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Posted on: October 2, 2009

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious


The word terrorism was first time used in 1970s during the french revolution!! It was used to describe the french regime!!

Starting with the 19th century!!

hardly any terrorist attacks have been done by Muslims!!

I would just mention some attacks!!


Tsar Alexander2 was assassinate in a bullet proof carriage.

location: st peter’s berg street

innocent people killed: 21

involvement: Ignacy (non muslim)


Bomb blast took place during the labout rally.

location:Haymarket chicago

innocent people killed: 12

involvement: 8 anarchist(not Muslims)

20th century..

Year:1901 (6 sept)

US president William McKinley was assassinated.

involvement: Leon (anarchist not Muslim)

year:1910 (1st October)

Bomb blast in Los angles newspaper building.

Location: Los angles

innocent people killed:21

Involvement:James and Joseph (Christians)

year:1914 (28th june)

Archduke of Austria and wife were assassinated which precipitated the world war 1.

Involvement:young Bosnia(terrorist group),who were serbs(non Muslims).

year:1925 (16th April)

Bomb blast in st.Nedelya church

Location: Sofia (capital of Bulgaria)

innocent people killed: more than 150 (more than 500 injured)

Involvement: Bulgarian communist party (non Muslims)

year:1934 (9th October)

King Alexander1 of yugoslavia was assasinated.

Involvement:Vlada Georgeiff (non muslim)


The first American plane hijacked.

Involvement:Ortiz (non Muslim)

year:1968 (28th august)

The US ambassador to Guatemala was assassinated.

Involvment: non Muslims.

year:1969 (30th july)

The US ambassador to Japan was assassinated.

involvement: non Muslim Japanese.

year:1969 (3rd september)

The US ambassador to Brazil was kidnapped.

Involvement: Non Muslim Brazilian.

year:1995 (19th April)

Federal building was bombed.

Location:Oklahoma city

innocent people killed: 166

Involvement:Initially the media showed in the news “Middle east conspiracy”and created a hype later we came to know it were 2 right winged activists Timothy and terry(Christians) who were responsible but the media just showed it for a couple of days!

year:1941-1948 (after world war)

259 terrorist attacks were conducted by Jewish terrorists.

involvement:  Ignun, stern gang, Hegana (terrorist organizations)


year:1946 (22nd july)

Bombing of king david hotel

involvement:Ignun (leader menachem Begin)

innocent people killed: 91(28british 41 arabs 17jews 5 others)

The person responsible “menacham begin later on became the president of isriel aftr som more years.he gets a nobel prize for peace lolzz!!

Before 1945 Israel did not exist these Jewish groups kicked the Palestinians and formed Israel and now when Palestinians r fighting for there land they say Palestinians are terrorists !!


Baader meinhoff gang killed hundreds of innocent ppl.

location: Germany

killing of hundreds of people.

kidnapping of the prime minister of Italy and killing him.


involvement:Red brigades (non Muslims)

year:1995 (20th march)

tried to kill thousands by the nerve gas in Tokyo subway.

Location: Tokyo (japan)

innocent people killed:12 (more than 5000 injured)

involvement: Aum shinrikyo ( Budhdhist)

The IRA Irish republican army is conducting attacks in UK for 100 yrs they are Catholics but they are not called catholic terrorists but only IRA.


3bomb blasts were done.

innocent people killed: 1st attacks-7,2nd-11 . 3rd-9.




2bomb blasts were done.

Location:Guild for club,Birmingham club.

Innocent prople killed:5 killed (more than 40 injured), 21 killed (182 injured).



a bomb blast wa done!


Innocent people killed:2 (more than 100 injured)



bomb blast in shopping center.


innocent people injured: 206

Year: 1998 (august)

Banbridge bomb blast

People injured:35

Year: 1998 (august)

Omag bomb blast

Innocent people killed:29 killed (more than 330 injured)

In Spain and France Terrorist organization is ETA conducted more than 36 attack!

In Africa there are many terrorist groups but the most dangerous is the “Lord’s salvation army” (a christian group) they train young children to do terrorist attacks.

In sri lanka we have LTTE (tamil tigers, hindus) supposed to be the most notorious most violent.but no one calls them Hindu Terrorists.

In India we mostly hear of  Kashmir militants, people only know the Muslim terrorist, no one knos the other groups, Why?? because of the media!!

In India there are almost terrorist organizations of every religion!!

Sikh organisation-brindan vala group.

Indra gandhi was assasinated by a sikh…Rajiv gandhi was assasinated by hindus!!

If you go on “south asian terrorism portal” largest website on terrorism(run by non muslims) you will find muslim Terrorist attacks in minority.But that is nevr highlited in the media.

North east India:

ATTF(all tripura tiger force) christian group.

NLFT(national libration front o tripura)christian

they have killed hundreds of hindus

Year:2004 (2nd october)

innocent people killed:44 Hindus

Involvement:christian groups

In Assam

Ulfa(Hindu group):From 1990 to 2006 have conducted 749 terrorist attacks.(trained to target Muslims) But in the news paper we just come to know about the Kashmiri militants..

The Moists (biggest terrorist in India)

In nepal:Moists have conducted 99 terrorist attacks in seven years(1999-2006), they are present in 150 districts o India and have conducted attacks in 1/3 parts o India.

Times of India report: 875 rockets and 30 rocket launchers which were supposed to be supplied to the moists were intercepted by the police.

Martin Luther King was assianated By NON muslim..

“Hitler” Who was a christian killed 6 million jews.

“Joseph stalin also called Uncle joe” who is a christian has killed 20million people including 14 million who were starved to death.

“Mao Tse Tsung” in china has killed more than 15 million people.

The brutality on millions of black pplz and making them slaves, treating them more worse than animals,, was done by NON muslims..

“Benito Mussolini” has killied around 400,000 people in italy.

“Maximilien Robespierre” after whom the french revolution is named has starved and killed more than 200,000 people and executed more than 40,000.

“Ashoka” in the battle of kalinga alone killed more than 100,000 people.

“George Bush” the Biggest terrorist has killed Half a million children in Iraq and millions of more in Iraq Afghanistan etc.

These are just a FEWWWW examples…!!

IF terrorism mean terrorising innocent human beings then no muslim shud be a terrorist because it is prohibited in islam.

Quran, ch5 v32 :If any human being kills another human being(muslim OR non muslim both) unless it be for murder or for creating corruptionm in the land it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity.

and If you save a single life it is as though you have saved the whole humankind.


act righteously with parents, and also with your relatives and the orphans and the needy and the neighbors who are related to you and [also] the neighbors who are not related to you, and the companions by your side and the travelers…” (Al-Nisa’ 4: 36)

It must be noted that the Qur’an has directed us to act righteously with all those that have been mentioned in the verse without any qualification of their religion or beliefs.


Islam is against HATE AND terrorism.!!

Jihad (Fighting for the Cause of GOD Almighty) started with the Bible..

“All who would not seek the LORD, the God of Israel, were to be put to death, whether small or great, man or woman. (From the NIV Bible, 2 Chronicles 15:13)”

– *IM*








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