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Status of Women! The Truth……..

Posted on: January 8, 2009

In The Name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most Kind

Assalam Alaykum,

Dear brother and sisters,

I hope you all are in the best of health & iman inshallah.

veiled-woman_5965Today I would like to share few moments with you,I hope you will also enjoy!
Well,as you all already know the reasons to run this website, i saw lots of articles showing low status of women in Islam.

I know that all those words are wrong,so i never thought to verify there words,and i never thought what’s the status of women in those peoples(who run Anti-Islamic sites) religion,which insulting Islam.

today morning i was Optimizing my website with women relate contents in google.In this i found a link which really made me laugh.and i thought how its possible. such idiot peoples asking the status of women in ISLAM.why they are not looking in there own religion.

I’m talking JEWs ,Christians,Hindu’s,let see good points !

In JEWS womens are not allowed to sit in front seat of Buses….ha ha ha

common,i’m not joking brothers and sisters,they are really not allowed to sit,no matter what ever is condition of below……

Very recently an incident made the news which involved a bus that specifically serves a community of Orthodox Jews. In this bus women must sit at the back and men must sit at the front. This way the men will not have lustful thoughts about the women, since they will not see them (we will just have to assume that their thoughts are pure when women are boarding the bus while their wives sit in the rear). In this incident a woman who suffers from motion sickness sat at the front seat so she could look out the front window, alleviating her problem. She does this on the advice of her doctor. There was no problem when she hopped on the bus. It was largely empty and she explained to the driver what her medical condition was. But then later in the journey a bunch of men boarded, and a commotion ensued. They demanded she move to the back of the bus. She tried to explain what her problem was but they refused to listen. They demanded the driver move her, but he said what could he do — physically pick her up and place her at the back? The woman bravely sat in her seat, only to find one of the men had begun to pray loudly to God that she see the error of her ways and move to the back. All this barely days after Rosa Parks died, the woman who sparked the civil rights revolution in the U.S. for refusing to give up her seat on the bus.

other points in Jews and Christians :

Jews – Blame Women and Curse Women The Jews blamed women for the “original sin” and as such they were treated with disgust. A woman’s monthly cycle was considered by the Old Testament of the Bible to be a “curse from God” for her inequities. Her child bearing pains were also a ‘punishment from God‘ for her bringing man down from heaven.

original sin” @ blamed “Eve” the mother of all humans after Adam, peace be upon him, for the “original sin” and damned her and her seed for what she had done.

Priests – Best Men – Forbidden Marriage – To Any Women

Priests, bishops, cardnels and even the Pope are the very best of the Catholic men within the church. Yet the church still forbids their clergymen the chance for marriage and families. This unnatural situation has caused very serious ramifications throughout the society around the world.

Nuns – Best Women – No Marriage – No Children

Nuns are the very best of the Catholic women. They cover themselves in proper attire much the same way as the Muslim women. Yet, they are never allowed to marry or have children throughout their lives. This unnatural condition has caused untold number of disgraceful and disgusting practices within the very church itself.

In above religion discription Priest and Nuns are the good peoples,but good peoples are not allowed to Marry. rest are bad.I wonder What will happen 2morow If Only Bad People Have Children ?

ha ha ha ha !

ok,Now Take a look of Women Status in Hinduism :

I’m not going explain in details,lots of sites are there to explain …okkk…..

Status of Women ::

1. The Hindu Woman has no right to divorce her husband.

2. She has no property or inheritance rights.

3. Choice of partner is limited because she can only marry within her own caste; moreover her horoscope must match that of the intending bridegroom/family.lots of things are there ,like “Mangli” . if the is mangli then she can marry only mangli guy.

4. Bride Burning : The family of the girl has to offer an enormous dowry to the bridegroom/family. else the girl will be burn or killed etc etc….

5. If her husband dies she should commit Sati (being cremated with her dead husband). Since today’s law forbids Sati, society mainly punishes her in other “holy” ways (see below).

6. She cannot remarry.

7. The widow is considered to be a curse and must not be seen in public. She cannot wear jewelry or colourful clothes. (She should not even take part in her children’s marriage!)

8. Child and infant marriage is encouraged.Girls are to be married when 5 years old !

Is there anyone who says i’m lieing, my above written words are not true.?

What Hindu Female says about this ?? Any One ???

Finally Now Take a Look of Women Status in ISLAM !

  • The Muslim woman has the same right as the Muslim man in all matters including divorce.
  • She enjoys property and inheritance rights. (Which other religion grants women these rights?). She can also conduct her own separate business.
  • She can marry any Muslim of her choice. If her parents choose a partner for her, her consent must be taken.

  • The dowry in Islam is a gift from a husband to his wife (not the other way around as is practiced by some ignorant Muslims).

  • A Muslim widow is encouraged to remarry, and her remarriage is the responsibility of the Muslim society.

  • Mixed marriage is encouraged and is a means to prevent racism creeping in society.
  • A Muslim mother is given the highest form of respect.

These are just important points,for details Staus and Right of Women in Islam ,check my Next Post !

This is main reasons that Womens from West converting to Islam is higher than males.

so,Now You be the Judge and Tell Us

Status of Women in ISLAM ?

Forgive me for my mistakes,

Your cmnts,ideas,sujjestion are alwayz welcome !

May Allah Guide All Muslims on right path and forgive our sins.!



(slave of Allah!)


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7 Responses to "Status of Women! The Truth…….."

@ kl

you not welcome here……… so get lost!!

you trying to brainwash us.. aint gna work!!


@ Oh! Dear,

I think you forgot to read about your religion,check above muslim details…..AnyWaz,

For you my advice is :

“When looking for faults use Mirror not Telescope “,

didn’t get ? let me give you little bit details.

1) SITA —— Burned Alive…..

2) Dropadi —— Married to 5 brothers,own blood brothers.5 brothers lost her in to open cloths in front of everyone.

3) LORD KRISHNA : was having 16000+ Wifes…..

4) LORD KRISHNA : Forced girls bathing in pond to come out without cloths.

5) Dev-Dasi @ Religious prostitute !

6) BAAL VIVAH —- you forgot….

7) Bride-Burning – if the dowry is insufficient

8) Widow-Burning (Sati) – [chk in news paper,how many girls burned daily and find out religion]

9) No Divorce

10) No Remarriage

I hope now you are not lauging…….sorry /……………..

Chk for the rights of Women In Islam post in an hr.


Well Mr.Tyagi,

First Let me reply your previous cmnt !

To trust on Islam,we don’t need help from false sites,to increase iman we don’t need false teachings.

Where you stay in delhi ? I want to meet those muslims.
ha ha ha ha ha sword,how many muslims you have seen doing this ?
kaun si duniya mein rehte ho bhai……..JAGOO !

actually they are dog’s tail.have you ever seen dogs strait tail…..Nahi na……
but i really wonder,why you want me to debate with them?

What is your problem?,if i copy & paste text from other places.why you are worried if i’m requesting my peoples to ignore such websites.

Infact such websites and your views are the reason i started this website.

I have seen an Anti-Islamic Article,published 9 years before,showing the link of given Hadith to website which launched 5 years , they used more 3 links to reach main site link.A normal user will ignore it,will never chk such confusing links.but not I…….and that user can be anyone,Muslims ,Non Muslims.

I’m started this work for my peoples,for my religion,for brothers and sisters in Islam.and to teach my self about ISLAM.

and listen I’m not a writer i’m developer and SEO.I edit Important Articles,after checking i add more contents then I publish it.i hope i never copy yours…..opssss…..i forgot,you don’t believe ………

Our Guide is the Quran and Sunnah,we don’t need others so please keep your sujjestion to your self.


Some more laughing content, this is a copy paste job like yours but anyway this is wondrous treatment of women in islam

1. II/223: Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate). So go to your tilth as ye will…

2. IV/34: Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other.. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.

3. IV/15: (For women) If any one of your women is guilty of lewdness …confine them until death claims them.

4. XXIV/6-7: As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves , let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies…

hey arab wannabe slave, is’nt this amazing…. i am sure your faith will increase after reading this…….


More reasons for u to laugh,

1. In the court of law two womens are eqvivalent to one male as a witness.
2. Muslim guy can marry four at any given point of time, amazing respect.
3. Marry underaged girls , as young as 6 yrs old is allowed.
4. What if a muslim girls want to marry a kafir, u know the verdict as per islam.

I mean seriously this is laughing stuff & supported by educated arabic slaves.
You want me to copy paste about the treatment of the muslim women, i can do so, but i do not want to give the entire laughing content in one go


Mashallah! Nicely written and compiled!

Very true why all other religion simply insult us in the name of power of women in Islam.

Except that christians have almost no control of their women hence , potentially having a bad influence on the society in a way..


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