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Why Again New Blog for Islam ?

Posted on: January 29, 2008

Why Again New Blog for Islam ?

While collecting informations about Islam online,I found few things :

# i found that,lots of sites are there giving Islamic information,i feel that most of them are addicted to do Bussiness,

there main motives are earning money not to spread Islam informations [70% websites].

## No site maintenance,lots of errors in sites,links not not reply if u report bugs.No assistance.

### well,as i’m software & web professional,SEO and a small white hat i know how to search for right information through search engines,I found very interesting things,but what about others ? How my brother and sisters will know about Islamic things….Miracles,etc etc….other brother and sisters are not like me.

#### lots of people don’t know how to search,they will not be able to find right information in one time,so they leave it.or will move to anti-islamic sites.

##### very few muslims know working online,the websites related to Islam.most of them forget the name of site.Lots of community(related to islam) are not working on ORKUT.

###### I found that lots of Anti-Islamic website making fool to muslims using Advance technologies,they linked site in matrix form,a normal user will never chk all things,and will leave believing on the words of Anti-Muslims websites.that’s why lots of peoples know the words of Anti-Islamic sites…due to all these problems,Muslims ignore it every thing(Saitan workd here).

###### Many Anti-Islamic peoples created some fake images using advance technology and claimed it as Miracle of Allah or prophet .Once Muslim belie on this they laugh on them and make fun Muslims. I found many miracle images created some website from Iraq,i saw they were creating fake miracles and spreading among Muslims.


so,I decided to work for my peoples,for my brother and sisters,

How can i see few groups making them fool.

Allah SWT have given me few skills,which i decided to use to spread the words of Allah and prophet through website world wide.

quite impossible work,but Allah will help me!

My MOTIVE : I will send you right,true information directly in your mail box.yes,you don’t have to come and search for the informations about Islam,i will inform you all by email.

# Just chk your email,You will be informed about every new post done on,you don’t have to waste your time to search Informations.

## Just visit ORKUT COMMUNITY to see the new information posted !

### Join the RSS FEED to see updates,right on your desktop.

Allah hafiz,

slave of Allah!

18 Responses to "Why Again New Blog for Islam ?"

asalmulai kum,

Iam realy proude that, some people we have i world, like U brother,

iam also making an website plz hepl me,, actully i alredy made the same,


mr. diler shaikh — so called “different mentality”, thanks for your ‘precious comments’ i am impressed to know that you have concern for the community and Islam. But let me ask you about your own efforts in the name of Allah. tell me truly if King is spreading hatred or is spreading Islam. I am doubtful about your credential.


This concept is very nice and a welcomed development


Jazakallah Khair.


Asalamu alaikum w…
Dear Brother!
May Allah Reward you what you want, for doing all for our Islaam.
I am looking for your Islamic Information through Email.


Asalam Alaikum,

Brother may Allah Ta’ala reward you for your inspiring work and the thoughts you have..Ameen .

Please can you get in touch with me via email brother …jazzahkallah Khair !!

Wa Sallam,

Zamir Afzal




Salam salam, keep it up a great work may Allah be with you all the time,help,guide&protect you ameen. Ma-salam.


Assalam Alaikum


i think you should talk to all the fiqah and should read and research on some ancient books written by forgotten followers of Nabiallah(saw. pbuh).
like abu zar Ghaffari.

Allah ko aap ko urooje ilm ata kare aur hum khush hain kuch log hain jo
aaj bhi haq ki tara justuju rakhte hai
ise baqi rakhiyega

Nahi hai koi uske nazdeek par woh jo taqwe ki manzil par hain
Khuda Hafiz


Asalam o alaikum, thank you for the email. I shall keep looking for your blog, Regards, TJ


thank you brother, for helping to spread the message of islam,may ALMIGHTY reward you abundantly.i will be very happy if you post the articles on my email-i rarely visit facebook,coz our company block it.
again would be very greatful if my request is considered.

jazakhAllahu kheir


Assalam Alaykum,

Ameen to ur dua…

you can subscribe to our mailing list sis….you will daily receive Articles if we published in a day!

pls click here to subscribe !

fill ur email id…after filling form pls don’t forget to chk ur emails…

u will receive a confirmation link,confirm the link,and finish…

InshahAllah u will find it usefull…

May Allah protect u from all evils and evil acts,



Assalamu Alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhum……..


Brother what a great service that your doing to the ummahs of Muhammed (Swt), and may almighty grant you and your group the gannah. hope you will continue this good work.

may almighty protect and guide.



Shaikh, Islam devises a good mean to get separated if it is not possible to live together according to Allah’s way.

Although it abhors its application but leave it open at the discretion of a person who has been left to determine his circumstances and decision accordingly.

The women life in West in reflective of their misguided family codes. Jews women can’t get rid of her cruel husband till the time he himself leaves her. In Islam if a male can divorce the female has equal right to do that.

What simply she can do is to go to a judge and tell her that she doesn’t want to live with the man she is not satisfied. The is no binding on the reason. But what Islam teaches is that such a decision should be well deliberated.

Go to some good scholar and he or she can tell you. If one starts deciding according to an individual experience than he can find many thing wrong in every law worldly or divine.

Laws and bindings are the outcome of total experience of the relations between human beings. A law might be difficult to swallow for one particular individual but is beneficial to most of other people.

As an individual even we are pinched or punished by a particular law but we are protected by it on so many times. Like over speeding is a crime, if you are booked this law are pinched but existence of this law saves yours and so many others’ life.


May Allah Guide and protect u amen


salamu Aleikum,
I came to know about this site about a week ago and i admit that i am impressed.may Allah (SWT) reward u abundantly. Keep up the good work.
My prayer is that this world of ours will come to realize what a perfect way of life Islam is and the best way to do that is to read books on Islam, especially the hadiths and the quran written in ones language.(thank God for the fact that the books are now translated into many different languages).
Allah help us.


thank you for visiting website and leaving wonderful cmnt!

Inshha Allah I will do this work till my last breath!

pls share site link with others !

May Allah protect you from Evils and Evil Acts….



hi all,

i agree that islam is the greatest religion, simmilar to other religions with due respect,, unfortunately majority of the islam followers are bastards, Harami.

In the list of all the criminals in India muslims lead the score board, muslims are majorly responsible for the International disharmony, why blame america.. what is happening in pakistan,,we all know the fact, it is we muslims propogating terrorism all across the world and our mother land India too.

talking about our womens, has somebody taken accountability to those poor muslim sisters pulled in the buisness of sex and prostitution, belive me the core people responsible for the same act of prostitution, is not RSS but our own ” MUSLIM ” brothers, big names involved “DAWOOD “,, common names right but we keep ignoring them,, WHY ?

dont u think remarraiges in our religion is haram, but we do it in the name of religion,, think think ?

imagin u, and ur mother’s state if ur father marries sombody else jst by saying TALAQ TALAQ TALAQ,, this is FUCK SHIT,,

There is lot many more things to say,,, i belive u will comprehend things, and work towards peace and harmony towards our hindu brothers and respect to our hindu sisters,, but first the same to our own community members..

iM a muslim too,, but of a different mentality, and pretty sure iM not alone…

dont Spread Hatred as ” EVIL BEGETS EVIL ”

i hope u understand this,, so CHILL,,

Dont try ur bloody stunts, join some fuckin politition or concentrate on work ,, earn betterment fo ur family..

DO NOT TRY TO CREAT COMMUNAL DISHARMONY, by forwarding this cowardly messages to other brothers, misleading their minds,, and dont fuck try to preach ISLAM..

I think that u r some fuckin Pakistani Terrorist BASTARD..

“Muslim Girls: Beware of RSS tacticsAssalamu alaikum,

After killing/rape of 1000s of innocent Muslim women, shameless RSS introduced a new union called SF (SMART FRIENDS) to destroy Muslims and the guys in the SF are only college/school students. Their aim is to love muslim girls. SF member aims to destroy at least one muslim girl’s life n diz is the order of RSS.. Beware of SF. It is said that these fanatic Hindu guys are trained in such a way that they act like a real and sincere lover and Muslim girls may not have a slight doubt on them. They are also paid for buying gifts and other expenditure for dating Muslim girls.

Plz convey this message to muslim parents and muslim students specially Muslim girls.

RSS also distribute pamphletes to love/woo Muslim girls. Also they are doing SMS campaign to ruin Muslim girls.”


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