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Daily Sayings Of A Muslim :)

Posted on: September 29, 2009

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Daily Sayings Of A Muslim

Here we go;

When You Meet a Muslim (Bir Müslümanla Karşılaştığınızda) ; Assalamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon With You)

When a Muslim Greets You First (İlk Bir Müslüman Size Selam Verdiğinde) ; Walaikum Assalam (and Peace Be Upon With You)

When Starting To Do Something (Bir İşe Başlarken) ; Bismillah (in the Name of Allah)

When Intending To Do Someting (Bir Şeyi Planlarken) ; Insha-Allah (if Allah Wills)

When Taking An Oath (Yemin Ederken) ; Wallah Billah (Swearing to Allah)

When Something Is Being Praised (Bir Şeyi Överken) ; Subhana-Allah (Glory Be To Allah)

When In Pain and Distress (Acı ve Endişe İçindeyken) ; Ya-Allah (O’ Allah)

When Expressing Appreciation (Bir Şeyi Takdir Ederken) ; Masha-Allah (That Which Allah Wills)

When Thanking Someone (Birine Teşekkür Ederken) ; Jazak Allah Khair (May Allah Reward)

When Aweakening From Sleep (Uykudan Uyanırken) ; La-Ilaha-ill Allah (There is None Worthy of Worship Except Allah Alone)

When Sneezing (Hapşırdıktan Sonra) ; Ahamdu-Lillah (All Praise Be to Allah)

When Someone Else Sneezes (Biri Hapşırdıktan Sonra) ; Yar-Hamuk-Allah (May Allah Bestrow His Mercy On You)

When Repating Of A Sin (Bir Günahı Tekrarlayınca-İşleyince) ; Astagh-Ferrullah (May Allah Forgive)

When Giving To Charity (Sadaka Verirken) ; Fi-Sabi-Lillah

When Getting Married (Evlenirken) ; Aman-To-Billah

When A Problem Appears (Bir Sorun Ortaya Çıktığında) ; Tawak-Kalto Al-Allah (I Trust in Allah)

When Unpleasantness Appears (Bir Tatsızlık olduğunda) ; Audhu-Billah (I seek Refuge With Allah)

When Pleasantness Appears (Bir Hoşnutluk Olduğunda) ; Fata-Barak- Allah

When Participating In Prayer (Bir Duaya Katıldığında) ; Ameen (May Allah Answer)

When Parting From Someone (Birine Veda Ederken) ; Fi-Aman-Allah (May Allah Protect)

When Death Message Is Received (Birinin Ölüm Haberi Alındığında) ; Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Ilaihi Rajiun (To Allah We Belong And We Shall Return)

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5 Responses to "Daily Sayings Of A Muslim :)"

Mashallah………………..Jazakallahkhair 🙂


mashallah i have shared it on my wall:)


SUBHAN ALLAH, nice information, try that this must reach to all the muslims in the world.


Sakallahu khairan king. Keep bringin more of this.


mashallah keep going


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