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Islamic Punishment-Boy Punished for Stealing Bread Lie Exposed

Posted on: October 19, 2010

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Islamic Punishment-Boy Punished for Stealing Bread Lie Exposed

Assalam Alaykum brother and sister,

Well…We all know how the  Islam haters lie about Islam and Muslim.

They are expert in creating fake stories and blame it on Muslims to make Islam look bad…!  but they forget one thing…Lies can shine for few days ,but Truth Shine for ever….

Today with the help from Allah swt,im going to expose there tricks…this Article is enough to show the ways Islam haters use to Lie about Islam and Muslims.

I Received this Email 2-3 years before…When i saw first time…i was too shocked to see and thought how can they do this….my heart said…Indeed they were not following true Islam….May You too have seen this story before…and you believed….but The Question Is the Story is really true ????

Yesterday i again saw this story on popular anti-islamic website…faithfreedom…

Here is the Story Islam haters spreaded by forwarding emails and posting on websites.

Email Matter ::


Islamic Justice–

An 8 year old child caught stealing bread in a market of Iran is punished in a public place, in the name of Islam!!!

His arm will be crushed and will lose its use permanently. A religion of peace and love, they say?

Spread this example of peace and love of Islam to your friends !!


Subject : 8-Year-Old Iranian Child Caught Stealing Bread

An 8 year old child caught stealing bread in a market of Iran is punished in a public place, in the name of Islam!!!

His arm will be crushed and will lose its use permanently. A religion of peace and love, they say? How can anyone believe them

when they commit such inhuman acts?

Pictures :

usually in e-mail forwards that set them in one of several Arab/Muslim areas (e.g., Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestinian territories) and claim that the boy pictured is being punished under a harsh Sharia law system that imposes a penalty grossly out of proportion to the nature of the crime (i.e., having his arm crushed under a vehicle because he stole a loaf of bread).

so What is Lie in this….????


I will just say one thing  “DON;T BELIEVE EVERY THING YOU SEE” specially When its related to ISLAM and its from Islam haters.

The preceding images are apparently authentic — they were published as such in 2005 on the Iranian news Web site Peyke Iran, at any rate — but the accompanying caption doesn’t jibe with the original report and was clearly fabricated after the fact.

The young boy whose arm was run over was not being punished for a crime. He was part of a “Maareke giry” or street magic act and allegedly performed the stunt for money.

You can verify it your self…

1) You can see that the man in first image have taken microphone…and giving orders for action.

2) If the image is True,then why they kept the cloth below boy hand ? They are giving punishment to hurt him,so why they will take care for this ???

These 2 points are enough to believe that its fake story…to Look Islam & Muslims BAD,Islam haters are spreading this lie.

The seventh and eighth pictures in the series, which appear to show the child shaken but otherwise unharmed after the ordeal, were omitted from the email flier but can still be viewed on (where all the images are attributed to photographer Siamak Yari).

Here is the Seventh Image,which Islam haters never share 😉

Boy After the Stunt..

It’s difficult to make any definitive statement about Sharia/Islamic law since customs and enforcement can vary from region to region, but although the cutting off  hands may sometimes be the prescribed maximum penalty for cases of theft under the strictest interpretations of Sharia, Islamic law resources consistently note that such punishments shall not be applied to children who have not yet reached puberty (which is defined as the age of 15 for boys), nor for the theft of small-value items or food by the hungry.

at last I just wana say to Islamhaters,

Lies can shine only for few days,Truth Shines For Ever…..


also want to ask Muslim Brother and sisters,Will you Just Read and Ignore this Article,or you will share this in your website,in your notes,profiles,forums,via Email-Forwards.

Will you spread this Truth and show the real face of Liers to People ????????

May Allah forgive me if im wrong at any place,
Written by
slave of Allah swt
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92 Responses to "Islamic Punishment-Boy Punished for Stealing Bread Lie Exposed"

The last photo is not the aftermath… unless the car was made out of baloons.

Who the FUCK puts a child’s arm under a track with or without cloth. You are more stupid than you will ever understand


idiot,its not my claim,but the one who clicked these pictures.


Islam is totally fake, and is followed by a bunch of goat-fucking morons. I hope you all drown in the blood of pigs.


wat about killing Buddhists in Bangladesh by the muslims huh???


Ofcource they r doing wrong… and if they think after no one will catch them, then they forgot The Almighty everything…


Let me ask you a question king slave, what realy is jihad teaching?, why is it that islam support violence eg in nigeria today’ the islamic sec called ‘boko haram’?, why is it that all the millitants in this world are muslims?, why is it that muslims practice suicide attacks?, now if it is true that u dont support suicide missions why do u still allow them ( the masterminders) to pray with u in d same mosque and why is it that most of the preachers of this dangerios suicide attacks are imams?, if realy you and the muslims world wide are agaist this suicide acts what are u doing to stop it? The last question is do u like osama bin laden, if yes why and if no why?. For me to b conviced that islam is not a violent religion u need to answer this questions one after the other oh king slave. U can email me on ( because i might not be able to visit this site again, i was only here through a friends link. Thanks


Emeka u r in Nigeria and u still want to tell ma that u have no idea what is going on? or that u have turned a blind eye too like many others. you know what if u still dont know that those bomb r not placed by Muslims but to kill them then u r soooo lost and blind. How can a Muslim place a bomb near a mosque foe Gods sakes or near a Muslim gathering?.Think again.


here is your reply from a Nigerian in Lagos, Beautiful question as if Christians dont perpetrate evil in the unfortunate land called Nigeria. Niger Delta militants that were all xtians killed many security people in the land, detonate the first bomb that marks the beginning of bomb blast in Nigerria(Oct 1 2010), xtian youth caught in kaduna to bomb a church after being paid 5million naira each just to tarnish the image of the Muslims, sesless governor of plateau state a xtian imported ammunitions for Birom youth to kill muslims, in Jos, Xtians attacked muslims praying in the Eid ground killing and roasted their mean like goat, bomb blast in a mosque in Benin by the xtians, Immorality and corrupt ideas that the xtians have used to infilterate our society, your pastors precisely (chris onyakhilome) was caught with money laundering, BBA a series produced by DSTV has turned most nigerian females to street dogs to the extent that elderly were not left out all these perpetrated by the so called XTIANS that prefer their self desire to the command of almighty GOD with the USELESS NIGERIAN MEDIA maintaining CLOSE LIPS on these issues whenever it was been perpetrated by the xtians.
Emeka my sincere advise for is to think wisely before posting comments because you asked if the writer loves osama and why cant we muslims stop boko haram people from praying with us … Nice BUT
Bush that massacred as many as he could in muslim land what have your ICC done to him? Do your fathers and pastors reject the tithe of your MEND actors in Nigeria? I will just tell you to seek for the truth and it shall set you free afterall a southeastern sixtegenerian converted to muslim then what could stop you? seek for the truth to achieve INDEPENDENCE


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