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Gaza Under Attack :: 19 Nov 2012 Photos

[WARNING : some pictures are  potentially offensive or inappropriate.Viewer discretion is advised ]

This is how Israel Killed Our Brother and Sisters in Palestine… Just chk twitter reports…they used to pass information to us(to all friends,we used to pass others..due to this its now recorded as First War on Twitter between Israel and Palestinian Muslims..and MUSLIM WON THIS WAR. praise be to Allah,Lord of the Worlds… please our brothers in Palestine suffered enough….We must support them and share these picture in all over world Let the world know How Israel is killing Innocent Civilians and children.

so,I request Please share this article link as much as you can!

Lets work together to FREE PALESTINE !

I hope  you will,InshahAllah…

JazakAllah khair !

slave of Allah


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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Day Eight of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Ceasefire agreement reached; Palestinian death toll climbs to 145

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continued for much of the day (Middle Eastern time) as a ceasefire agreement was announced in Cairo. Earlier today, before the ceasefire agreement, a bus was bombed in Tel Aviv and rocket and mortar attacks continued on Israel.

Both Israel and Hamas have reportedly agreed to a cessation of hostilities. The Associated Press has more details:

Egypt has announced a cease-fire agreement to end a week of fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr said the truce would take effect at 9 p.m. local time (2 p.m. EDT.) He made the announcement alongside visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the deal, saying he had agreed after consulting with President Barack Obama.

The text of the ceasefire agreement have been published:

“Israel shall stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land sea and air, including incursions and targeting of individuals.

“All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel, including rocket attacks and all attacks along the border.

“Opening the crossings and facilitating the movement of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas. Procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.

“Other matters as may be requested shall be addressed.”

“Implementation mechanism.

“Setting up the zero hour understanding to enter into effect.

“Egypt shall receive assurances from each party that the party commits to what was agreed upon.

“Each party shall commit itself not to perform any acts that would breach this understanding. In case of any observations, Egypt as a sponsor of this understanding, shall be informed to follow up.”

The Palestinian death toll has climbed to 145 according to the Ma’an News agency.  The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reports that 91 of the dead were civilians, including 28 children. The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has also released some of their initial findings about the civilian dead in Gaza. “Initial investigations indicate that at least 40 of those killed were civilians, among them 19 minors, and 10 women,” the human rights group reported. “B’Tselem will continue to investigate the incidents in which civilians have been killed in Gaza, and to review reports coming in even now regarding additional incidents in which civilians have been killed or injured.”

After one week of fighting, the Israeli death toll stood at 5. 


Hamas Declares Victory, Gaza Celebrates


Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal announced in a press conference Wednesday evening that Israel “has failed in all its goals” in Operation Defensive Pillar, following the cease fire announcement.

“After eight days, God stayed their hand from the people of Gaza, and they were compelled to submit to the conditions of the resistance,” Mashaal said. “Israel has failed in all its goals,” he told reporters in a Cairo hotel.

Mashaal also thanked ceasefire mediator Egypt, as well as Iran, which he said “had a role in arming” Hamas during the conflict.

Arabs in Gaza took to the streets to celebrate the start of the truce deal, firing into the air and chanting victory slogans, AFP reported.

The celebrations began shortly after the 9:00 p.m. deadline for the ceasefire to begin, agreed in a deal between Israel and Hamas that was announced in Egypt.

Heavy celebratory gunfire could be heard throughout Gaza, and residents also released fireworks into the night sky, where Israeli drones could still be buzzing heard overhead.

“The resistance has triumphed,” some shouted, alongside chants of “God is greatest.”


Well,In this i will not say anything, just watch this video… :) 

Takbeer ,

Allah Akbar,

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

From London to Cairo to Barcelona, Gaza assault sparks protests

Demonstrations sprung up worldwide over the last few days as supporters of Palestinian freedom in cities, towns and villages all across the world protested against Israel’s war on the tiny besieged Gaza Strip. This is a small sampling of photos from the global movement.

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Thousands march to US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia 18 November 2012

A8As1wbCUAEEtuu 1
New York City

Berlin in front of the American Embassy:

East Jerusalem:

DSC 0962
Protesters marching inside Muslim Quarter in the Old City, East Jerusalem (photo: Allison Deger)

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Albuquerque protest (contact: Danya Mustafa)


886 1eZYDJ Em 55
Thousands protested in Cairo Nov. 14, 2012 (Photo: Bernat Armangue /AP)

West London, thousands gathered outside the  Israeli embassy in west London Novermber 17, 2012

Some voices from London:


I’m here first because there’s a massacre y’know. There’s a complete injustice and the way the media reportin’ ’bout it lose the fact that Palestinian life is precious and valuable and it makes it into this thing that it’s a conflict. It’s not a conflict, it’s an oppressor and the oppressed.


We are here because enough is enough. As a human being we can no longer can tolerate this sort of abuse of innocent people children men women we cannot really accept that every time Israli government goes thru election what they have to do what they have to show, they have to show which one has more blood on their hand the one that has more blood on their hand the one more willing to killing more people innocent people then it becomes more eligible, more eligible to become elected. This actually say a really horrible message of not just about the politicians in occupied Palestine but it actually says a really horrible message of what the population of Israelis actually are motivated, they’re motivated by seeing who kills more …..


Metz, France:

metz rassemblement 6a198
Gathering on sidewalk in Metz, France show solidarity with Gaza (photographer unknown)


121117 boston gaza
Boston Gaza protest

Istanbul, Turkey

2012 634886843643174374 317

Warsaw, Poland:

On November 17th Polish Solidarity Campaign with Palestine (Kampania Palestyna)

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

The Vatican on Gaza: Israel is a Baby-Killer”

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, commenting on the war between Israel and Hamas, delivered a severe attack on the Jewish people: “I think of the ‘massacre of the innocents’. Children are dying in Gaza, their mothers’ shouts is a perennial cry, a universal cry”.

The Catholic Church high official equated Israel’s operation in Gaza against terror groups with the New Testament story of Herod’s slaughter of Jewish babies in his effort to kill Jesus.

Ravasi, who is one of the most popular Catholic cardinals and the director of the Church’s policy on culture, called Israelis baby-killers in a shameless form of anti-Semitism which subtly accuses the Jewish State of trying to murder the new Jesus, symbolized by the Palestinian people.

The Vatican official’s modern blood libel against Israel was delivered during the presentation of Pope Benedict’s new book about the life of Jesus. However, Ravasi’s theme – the Jews as Herod, who killed all the innocent babies because his heart was set on killing Jesus – was much beloved by Medieval organizers of pogroms.

The vicar-general of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, William Shomali, said onVatican Radio that “what is happening in Gaza now is a vicious circle of violence”. The auxiliary bishop then declared that “it’s difficult to know who started it”. How difficult?

A few weeks ago, in an interview with the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, Shomali claimed that “hatred of Christians” is the Talmud itself. “The Talmud, the holy book studied by the ultra-orthodox, more highly venerated than the Bible itself, invites religious hatred, speaks badly of Jesus, and even worse of Mary and, in general, of Christians,” the bishop said, adding that “in Israeli schools, love for the other is not taught, but rather the destruction of the other”.

Talking to the Vatican News Agency, Michel Sabbah, Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem, said that the Gaza Strip for many years “has been living under the weight of an absurd embargo, which makes the daily lives of a million and a half of people inumane”.

Sabbah signed the recent appeal by more than one hundred Christian leaders who have asked the international community to support the recognition of the Palestinian State as a full member of the United Nations. Among the signers is the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, a self professed anti-Semite who blessed the suicide attacks against Israeli civilians.

As yet, no condemnation has come from the Pope of the barrages of rockets fired by terror groups on southern Israeli cities before Operation Pillar of Defense. The Church authorities, and Benedict XVI himself, raised their voices in condemnation of the violence that has broken out in the Gaza Strip only after Israel began bombing the installations of the terrorist movements in that territory. Not a word was heard before that.

During the Cast Lead operation in 2009, the Vatican officials called Gaza “a concentration camp“. After the Nazi comparison did its work, the Jesus-killer motif has now returned to the Catholic Church.

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

5 Lies the Media Keeps Repeating About Gaza

As Israel continues to pound Gaza, the Palestinian death toll of the latest round of violence has crossed the 100 mark. Thus far, the American media has given Israeli officials and spokespersons a free pass to shape the narrative of this conflict with falsehoods. Here are the top 5 lies the media doesn’t challenge about the crisis in Gaza:

1. Israel Was Forced to Respond to Rockets to Defend Its Citizens

CNN, like many other American outlets, chose to begin the story of the latest round of violence in Gaza on November 10th, when 4 Israeli soldiers were wounded by Palestinian fire, and the IDF “retaliated” by killing several Palestinians. But just two days before, a 13 year old Palestinian boy was killed in an Israeli military incursion into Gaza (among other fatalities in preceding days). Is there any reason why those couldn’t be the starting point of the “cycle of violence”? The bias was even more blatant in 2008/09, when Israel’s massive assault on Gaza (which killed 1400+ Palestinians) was cast as self-defense, even though it was acknowledged in passing that Israel was the party that broke the ceasefire agreement in place at the time. Are the Palestinians not entitled to self-defense? And if indiscriminate Palestinian rocket fire is not an acceptable response to Israeli violence (which it absolutely isn’t), how can indiscriminate Israeli bombings of Gaza ever be acceptable? And why is the broader context, the fact that Gaza remains under Israeli blockade and military control, overlooked?

2. Israel Tries to Avoid Civilian Casualties

It must be aggravating for Israel’s propagandists when high-ranking political officials slip and get off the sanitized/approved message for public consumption. Yesterday, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said the “goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.” Not to be outdone, Gilad Sharon, son of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, said “we need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza.” If you’re thinking this is just rhetoric, consider the fact that, according to Amnesty International, Israel “flattened… busy neighborhoods” into “moonscapes” during its last major assault on Gaza in 2008/09. And it wasn’t just human rights organizations that were exposing Israeli war crimes in Gaza, but Israeli soldiers whose conscience could not bear to remain silent about the atrocities they had committed were also coming forward.

If, for some odd reason, you cannot decide whether it is official Israeli spokespersons or soldiers of conscience and human rights investigators who are telling the truth, consider this question: If Hamas has only managed to kill 3 people despite being bent on killing civilians with thousands of indiscriminate rockets, how has Israel managed to kill several dozen Palestinian civilians when it is using sophisticated precision weapons to avoid civilian casualties? In just one Israeli attack yesterday, Israel killed more Palestinian civilians in a matter of minutes than the total number of all Israelis killed by rocket fire from Gaza over the last 3 years. The truth is exposed by the utter disregard for civilian life we see in practice, reaffirmed by testimonies and investigative evidence.

3. This Is About Security

If Israel’s main objective were indeed to end the rocket fire from Gaza, all it had to do was accept the truce offered by the Palestinian factions before the Jabari assassination. And if the blockade of Gaza was just about keeping weapons from coming in, why are Palestinian exports from Gaza not allowed out? Why were food items ever restricted? The truth is, this isn’t about security; it’s about punishing the population of Gaza for domestic Israeli political consumption. When Gilad Sharon recommended the decimation of Gaza, he justified it by saying “the residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas.” Sharon may find this posturing to be rewarding in some circles, but it’s actually the very same logic used by terrorists to attack civilians in democracies. Are Israeli civilians considered legitimate targets of violence because they elected right wing Israeli leaders who commit atrocities against the Palestinians? Of course not, and only a broken moral compass can keep this principle from consistently applying to Palestinian civilians as well.

4. Hamas Is the Problem

Between their religious right-wing domestic agenda, and their refusal to renounce violence against civilians, I’m most certainly no fan of Hamas. But whenever you hear Israel try to scapegoat Hamas for the crisis in Gaza, there are two things to consider. First, Hamas hasn’t only showed preparedness to have a truce with Israel if Israel ended its attacks on Gaza, but has also suggested (though with mixed signals) that it is open to a two-state solution. Second, and more importantly, Hamas didn’t come to power until 2006/07. Between 1993 and 2006 (13 years), Israel had the more moderate, peaceful, and pliant Palestinian authority (which recognizes Israel and renounces violence) to deal with as a partner for peace. What did Israel do? Did it make peace? Or did it continue to occupy Palestinian land, violate Palestinian rights, and usurp Palestinian resources? What strengthened Hamas and other extremists in Palestine is precisely the moderates’ failure to secure any Palestinian rights through cooperation and negotiations. The truth is entirely inverted here: it is Israel’s escalating violations of Palestinian rights which strengthen the extremists.

5. There is a Military Solution to this Conflict

This is not the first time, and probably not the last, that Israel has engaged in a military campaign to pummel its opponents into submission. But are we any closer to ending this conflict today after decades of violence? The answer is a resounding no. After the 2006 war in Lebanon, Hezbollah emerged stronger. After the 2009 war on Gaza, Hamas remained in power and maintained possession of thousands of rockets. Israel’s military superiority, while indeed impressive (thanks to $30 billion in U.S. military aid this decade), is not stronger than the Palestinian will to live in dignity. The way to end the firing of rockets in the short term is to agree to a truce and end the blockade of Gaza. The way to resolve the entire conflict in the long term is to end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and allow the Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination. We’re probably close to a ceasefire agreement to end this round of violence. The real challenge is ending the Israeli occupation for long-term peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians.

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Protesting Israel’s bombs :: Gaza Under Attack

AS ISRAELI air strikes began pounding Gaza on November 14, activists around the U.S.–Israel’s main international supporter–organized emergency responses in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Palestinian rights organizations called many of the protests, and a range of activists took to the streets together on short notice to show their outrage.

– In New York City, about 1,000 people gathered in front of the Israeli consulate on November 15 for a protest called just the day before. It was vibrant, defiant, militant and bold, with a large number of students and young American Muslims and Palestinians.

Protesters chanted in Arabic, “Be-ruh, be-dam, mafdik ya Falastin,” which translates to “With soul, with blood, we sacrifice for Palestine.” Most of all, they chanted for justice and freedom in Palestine.

Dima Abi Saab, of Al-Awda: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition NY, reminded protesters of the previous devastation caused by Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s three-week assault that began in December 2008.

“It was only four years ago that we stood in this spot protesting yet another Israeli massacre in Gaza,” Abi Saab told protesters, “when 1,400 Palestinians were killed, two-thirds of whom were women and children…and 22,000 buildings and homes were destroyed because of the bombardment. And yet here we stand again four years later and nothing has changed in Gaza. The siege still stands.”

Abi Saab pointed out the vast support the U.S. government provides Israel, often at the expense of working people in the U.S. “While the people in Rockaway Beach and Long Beach are still without power or any assistance after Hurricane Sandy, our government is still sending weapons and money for weapons to Israel, to continue its atrocities against the Palestinian people,” she said.

Some 30 Zionists gathered across the street in a counterprotest, though they were significantly outnumbered by pro-Palestinian protesters.

As Jason Farbman of the Internationalist Socialist Organization (ISO) said:

If this conflict was only to be judged in terms of property stolen, of lives stolen, of land stolen, it would be easy for us to determine which side we’re on. It doesn’t take very much to come out and stand in support of one of the most powerful militaries in the world, as you devastate a helpless population. There can never be an equivalence between the struggle of the oppressed for their freedom, and the violence of the oppressor to keep them in chains, to keep them locked up. Resistance is justified when people are occupied.

A spokesperson for the Muslim American Society said, “We say to everyone, especially the non-Muslims, that what unites us is not our color, is not our religion, is not our language. It is indeed our humanity. Anyone with an ounce of feeling will sympathize with those who are dying, with those who are struggling, regardless of where he comes from or where she comes from.”

A call was made to meet again the following day, and every day thereafter, until the assault is ended. Speakers asked that protesters bring more people out in the coming days to make their voices heard.

– In San Francisco, 500 rallied in support of the Palestinian people and against Israel’s bombarding of Gaza outside the Israeli consulate on November 16.

The crowd’s energy was high throughout, chanting, “Free, Free Palestine, Long Live Palestine, Long Live the Intifada.” Cars honked in support, and some waved Palestinian flags out of their windows. There was a strong conviction that it was critical to show solidarity with the Palestinian people because of the U.S. government’s support of the oppressive Israeli government.

Students from area colleges and universities turned out to protest. Michelle Dallalah, a Stanford student, said that she came because of U.S. complicity with Israel’s assault. “Students cannot isolate themselves to Stanford if they are going to challenge one of the most destructive regimes in the world–the U.S.,” she said.

Ziad Abbas, associate director of the Middle East Children’s Alliance, argued that demonstrations are crucial to building long-term pressure on Israel and delegitimizing its apartheid state.

When the protest began at 4 p.m., the demonstration easily outnumbered the handful of Zionists who showed up to counterprotest. But the crowd continued to swell, as people rushed from work to show support for Palestine.

Protest pens set up by police to confine the demonstration to the sidewalk couldn’t hold people back. As protesters filled the road, the supporters of Israel packed up. The crowd yelled louder, the energy soared higher, and a group beneath a massive Palestinian flag led the demonstrators through the streets in a joyous march through downtown.

– In Boston, some 400 people protested against Israel’s invasion on November 15. Students for Justice in Palestine chapters from universities throughout Boston mobilized students to the protest, which was called by the Northeastern University SJP.

Protesters rallied in Copley Square and then marched to the Israeli consulate, chanting “Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will make apartheid fall.” While a small number of pro-Israel protesters showed up to counter protest, their pro-war singing was drowned out by the loud, young, multiracial Palestine solidarity protest.

– In Washington, D.C., hundreds turned out for multiple demonstrations against Israel’s brutal bombing campaign of Gaza beginning November 15 and continuing through the weekend.

On Thursday evening, more 150 students, activists and community members marched from the U.S. State Department to the White House. Lead by a group of Arab student activists, protesters lead chants like “Not another nickle, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes!”

Jack, a member of the George Washington University SJP said he got involved in the campaign for Palestine four years. He said that, since that invasion, Israel’s campaign of assassinations of innocent bystanders has lead to continual growth of the pro-Palestine movement, including recent acts of solidarity by Jewish students.

Also, participating was Occupy DC activist Matt Kirkland, who said, “Everyone who wants freedom should be against occupation.”

The next evening, demonstrators gathered at the White House, and on Sunday scores of activists and community members gathered outside the Israeli embassy to demonstrate they anger at the bombings.

– In Portland, Ore., as many as 200 people came out despite the rain and cold on November 17 to show solidarity with Palestinians and call on the U.S. to stop funding Israel’s war crimes.

The protest was organized by Students United for Palestinians Rights, the Portland Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Coalition, Americans United for Palestinians Equal Rights and Portland Jewish Voice for Peace.

Protesters chanted “Free, Free Gaza!” and “Rain or shine! Free Palestine!” as they marched through downtown Portland following a lively rally. Local activist and singer-songwriter David Rovics warmed up the crowd with several songs dedicated to Gaza and the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Palestinian poet Remi Kanazi performed.

Speakers exposed the misleading and inaccurate reporting in the U.S. media about the current assault on Gaza, denounced American military, political and economic support for the continued oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people, and encouraged protesters to join the ongoing campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

– In Seattle, about 100 demonstrators came to an emergency protest on November 15 at the federal building downtown. Protesters chanted, “Gaza, Gaza, don’t you cry! Palestine will never die!” The Henry M. Jackson Federal Building is named after the former Washington senator who was an early supporter of aid for Israel’s wars.

A smaller number returned downtown November 17 to take part in an ongoing series of vigils in solidarity with Palestine.

– In Detroit, 80 people turned out for a passionate demonstration against Israel’s latest U.S.-backed assault against the people of Gaza. As chanting protesters rallied near the tunnel that connects Detroit to Windsor, Ontario, many drivers honked and waved in support.

“Every time a home is demolished, every time a farmer is uprooted, every time a family has to move out so theirs can move in, it’s consistent aggression,” Tuba Hasan, one of the protest organizers, told reporters. “That’s why we’re here; we’re trying to stand against it for the Palestinian people.”

– In Philadelphia, as many as 70 people turned out for an afternoon protest at the Israeli consulate on November 16. Protesters, many of them young Muslim women, chanted “Resistance is justified, when people are occupied” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Seth Eisenstein, a high school student who attended the protest, said he was there to defend human rights. “Real change will only come from the people,” he said, “It won’t come from some person sitting in a comfortable office signing something. It’ll come from us standing up for our rights and the rights of others.”

– In San Diego, an emergency protest in solidarity with Gaza brought together 50 people at the Federal Building on November 15 and 16. Protesters gathered at the corner of a busy intersection with signs and banners that read “Justice for Palestine, Support the Right to Return” “End the Israeli Blockade of Gaza” and “Let Gaza Live.”

Chants, in English and Spanish, included “Free, Free Palestine, Long Live Palestine” and “Viva viva viva, la lucha Palestina.”

The emergency protest was called by Al-Awda San Diego, and sponsored by SJP, Muslim Student Association and a number of other groups, including the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice.

– In Rochester, N.Y., members of the Palestine solidarity movement were quick to mobilize, organizing an emergency protest at the Rochester Federal Building, which turned out 40 people on less than a day’s notice. Members of Rochester Against War, the University of Rochester’s Students for a Democratic Society, as well people from the Palestinian and Muslim communities attended.

The next day, as many as 70 people gathered for another rally organized by members of the Palestinian community. During the rally, protesters took part in an impromptu march. A number of people stepped forward to share personal experiences and solidarity with the people of Gaza.

One protester read a poem by the late Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwish, another talked about the growing global against Israeli apartheid, and a university student spoke out on the importance of building the resistance on college campuses through the BDS campaign.

A local resident with family in Gaza drew the connections between the current situation and Operation Cast Lead, but explained that such instances of brutality have only made his family and the people of Gaza more determined.

– In Oklahoma City, about 70 activists from various organizations protested on November 17, a larger-than-expected turnout. Many of the people there had participated in a march calling on humanitarian aid to Syria earlier in the day.

– In Baltimore, Md., 35 activists rallied on November 17 in opposition of the Israeli bombings of Gaza, forming a picket line and chanting, “Occupation is a crime, from Iraq to Palestine” and ” No justice, No peace, U.S. out of the Middle East.”

– In Madison, Wis., an emergency rally and speak-out organized by the SJP at the University of Wisconsin, turned out about 100 people to Library Mall.

About a dozen pro-Israel counterprotesters also showed up, some of them wearing Israel Defense Forces T-shirts, others draped in Israel’s flag. Several anti-Zionist Jews spoke powerfully against Israel’s illegal occupation. Protesters marched to the Capitol, as many bystanders watched and applauded. The counterprotesters left.

– In Dallas, about 25 people gathered near the JFK memorial on November 17, in a protest organized by several supporters of local BDS campaigns.

– In Olympia, Wash., 30 people gathered on November 16 in a protest organized by the Rachel Corrie Foundation. Rachel Corrie was an Olympia resident who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003 while trying to defend a home in Rafah, Gaza, from being destroyed.

Protesters held signs that read “We Have Blood On Our Hands” and dipped their hands in red paint to symbolize U.S. funding of Israel’s atrocities. Afterward, protesters moved on to local newspaper offices to protest the bias of articles written about Israel’s attacks.

– In Burlington, Vt., about 30 people participated in an emergency picket on November 17 outside the office of Sen. Patrick Leahy, one of the Senate’s biggest supporters of Israel. The picket was called in a joint effort by Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, the ISO and the University of Vermont chapter of SJP.

– In Amherst, Mass., UMass student Emma Roberts organized a protest on November 16 to call out Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people. About 20 joined the pro-Palestinian rally, and 30 showed up in support of Israel to counterprotest.

Following the action, similar protests are being called by the Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine and the UMass Arab Student Club.

– In Denton, Texas, as many as 40 people protested at the University of North Texas in a protest called by the Denton Anti-War Network and the ISO. Protesters chanted and talked to passerby about the attack on Gaza, passed out leaflets and articles. Afterward, they chanted, “UNT, don’t you know? Sabra Hummus has got to go!” encouraging others to join the boycott campaign.

– In West Lafayette, Ind., 20 people gathered on November 16 for a demonstration at Purdue University called by the SJP and supported by the Purdue Muslim Students Association.

Suad Abdul Khabeer, assistant professor of Anthropology and African American Studies, said that it was the “U.S. government’s unexplained loyalty, that made Israel act with such impunity.” As the death count mounts in Gaza and the U.S. government continues to shield Israel, Khabeer said “the onus is upon ordinary folks like us to speak the truth about Israel’s crimes through demonstrations and protests such as this one.”

Most protesters talked about the change in the political landscape since the last Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008–the growth of the global opposition to Israel’s crimes. Protest organizer Lamise Shawahin said that she felt “there was a shift in consciousness and more people today were organizing on the ground and in their communities” against Zionist policies.

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