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True Call :: [Sikhism to Islam] :: Revert Story

Posted on: January 28, 2010

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

True Call :: [Sikhism to Islam] :: Revert/Convert Story

Assalam Alaykum,

When the truth is revealed to you and you stand face to face with it, how long can you refuse to accept it? How long would you run away denying it?

There comes a point in your life when you have to break free from all the chains that hold you back from answering the True Call.

It is a moment where nothing else seems significant and equivalent to the call of the Almighty Allah and His path of freedom, bliss and satisfaction.

All the lies with which you have been living with start fading and your beliefs as a disbeliever fall like a pack of cards. And what you witness is an Eureka moment, a moment when you realize the truth, when you realize the beauty of Islam.

Then you take no time to accept it. You just have to take a bold step lest fearing the societal pressure and disagreement. For you should always fight for the Truth and stand firm on to it, no matter be it against your own kin.

I remember the day when I stood in front of the mirror in my room, looking vaguely, trying to search for something but failing to find an answer. In retrospect, I was never an atheist, I always believed that God existed and being a Sikh it existed for me in thousand forms: from a stone to a tree, from a tree to a river, from a river to a well (funny but true). All were objects of worship for me as I was told by my family and other traditions.

I took pride in being a polytheist, considering that all objects made by God are worth worshipping and that there exists a part of God in them, in every single being; so all are worthy of worship. It could be a cow, a tree, a river (as I said also a well), idols and even human beings themselves.

I detested Islam for being so rigid and stubborn on this. I found the Muslims static, living in the past, while the world is moving far ahead of them. For me all their beliefs were unreasonable (maybe because I never looked for reason), impractical, cruel and outdated.

Probably, it was not my fault, it was that I was made to look at them this way. It was a pre-conceived notion, which I inherited from this society which has often kept a negative image of Islam in majority of its opinion.

My first encounter with Islam was back in College where the majority of my classmates were Muslims and during free classes we used to have discussions on Islam and they were trying to convert me and also angered me about how they ridiculed my religion. During these talks they tried to clear various misconceptions that I carried regarding monotheism, rights of women, their status, and other popular myths which have become clichéd more or less. Yet, it was not convincing for me, I still kept those beliefs and my pride in being polytheist. Though I was not anymore an anti-Muslim, I was moved by the sufferings of the people who were one of us, simply dying because they practiced a different faith. I became more secular in my outlook.

After coming under its influence I stopped worshiping idols, performing any sort of rituals and going to temples.

These are what I call the steps I was taking to finally reach my destination that is Islam. Though again I had my own flaws, I again found myself in the same cob-web; where rituals and fire worshiping became an integral part.

Reading Adi Granth, Vedas, Manu Smiriti, and other scriptures only confused me. It was all philosophical, nothing material which could help you precisely find an answer for your daily life queries.

After leaving college and a breakdown on my arranged marriage and meeting Muslim friends, it was the first time when the clarity of Islam dawned over me. It was nothing but a small course of Family Law – Hindu Law and Islamic Law regarding marriages, divorce, succession, etc.

While Hindu/Sikh law was riddled with various technicalities, confusions, differences of opinions and lack of stability, Islamic law on the other hand was clear, precise and certain.

My opinion here changed overnight. What I used to find static, appeared stable to me. This made me curious to read more in this regard; I spent hours online talking to friends who used to tell me about Islam.

I read various links and participated in forum discussions. My outlook towards Islam started changing which was reflected when I spoke with my friends or discussed things with them.

Of course this change was not appreciated by them, they warned me against the so-called ‘brain washers’ whose sole aim is to divert Hindus to Islam.

All this used to bother me, I felt scared of their disagreement. I felt as though I were cheating my friends and family by doing what they sternly disagreed of.

But, as I said earlier, how long can you run away from the truth? You cannot live with a lie and accepting the truth needs courage. And as the Holy Quran says:

{Believers, uphold justice. Always bear true witness, even if it be against yourself, your parents, or your relatives-and regardless of whether the person against whom you are speaking is rich or poor. God is close to people regardless of their material circumstances. Do not be led by emotion, as this may cause you to swerve from the truth. If you distort your testimony, or refuse to testify, remember that God is aware of all your actions.}

(An-Nisaa’: 4:135)

And that day all the fears just drifted away, because if I wouldn’t have converted then I guess I would never had. I would have stayed stuck in the complexities of the life of the material world where false emotions stop us from doing the right thing.

Though my family members apart from my Mother are yet unaware of it, but certainly I will tell them sooner or later and I hope Insha’Allah that they will respect my decision.

Alhamdullilah, I’m a Muslim today, trying to learn more and more about the Holy Quran and the guidelines of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Insha’Allah, I will walk on his path in a better way. With the help of a few friends and an organization, I’ve learned to pray; I’m praying 5 times daily alhamdulillah. I pray to Allah to give me more strength so that I could always stand firm on my decision – And you know what?

Its working… the will of Allah its working………

Noor Parween
(Sister In Islam)

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171 Responses to "True Call :: [Sikhism to Islam] :: Revert Story"

Hey, I would just like to say that you have a misconception with Sikhi. For one, Sikhi is a monotheistic religion not polytheistic. You are missing out on a lot but good for you who likes what she is doing, I can’t force you


KING- slave of Allah…U are not slave of Allah …u r slave of Shetaan…so that is why u r posting such storey….If u r really a Slave of Allah,Waheguru,Ram,God…..Then revert everybody towards God , Waheguru,Ram God….U want to create violence among the human beings and this is the tact of Shetaan….Agar aap Khuda ke Bande hote to sirf Khuda ki Baat karte…U r nothing…..


Guys dont fight


kaur princess

//omg r yu mad….in this whole context i never lied abt islam etc etc…see at ur own lunacy,,,veil….ohh plzz…it ws prohibited by r 3 guru we dnt need viels u see…n humne nhi bola jhoot yehi aapka patience dikahta //

thanks for giving another proof that you r nothing but a copy paster…you must read the big cmnt you posted before writing that u didn;t lied.

// OHHH busy bee….hume bhi uska contact do hum bhi mile aaise weak gurl se..hahah kaunse muslim ne usse banaya kiske liye bani….heheh agar true hai toh use msg dena mera ki aacha hua uska dirty face veil k andar hi chup gya…..taliban ppl//


// kya mere WRITTEN post ka itna affect ho gya ki u cn hear me SHOUTING…lolzzz rolf..//



Ji nahi,

aap ki baat ka effect nahi,
wo isliye kiya becoz my religion taught me to give chance to others,they have rights to speak and share there views.

I dont want to be answer less if god asked me,Why i didn;t gave you chance. and listens your words ?




you think u r very smart….

pridefull arrogant,think u r the only truth ful person,due to your absive attitude,and abusive ways of disscussions,


no matter how you much you shout or beg or post challenging cmts.

On 3rd day ,

If there will be no abusive msg from you then i will activate your cmnts and will talk with you.if you r interest to talk in respective ways . If you will talk in abusive way…. then sorry …..

i don;t talk with arrogant. i dont have time to spend and discuss with copy paster.

let me show you how trutful person act and how liers do and how to talk with others… if you have no manners of talking then ur intelligence is useless…

now,post as much as challenging cmnts…. you will see my patience and silence ,InshaAllah!

and yeah, i surely want to se how much loudly you can laugh.



Dear Mr. whoever u u know that Akbar wanted to meet Guru Amardas ji and there was a rule who wanted to meet Guruji has to first eat langer and then he is only allowed to meet guruji…Akbar despite being a Emperor eat langer with ordinary ppl and then was allowed to meet guruji..this is power of sikkhism ..dear agar Islam mai power hoti to emperor ke samnai guruji jhuk jate..aisa nahi hua Emperor ko jhukna pada guruji ke samne..This is SIKKHISM..ther r many such true facts and Saakhis but i dont think there is more need to explain hipocrates!!!!!
One more think before ending this discussion Adi Granth is present only in Amritsar and its not available for sikhs to read…Adi granth was compiled by Guru Gobind Singhji and what we have is our real time guru..Guru Granth Saaheb ji dear how u read Adi Granth from where u got it..pls give us the address hum bhi darshan kar lenge..:)Yeh aur ek evidence that he was not a SIKH…Idol worship and fire rituals are prohibited in Sikhism..if he is a sikh how can he do all such things…Again a proof of him being FAKE and not a SIKH…


i posted the part two of above story ….n again will post part one…we dnt need to convert into islam….wer happy being sikh n having our gurus guidance…with us…n we repect every religion dts the reason why we dnt make stories like dis that muslim converting into sikhism n publicising our beautiful religion…dis u ppl need…we dnt…


// i posted the part two of above story ….n again will post part one…we dnt need to convert into islam….wer happy being sikh n having our gurus guidance…with us…n we repect every religion dts the reason why we dnt make stories like dis that muslim converting into sikhism n publicising our beautiful religion…dis u ppl need…we dnt… //

No problem ,did you saw any post we asked anyone to convert ? stop assuming about others,when you don;t know the person.
yeah you respect ? by calling OTHERS “BASTARD”. you respect cool .

We also dont create fake stories. weather you believe it or not i don;t care,as i know my lord know , the truth.

Stop Judging others !

Its not i don;t know about sikh,i live with them .. from last 6 years my land lord is sikh…interesting things just another street there is a grudwara , i dont remember how many time i eat ‘langer”.

and as a Muslim i too belive , Guru nanak ji was some great person.
i remember it was father who shared this with me.i dont know weather its true or not.

“guru nanak ji was going some here, the head of village was eating some kachauri.head ne unse kaha ke aap mere sath khana khaiye,but he rejected , when the person asked why he rejected then guru nanak ji said “tum garibo ka khoon (blood) kha rahe ho… he laughed at guru nank ji… so,unhone kachauri lekar hanth mein masal diya, then kachuri mein se blood nikalne laga”

my father told me this saying that he was truly something special. something great.



thank you!


so u stop creating fakes stories…i have given evidences…dt d person ws nt sikh as he told abt sikh being polytheist religion…den adi granth n den fire ritual n idol worhip…plzz go get a life sikhism is agaist all dis…so d person cn clearly is nt sikh…he cn b hindu i dnt deny bt why r u publicising sikhism…we dnt read manu scripts n vedas…go get a life…n talk abt sikhism n conversin…n den r many sites saying convet to islam etc etc….plzzz…dnt say kuch nhi tha etc etc…aapne bol sikhs aaise dreams sochte to aapko respense n as newton says fr every action dere is equal n opp reaction….so dare to face it…aap lies bolna chod do hum aache se baat krna start kr denge…i dnt have a prob with islam bt i do have it with ppl like u clainming falsehood


we dnt want ur belief in nanak ji as u want ours in ur religion…as ur own blogs state it…non beliveres of nanak r nt cursed or etc etc or go to hell…like u say non belivers of muslim faith go to I REPECT FOR NANAK JI NO OFFENCE,,,BT PLZ DNT CALIM DT WE LYE ABT ISLAM ETC ETC…NANAK JI ALWAYS SAID…LORD IS ONE N EVERY RELIGION WILL SERVE THE PURPOSE FOR WHAT IT WS FORMED…DERE R MANY ROOTS TO ONE TREE…N HUMANITY MATTERS,,,NANAK ALWAYS BELIVED ONLY IN ONE GOD..N THOUGHT US TO DO SO…
Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago

After teaching people in Lahore to live honestly Guru ji returned to Talwandi to see his parents. Then after a short stay, he proceeded with Mardana his companion on a long journey to visit the sacred places of pilgrimage of the Hindus. On the way they reached Bhai Lalo’s workshop at Saidpur presently known as Eminabad in Pakistan.
Bhai Lalo earned his living by honest work. He was born in 1452 at the village of Saidpur (Pakistan).
As the kitchen was supposed to be the most pure and clean place in a house, Bhai Lalo asked Guru Nanak to come there and have his meal. Guru ji said “Bhai Lalo, every place is clean and pure for us. Please bring the meal here.” So the meal was brought out and Mardana then divided it into three parts and they all ate it together. “This meal tastes like nectar. What has been put in it?” asked Bhai Mardana.

Guru Nanak replied “That was the sweet flavour of truthfulness and honesty that you tasted. This taste is above the tepid experience of worldly delicacies.” Guru Nanak taught the message of honest hard work as an essential part of ones duty to God. The other two important messages taught by the Guru were the remembering and reciting of God’s name and also the sharing of ones worldly wealth with others who are less well off.

One day Malik Bhago, a high government official of the city, gave a general feast. He invited Guru Nanak too. Guru ji declined the invitation saying, “We are fakirs, what have we to do with your feast?” On being asked a second time, Guru Nanak took Bhai Lalo with him and went to Malik Bhago’s house. With great anger Malik Bhago said to Guru ji, “You are dishonoring Kshatriyas by eating dry chapaties in the house of a low caste carpenter. My feast will offer you delicious food. Why do you refuse to eat it?”

Guru Nanak took Bhai Lalo’s dry chapati in his right hand and Malik Bhago’s fried sweet pancake in his left hand. When he squeezed the right hand the people present there saw drops of milk dripping from it. And when he pressed the left hand with the Malik Bhago’s fried pancakes, everyone saw blood trickling from it.

“Look Malik Bhago, wealth gathered by cruelty and corruption towards the poor is like sucking their blood which you have done. You had invited me to partake of blood, leaving food pure as milk. How could I accept it?” said Guru ji. Malik Bhago was silent then. Bhai Lalo on the other hand was the symbol of honesty and hard work. So according to Guru ji it’s better to earn little money with honesty than to amass a huge wealth by devious and crooked means.


pls i cant read this much confused cmnts…. in one 2 -3 topics are involved in this …

thank you clearing the story …

and i dont have problem weather you love him or not…. if you do its gud. why i will have problem ?

and about calling you ‘ lier ‘.

i said after reading the website from you copied to reply here .

If you want to talk,then behave your self , talk in normal way. and respect others … if you can;t then im sorry…i cant waste my time and disturb my problem by talking with abusers and liers.


well……….. done kaur princess we need this type of sikh grls ………………………….raaj karega khalsa…………




you think i care weather you believe in me or not… ?

if there is fault in story then that is person , what he believed he didn;’t came and ask me to convert him.

If there is mistake , its gud that you pointed out… let people read and findout who ever wish to know more about sikhism. i already msgd to that sister about the issue, and asked to come reply here…


i m jst answering u….see sumtimes u have to be in others shoes to see deir points,,any educated person does dt…lolzz..lolzz…rofl…
wer is the point of u eating langer n gurudwara comes from wat u want to explain….lolzz…ur r so baseless in ur talks…n frm point of langer i jst wanted to show dt we dnt converts to islam…we cnt…if in any case we do…may be as ur story say,,,i would certainly say dt d person in story might be a gurl forced into islam because of trusting so xyz muslim…only such cases will be evident or in existence,…nt dt a person reading quoran..turns into it…n dt too…being a sikh he read vedas…hahah hw laughable dt sikh read vedas…n worship idols…n again fire rituals…maine aaj tak koi sikh ko fire ritual krte nhi dekha mujhe bhi dikha dena…
aap point ko ghuma kyu rahe hoon..idhar se udar….aaise baseless n pointless explaintion dena exposes u….
koi aapse pooch rha hai itne mistakes kaise hai post mai toh aap expalin kr rhe hoon gurus..langer ..saakhis ko…n dt too….kal hi aapne kuch thoda bhut padh liya….
bhai aap thoda samjho…aapko koi nhi keh rha islam bura hai,,.ya islam k bare mai jhoot bol rha …aapko pta nhi kahan se ye sab lag rh a hai…..
SHOUT …I WANT TO SEE HW MUCH U CN….kya mere WRITTEN post ka itna affect ho gya ki u cn hear me SHOUTING…lolzzz rolf..
nhi nhi angels n devils aake aapko bta rahe honge ki mai kya sochti hun n bolti hun…hhahah,,,,PLZZ YAAR RATIOBALLY N SCIENTIFICALL BAAT KARO…


// being a sikh he read vedas…hahah hw laughable dt sikh read vedas…n worship idols…n again fire rituals…maine aaj tak koi sikh ko fire ritual krte nhi dekha mujhe bhi dikha dena…//

where i said about idols and fire things ? stop ur filthy tricks and behave ur self…dont make me behave rudely with you….

// aap point ko ghuma kyu rahe hoon..idhar se udar….aaise baseless n pointless explaintion dena exposes u….

koi aapse pooch rha hai itne mistakes kaise hai post mai toh aap expalin kr rhe hoon gurus..langer ..saakhis ko…n dt too….kal hi aapne kuch thoda bhut padh liya…….//


.apne aap ko samamjhti kya hai . baat karne ki tamij nahi hai aur chali hai answer dene.. thousands times i said you and i told you we dont create fake stories ….

…… i shared my view to tell you,how i view sikhism and sikh people. what you are thinking is not true. i don;t have any problem with anything happens in ur religion or any other things.

What hell you think ur self ? only u r the truth ful person..and if you cant talk in normal way…then go share your filthy views some other place…


stop talking shit blood, if you was with the guru, then why convert?!


I agree Whole heartedly on Kaur prinesses statement on conversion withdrawalls, However…I havn’t read everyones post let alone the entire thread but it seems…there is hostility towards forced conversion? even in islam are we not allowed to force anyone.


this is actaully the story which proves that this is a cooked up story by muslim ppl…..plzz sikh brothersThe author, who claims to be a former-Sikh once again shows UTTER ignorance of Sikh principles and scripture and quite clearly was too afraid to even read our reply fully. How unfortunate.

Although the structure and numbering of the article is convoluted and disordered, we’ll reply in the same order for the sake of ease of reference.

1. Guru Nanak Sahib a Satguru

The author writes: “Simply being written, in a book, the method of Guru Nanak receiving revelation, is not proof if we cannot authenticate, nor verify, that the book is from God. To clarify, if I am to claim that I am speaking on behalf of God, and then one was to ask proof, and I pointed to a book that I myself had written with my own hand, or with that of my scribe, would a neutral observer then accept it? Of course not. They would demand that I prove that the book is revelation.”

To one who refuses to believe, no proof is ever enough. First, the author wants a proof from Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee and when provided he refuses to accept it using the excuse of “it is not authentic”. What is the proof that Quran is authentic or “Word of God” other than it is written in Quran? It is a fact that Quran was written by contemporaries of Mohammad, which according to Muslim scholars was revealed through Angel Gabriel. How can this be proved other than pointing to a book full of errors that Mohammad had his contemporaries write? Can a neutral observer accept the baseless statement that Quran is word of God because it is written in Quran? Certainly not.

Islam claims that the Quran contains such “scientific” facts like the development of the foetus and the water cycle, etc. The fact is that these “facts” were known to philosophers and scientists MUCH before the Quran. The Quran has in fact repeated their incorrect assumptions as well. But this is not the place for a refutation of the “science” of the Quran (which makes foolish claims like mountains keeping the earth stable).

The Quran’s “test” is “Produce a Chapter like it if you doubt this is from God.” and other challenges that no person has ever met in over 1400 years since the Quran was first revealed.
This is not an objective test. There have been many verses produced that are just like the Quran’s (and can be found on answering-Islam websites) but Muslims will simply say, “no…that’s not of the same quality”. It’s a totally subjective test and hence impossible to satisfy for one who refuses to accept.

The author also infers that because Guru Nanak received “direct” revelation, this is somehow of more stature than receiving revelation from an Angel who has been sent to carry Gods word down. All of this of course is preposterous. If it is Gods word, then what does it matter how it is delivered?

How the message was delivered makes a huge difference and serves as the proof of message’s authenticity. Message of God was directly revealed through Guru Nanak Sahib which He penned down. This preserved the message in its original form. The same cannot be said about Quran since it was written by contemporaries who did not have any revelation and divine understanding. Furthermore, there is no way to prove that the alleged message was correctly understood by Gabriel, Mohammad and the contemporaries. Message being verbally passed on to the third person is highly susceptible to errors and misinterpretations. When the message became corrupted, Mohammad, an illiterate person, had no capability whatsoever to correct it. Therefore, any grammatical errors, misinterpretations and contradictory statements were not fixed. All of these reasons confirm that Quran is not an original message of God.

Guru Nanak Sahib jee’s revelation contains the Truth. Truth of the internal world of the soul and mind, and the truth of the external world and the countless universes and galaxies. Truth about the creation of the universe and even a PROVEN prophecy predicting the fall of the Mughal Empire. Furthermore, it contains teachings that when practiced are proven as truth to the adherent. As they say “the proof is in the pudding”.

The author then asserts that Sikh sources say Guru Nanak Sahib jee said “there is no Hindu and no Muslim” and expresses shock that we have said these words don’t exist. What’s so shocking? There are many things I can find in Islamic books, which are incorrect, so is something by default correct because it is published? This quote is not found ANYWHERE in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and so it cannot be accepted.

Moving on to the issue of miracles, the author says, “I would ask, in theology, what other type of miracle is there, except one which is willed by God? Miracles can ONLY be from God.”

Sadly he once again shows his ignorance of spirituality and the Indic traditions in particular. Meditation yields “miraculous” powers. These powers can be misused for egotistical purposes and to impress others. These “miracles” are not acceptable. Only that miracle is accepted which is done by the order of God and for HIS purposes. A yogi levitating or living under the ground without air for days is not a miracle for God’s purposes.

In the earlier article, the author asserted that in the Quran, “these miracles have been verified both through scriptures and through science.” Now he has changed his mind and declared, “the real proof these miracles described in the Quran is the Quran itself. If no-one can prove that the Quran is not from God, then we must accept all that is contained within it”. So the science angle when challenged was immediately discarded. How convenient!

The author asserts, “The Gurus miracles have not been independently verified, in the same way that no-one can verify that Moses parted the Red Sea. However, the incident of the Red Sea is mentioned in the Quran, a miraculous book based upon the fact that none can replicate or reproduce even so much as a chapter.”

I’m surprised by the low-level intellectual engagement of this article that was supposed to be “more in-depth”. I invite the author to engage in his very own independent verification of Guru Nanak Sahib jee’s miracles by travelling to Hassan Abdal, Pakistan and seeing the spring he caused to burst from the ground (which still flows today) and also the rock that still bears his hand-print. There are many other places like Lake Gurudongmar and Gurdwara Pathar Sahib in Sikkim where miracles and their proof exist even today and are verified by non-Sikh locals.

Which miracle of the Quran am I to verify? When Satan sent the “Satanic Verses”, were they not just like the Quran, so much so that they even fooled Mohammad? The test fails in itself.

One of the most eminent of Muslim scholars of the 20th century, Fazlur Rahman, found no difficulty in accepting the truth of the “Satanic verses” incident in the light of the Qur’an’s repeated assertion that Messengers were only human, and hence fallible.

But whatever fears or thoughts – or even gestures – of compromise the Prophet might make, they were soon “abrogated” or “erased” by God, as verse 22:52 makes clear. The well-known story that after mentioning the pagan goddesses once (53:19-20), the Prophet described them as “exalted swans whose intercession [with God] is to be hoped for”… only to abrogate these words in 53:21-23, is perfectly intelligible, for this incident occurred at a time of great trial and persecution of his followers, whom he had ordered to emigrate temporarily to Abyssinia. There are other indications that certain verses were replaced by others: 2:106, 13:39, 16:101… For the Quran, it is neither strange nor out of tune nor blameworthy for a prophet that he is not always consistent as a human. It is nevertheless as a human that he becomes an example for mankind, for his average level of conduct is still so high that is is a worthy model for mankind… there is abundant evidence in the Quran that while the Prophet did at times wish that developments would take a certain turn, God’s Revelation went a different way: “Do not move your tongue with [i.e., ahead of] the Revelation, hastily anticipating it. It is upon Us to bring it together and to recite it – so that when We recite it, let you follow its recitation.” (75:16-19) (Fazlur Rahman, Major Themes in the Quran, pages 88-90).

Why have conservative Muslims largely refused to discuss al-Tabari’s account of the “Satanic verses”? The simple reason seems to be that it presents a messy picture of the Prophet as fallible, and a Quran capable of being temporarily distorted by his human inclinations to win over his tribe. More importantly, the immense body of Islamic Law is based upon the reports (Hadith) of the Prophet’s life and teachings. However, if even the Quran, which is held to be pure divine revelation, was subject to the fallibility of the Prophet, then the Hadith are even more so, since they are explicitly his words and not God’s.

The miracle of Gurbani is that the grammar and numbering system developed (independent of the Punjabi language) is so complex and detailed that the EXACT meaning of each verse is clear by the use of grammatical devices like Siharis and aunkarhs. This grammar system is not replicated anywhere and was created by the Gurus. Such a scientific grammar cannot be anything but divine. The numbering system for each and every stanza, verse and chapter are so uniquely implemented that it acts as a central locking system preventing any adulteration or addition to the Divine Revealed Word.

2. Are the Sikh Scriptures authentic?

“It is clear that a lot of what Sikhs believe to be Guru Nanaks life and subsequent Gurus lives, have been extrapolated from these and are considered as fact.”

Just as there are errors in Muslim historical sources (which includes countless Hadiths), there are errors in Sikh ones as well which have been heavily adulterated by anti-Sikh forces over the years. The author doesn’t answer our question regarding where he read that Sikhs consider the Bala Janamsakhi to be divinely revealed? There are many other Janamsakhis like Meharban Janamsakhi, Bhai Mani Singh Janamsakhi, etc. These are all historical sources from which the life of Guru Nanak Sahib jee is learned.


The author asks (unrelated) “why does the SGGS contain articles from Sufi Fakhirs, who were adherents of Islam, if there is only one way to God?”

Would you care to name these “Fakhirs”? In your ignorance I suppose you are referring to Sheikh Farid. Sheikh Farid in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee is a contemporary of Guru Nanak Sahib jee. Sheikh Farid Sani was in the line of the original 12th Century Farid and upon meeting Guru Nanak Sahib jee became his disciple. The fact that these verses are from this contemporary Sheikh Farid Sani is admitted even by Prof. Khalil Nizami, the present descendant of Sheikh Farid.

All the Bhagats in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee were contemporary to Guru Nanak Sahib jee and his disciples.

The author then cites verses in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee that talk of heaven/hell such as “Even so, if they have not embraced love for the Supreme Lord God, then they shall surely go to hell.” – Page 70, Line 16

Once again, sadly his ignorance of the Sikh faith shines through. For a Sikh heaven is living a life in remembrance and loving devotion to God and hell is separation from his remembrance and devotion and as consequence separation from his Grace and blessings attained through Naam. Sikhism accepts the existence of countless heavens and hells. These places however are not permanent. The soul spends time in these places (there are more than one heaven and more than one hell) and after receiving reward for his karma, is sent into reincarnation. This goes back to the point that was made earlier that reincarnation is not a system of punishment but the continuation of the soul’s journey.

As Guru Granth Sahib says, “The world is under the influence of the three qualities.
The mortal goes to heaven and hell [based on actions] and is reincarnated over and over. ||3|| (389)

Heaven and Hell are both places which a Sikh seeks to avoid and does not have the desires for Heaven or the fear for Hell. “Kabeer, I have been spared from heaven and hell, by the Grace of the True Guru.” (1370).

A Sikh aims only for Sackhand which far greater than any lowly heaven or materialistic fulfilment of desires.

Contradiction, in fact, exists in Quran. On one hand, Muslims after death have to wait in the graves until the judgement day and on the other hand Quran talks about rewards of 72 virgins and rivers of milk and wine. Non-believers go straight to hell. This is a direct contradiction because a Muslim cannot be in the grave and enjoying the reward in heaven at the same time. Why do non-believers go to hell and not wait for judgement day? If believers as well as non-believers stay in their graves then are heaven and hell empty? What are 72 virgins and rivers of wine for? Are Allah and Mohammad enjoying them? The author has ignored the main question purposely: If wine is considered haram (unlawful) on earth then why is it served in heaven? Allah of Quran is self-contradictory indeed as is the Quran. In Sikhism the Word and Hukam (Command) of God is Eternally True from the beginning, now and beyond. “True in the beginning, True before the beginning of Time. True now, and Nanak says True forever” (1)

3. More About Reincarnation

The author tries to justify the illogical approach of the Quran to human life. He not only fails completely unfortunately but also contradicts his statements and rejects the teachings of Quran. He states that “Allah(swt) will judge a soul according to its deeds and actions, and we cannot possibly judge the souls ourselves” which is a false statement according to Quran because no one is judged by actions or deeds in Islam but on the simple basis of whether one is a “believer” (Muslim) or an “infidel” (non-believer). Quran is clear on this stance:

“Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fire. They swear by God that they said nothing. Yet they uttered the word of unbelief and renounced Islam after embracing it. They sought to do what they could not attain. Yet they had no reason to be spiteful except perhaps because God and His apostle had enriched them through His bounty. If they repent, it will indeed be better for them, but if they give no heed, God will sternly punish them, both in this world and in the world to come. They shall have none on this earth to protect or help them.” (Sura 9:73-74 )

Narrated Ikrima, “Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s messenger forbade it, saying, “Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).” I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Messenger, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

Then how did the author come to the conclusion that Allah of Islam will judge every soul based on its actions? This fair justice is part of Sikhi not of Islam. Islam is a “contract” religion whereby a person, if he declares himself a Muslim and obeys the stipulations of the agreement with Allah (observes 5 pillars of Islam), he will go to heaven. Sikhism by contrast declares that a person may call himself whatever he likes, it will be his conduct that is judged. If a person walks on the path of Dharam with the instruction of the Guru, he will meet God. But simply calling yourself a Sikh or obeying some regulations is not enough. One must actively strive to meet God.

The Quran has different levels of heaven for different souls. Martyrs and Prophets reside in Firdaws, the highest level of Paradise. But if a baby dies in the womb or after one scream, they were not given any opportunity to reach this level. Why? What was the purpose of its life? Why does God not give us ALL the opportunity to reach the highest level? Why the unfairness? A mentally handicapped person too will not have the ability to reach the highest levels. Why are they being discriminated against? Why did God create them with such serious problems?

No answers from Islam. In frustration perhaps the author asserts, “With regards the authors discussion of “Tests”, how can we possibly interpret Allah’s wisdom and logic for our own ends? How can we, a creation, possibly believe that we can understand the Creators reasoning and rationale?”

If you cannot discern the Creator’s rationale, then clearly Islam can’t claim to be a “rational” religion! The Islamic system doesn’t make any sense! It is unjust! The Sikh system, revealed to Guru Nanak Sahib jee however makes perfect sense and operates in perfect justice and mercy.

The author asks, “Am I going to hell for rejecting the Gurus, or am I currently in a “bad karma” phase?”

Only God knows where you are going. No one is condemned to Hell simply for having incorrect belief I think. It is our actions, which are judged. A Sikh, who has meditated on Naam will break through this prison of action/reaction or Karma and enter Sachkhand. You unfortunately clearly do not yet have the good karma of meeting Satguru and receiving Naam and so in that sense you do have “bad karma”.

The author then makes the curious statement, “If the answers were in Sikhism, you would not find Sikhs leaving Islam in droves.”

Sikhs are leaving Islam in droves? I suppose that can’t be a bad thing. Though I didn’t think there were droves in Islam to begin with…

In response to our question regarding what gauge the author uses to determine the world is in “decline” he replies, “The gap between rich and poor is greater all the time, more people die through war and hunger every century. There have been wars in Africa and Laos going on for 50 – 60 years. To suggest that the world is not in decline is an incredulous statement.”

Were there more wars in the past or less? MORE! Practices like slavery and human sacrifice were common in the past. The number of wars and conflicts was also greater in the past. Measuring “decline” is not an objective process. The point is that such a statement is your opinion and nothing more.

Furthermore, in the UK the culture of binge drinking is increasingly inclining and the government is worried about the future health of young people. The UK has the most underage pregnancies and young teenagers in Europe and America and across the globe are engaging more intimate relationships before and outside marriage and as a result Aids and HIV have risen. For one to argue that drinking alcohol must be right because all my school class drinks alcohol and I don’t or that having a one-night stand is acceptable because the majority of society finds it is acceptable or practice it would be ludicrous. What makes someone leave a normal happy family life to become a terrorist? If I was to use your logic to apply to this statement then you would be justifying terrorism because someone has left the former which they are unsettled with to join the former, which must be appealing. However, I am sure we both know this is nonsense.

The author then says that it is impossible that there are those who have never heard of God:

““And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger (proclaiming): “Worship Allâh (Alone), and avoid (or keep away from) Tâghût[] (all false deities, etc. i.e. do not worship Tâghût besides Allâh).” Then of them were some whom Allâh guided and of them were some upon whom the straying was justified. So travel through the land and see what was the end of those who denied (the truth).” Surah 16, Verse 36, The Holy Qu’ran

Therefore, to claim that no-one has heard of islam, or of the message of One God, throughout time, is false. If anyone does not believe this, then they must prove the Qu’ran wrong.”

I suggest to the author that he’s starting from the wrong premise. He must prove the Quran RIGHT, not the other way around. Can he explain what happened to those countless Inuit and Natives and Aborigines and African Tribalists who did not have a concept of a single God as in Islam? History itself proves this verse wrong.

Islam would condemn these people to Hell for worshipping many gods. Sikhism answers that it was not in their karma to know of God and depending on their actions they may be rewarded with human life again and the opportunity to know God. They are by no means condemned for having wrong belief. Condemnation is for those who commit wrong action.

4. “Gods Omnipotence” (sic)

In this section the author once again contradicted himself.

Instead, the devil is allowed to lead us all astray until the day of judgement, after which, iblis will be punished like all the humans and jinn that disobeyed God. The reason why Iblis is allowed to do this is known only to God. So, God has not created a monster that he cannot destroy, as the author claims. Instead, Allah(SWT) can create all and destroy all, if he so wills.

The above quote raises many questions. First of all, was Satan created by the will of God? If yes, then is the Satan leading astray human being by the same will? If yes then those human beings should not be punished as it was will of God for them to commit sins and there is no need for a judgment day. If no then how can the creation go against the will of God? Can something take place against the will of God? If yes then clearly there is a rival power against God.

The author addresses the question of “devils” in Sikhism. To be clear, Sikhism does not have the concept of a single entity called the “devil” which single-handedly deceives humans. Sikhs believe that the five vices (lust, ego, greed, anger, attachment) as a result of the perversion of the mind deceive us and cause us to separate ourselves from God and the rest of creation.

The problem the author faces is that he relies exclusively in often incorrect translations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee in which the true meaning of the term is not reflected clearly. God has created many “gods” and “devils” but not as rival powers. The mind is often referred to as “shaitan” because it misdirects us.

The author then comments on purity. He seems to have missed the entire point of the argument, perhaps due to haste in reading. God has created all of creation. For us, there are of course clean and unclean things. But for God, all creation is his. He is not disgusted by any of it, because he created it! On another level, the only truly “pure” thing is Naam and Shabad which are “pure” because they are “true” in the sense that they are eternal and link us to the ONE real truth: God. The author seems to think that God would be disgusted by his own creation and things such as excrement and dirt. The point is clear: God is not disgusted by anything. That doesn’t lead to the author’s nonsensical conclusion that there is nothing clean/unclean however.

5. Sikh laws

The Sikh system of governance was CLEARLY outlined in the earlier response. Unfortunately the author refuses to read it (out of fear it seems).

Islam has been given a static system of law, frozen in time at 600 AD. Sikhism on the other hand has been given PRINCIPLES that are applied according to the situation and like any GOOD system of law can adapt to meet change. The principles however governing the law, as found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, are eternal and cannot change.

Sikhs believe in a clear theo-democratic legal system. The law is administered (as mentioned earlier) by the Panj Pyaaray, and ultimately Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and the Sarbat Khalsa.

The author also doesn’t understand that Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee is a spiritual guide setting out PRINCIPLES that are applied by the Sikh and is a guide to experiencing God. It does not cover mundane issues like cutting off hands and how to beat wives, etc. Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, unlike the Quran and the Semitic Books, talks the individual’s SOUL and MIND rather than to talk to MEN and WOMEN. Therefore, code of conduct and discipline is recorded in the Sikh Rehit Maryada booklet instead. The Quran talks to males and the Bible talks to males. This is evident when one reads it.

Things like tax rates are once again frozen in Arabia circa. 600AD. Does that make sense? Should tax be frozen? Tax even as a government policy tool has to be flexible to meet the needs of the people and the times. God does not need to set petty issues like “tax”. He can guide however how to tax justly.

Taxes like the Jizya are clearly expressed as unjust in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Taxing someone for their beliefs is wrong: The Primal Lord God is called Allah. The Shaykh’s turn has now come.
The temples of the gods are subject to taxes; this is what it has come to. ||5||


In Sikhism, there is no punishment for holding honest belief. There is truly in Sikhism no compulsion in religion: There is no tax on non-believers, nor any fines or taxes at death. (430)

Testimony: The self-willed manmukhs read and study, but they do not know the way.
They do not understand the Naam, the Name of the Lord; they wander, deluded by doubt.
They take bribes, and give false testimony; the noose of evil-mindedness is around their necks. ||3|| (1032)

The author then returns to the mundane issues of “sentence for stealing, age of consent, riding a horse, nuclear weapons”.

Any rational person can tell you that a text written in 600AD should not govern these issues. Sentencing for stealing cannot be set in stone. In any JUST system of law, the sentence depends on motivation, past conduct of the accused, what was stolen, and why? All these questions must be answered. Punishment must be given with an idea to reform and help.

Let’s take the crime of theft. Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee is clear No one will take responsibility for a thief.
How can a thief’s actions be good? ||1|| (662)

There are many other verses condemning moral vices like theft, adultery, looting, etc. The principles are established but it would be foolish to cement punishments without examining the individual cases.

Islam unfortunately doesn’t have this concept. Shariah is quite clear: if there is theft of something of value, there are 2 witnesses: off with their hands! If someone commits adultery: stone and kill them! Even more distressing is to highlight the Shariah law in regards to rape. If a woman cannot produce four witnesses to claim she was raped then she is stoned in accordance to Islamic Law and charged with adultery. Is this pure dark age mentality or do they really believe this is justice? If a woman is raped in a field by a man, where will she find four witnesses? How can the Qazis and Mullahs turn their back to the honour, dignity and respect of their mothers, sisters and daughters. A disgrace!

These are BARBARIC punishments. Can an adulterer or a thief not be reformed? Can they not become good humans? Guru Nanak Sahib jee has shown us that they indeed can. Where Islam kills them, Guru Nanak Sahib jee reforms them and makes them useful and productive members of society like Sajjan the robber or later like Bhai Bidhi Chand.

Any rational reader can understand which the better system is: Panj Pyaaray governing on principles established by Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee or concrete punishments established by an ancient book for Arabs. Maybe that’s why we hear so many stories of innocent rape victims being whipped and stoned in Muslim countries. Islamic “justice” at its finest

6. Just War

The concept of Just War has been explained to before. Sikhism is clear that offensive attacks are forbidden. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee has said clearly in the Zafarnama: “When all other means have failed, it is righteous to draw the sword.”

All the wars fought by the Sikh Gurus were defensive in nature.

The author asks about Air India: “ I am still intrigued as to whether this is justified according to the religion?”

The answer is clear: NO. Killing of civilians is not justified in Sikh Just War Doctrine.

The author still hasn’t explained how and why Islam has spawned more terrorist organizations and movements that kill innocent civilians than any other group if Islam’s war doctrine is so developed? Terrorist movements in Chechnya, Kashmir, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq, and many other countries all kill civilians in the name of Islam. How is this possible unless Islam itself inspires violence and such inhumane and cold-blooded atrocities?

Muslims often reply, “well Hitler was a Christian and he killed more humans than anyone”. He may have been a mass murderer but he never did so in the NAME of Christianity. The Muslim murderers consider it their duty to kill non-Muslims. Why is this?

7. God Creating Himself

Once again, perhaps due to lack of reading the author makes uniformed statements. As explained before, in the nirgun/sargun section, God “creating himself” is a reference to creation. Creation is the sargun form of God as he exists within it. God has always existed but creation has not. This is a fairly easy concept to grasp.

God is one, but until we have meditated on Naam and see His light everywhere and expedience and reach Sachkhand, the only part of God we can “see” is His creation. God is unitary and not split by this doctrine and I fail to understand your confusion or relating it to the Catholic faith.

8. Sikhism and Women

I find it incredulous that a Muslim of all people would challenge the role of women in Sikhism. Sikh women have always been given leading roles in the Sikh community. Guru Amar Das Sahib jee appointed women missionaries and Sikh women have always been free to lead congregations. Sikh women cannot be restricted from entering any Sikh shrine (unlike restrictions on Muslim women from entering many mosques). All rights are equal for men and for women. All religious obligations are also identical. Panj Kakaars (5Ks Sikh external uniform) are shared by both for example.

The author is focused on the absence of instructions for divorce in Sikh scripture. We repeat: Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee does not cover the intricacies of such mundane non-spiritual matters. But how is this discriminatory to women if there is no written system for divorce that affects both men and women equally?

At any rate, the system of divorce has already been outlined previously and all are free to re-read the pertinent section. However, questions asked previously were intentionally ignored by the author, which are presented again:

If a man says “Talaq” three times to his wife, they have to get divorced. This cannot be reversed which makes it clear that any Muslim under the influence of frustration or anger can simply destroy the relationship and the lives of his children. A woman on the other hand has no right or say in this. If Islam was really all about equality then the woman would also have the right to say the same word three times to get a divorce. But this is not the case. Man has more rights and final say. There is little to no room for thinking and communication. Once the word “Talaq” has been said it brings the hell process only for women. Divorced woman cannot remarry her previous husband. She first has to marry someone else, consummate the marriage and get divorce in the same manner and only then she can remarry her previous husband.

This practice of inequality makes women suffer so much. Assume a man says “Talaq” three times in anger and gets a divorce. Now, he wants to remarry his wife and the woman wants the same as they both love each other very much. But this cannot happen. The woman has to marry someone else and consummate the marriage. If she gets a divorce from her newlywed husband only then she can remarry love of her life. If her new husband refuses to give divorce, her whole life is ruined and she is forced to spend her life with someone she doesn’t love. This is what traps a woman in a loveless marriage because the husband has no such punishment. Even if the woman gets a divorce the very next day, she still has to undergo humiliation as she will have to spend a night with someone she doesn’t consider her life partner. It is a woman who gets trapped, punishment and is forced to go through humiliating and barbaric process. Where is the so-called equality? It exists no where in Islam.

B. Believing Women to be second-class citizens

This section is a new one and is based on translations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The so-called “attacks” on women are hardly attacks at all. They criticise those men who under the influence of lust become subservient to their female partners and do as the woman partner says. This is clearly a foolish thing to do and the cause of trouble.

Let’s analyse the verses supplied by the author:

“Those men who act according to the orders of women are impure, filthy and foolish.” – SGGS Page 304, Line 13

By quoting only one line it does not show the context of the verse. The verse applies to those men who due to lust try to appease and woo women become subservient to them and act according to their orders. The very next verse in this shabad says “The impure man is taken by lust and does all action after asking the woman”. To lose one’s own decision-making power due to lust is wrong and the verse makes it quite clear. Nowhere does it say that women are unequal or their opinions should not be considered.

“The fool loves Gold and Women” – SGGS Page 416, Line 3

Referring to those engrossed in worldly pleasures, how does this demean women? It is a fact that people lost in love for maya (materialism) seek out wealth and women. How does this demean women? Isn’t yearning for 72 virgins and wealth in paradise foolish when what one is only doing is becoming enslaved to their sexual desire (Kaam) and greed (Moh) and losing their opportunity to actually experience and have union with God Himself.

“They wander from house to house, with impure minds, like wicked, forsaken women.” – SGGS Page 651, Line 15

This is a reference to the woman who has been abandoned by her husband, which was a phenomenon seen in those days and even now. These women were rendered homeless and indeed had to go from house to house. It is a comparison between the person who does not accept the order of God and is lost in the world to a woman who has been abandoned by her husband. How does it say women are bad?

“Women have become advisors, and men have become hunters, Humility, self-control and purity have run away; people eat the uneatable, forbidden food. Modesty has left her home, and honor has gone away with her.” – SGGS Page 1243, Line 1

Look at the context. It refers to men who under the influence of lust obey orders of women to appease and woo them.

“For the sake of pleasure, you have become subservient to your woman, and now your feet are bound.” – SGGS Page 1352, Line 13

At the risk of sounding repetitive, this again refers to the man who for the purpose of lust obeys women to woo them.

When referring to husband/wife relations Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee is clear that not only should the husband “consult” with his wife, but “They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. They alone are called husband and wife, who have one light in two bodies. ||3||”

“Woman is one half the complete personality of man, and is entitled to share secular and spiritual knowledge equally.” (Bhai Gurdas Ji, Var 5, Pauri 16:59)

Unlike the Quran, which clearly says: “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is high, supreme.” (Quran 4:34)

Muslim translators have struggled with this passage and have sought ways to water down its clear meaning by adding words like “if necessary” and “lightly”, which do not occur in the original Arabic. Even after the addition of such word, the verse still allows husbands to beat their wives.

Furthermore, women are considered not only “impure” due to their menstrual cycle, but also have mind deficiency according to Sura 2:182 and Hadith of Bukhari. Women are not given the same reward as men and the only place in the paradise they can enjoy is to wait for “believers” to “visit them and enjoy them” (Ibid, Number 4879). According to Ibid, Number 1462 majority of the women are in hell due to their “deficiency in intelligence”. I could quote at length from the Hadiths with examples of wife beating and other injustices but the readers can refer to the countless sites on this issue.

The author then comments on slavery in Islam. He says, “It should also be pointed out that slavery was the defacto standard all over the world at that time, from Arabia to Rome. It should also be pointed out that the idea of Freeing slaves was radical at that time. The countries now, that like to point to Islam as a medieval and backward religion, only gave the right of freedom to slaves in the 19th Century, over 1200 years after Islam.”

If Islam was “true” and slavery is clearly wrong, Islam would have forbidden it outright. There were many things prevalent in the world but the job and duty of a messenger of God is to reveal the truth. Slavery is wrong and must be stopped. But Islam sidesteps and allows it which gives Masters permission to have sexual relations with them (which implies raping them) but puts some conditions on it. If something is wrong, it is wrong.

Take the example of the Sikh Gurus and Caste. Where the Caste system was an ancient belief in India, the Gurus didn’t try the gradual approach to remove it. They didn’t try to recast it with new rules. They said it was wrong and took steps to actively reject it. The concept of langar where all sit and eat together broke caste lines. The concept of all castes drinking from the same vessel during initiation absolutely smashed any semblance of caste. The Sikh Gurus were unequivocal when demanding equality for all humans. This is once again a contrast to Islam.

If Islam rejected Slavery and sexual exploitation then how can the author explain the following verses?

The Believers must (Eventually) win through—Those who humble themselves In their prayers; Who avoid vain talk; Who are active in deeds Of charity; Who abstain from sex, Except with those joined To them in the marriage bond, Or (the captives) whom Their right hands possess—For (in their case) they are Free from blame. (23:1-6)

O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of prisoners of war whom God has assigned to thee; (33:50)

You can have sexual intercourse with two slave girls at a time without ghusl (bath) but can’t do like this with free women…(Malik’s Muwatta 2.23.90)

Terms “right hand possesses” refer to captives in Jihad. Thus it is established that in Islam it is not only permissible to have slave girls but also use them for sexual intercourse. Can Muslims on any moral ground defend this barbaric and old age thinking?

The author still has not explained why sex with slaves, as clearly mentioned in the following passage, is anything less than savage:

“Abu Sa’id al-Khudri said: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, send down the Qur’anic verse: “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hand possess.”[Surah 4:24] …Sunan Abu Dawud, Book V, Chapter 711, Number 2150”

These poor women who had been taken prisoner were authorized to be raped by Mohammad in FRONT of their still living HUSBANDS! How is this just? How is this even human?

The example of Saffiyah is also shocking. This Jewish woman who’s father had just been killed by the Muslims and husband had just been TORTURED to death was taken by Mohammad as his wife. Would she have happily married him? Could this have been a marriage free from fear and compulsion? What kind of Woman could see her husband tortured to death and then happily marry the torturer?

Or explain why Mohammad married a 6 year old while in his 50s and then had sex with her at the age of 9? According to all modern law he’d be a paedophile. The Muslims argue that Ayesha had entered puberty. but it is extremely rare that someone has completed puberty by that age. But Even if a 9 year old’s body is matured the mind is still that of a child. How was this justified? Was this the actions of a just and holy man let alone messenger of God?

9. Many Paths to God

Yes, there is only one path to God: Gurmat . Now you know and as they say, “knowing is half the battle”.

10. Why is Sikhism Not Evangelical?

The author says,

“They believe only Sikhs achieve the status of WaheGuru, yet they don’t make any effort for non-sikhs to embrace their path.

How ironic that Guru Nanak spoke against Pride and Ego, and yet their ego and pride is stopping them from converting others. If it is the truth, then why would you not want humanity to follow it and be saved also?”

I agree with the author that Sikhs have failed in spreading the mission of Sikhism to the world. I think it is a wake up call for all of us. I don’t hate Muslims. I respect them in many ways. I terribly disagree with a lot of Islamic beliefs and the missionary tactics of fear, greed and the sword. However, I am impressed by the passion and enthusiasm to share their faith. Sikhism is the truth and when offered the truth, people will eventually accept it. It is the truth that smoking tobacco will kill you and will harm those around you. However, despite knowing this, and regardless of that fact that on the cigarette pack itself it says “This will Kill you and harm those around you” a large number of mothers, fathers and so call responsible people who have capability of choosing from right and wrong continue to smoke and damage their health and society’s health. Why don’t they respond to the truth? The answer is that those who are fortunate enough wake up to the truth, the others are yet intoxicated and attached so deeply to Maya (the illusionary world) that they don’t recognise the truth.

As has been seen in the West, many Westerners have adopted Sikhism without any concerted missionary movement. The one Sikh missionary in the west, Harbhajan Singh Yogi converted thousands single-handedly. Imagine what more than one could accomplish?

At the same time, Sikhs are always weary of hurting the sentiments of others. A Sikh lives, speaks and acts with dignity, grace and honour. At the same time Guru Nanak Sahib jee said, the time is for truth and truth must be proclaimed: “Nanak speaks the Bani (Word) of Truth; he proclaims the Truth because now is the time for the Truth. ||2||3||5||” (722)


I have respect for the author, my Muslim brother, who is striving so hard to disprove Sikhism. It is an impossible feat because this is the Word of God. Sikhism, when inspected with an unbiased eye is clearly the more comprehensive, rational and just option. More importantly, it is the TRUTH. It is the ONLY way to God and to experience Divine eternal bliss of the soul.

Overcome your programming. Think calmly for a moment. Might you be wrong? Close your eyes and sit in silence and meditate on God and pray to God to show you guidance and the path of true living. What is the price to pay if you are wrong? This human life is very precious. It is your chance to see and feel the light of God. Look within yourself and with God’s grace I believe you will realise that the true path is Gurmat. May God bless you and all of humanity.

n sister do read it…


Kaur princess,
Hmmm…..delivered such a big lecture…..Very well trained Sikh… very much eager to answer you Mr.

Comparing Islam & your religion,you are claiming your religion is true…..

Since you dont know or dont understand Islam, The Noble Quran & our beloved Last Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him),its not good to falsify our religion & our prophets…..

“Which miracle of the Quran am I to verify?”….Verify this…….Pharoah(egyptian king),moon splitted into two halves,(55:19,20) are few examples for the miracles of Quran….

And moreover am very much interested to answer you fully…..but because of my work schedule,am busy now…..

I saw yor looooooooooooong lecture……& just i want to place my comment here infront of a very well trained Sikh,so i delivered

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you shuld justify it miss who so ever..iit ws nt a lecture…d sikh peron ur site claimin to be muslim….it ws talk between dem…wen he ws asked to answer he ws stumped….dts it we r saying..quran says it…prove it…rationally hahhah…u r so srational creatures on earth….so prove it…scirntifically….lolzz…do u have prooves fr such miracles…we have it…go get a life gurl…we dnt insult any religion…u ppl….n yes m well trained sikh nt lik any other ppl lik u who post fake stories to publicise it….n by d way we dnt insult ur propects n his porpehcy….it shows ur mentality,,,,hw cheap u r to insult other ppl..nt ours….we speak truth nt lik u piblicising fake stories


m nt falisying ur religion..u falsehood preachers….u do dis everytime…the same implies true to u …u dnt understand sikhism our comprehend anything n den u say dt dt etc etc…quran etc etc…go have a life …..expalins d above facts u r most welcomed…
give a scientific n ratinal explanation


ur quran only says that moon wer parted no one else says it…prove scientifically miss ignorant…..
raj karenga khalsa….


busy schedule…hahah u dnt have time fr allah./ engrosed n worldly duties dt cnt safeguard ur side …rofl….
busy toh sab hote hai time niaklna padhta hai…
sikh is guided to free frm worldly ties…maya…
may u get free frm ur maya…..
i wont sleep fr nites to safeguard my side..hahaha…
ur post shows ur lunacy gurl…..


Oh we are publishing fake stories,we are falsehood preachers & you are receiving direct revelation from god?

“busy schedule…hahah u dnt have time fr allah./ engrosed n worldly duties dt cnt safeguard ur side”

Its ur point of view….i can answer you at a stretch with the help of my lord….but i want to answer you with the authenticity…so obviously it will take time……but because of this “u dnt have time fr allah”, insha allah(if Allah wills),i will answer you within a days…..

‘i wont sleep fr nites to safeguard my side’……(oh! you want to safeguard on your side….hmmm) but my religion is a safeguarded one (see…i dint critisize your religion…its not my job too…) So its our job to safeguard our religion……

Being a muslim,being in the true religion, am dare enough to answer you……..

(And i dont know hindi…reply me in english)

Am confused with this……
“hw cheap u r to insult other ppl”
May i please know whom i insulted?


‘i wont sleep fr nites to safeguard my side’……(oh! you want to safeguard on your side….hmmm) but my religion is a safeguarded one (see…i dint critisize your religion…its not my job too…) So its not our job to safeguard our religion……following the true religion,a safeguarded one is more than enough


Ok from what I know in resemblance to sialm ans sikhism is that…both guru Nanak ji and Mohammad (saw) both had devine interventions in thier lives Nanak ji was finding out about Islam and hinduism before he had his enlightenment from drowning…Mohammad(saw) had his enlightenment with no religion since there were idols around him and was confused. Guru Nanak ji visited that same place 3 times and stopped?…well as Mohammad(saw) visiting of the Cave ended after 30 days. Guru Nanak ji wore clothes resembling from hinudism and some times of islamic texts on his clothes…Mohammad(saw) wore plain clothes which did not his ankle. Guru Nanak ji wanted to move away and creat his own religion using islamic and hinduic implimentations hence becoming the founder of sikhism..however…Mohammad(saw) created islam through orders of gabriel(an angel) by God of which…told Mohammad(saw) about those other religions that came before the Quran(those monotheistic religions i.e. Christianity/Judaism) and past happennings and why he was chosen to be the last prophet. Bear in mind that Mohammad(saw) was not educated nor could he read and write and had to get people to do this for him.


what is the trend of sikhs reverting to Islam?


U Islamic people are too weak and trying to convert people by falsify method…Till today the people who are converted by force or with the help of sword to Islam.Where the truth lies in ur islamic method..I have also read out from Quran that Convert anybody by force to Islam…This method is against humanity…if ur religion is true that explain ur religion before the people…If somebody is impressed by Islam then he would accept ur preaching method…But u people are SHETAAN…U donot beleive on God,Waheguru , Allah ,Ram…and know only to kill people…


Sorry the end of your comment was slightly baffling none the less, if you do your research……wait…someone here stated that there are still 26-7 million sikhs and still going strong…but islam has faaar to greater amount of muslims on each corner of the world…how do you see Islamic people as being weak?even without force anyone can convert…by word of mouth, wisdom, awakenings, Enlightenment. Hearing beutiful voices from hyms and prayers also converts people. God did not say anything of such in the Quran of it by force exept about the armies against islam in the past. It actualy states in the Quran not to force anyone into the religion otherwise there heart will not be into Islam…in order to be converted/reverted to islam…a person must have his/her heart fully and truelly accepting of god and the final messenger.


Who d fcuk told u islam is best, u basterds, bloody terrorist..


I beg your pardon? who do you think you are little miss big mouth?I suggest you get out of this site this instant! how dare you insult our beautiful religion Islam, the one who insults Islam is the REAL terrorist!


Dear Sister,

I understand that Khalsa went too far of insutling Islam. My advice to Khalsa even I am a sikh and I would not insult Islam. Today everyone has their own choices. Even if a Sikh had reverted to Islam, its their own business. We live in an educated Society.


i want u to knw dat dis person claiming to be sikh even doesnt understand sikhism…n didnt even replied to letters…so dis clearly shows he ws nt a sikh…


ok i agree we live in educated society n we r free…
den y r fatwas spread to turn hindus into muslim…
y r dey spreading things nt leaving upto us to decide…what to choose have u ever heard sikhim preaching conversion…
n moreover publicising stories ….
dey dnt have rights to do so too…
n if speak den we have freedom to expression too…
dey advocate conversion…many sites on internet do so…
we never adovocate conversion…
if u r so pure n peaceful religion…n dnt force anyone….y do u need converts…
u shuld be enough..
we r jst 27 million sikh all around world….still strong enough…wealthy enough successful enough…lolzz..we dnt need converts lik u ppl need to publicise ur religion….
shows ur cheap fantasies..n dreams u live in….


// en y r fatwas spread to turn hindus into muslim…//

aacha kha hai fatwa , jara dikhana to ….

// ever heard sikhim preaching conversion…//

u mean peoples never converted to Sikhism ?

and hello…we dont ask anyone to convert,its person it self choice… if you don;t know we have many stories …

many sites do so then ,,, many sikh lie about islam … shall i ask why the filthy another lie about islam ?


grow up….


Ok then Jas, you should reply that to her.


Maryam what makes Islam the greatest religion?


It means that Islam is the most fastest growing religion in the world and it is the most clear, rightful and truthful religion in the world, as you can see, there are more Muslims around the world than any other religion (biggest population of religion in the world), it is the most populest religion in the world. So, as you can see, here is the justification to your answer. Salam


I did not mean to be rude or sound offensive. I respect Islam and your answers about being the fastest growing religion and I also I don’t have any right to say Islam is false at all. If you feel it is the truth then I will accept your answer and respect your beliefs.


hmmm ,



OK, thank you for your respectful reply, and I’m sorry if I sounded a bit harsh.


Dear sister,

As a sikh I am not offended by this site and I have read about Islam in general. I respect it quite a lot. I myself have taken world religion courses and i appreciated what your great prophets have done for the world particularly mohammed.


Dear Sister…

Thank you for your reply and I understand how you have been studying about world religion courses. If I am being rude to you, I apologies(sorry 😉 ). Thanx Sis 🙂 I wont be rude to you again…very sorry………..your a very nice and respectful person 😉
Salaam (Peace) Sister 🙂


Don’t worry about being rude sister. it’s good that you are showing others that people from other religions including sikhism are reverting to Islam.


Thank u sis!…lol… 🙂 .. 😀 .. 😛 .. 😉


I studied world religions myself sister and we live in a society where people choose to follow whatever religion they want. I was never personally offended by this site.


Mashallah…………….ok thanx sister…where did u study world religions? which country? 😉


I studied it in college at seneca in toronto.


Oh you mean in Canada?……cool 😉


I mean just in general sister if it is becoming a common trend everywhere in the world for sikhs to actually to revert to Islam. I know in the UK the population of muslims are growing rapidly.


sister wishing you an early ramadan. may your allah bless you forever. I read about the significance of ramadan online.


Yeah sis…..Thanks 😉


Ooh…..Thank you so much sister….May Allah SWT bless you forever too. Thank you very much sister….you’ll also realise that during the Holy Blessed month of Ramadhaan I won’t be visiting this site that much…after Ramadhaan Inshallah (God Willing) I will be…Thanx very much anyway sis 🙂 😉


Your welcome sister and I know you’ll be busy with Ramadan. In sikhism we don’t have fasting but its good that in your religion fasting shows sacrifice. I was fortunate enough to learn about Islam few years ago. Islam is also the most influential religion in the world as well.


May God bless you so much sister 🙂 ……love ur comments so much….thank you for ur beautiful comments sister….I enjoyed speaking with you. May God also increase you in knowledge which will benefit……and make things much easier for you. Thanx very much sister…. 😀 …..really liked ur replies. Thanx sis 🙂


Your welcome sister. I enjoy learning about other peoples religion. It is good that Islam itself is being spread to non muslims who don’t have an understanding of the religion. I learned quite a lot about Islam and its simplicity. Being a Sikh myself, I don’t find this site offensive at all.


yeah….thanx anyways sister 🙂


Asalam alaikum sister Maryam. To who is this in reference to? This temparament is quite harsh and needs to be toned down of yours…any ideas for a fruitful debate is most worthy instead of an outburst.


Hi Khalsa I do apologise on behalf of Maryam being hostile.right now this debate is not to determine who is best as noone knows exept we try I best to stay away from the worst of whichever way we go. Something that sister Maryam will need to adhere to in her next posts if she wishes to do so.


Well i know my Sikh friends will not agree to it.They are pretty strict and firm about their religion but all i would say to them is read Quran once in your life.We at times close our eyes just because we dont like the reality but it is better to keep eyes open and try to learn new things.People have misconceptions about Islam but it does not mean none has misconceptions about sikhism.I would give a brotherly advice; it would not cost your more than 100 bucks(INR) to buy a copy of Quran.Just read it even though you dont wana believe it.Just see what it has to offer.Islam is the most misrepresent religion in the world but Alhumdulillah it is at the same time the fastest growing religion in the world.You dont have to believe me just see for your self.I would not give you any website.Just google it and try to pick nuetral source to know the truth.I have some sikh friends who i really love and i always pray for them….Wassalam.




show some misconceptions abt sikhism…
n if dey do exist….dey cn be verified by…rational n scientific reasons…nt by jst saying that quran has it so believe it…plzz give scientific reasons fr ur text…
dnt quote ur text n say quran says it so it is true….
y wuld we trust jst a text… sum rationalism…rationlistic approach….


HAHA gud 1, that 1 made me laugh!! its tru tho they keep on reprodcing all these fckn kidz/ look at osamas sorry ass


If you don’t know the current situation going on with the west and Islam then you certainly have no idea what you’re talking about with Osama exept…for what you hear and see through the media.


Ek baar ek cheeti ne ek haathi ko kha liya……..ab meri story ko bhi maano.>>>waheguru ji da khalsa wahegru ji di fateh


Yes,manunga ….becoz im sure wo cheeti bhi punjabi hogi…..

ha ha ha ha ha only they can dream such stupid concepts…

and sadly here i post stories after meeting person online…not just found some where and post…


Hi Sister,

We are not saying about Islam. As a Sikh I have must respect for your religion and all of the great things your prophets have done.


wooo… im brother …… 😛


who is stupid…c’mmon dis is fake sikh turning to islam…lolzz…plzzz
sikhism has better views more freedom more modernity…n more equality den any religion in world…it gives women equal rights as men…srry to say my brother…dese r sum unwell muslims trying to publicize their religion….no offence quran is best….bt shri guru granth sahib ji is no less…apart sikh turnin to islam…dis is nt possible in wierdest dream…a free bird…never loves prison…hahahha….this is a fake story cooked up by silly people…more over sikhism never preches any religion is above other..n it preaches humanity..n truthful living….so we r nt so dumb minded or say conservative to say that only sikhism is a root to salvation i guess only muslims do…dt ppl nt followin so n so go to hell hahha have u seen it brother hell is guess..first go get a life then cook up sum stories like dis,… this cooked up story has no meanin n no evidence,,,,hahha….


ATLEAST HUME AAISi fake storiies fantacise krne ki zarurt nhi lagti…aapne aap ko best dikhane k liye….ye sab methods.unhe lagta hai jo hote nhi hai…



Interesting…this person is trying to defend a Truth(according to me) using lies about Islam.


this one line explain,how truthful you are

//Originally, veil was introduced in Islam to distinguish free women from slave women.
// If Islam was all about equality then why aren’t men required to wear veil and cover themselves up? //

Judgement aane wala hai bhai and bahno…sach ka sath do.

fake stories ki jaroorat nahi,but islam ke bare mein jhoot bolne ki jaroorat hai…

Honestly saying,

after reading your cmnts,i thought in my self that i must gain more knowledge about sikhism,i must read more and using mob i started reading… reading Guru nanak ji… last night i came to know the problems they faced,how muslim rulers tried to hurt him and his grand sons died (however the killers braked islamic rules). and about those 5 person,how he asked who sacrifice his for him…how he selected 5 mens and he gave them amrit.

but just an hrs before after the lies you are speaking about islam.i think its useless to read more about sikhism.


and i don;t take words of liers in serious way.


omg r yu mad….in this whole context i never lied abt islam etc etc…see at ur own lunacy,,,veil….ohh plzz…it ws prohibited by r 3 guru we dnt need viels u see…n humne nhi bola jhoot yehi aapka patience dikahta humne explnation mange aap do explain hum sunege kyu nhi sunenge…agar equal hai toh prove karo…sikhism purely preaches equality n woman n man….equal propert rites etc etc….aap jis sikh k baat kar rhe hoon wo sikh hai hi nhi…n moreover,,,,agar ye aapka site islam k gud pts batane k liye hai toh aap usse aache se explain karo hum padenge…hello humne padha hai islam k bare mai….n moreover…u posting such stories abt sikh…have to refer to sikhism after reading my lost look at ur ignorance dear….


n same way i dnt take ur words serously….bcause of ur poor knowledge n sheer ignorance u said anything…n mostly wen u open a website fr ur religious view uphold ur cause….i never said in any post that who killed us etc etc itzz ur own deficient views….n the thing i posted ws to clear ur own views…if u have explanations fr every question brother,,give us we r ready,,,bt dnt fake up stories…i gave 3 evidences that he is nt sikh…give me one evidence that he is sikh….it is nt war of religion…n i guess no religion preches wars…i only want u to be truthful n uphold ur cause…agar aapke pass aache views hai hum manenge bt agar aap hume hurt cause karenge to…u shuld be ready fr reaction….aapke koi statement rational nhi hai …n context ko match nhi krte….reading abt stories nt related to context n talking abt u..n changing whole scene shows ur attitude nt,,,,give explantion n scientific reasons…if dis is forum based fr islam n its goodwill/…den talk abt it…n expalin it with manner y r u talking abt other religions….n dnt even have 1%knowledge abt it n my comments compel u to den get updated….see at urself brother…plzz…be truthfull…u r nt holding the cause…I WOULD LOVE A HEALTHY DEBATE..BT DEN BE SURE ABT WAT R U SAYING…WE TOO WOULD LOVE TO GET MORE UPDATED ABOUT ISLAM.”UR OWN CAUSE TO CREATE AWARENESS”…bt u r away frm ur motives…atleast post relavant things…


n above all ur mobile also is as ignorant as u r…guru NANK JI …GRAND CHILDREN..okkay…pleased with ur ignorant information again…n muslims rulers tried to hurt him…again sheer ignorance…n guru nanak ji..n 5 men…fr ur kind information d story of pani pyare..5 beloved mens is of shri guru govind singh ji 10 guru…u read bt still ignorant, i do agree dt it ws gud on ur part,,I WOULD TELL U KEEP URSELF UPDATED WHEN U TALK ABT RELGION..have u ever heard of DR ZAKIR NAIK..ONE OF THE BEST OREATOR OF OUR TIME,,,i had…many n countless time…so i knw abt islam..because i have learnt it through a just mans eyes…do u even know hw authentic his knhowledge is,,,listen to him u software busy engineer,,,u knw because of ur sheer ignorance u hurt n arouse sentiments…dis ws my motive…to make u see aother worlds around u,,,when u post sumthing study abt it…see if it has mistakes in it n den comment on it.. U FAILED TO SEE I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABT ISLAM n lied abt it..u r open to a debate u cn expalin bt u start accusitions in protection…shows ur ”fearless ness”,,,,…N U CALL UR SELF A MAN OF PATIENCE N TOLERANCE…srry i fail to call myself such things..MY GURU WITH DEIR HOLY GRACE WILL DECIDE IT….


see u poor bastard….i told u r cutt off…lolzz
guts u dnt have…cheaper….



dont abuse the teaching of ur guru, if you believe in him,then why don;t you follow him ? without guts,im running this blog.and almost alternate day being abused by others///

and why truthful person will fear ?

you dont believe the story no problem,there might be some fake stories but here i publish only those whom i know…

i dont want to be responsible for lieing to millions… weather you believe it or not…


oh u silly brain..haahah
if i ws afraid i wuld have igorned ur site
i have guts so talking with u on ur own site….n insulting my gurus….dey r nt subject to insult…from anyone..u humane brains…dey had light of god…n we have light of guru with us…nt lies lik u with us,….dnt ans…stupid things tell eplain islam…ur cause nt sikhism….lolzz….i gave u post d person who didnt expalines anything abt islam…if u knw so much u expain…abt islam…we r ready to hear…
n moreover i gave u evidence dt he is nt sikh give me evidence dt he ws….y r u going n talking n changing topics fr ur own convenience…what i have to do dt u r frnds with sikh or nt…expalin islam…nt dt u r frnd with sikhs…it has no realtion to ur post neither to this site,,,,how conveinently u chance things n say
dt u r nt liar….


yes jas i do agree with u…
ye baat ek sikh hi bol sakta hai because we r taught tolenrance towards other religions…n sikj turnin to islam is nt possible in wildest dream/…dey r dese cheap bundle of people cooking up stories,,,n sadly jo sochte hai ki sikh dreams such concepts dey shuld see deir visions first….u r so visionless…dt u get down to cheap things like dis…


I agree Kaur. As Sikh’s we should have patience. If these stories are made up so let it be because everyone has to pay for their karma and actions. Our Guru’s do not want anyone to get mislead either. When someone brags about their religion being the greatest, it means their ego is being affected.


its nt abt patience ..its abt right n wrong…
when i pointed out that sikhism is nt polytheist faith…
idol worship n fire ritual…dnt exist n sikhism..
n adi granth..i dnt knw where does d above sikh gt it,,n manu scprits …vedas…we dnt read dem…istead of expalinin thiongs d moderator is turing things to his convenince n talking abt gurus etc etc…if a story has dis major mistakes it clearly points out of it being fake.,..


Well, Jas the stories here being displayed is not made up, and we do not brag about our religion (ISLAM) being the greatest religion, if that is what you mean, or trying to say, only because its the truth, and what do you mean by “ego affected”?


What I am trying to say is Maryam, that is fine if you guys great that is fine. I personally think it is not necessary to brag about you religion being the best and other religions being bad. You don’t see many of us trying to promote Sikh religion being the best. I respect everyones religion and faith.

If these stories are not made up, then good for your religion.


We are not saying that other religion is bad where does it say that other religion is bad in this website?, the reason why we say it its because its the truth, and its an Islamic website, so us Muslims have the right to say it, and if you dont like it, why are you even posting comments in this website? dont come to this website then






jab aapko cheeti n haati ka comment kisne bola…toh aapka rely tha ki cheeti punjabi thi etc etc n uspe kisne aapki mentality batai toh aap usse blame krte hoon…lolzz…agar wo aaise dreams krta hai toh aap bhi kuch kam nhi socte ki woh cheeti punjabhi etc etc…toh uspe ek rational comment to banta hai bhai..isliye de diya…ki aap dono aapne mentality dekh lo…n chek up krwa lo




HAHAHHA…JAB ANS NHI RAHETE NAA…TOH LOG BAHANE BANATE HAI…atleat mere pass ans tha…aap jaise nhi..n who answered ki wo cheeti sikh thi toh naturally reaction k liye ready rahena chaiye bhai….aapki soch dikh rhi thi meri nhi


ye baat ek sikh hi bol sakta hai because we r taught tolenrance towards other religions…n sikj turnin to islam is nt possible in wildest dream/…dey r dese cheap bundle of people cooking up stories,,,n sadly jo sochte hai ki sikh dreams such concepts dey shuld see deir visions first….u r so visionless…dt u get down to cheap things like dis


king slave of allah…plzz dnt delete it and have guts…to make every sikh read your fake upload..n itz true side….see a sikh girl is enough to deal with u…sikh boys even dnt need to enter it,,,,hahhaha….strong arent we…corageous n fearless….womans equality,,,,plzz get a life n publish real stuff nt some cooked up stuff…i guess u have been dreamin alot about sikhs,,hahhaha isliye ye sab ka asar hai…doctor k pass jaon….heheh


agar tum itni hi muslim ho to let ppl read n knw ur fake side buddy….fake cheaper…atleat hum cheeti hati kha gyi ye dream krte hai tumahre to fantasy ki limit hi nhi….islam ka itna bolte hoon to truth ka sath do bhai….allah ka sath do sach bola karo…..judgement day aane wala hai..hahhahah….tum to pakka liar of world hoon….liar liar liar…cheaper…


n hello king slave….sikhism is nt polythesit religion it is monothesit faith…that to gives a proof dt d guy is nt sikh becoz he doesnt knws even d basic fact den wat abt other facts,,,,,i guess dis is fake story


Excuze me miss kaur,

first of all, im not your servent you will talk with me in this way.

before giving lecture or replying anything,also learn how to reply.

cheeti hati…but beta bach ke rehna… jis din pair ke niche aa gaye, namo nishan mit jayega.

Lieing is not my attitude, this place is free place, i give rights to everyone to speak. so there is NO NEED TO PUT THE CHALLENGE.

I didn;t activated your cmnts becoz your challenge,but i did becoz this story is not made up….either you jump from mountain still i will not believe,becoz i know the person..if person is faulty… Let God Judge him.

Im a software professional,do you think after job i will have time to write fake stories and lie to thousands… then you don;t know who r muslims.

calling a unknown bastard is not cheap… shall i return you same thing ?


WHEN I TOLD U R MY SERVANT….okay dt means u do same with ur servants….shows ur other side….tooo….n m nt challenging u brother….see at ur brain again…i m telling u to be truthfull to ur cause…in ur own story …see hw many flaws u have…sikhism being polythesim…abt adi granth ..manu scripts,,,vedas..which we dnt read…n den,…idol worshiping n fire rituals…which we dnt have….who is dis sikh doing all these one of a kind …ek hi honga aaisa isliye turn ho gya,,,kyunki usko…naa sikhism ka pta tha…koi naa..aab muslim hai agli bar christan rahenga…uske bad jew….lozz…BHAI MERE KAL HI TUNE SIKHISM K BARE MAI PADHA NAA TOH SIKHISM KAHAN SE UE SAB SIKHAT AMUJHE BHI BTA DE…POLYTHESIM…IDOL WORSHIPPING…N FIRE RITUAL…N ADI GRANTH …KA TOH SAWAL HI NHI….aap itne flaws wale article publish krte hoon..n den u say…u r nt liar….cummon…aaisi stories mat bano…HUME KOI PROBLEM NHI HAI AAPSE NAHI ISLAM SE..aur jo aap upar bol rhe the naa ki muslim rulers ne kiya islam ne nhi….aapko aur ek knowledge k baat bata du…ZAFARNAMA..EPISTLE OF VICTORY…BY 10 GURU GOVIND SINGH JI….IN WHICH GURU ITSELF SAID…DT MUSLIMS NE KIA NEVER BLAMED RELIGION…SO U DNT NEED TO EXPALIN OUR GURUS EXPALINED DIS ALL…CAUSE HE HAD LIGHT OF GOD…NT LIK UR SMALL BRAINS…N I TOO KNW DIS ALL DTMUSLIM PPL DID NT N ISLAM SHULDNT BE BLAMED FR IT…IT WS PPL…N U THINK U R POINTING IT OUT TO US…PLZZ…IF U R A SOFT WARE ENGINEER I M DOCTOR TOO…WITH MANY FRNDS MUSLIMS….WE EVEN DNT HAVE TIME TO READ UR NON SENSE ..BASELESS STOREIS…WHO IN ITSELF HAVE SO MANY MISTAKES,,,,,B IF POINTD OUT U START…TALKING ABT GURUS ETC ETC….LEAVING THE POINT….SEE UR BRAIN…
N ABT CHEETI HAATI THING…IT ws U who said cheeti punjabi thi and aapke hi brain aaise stupid things sochte,,,pointing out directly at a sect…LOOK DIS IS WAT ISLAM TEACHES …LOLZZ…so i ws very obliged to return u d favour…U TALK ABT ISLAM N ISLAMIC TEACHINGS N DEN POINT AT SOMEBODYS BRAIN…N IF U GET AN ANS U CHANGE WHOLE SCENE TO UR OWN CONVENINCE,,,,quite easy game n try….suits ppl like u…n den above all u said u r tolerant n ur religion teaches u this…again n easy side…m talking fr myself d difference…
n moreover u accusing me of lying hahahha..wer in d whole post i talk abt islam…dt u r telling i m lying abt islam…lolzz..see shows ur attitude…


miss kaur ,

why i will delete it sister ?

if you r defending them then learn how to speak,you cmnts are activated not becoz your r something big. it is activated becoz my side is true…. i can easily delete it…and ignore your cmnts or i can easily block cmnts in articles…if i created fake stories… it might done by you peoples,thats why you think others are like you.

i dont get time to reply muslim brother an sisters,you think i will create fake stories..jump from mountain still i will not believe becoz it not created , this was shared with me by the sister who accepted islam.

// see a sikh girl is enough to deal with u…sikh boys even dnt need to enter it,,,,hahhaha….strong arent we…//

all i see that your r abusing your gurus and nothing else. i wonder if they teach such ways ?

did he guided you to call others “bastard” ?

i can too abuse you. but my lord and my prophet [pbuh] didnt said to act like that.




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