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The New Makkah Metro Launched

Posted on: October 5, 2010

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

The New Makkah Metro Launched

A Makkah metro train during a test run.

JEDDAH: The newly established Mashair Railway, which links the holy sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa with Makkah, will have a 30-day test run before opening to transport domestic and GCC pilgrims during the upcoming Haj season.

Municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Prince Mansour bin Miteb will inspect the railway (also known as the Makkah Metro) on Tuesday to make sure the facility is ready to transport the guests of God. The railway will bring about a dramatic change in pilgrim transportation between the holy sites.

Established at a cost of SR6.5 billion, the new railway will have a capacity to transport 72,000 pilgrims in an hour. Nine stations have been constructed in Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifa, each having three stations. This is the second largest project implemented by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs after the SR4.5 billion high-tech Jamrat Bridge project in Mina.

Habib Zain Al-Abidine, deputy minister of municipal and rural affairs, said the railway will have 10 trains in the first phase, each with a length of 300 meters. “Each train will carry 3,000 passengers.”

He said Saudi authorities have not yet fixed the fare. “The matter is in the hands of Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, chairman of the Supreme Haj Committee. Once the prince gives his directives, we’ll announce the fare,” he said.

The time for transporting pilgrims from Arafat to Muzdalifa will be reduced to five minutes on the 9th of Dul Hijjah when the faithful will move together from the plain of Arafat to Muzdalifa. And another five minutes will take them from Muzdalifa to Mina on the 10th.

Zain Al-Abidine said the railway would operate throughout the year.

The second phase of the project will link Mashair Railway with the Grand Mosque in Makkah with a station on Umm Al-Qura Road. It will also be linked with the Haramain Railway that connects Makkah with Madinah and Jeddah.

The trains will have a test run covering 6,000 km each before starting regular operations. The first test run took place last Thursday. The railway will have 20 trains in the next stage, each with 12 carriages and each carriage holding 250 passengers. About 20 percent of passengers will be seated while 80 percent will be standing. Trains will have a speed of 80 to 120 km/hour.

JazakAllah khair brother usman for sharing this,

slave of Allah

14 Responses to "The New Makkah Metro Launched"

Objection, OBJECTION !!!
The contract to build the metro was awarded to a Chinese firm (which belongs to the ATHEIST Communist Party !!!) on the spurious ground of “cutting costs”, and I have 2 HUGE issues with this:
– all the chinese workers were asked -read FORCED – to convert to Islam when the contract was awarded, and these were clearly “conversions of convenience”, therefore totally unIslamic;
– after Israel, China is the worst enemy of Islam on this planet, and let’s not forget that China has been not only occupying ILLEGALLY Muslim lands (East Turkestan) for the past 60 years, but also carrying out a systematic genocide against our Uyghur Muslim brothers, among the total indifference of the Muslim world.
I would have been far happier if the contract had gone to an Israeli firm.


My meaning is that the Saudis should NEVER EVER have awarded the contract to a firm belonging to an atheist country that butchers and oppresses Muslims and occupies Muslim lands ILLEGALLY.
Japan may not be a Muslim country, but at least is not atheist and does not kill Muslims.
So, in the absence of contractors from a Muslim country, why not award the contract to the Japanese?


I must say that this post is the most relevant article I’ve ever read and saw. It’s a great help to everyone who is looking for this information.


I think it is really very good efforts from KSA, Allah will give them “JAZA KALA UR KHAIR”


Mashallah,its pleaseant nd feels as a source f content to the heart by seeing ,modern technology being used for trhe benefit f human kind nd A Islam.May A llah grant us wisdom nd knoweledge to further benefit the deen of His nd His LastNABI.?!
to Allah we belong nd to him we will return.|!Ameeen,.


Mashallah,its pleaseant nd feels as a source f content to the heart by seeing ,modern technology being used for trhe benefit f human kind nd A Islam.May A llah grant us wisdom nd knoweledge to further benefit the deen of His nd His LastNABI.?!
to Allah we belong nd to him we will return.|!


Mashallah, this is very nice , I would like to say thanks to Saudi Government to do this thing. atlest our all muslims brothers who leaving in out of Makkah(Masjid-il-Hram), they can to Makkah very esay & Perform UMRAH, Mahallah. .



I think it is really very good efforts from KSA, Allah will give them “JAZA KALA UR KHAIR”


Dear Brothers
We are expatriates living and working in Saudia. Please keep in mind that all the development works carried out in saudia including this railway is from the money which we give them in the form of salary taxes , exit entry fees , family visa fees , child entry fee , umrah and hajj visitors and many more for business fees. In short they generate a large amount of revenue from expats and thats a little fraction which they use. Rest is for saudi nationals i.e. free education free medical and much other free stuff only for saudis. But we have to pay for each and everything.


MashAllah that is soooo cool!! atleast we muslims will be able to get to the Haram on time..

keep it up u saudis!! good work….


Masha allah,

May allah accept all their good deeds and enter them jannah for this.


Dear brother Raja Mohammed :

Seeing & Reading the details about construction of the The New Makkah Metro, you have given the Saudi Rulers a Ticket_To_Heaven…QUITE SURPRISED AT YOUR SIMPLICITY ! !

But when you come to know about the misdeeds of the Saudi Rulers when they demolished the graves of Haz. Fatima (S.A.) the daughter of our beloved Haz. Mohammad (S.A.W.W.) and his Progeny (i.e. the Imam Hassan Ibne_Ali, , Imam Zain_ul_Abedeen, Imam Mohammad Baqar , Imam Jaffer_al_Sadiq (A.S.) in Jannat_ul_Baqi & other Holy Sites in Saudi Arabia, what will you do ? Give them (i.e. the Saudi Rulers) a Ticket_To_Hell ?

Please do not get carried away by sentiments but have some sanity in your thoughts. And also study the History of Islam ( Sunni as_well_as Shia’ism ) thoroughly and then distribute Heaven & Hell, accordingly.


Brother Afzal Hussain well said i couldnt say it better myself, the world is so delighted with materialistic success that it’s made them blind to whats happening behind the show, they are demolishing the spirituality of Hajj and all the other places amongst everything else it’s disgusting open your eyes people.
Modernisation in Islamic heritage where does that leave the spirituality travel arrangements fine but demolishing Islamic heritage to build wow hotels and shopping malls? it’s sick and disgusting.


Dear sister Razia : Many, many thanks for your able support to my views which I have expressed without any malice towards any individual. Only my nature of being a straight forward individual with a ‘bold habit’ of calling a spade, a spade.

Besides, in our Majalis, we are being taught the following precept “AM’R_BIL MA’ROOF & NAHI ANIL MUNQAR” and this has been an inspiration to me for quite sometimes hence my BOLD STANCE against any UNJUST WORD OR DEED against any WRONG DOING or OPPRESSION.

Your Brother_In_Faith,



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