the Epistle of Barnabas and The Shepherd of Hermas.

As it survives today, Codex Sinaiticus comprises just over 400 large leaves of parchment — prepared animal skin — each of which measures 15 inches by 13.6 inches (380 mm by 345 mm).

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8 Responses to "Oldest Bible Goes Online ! Which one is Original ?"

Very interesting


The Bible is a compilation of texts written down by his followers of what the Christian community believed. In it Christ is quoted as saying to peter to feed my sheep, go and teach all nations. Nowhere did Christ give a written book to follow. The Bible is the Catholic Churches document therefore it is theirs to decide
what it to be comprised of since it needs to coincide with what was being taught by the christian church.


Of course it is different, and it is not hard to understand why, if one is not blinded by their ideology and able to look objectively at the facts.
From the beginning of Christianity their were heresies in the church, and the proponents of these hersies often rewrote all or portions of the scriptures to support their heresies. Much like the claim that you make on your other page about the fake American Qu’ran.
Suppose in a couple of thousand years from now after many wars and natural disasters that wipe out most or all of our current copies of manuscripts, someone finds a copy of this New Qu’ran? Will they think it was the original? Which one is the correct one? Multiply this by may different versions being discovered, and you have a problem.
Egypt was the center of the Gnostic heresy in the early church. Most Egyptian manuscripts were corrupted by this heresy early on, which is why such manuscripts tend to be rejected by most True Believers.
Peace to You In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ…


Please try to avoid pointing the mistakes of others and keep on trying to highlight your qualities


Hm, this has always been a room for comparative religious study and one is really baffled how a man will attempt to change the word of God. What a peaceful world we’ll have if the entire earth habitat are Muslims and follow the Holy Quran and the authentic Hadith.
Jaza khun lah kaeran


Assalamu alaikum dear brother , jazak Allah khair ,i think Athe extremists have changed the words of the true HOLY BIBLE .
Therefore the true BIBLE has been missing for centuries .
thank you…


WE do not even need to look at the changes from then all you need to do is look at the changes over the last thirty years. The KJV of the Bible was not able to be copyrighted therefore the greedy Christians decided to change some things around so they can copyright it and make money (very Christian like) along with each change the meaning has been changed to meet the agenda of the church. The laws of God have been turned into the laws of men. I am currently working on a book about this very thing. Enjoyed the read


Many of the changes in the different Bible texts are almost all mistakes made when texts were copied and translated.
Some of the more fundamentalist US Christian sects do have their own, tweaked versions of the Bible and they are indeed changed to incorporate their views and as such I don’t see them as real versions of the Bible.

The Bible, just like every other Holy book, was written by humans who don’t necessarily write the truth, just their version of facts or the things that they have heard from others. No Holy book or any religion can therefore claim to be correct or ‘the greatest’.

Anybody who believes literally everything written down in any of the Holy books, is sadly mistaken. These books are guidelines for people to live meaningful lives and to grow as a peaceful and caring society.


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