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What’s Inside Kaaba ? ! Inside view of Kaaba

Posted on: May 16, 2008

What’s Inside Kaaba ? ! Inside view of Kaaba

In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

Lots of people have wrong information about what’s inside Kaaba !

Even Lots of muslims don’t have any Idea about this…….

Open your eyes ! See the Truth !

The Inside view of Kaaba.Only three pillars,and few items and nothing else.

Kaaba gates are opened 2 times in a year for cleaning purpose.1st time before Ramadan and 2nd time Before Hajj.

What is inside the Kaaba?

The president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) had the opportunity to go inside the Kaaba in 1998. He describes the following features:

  • there are two pillars inside (others report 3 pillars)
  • there is a table on the side to put items like perfume
  • there are two lantern-type lamps hanging from the ceiling
  • the space can accommodate about 50 people
  • there are no electric lights inside
  • the walls and floors are of marble
  • there are no windows inside
  • there is only one door
  • the upper inside walls of the Kaaba were covered with some kind of curtain with the Kalima written on it.




NOW WATCH KAABA INSIDE REAL VIDEO ! The Never seen Before Video !

will open page in new window


Inside Kaaba Pic1

Inside Kaaba Pic1

inside-view OF KAABA

Inside Kaaba Pic4

Inside Kaaba Pic4


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120 Responses to "What’s Inside Kaaba ? ! Inside view of Kaaba"

Excuse Me ?? What Do You Mean By Form ??


Impossible,if you believe it ,you will be a musriq&kafer.(IF You are a muslim)


if your not muslim why are you looking whats in kaaba


Hello to all friends.I am a hindu i but feel that the essence of every religion is love and compassion.All the incarnations are great,all the religions are great and they say the same thing that first we know ourselves then only we know God Almighty.And as described by many saints God can take any form and he can be formless and he is beyond any form and formless.So one may worship God in both the forms(form and formless).

Liked by 1 person

thank you for sharing ur views brother


In the kuran so many prophet are mention, and almost all are isrelite why ist so ?


this is what Allah wanted.can you stop him?


I hered that inside the kaba a shivling is presented and a gold plate in that gold plate writtened om namah shivaya. Is it true or false . Please give me the wright information on my E-mail ID have a good day.


namah shiviya????… the ceiling was filled with kalima,,,,,,


not with Kalima, with the huge lanterns of offerings you didn’t see at the ceiling?


All religions are jut different ways to reach the almighty! And awkward truth, the people who fight here, claiming that their religion is great are the ones who don’t know what exactly their respective religions are! God is one! Sab ka malik ek! Understand the truth and let there be peace!


massallah,, sab ka malika ehhh;;; thats the right thing”” but way of praying is different;; people like their the own style ,,own way life,,, as same tooo god also”” god told us to pray,, by his style,,,,(islam)
that style oly we r following buddy;;;; think,,, and search,,,


You inserted the actual photograph of inside view of the holy Kaba, where we see the 3 pillars clearly. But why do you confusing us about the pillar number in your above statement ?


I request u any christion plz dont comment herd. Becoucze our religeon is our life. And u dönt have any permission to interfear.


you all guys are mad about religion……i m a sikh and beleive me guys i respect all religions…i live in italy ….eat with with muslims…and i hv hindu friends…..guys realy in that way i injoy my life ..


sab aapas me abhi bhi lad rai hai jaise pahle ladte the isse achaa to ye hota ki duniya phir se khtm ho jati aur sab log mar jate aur duniya me nayi shuruat hoti logon ki jo kam se kam aise log na hote jo apne religion ko maane k liye majboor kar rai hai.21century me paida hokar unogon k jazbaton ko laat marne se acha hai ki 1 baar sare dharm ki books padho then say.but kisi aur k religion k bare me bura bolne se pahle luk it 2 urself.duniya me insan kuch ache hote hai to bure bhi hote.


Brother dnt wait for any1s answer or go by any reply.. It’s best if u can read wats written in Quran n knw what’s Allah has mention. I dnt want to hurt ur emotions n talk anythn wrong abt ur religion or make any comments which can hurt ur community also. If u hv a doubt clear it. And nvr judge a car by d driver. Ppl r gud n bad in all religion so v can nvr judge ppl. But if u hv a doubt abt religion read it n see if u feel it’s right. Thnx for readin bro.


I just wanna ask the muslim followers..did u guys really know who is ur allah??..did u guys hundred percent sure??..did any word in the quran said”i am the way to safetyness and life..theres no other way..i am the beginning and the end..from now till forever and ever..”i dont think so guys!!


Why don’t you read it so YOU can make an inform judgement on it and not have to go by what others say


Hey, watch your little mouth here…..

Jesus Christ?? My apologize if I think you were an atheist. Don’t embarass yourself and the names of the religion, would you??

Sincerely, from a 14 y.o catholic boy


Who are you talking to ha???……..

Sincerely, from a 14 y.o Muslim Girl………..Salaam (Peace)***


It is appreciatable to show true picture of Islam and eleminate wrong acts causing loss to religion. Atiq A. Siddiqui Advocate


Allah sucks the cork of a pig, all you muslim motherfuckers! Learn to worship the one and only Jesus Christ. How many years all you muslim fuckers suck the cork of pigs and still sucking and sucking!!!



May Allah forgive you brother,
May he guide you towards truth.




The video clip inside of the kaaba is not a full picture of kaaba. The video just covered small sqft of the kaaba. The thruth will reveal if the vidoe taken behind of the marble wall. Don’t fooled us. The actual kaaba sqft is more bigger then shown in the video. The video not covered the whole kaaba. All of you see properly.So the hidden agenda inside the kaaba still a question. The video didn’t show the hole where outside people view thru the inside kaaba. F
Friend of mine went to kaaba and told us what was inside the kaaba.


Learn to worship the one and only Jesus Christ.

prove it…i’m posting new article…related to same issue…!


hello brother may god forgive you brother we the muslims are truely christians ofcourse we give respect to jesus(ESA allaissalaam) PBUH is a messanger of Allah.


may Allah, the most merciful, bless you with enlightenment brother.


Your single parent culture is a evidence of your illegitimate born society even and immoral activities on internet and media is clear proof that why pets are liked in their houses shame on you.
Atiq A. Siddiqui Advocate


Эй ты Петр, ты сука закрой свой поганый рот и ты свинья а религия тут не причем, твою мать


may allah forgive you and guide you in right path bro


I believe u r hurt. It’s not gud to hv so much of hatred in ur heart bro.. Allah says nvr talk rubbish abt any other religion or god dat ppl believe in. Cuz those ppl wil talk rubbish abt me.. Hence if u think u love ur god so much talk rubbish abt any god or religion cuz than ppl wil talk rubbish abt ur religion and god n not u. Take care bro.. If u hv any misconception abt Islam or Allah do read abt it and clear ur doubt. May Allah help u to hv peace and happiness in life. Allahhafiz


dis is not u teling my friend dis is ur sorrunding companions who thought u..jaise shiksha milti hai usi trah bachee bolte hai..i am proud to be a muslim. duniya me log jee rahe hai, mar rai hai,pedon par phal ate hai,har trah k insan sab chizon k answers deeply jao to pata yehi chalta hai ki han koi to hai jo ye duniya chla rai hai.aur is chiz par bhi log ye sabit karte hai k mai muslim,hindu christin,sikh,kisi ne ye to dekha hi nai ki insaniyat bhi 1chiz hoti hai.


some people say that kaba is covered with black clothes!! in the wall of kaba there are the picture of idols!! is it true??


// some people say that kaba is covered with black clothes!! in the wall of kaba there are the picture of idols!! is it true??//

Yes,Kaaba is covered by black cloths.Its known as Kiswa. Its not to hide the idols of the bricks of Kabba wall…but just to cover it…it was a tradition…and people followed..

idiols on wall is lie spread ed by islam haters and accepted by the innocent unbelievers against Islam.

I will sujjest you that you see it by your self where is idol pics…

Not only wall,but also The Pictures during changing on kiswa,and inside view of Walls..kindly chk the below links..these peoples are from those Who believe on statements without any evidence.

hope below links will help you,InshahAllah!

JazakAllah khair for the visit ..


Thank you for giving millions of unenlightened Muslims the opportunity to be able to defend the anti-Islam’s claim that the Kabbah houses idols. May almighty Allah continue to enrich you.


May the thank and praise be to Allah,Lord of the worlds,

Its he who made it possible to see everyone, not me…im just a slave!

thank u for sharing ur views!


//can women expose themselves to their husbands?//

Expose ? in What way expose sister….?


I just wana ask y non muslims r nt allowd in mecca or medina..we say god is for everyone then y.actually i too wana go to mecca and medina but since i am from a diff religion its nt possible


Hello, You are very much welcomed to any city in Saudi Arabia. If your a women though you must fallow the country’s law of having to wear a head scarf and veil. Other than that have a safe visit and I hope it’s an educational one for you. I have visited before and they are both beautiful cities. The floor is very hot, the food is great, and there is a lot of history there…. Peace.


because we wanna cleaned up our body by the way islam was said;;; non muslims didn’t knew that so that olyy””


Mashaa-Allah brother!
Even I had wrong perceptions about the Holy Kaaba but now you have removed it from my heart thanks to this article!
Can you please write a post about the Kaaba shareef: its history?


What’s the big deal about these pics that all you muslims are rolling with wonder and ecstacy.
Remember, you people were hindus before you converted to this unscientific and stupid religion. It’s the religion of illiterates and idiots. Come back to hinduism and make your great forefathers proud. Come back to youe forefathers religion.


Right, may you rot in hell. trust me!


your hindu religion is ful of shit eating gods, you will be burnt in hell


How dare you call this wonderful faith “a religion of illiterates”if it wasnt for islam we would still be believing in monkey gods,gods with elephant heads gods with more hands then brains!people from all backgrounds has reverted to islam not because of its “fireworks and chanting”but because of their hearts will,they knew that islam is the light in the darkness!learn more about islam then we can have a normal debate!islam teachers us to learn about other religions,cultures and traditions!”seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”!next time when its dewali I will remember you and I will make dua(while blowing my candle out) that your heart be open insha_Allah!ameen!you are not a follower of the 3 books you pray to idols upon idols may AllahtaAllah make your heart soft insha-Allah!MAy your future be brighten by the nur of islam insha-Allah!ameen!
o and fyi my forefathers we never hindu!


They were hindus you idiot ! Your Sub human religion came into existense around 1400 years ago only


mr. Tarun go back to your vedas and your holy books , you will know what islam is all about


Hinduism is the most ancient religion of this world !
Islam is a curse to the Mankind !


are you a Hindu? remember brother. Hinduism is not any religion. the relegion you follow is Sanaatan. and it does not permit to worship a the Idols, making so many Gods. It beleives in one God. Do you Beleave that? Are you a true Sanaatan Dharmi?
Can you Please describe me and let me understand how Our Religion is an unscientific and Stupid?

Brother Do worship of Creator not the Creations.


no religion is unscientific and stupid, every religion says same thing, but in different styles, the final place to reach is one, God is only one, there is no Hindu god, Muslim god or neither cristian, You are correct, Hinduism is not simply a religion, but a culture of religions (Sanatan dharma)!, a few people know this!
Idol worship is not unscientific, A nursery student cannot understand the study materials for an Engineer, like that a common man may not understand the high end philosophy of ultimate truth(Allah), for him should be taught from A, b,c right?
to concentrate u certainly need an idol, and without concentration u never attain ur inner self (god). idols are in every religion, whether they accept or not, Christians praise Christ, concentrate their mind on him, Muslims praise allah, concentrate their mind on his beautiful and great qualities and kaaba. So an idol means one which have a shape, quality that’s all, so plz understand this before insulting any religion,
mr, Tarun Sikri, if you are a hindu please go and study at least Bhagavat geetha!


1st thanks to Allah for everything he has given me and taken from me.. 2nd i want to know about MAKKAH n MADINA and about ISLAM our Prophet Mohammad (S) more and more and i have so many questions… thank you guys who are really doing this job to share the right info’s with the world.. right now Allah is Taking a test from me.. i’m trying to be patient but as being a human being i sometimes loose myself.. then again Thanks to Allah, my lord takes care of me, give me the strength and hope not to loose my hope hope and to be patient…

Guys i know other religious people also come to this site may to to learn more about Islam just for nothing or some comes for research.. but what ever it is whether we are Muslim or christen or Hindu or Buddhism or Jews we really should not dishonor our religion or other’s religion..i see some people really using very harsh words… well guys will request you dont say anything what you dont know about and yes if you are really interested in islam or our Prophets or our religion start readying the Holy Quran and all the 7 haddit books.


if your god knows vere well, i don’t understand the logic of your god testing you, is logic and your god mutually exclusive? no insult …. seriously curious


Brother Reddy,
Are you an atheist? If not which religion you follow?
No matter whether you are an atheist or follower of any religion, you can find your answers in the following website:


brother Reddy, Please let me know, why do you give exams? whether your teacher knows who is best, who is average and who is poor student?


With due respect ,Nafeesa I thank you for writting such sincere words showing respect towards all,this is all what is require.god will punish all those ,whether they are hindus or muslims who criticise other just for being different from them in the way choosen to understand god. remember religion is beyond the thinking ability of human beings.we should accept every religion as tru and show respect to each other.only them allah will be happy.follow your own religion and believe other too as true.remember you are following islan or hinduism only because you have born to the parents who follow that particular religion and nothing else.


its great opportunity and blessings of Allah for us to see this…

Site Administrator please block the writings of dog like salman.

this pics and video is obeviously true and real.


Oye Porkistani bhi aa gaya ! Very Good Sulle !


mari trif sy sub muslamman bhan bhinyo ko eid mubarak ho dwoo go AAS..KSA


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