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Satan is Every Where ! [Picture Perfect]

Posted on: April 8, 2010

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Satan is Every Where !

Satan is Every Where

Learn to control your nafs….

Satan have exp of hundred years,he can let you fall in wrong acts,in right,beware.

Seek the Protection of ALLAH…..The best Protector….

Say ‘I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the accursed

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11 Responses to "Satan is Every Where ! [Picture Perfect]"

I have seen the entire series of satan on youtube. There is a video that is related to this one plz check it out here:


Interesting point is You post the link of video which is in Our Channel…

Yup, Its Our Channel…anyways…thank u for sharing the video….



such a great and nice website…


here is a nother statement about a satanic thing in the Quran sura 42:44-46 , the bible says something diffrent . John 10:7:13 . john 8:44 . ( 2 corinthians 11:13:14 . 2 cor 11:13:14 speaks of Satan transformed him self as a angel of light and his ministers Sheeps in wolfs clothes false preachers and in Isaiah 14:12 satan is called lucifer . and here are more Statements about Satanic Sura,s . Sura 2:96 . Sura 2:191 . Sura 2:216 . Sura 3:85 . Sura 3:188 . Sura 4:74 : Sura 4:89 . Sura 4:91 . Sura 5:33 . Sura 5:38 . Sura 5:45 . Sura 5:72 . Sura 5:73 . Sura 6:137 . Sura 8:15:16 . Sura 9:5 . Sura 9:34 . Sura 9:73 . Sura 9:111 . Sura 9:113 . Sura 24:2 . Sura 28:62-64 Sura 38:79-85 . Sura 40:73 . Sura 8:12 . Sura 47:4 . Sura 22:52 Sura 3:54 . Sura 61:4 . ( Sura 48:29 this sura contradicts already that mohammed can not be a Good person but a ruthless person . Example Take a look in The middle east Christians and Jews are been hated by Moslims not all moslims are like this of Course you have good hearted moslims who live in a good way with there fellow Jews and christians but those fundamental radical moslims hate them . why is only because of all these sura,s . even the Quran says That the one who is leaving The moslim fate must be killed . this is Honor killing . while the Bible says if 99 sheeps . Christians and jews walking in The faith but one is lost the sheperd must find the lost and bring him back to the faith Luke 15:4:7 . only i can say to all of you loving moslims who dont have any hate against jews and Christians . Compare the whole Bible KJV ( king james version ) with the wwhole Quran to take time with it and submit your selfs to Isa The son of God For he is God hard to understand but by reading and to submit your selfs before him with A Humble heart and no hate against any human also your enemy,s you must love says The Bible only to win them for The Glory of God but if they not want to know God The Bible says keep The dust away from your feet and go to anoter city . Read the whole Bible and Compare it with The Quran Thats my Only advice to all of You . Inshallah sallam allah cum !!!!!!!!!!!!


who is a khayrul makereer , sura 3:54 , translated . allah is the greatest of all deceivers , while the bible ( injeel ) Translated new testament ” says its Satan John 8:44 . and to tell you moslims a short thing to know the truth compare a Bible KJV king james version with the Quran and you shall see that the Quran is A twisted book made up By Satan him self , why because mohammed him self said that Satan wisperd words in his ear , Example one Satanic vers in The Quran , kill the infidels and slay them where you find them , while the Bible says A man or women have a free will to believe in God , compare it for your selfs A bible with a Quran and you will be very schocked That it was Satan who disguised him self as Gabriel to Mohammed no offense to all of you only i can say ask allah and Isa ( jesus ) to show you the truth and The truth shall set you free , for it is been said in The Quran that mary The mother of Isa ( jesus ) was A virgin and conceived Isa ( jesus ) by The spirit of God , this is why he is Called The son of man ( son of God ) but The Quran says Allah don t have a son This only is what makes the Quran already a Twisted book full of error , in shallah and sallam allah cum . Read the whole Quran and Bible KJV king james version and you shall see the truth and pray for guidens by Isa ( Jesus ) and allah , but the name allah is not the real name of him its YHWH this means i am The Truth the way and The life and no man comes By God then by me says Isa ( jesus ) for he was even before Abbraham was ( Ibrahim ) for it is been proven he dieth for the whole world ( John 3:16:17 new testament ) ( Isaiah 53:3:12 old testament ) jesus is more then a prophet sura 3:55 . 19:33 . if you moslims denieh this ? then you are very ignorant no offense . anyway by YHWh his name you shall know The truth In shallah !!!!!!!


i fell in love with a muslim girl through internet
that’s why now i wanna become muslim
but now that is over with her i feel lost


king all these artical u send me recently are awsome, may Allah bless u and ur family always, king pray for me please


Thats it?
I thought there would be more
But good regardless



as It is said “A picture is worth a thousand words”….so I Hope the published picture in post will remind peoples…. when they use Internet or use computers,beware….Satan can let u fall in sins through this way too….

hope this idea will be usefull for readers,and InshahAllah more will come……

JazakAllah khair for leaving cmnts…


oh Allah guide us on the rigth path protect us from the evils of shaitan


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