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Muslim Females STOP uploading PICTURES online !

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Muslim Females STOP uploading PICTURES online !

by KING-slave of Allah

[This is not said in Islam,that females not allowed to upload there pics ONLINE,Indeed,Islam Forbids taking pictures,but in todays world,we can’t fully stay away from this.for Lots of Official Need we need it…After knowing and watching many things on Internet,I thought that Females should avoid uploading pictures written an Article before,but Now I started this as  Cause and i want peoples to know the truth and help me spreading this truth.I know there are many sisters in Islam,who don’t know about this and uploading there pictures on net.]

This Request is not Only For Muslim Females,Its For Every Religion believers,its for every Females,but due to few acts,I believe that many females will not take this matter in serious,so I request Muslim Females to Pay Special Attention on this topic.i know many muslim females will also ignore,still i hope that you can understand the i’m using few words clear JUST TO SHOW YOU THE REAL TRUTH.Forgive me if i’m wrong at any place .

Allah SWT said in Quran :

O prophet! tell thy wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient that they should be known (as such) and not molested: and Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.

Does Allah says that you just hide your self  Physically but display ur beauty through pictures…by sharing pictures physically or via Internet. Why you are not looking for the reason of this statement .

and Reason is Women hide there beauty from Every possible ways,weather physically ,Imagination or via Internet.

My dear sisters,You say you love Allah SWT ,but when it comes to beauty or looks then you are asking Qs. and finding where it is writen to stop showing on Internet or asking Why not saying for Males.

I’m requesting you to remove your pictures becoz

  • Its Allah Order to Hide your beauty.
  • THE USE of your pictures are very bad.

kindly read my old Article Written on this Issue…

and Facebook Users can Join my Cause of facebook …

Kindly help me to spread this new and important cause

Now,In todays date Most commonly your pics are being used

  • Prostitutes / Call Girls
  • to promote Websites
  • For Advertisement of Adult Websites

Here are the New proofs….


you can view more pictures AT CAUSE

I Know these girls are not prostitutes ,but they are listed…

Even Hijabi’s are also not Safe….

There are Few Websites Who Modify Nude pictures ,put your face there and then they will label it as “Muslim Prostitutes” ,Hijabi Prostitutes,Hijabi Girl available for S**…Naqabi Girl Enjoying S**…

Now the Question Do you want to get listed as Prostitutes / Call Girls ….?????
Do you want that thousand of peoples Watch Your pictures and have lust full feelings ???

Few Girls thinks If the picture contain Nudity then It will be bad and create bad Effect else its ok….If you think this then let me tell you few facts.

Any Part of Your body can tease a man,if he think @ wow You have very good You lips are very good.Congrats,you Earned SINS.

There are many websites who use your pictures to Earn Money,Yes,they upload your pics,then they display Add on those pages.Users visit to see your pics,and they earned money.A prostitute don’t uploading own pics due to security reasons.but You don’t have any problem?

Now Read few cmnts where left by users after viewing your decent pictures

i’m posting here cmnts here as few female thinks that just putting face picture body covered full picture is ok to post on internet…below is cmnts on such kind of pics.


I HOPE THIS CMNT WILL TELL YOU,HOW PEOPLES ARE TEASED ! I swear by Allah that these Cmnts are not Fake.


1) Wow,what solid figure she have….

2) wow,so big B***s…

3) its will be pleasure to have her on bed.

4) oh! her back is beautifulll….

5) Hey these chicks are really great!!! Can we have them???? If yes pls mail me.

6) i like this photos but i like most the first girl who is in burkha,i love to ***K this bitch.

7) i love that kind pic i love last pic because of pic girl b**bs is to clear i love to big ***bs.

8) i like first pic as the face n a little toung on lips is appeilling some thing which has deep earning n the last pic as its open 2 see the deep sea at the back n deep vally in front / one can ot see this 2gether.

9) I just want to enjoy the femrich beauty in photo # 03 from the top

10) Bust line of photo no 9 and 10 is fantastic.I want their e mail Addresses.

11) bust line saree photo i friendship wanted with womens to see moves & shopping


Now Imagine,How much those girls earning bad deeds….

Remember Once your picture is Online,you can’t stop it Earning Bad Deeds in ur account….

and My Dear Sisters In Islam,

I would like to tell you,showing beauty(Tabarruj) is GRAVEFUL PUNISHABLE SIN.

If not believing Read About Tabarruj here

So,Now You know you have you have grave punishment in your account.

Look For punishment of Grave(Real Video)

What you will do,peoples whom you are showing your beauty today,will not come to see what you are recieving,will not come to protect you from grave punishment.

even your parents will also not come to save you.


Its YOU,Yes,only YOU,who can save urself from those punishments.

And that you can do very easily,STOP showing ur beauty to others.

REMOVE YOUR PICTURES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,AND SEEK FORGIVENESS FROM ALLAH for the bad deeds u got without knowing about all this.


Every Security to protect your images can easily break.

DON’T GET FOOL,i’m my self a Software & Web developer and I Know Very Well,How much secured it is,creating such things are my daily work,that why i’m informing you.My Own Pics,I allowd only one person to view in Facebook.after one weak it was available for Publically … How ????? By Allah i’m not  lieing about this…so don’t trust security….


I know many females will ignore or ask Why i’m not saying for brothers….why i’m not saying to brothers to remove there own them I want to ask just this…

Will you say same thing to Allah ? Why he is not punishing to boys…or Will any boy come and say ,Please Allah , Forgive her ,Punish me… she uploaded pictures becoz I Punish me,not her ??

I hope you will get your answer…by your self….by giving me such excuses you are creating problem for your self,not for me.There is a Hadith saying In hell females are more than you want to be part of those females……and Indeed I have Message for Brothers also… 🙂

My Dear Sisters,

remember this and try to understand your importance…

Everything that Allah made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to.Tell me Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground covered and protected.

Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine,covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them.

Your body,beauty is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.

the most beloved of Allah in all His creation is the Muslim girl who wears the Hijab.
hear it does not mean only cloth…hijab in everything,hide her beauty from others.

I’m requesting you so that you are protected from harm, injury and from collecting sins and get saved from fire of hell.

I hope you will Understand My request and Its Importance and will remove your pictures,its not an Order,Its a request from Brother In Islam…

I Pray that May Allah guide sisters on right path,

May Allah protect sisters from evils and there evil acts.






Note:I’d love to see who visit my website,your views about website. Click hereto leave your feedback.

49 Responses to "Muslim Females STOP uploading PICTURES online !"

I had three pictures of myself in full jilbaab (hijab upto the knees) with an ‘abaya under but I still removed them. Jazakallahu Khairan for this reminder


i want to ask if we are going to inbox our pics to our trusted friends…is it ok or not ?


Islamic terrorist attack in Europe!

England under the base of mass Muslims.. It is yet another Islamic betrayal of the host country that unfortunately allows an unlimited inflow of Muslims and hard on the road to self-destruction. We are talking about the fundamentals of Islam. It is certain that the blood of halal is a Kafir. That is clear. As it says in the law. No one can disagree on that. That line can be found in the Quran and the Sunnah. The question is what consequences this has in practice.

Koran; Chapter 2, verse 191: and slay them, where you met them and drives them out, from where they have turned you out; because persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight them not near the Sacred Mosque, before they fight you in it. But if they fight you fight them-so is the retribution for the disbelievers.

Koran; Chapter 5, verse 33: the retaliation those who war against God and his messengers, and there strive to create mischief in the land, is only that they be killed or crucified, or that their hands and their feet one right and the other links, are cut off, or that the country be expelled. That will be a shame for them in this world and in the hereafter they will be a great chastisement.
Here we go again, on to the next attack or riot, islam is peace? (said the imam during the daily teatime)
No Sir Cameron, islam is the Arabic word for ‘ submission ‘.

The massive riots in Stockholm is in fact much more frightening than the Cleaver murder in London … from where so that slack language, Cameron? There is nothing to find vreedzaams in the Islamic faith, all problems are solved, all violent 1400 years long!
This is true islam. Unadulterated and pure. In the mosque, the Muslim faithful weekly on. It’s all in their beloved book, in black and white. The terror inherent in islam. The violence is the lifeblood of the islam. How many attacks have yet to take place before the penny. That Muslims who do not participate in this violence is not with islam but despite islam. Their doctrine is clear on that. Cutting off the head is fully compliant with sharia and it is fate that all those who reject (Allah), who continue to offer resistance to the faith of the peace. When will the Muslims flock to the streets to protest against this violence. I never think because that is tantamount to rejection of the most holiest in their faith and that is jihad.

Anywhere in the world where Muslims are intolerant and violent is a large gang. The European political elites close their politically correct eyelets for decades and are directly responsible for subverting the society by these “immigrants”. There is, of course, screeching and screaming protested when a Muslim child is provided by infidels, ehhh after this murder as well? Of course not, the fifth column has its own subjective more.

The Islamic faith (if you can call this a belief) is not abused. It is precisely the doctrine of this belief that massive abuses the people. It is a doctrine that the minds of people from their cradle solid manipulates and incites hatred and violence. Basically, you can say that these perpetrators their poisoned soul thanks to islam. Islam is an extremely dangerous ideology and it is time that this ideology is going to be instead of solid contested camped and everywhere free by gets underway. With islam in our midst will Europe dark times ahead. If we don’t look out the whole of Europe will Lebanese States many cities in Europe and will be a mirror image of Beirut.

I believe that a moderate Muslim does not even exist.
In the Islamic world it works like this: you’re completely Muslim or you’re totally not a Muslim.
And what always amazes me is that the media put at the table at a good talking neat Muslim talk programs that supposedly on behalf of all Muslims is talking. While the Muslims who live in the areas completely different thinking and much more extreme. And that’s because of the mosque. What all there is called is disgusting. As everywhere in the world where Muslims are not in their homeland are comes this becoming more common, that’s because it’s that group the way they need to be, we should also do not adapt to them, we explain them in the cotton wool and this is the thanks under an underrated big group. They come to your country go get money at those fine points of single contact by their home countries to be added in here to do their thing.
Peaceful Muslims do not exist, as soon as they smell their chance then apply their laws. Their mindset is not ours and there is violence. Look carefully what is happening in the countries around us and what our so called peaceful Muslims. People let you do no disorientation by these amateurs who see themselves as a world leader and call.
How many Muslim idiots are going to impersonate these murderers? And the ‘ brave warriors for islam ‘ coming out of Syria come back? But that dangerous people are children that should be helped because they ever traumatized can come back? No longer let those dangerous crazies who are trained in terrorism and Salafism.

To start would be the islam as a reactionary ideology should be labeled and not as a religion. That places those crimes straight into a different light and easier to prosecute and punish stricter Daily misery by Islamic religious fanatics is not limited to Boston, Stockholm or London: these are only well-known press moments of the last few days. This concerns organized and orchestrated a worldwide virus thoughts good from certain direction that are simple to spread through dish TV and certain places of worship. Goal is fear, discord and an eventual replacement of Western values. Our one-sided respectful answer in the form of housing, asylum policy, financial support, benefits and dialogue are only good for preservation of millions of industry


hmm z facebook link does not work plz check it ……………….


I dont know much about the Muslim religion but my daughters father is Muslim and I truly wa.t the best for her being the world is drasticly changin and danger inevitable.



danger ? is she in any problem…i didn;;t get what u r saying at last.


If a woman knows that she’s not a prostitute or a call girl, then why should she care about what strangers think? All that matters is what she thinks of herself


to how many peoples u will try to convience that u r not prostitute,they hav ur pics as proof.


Assalamu Alaykum i think that if you are making a post about how women shouldn’t post their pictures online, then you should also make one saying that men shouldn’t post their pictures online either. Allah (swt) knows best.


[…] Muslim Females STOP uploading PICTURES online! โดย KING-slave of Allahถอดความنت الاٍسلام […]



I must praise your article you have done a good job exposing reality of sites which take pictures of girls to promote their filth agenda. Very good article and an eye opener.

One thing I wanted to shed light on was what I have heard from Allah Tala’s fakeers,His humble people, that taking pictures is not forbidden in Islam. It is a bigger conversation or discussion to quote here. I invite you to do a extensive search before saying that taking Pictures is forbidden in Islam. Some people also consider drawing pictures is also forbidden in Islam while there is a kind of painting or a subject of painting that is forbidden in Islam.

I agree with you that women should not upload their pictures on sites and in messengers. But it is not forbidden to take pictures. Women look beautiful in Hijab as Allah ordered them. They should protect themselves. For pictures, they can keep it in form of hard copies in their Photo albums.

Let’s share knowledge, and don’t make Islam difficult for us.

May Allah Subhanawatalah make you life easier and bless you to make other people life easier.


ya you are correct. Taking photos isn’t haram. But placing it in houses like walls and other places is haram…. But in places that you can only refer to not as posters…. La tadhulu mala’ikat baita fihi kalb wa la suwra


This is really a very convincing article, i didnt ever upload my pics but after knowing the reality i stop my frnds to upload


This is really a very convincing article, i didnt ever upload my pics but after knowing the reality i stop my frnds to upload and to take care of their pics. i also told them that security on FB doesnt matter, anyone can take off ur pic easliy whatever the secuiryt u have. but I feel, mostly didnt care about it except few.


JazakAllah.. May Allah reward you for sharing this precious knowledge with us..


Assalamu Alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuh….Subhaan Allah! brother before when i read ur article i didn’t find this line”There are Few Websites Who Modify Nude pictures ,put your face there and then they will label it as “Muslim Prostitutes” ,Hijabi Prostitutes,Hijabi Girl available for S**…Naqabi Girl Enjoying S**…” n suddenly now u r writing such things which is really making me scared of even stepping out of my house as i m in complete loose veil whether out or on net….Ur article has made me feel that is islam so hard?….I do agree hijabi girls face can b put on other’s body bt it makes no sense niqabi girls being maligned…This way u r putting all whether hijabless or hijabi or niqabi females in one category….My photos wid complete veil were published in Indraprastha news magazine wen i gave lecture on Women Rights in Islam n that news magazine has been distributed to so many people in Delhi that i cant even go to each one n ask for it…..I hav seen so many women scholars like Amatul Mateen,Farhat Hashmi videos on islamic issues n this hav inspired so many females that staying in veil they can achieve success n honor of this world n here after….Plz! brother do send me link of niqabi girls enjoying s** …..I hav also asked 1 learned Sheikh about this issue n waiting for his reply….May Allah guide us all n protect us frm every kind of fitnah!! Ameeen!!


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